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  1. Welcome. You may choose your role here! They are pre-made sadly. Here are the rules when making your role-
    1. Don't change anything ALLREADY given to us.
    2. Keep the roles simple, not too wordy.
    3. Please add photos, if you cannot add photos please tell us something similar you look like or discribe her/him.
    4. Don't steal whatever someone different had wrote.

    Now, here is the story. You finally get a chance in life and your exited. Here's the catch, you can only be good or bad , you can't change yourself. You can try and try, the spell is to powerful for you. You can be a fairy, ogre, mermaid, I seriously don't care. You just need it to be a something similar to the good or bad side depending on who you choose.
    Good luck! Choose your role wisely. Also I will private message you if you actully make it in as a role or if you need to change anything in your role. Oh yes, and also you have to be ready to roleplay at all times. Well not all times but atleast be on once a week, if you cannot make it please tell us (@Nerdy Chick) Thank you and have fun!

    Good Guys-
    Kaki Gassan - (Open)
    Charlie Locklyn - (Open)
    Drake Samuleson - (Open)

    Good Girls-
    Lili Freedom - (Taken by @Nerdy Chick)
    June Coral - (Open)
    Madoka Henderson - (Open)

    Bad Guys-
    Luke Dallick- (Open)
    Sandrinson Lambson - (Open)
    Callick Sucki - (Open)

    Bad Girls-
    Julie Kammy - (Open)
    Suzzie Ico - (Open)
    Luisana Kammy - (Open)

    Extras Pets-
    (listen because you might have a pet!!)

    Linnie The Brown Bunny Drake Samulesons Bunny- (Open)
    Luna the Black Cat Lili Freedoms cat- (Open)
    Boozie the Pollar Bear Callick Suckis Pet- (Open)
    Hellen the white Dog Suzzie Ico's Dog- (Open)
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  2. Lili Freedom
    Age- 15
    Race- Fox, Angel, Mermaid mix.
    Personality- shy, cute, can get angry easily.
    Story- Her mom was a Angel and fox and her dad was a mermaid. When she was born her family was killed. She was sent to this section of the world to live a better life, she hopes.
  3. Name: Suzzie Ico
    Race: wolf
    Personality: gets what she wants when she wants! Straightforward, live wire, demanding, bossy.
    Story- noe that she's out she's out having fun no regard to others or the law. Every day is a party and she takes what she wants.

    Black hair with white wolf ears. Large Yellow eyes, small nose and full lips. Athletic build about 5'8" with a black tail tipped in white.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.