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  1. Silvana Mangano was looking over some paper work in the Miami Police Department, waiting for her ‘special agent’ to come by so she could brief him on this ‘special assignment’. She was conflicted and frustrated as she leaned back in her leather computer chair and sighed. There wasn’t much to go on from paperwork the DA had given her. No surprise there, but this assignment is Top secret and was issued by the government itself. All she knew was they nicknamed this criminal as the ‘Mad Scientist’, and he is suppose to have some warehouse under lock and key that no one can get too. The true name of this villain was unknown, and the only lead they had was kidnapping and this Carson Garret guy was suppose to help her.

    She didn’t like going into a situation and not having all the facts. It made her feel very uneasy and on edge as she rubbed her temples with her fingers as a headache seemed too occurred. Her long brown hair was up in two cute buns and the rest of her hair fell down to her waist. She pulled off the look well and it always seemed intimidate the people around her. She is very confident in her young and beautiful stature she used it to her advantage. She wore her black uniform of a tight button up police shirt with a captain’s badge of her name and black tight slacks to go with her attire. She kept two pistols holster to her hips and a radio and hand cuffs as well. She was ready to go on the field as her usual attire would be a formal suit.

    She took a pain killer and drank a full glass of water as she checked her watch on her right wrist as Agent Garret should arriving within the next ten minutes or he would be late. She pushed a button the side of her watch and it showed green,yellow, and red bars that said energy at the top. Complements to the DA, that pays her wage slightly more from taking the injections of strength boost. Half the bars were black which meant she only had three more months before she would need another one. She turned slightly in her chair and looked out her window which was huge enough to see by just sitting, and watched the sun glitter off in the distance the water from the ocean. It always seemed to calm her mind as she took in a deep breath and sighed to herself as she day dreamed.
  2. Carson entered the precinct, via the main doors, he didn't stop at the front desk or at a sergeants desk to ask directions. He had glanced at the briefing, so he of course not only where Captain Mangano's office was he knew her home address and had her psych evaluation memorized. He would of course keep that to himself unless asked directly. He was a little nervous, He had barely made the field agent test. He was technically a civilian, with special permits.

    No one would have been aware he had any doubts as he walked confidently to the elevator. Entering it he pushed the proper floor number, making his way up to her office. He checked his watch, He had eight minutes, He didn't want to be late. Of course if he got there to early, he would spend time thinking and end up more nervous. There was a ding and the doors opened.

    He stepped out, adjusting his dark grey tie and removing the sunglasses he had been wearing for the drive over. He checked his hair out of the corner of his eye, in the window of an office as he walked by. It was fine thought a bit long for an agent, But he wasn't a normal agent. His tailored suit was also clean and pressed. He reached the door, checked the nameplate, and knocked. He had five minutes.
  3. Silvana ears perked up when he enter her precinct, for as long as she worked there, she always had this vibe when someone would enter the double doors. It was more of anxiety issues than anything, but she liked to think it was more because of her acute alertness that kept her in check. Deep inside she always felt nervous meeting new people and she turned her chair forward and straightens herself up in a professional manner. Her hands folded on top of the table and two comfortable chairs were placed in front of her desk for clients to sit. Once he knocked her silver eyes widen and with nod to herself of reassurance she spoke up confidently and politely, “ You may come in.”
    Once he would enter she tried very hard to hid a smirk as her eyes glinted an attraction look toward Agent Garret way. First thought that came to her mind, He smells very good…it’s almost overwhelming and he’s attractive. This is new…

    She stands up and reaches out with her right hand to shake his firmly with confidence. “Agent Carson Garret, it’s good to meet you and right on time no less. I’m Captain Silvana Mangano.” She sounded impressed as she carried on,I wish it could have been in different circumstances but here we are. Please…sit” She gestured him to sit in one of the chairs as she greeted him without taking her eyes off of him. “Now tell me, I liked to get things started right out of the gate if that’s okay with you?” She wasn’t asking him but more telling him that she would be continuing with her briefing. She took in a deep breath as he could tell something was bothering her as she felt the room before slightly hot. She took a drink of water she had sitting at her desk and another empty glass toward him with a pitcher for guests. “I’m not too sure where to begin for there isn't much to go by. I understand you’re just an civilian but your gifts may help this in this unsolved kidnapping case. All we know is the nick name we given this guy is called, “Mad Scientist”. It’s so odd because this guy is good, too good to be any random kidnapper. We haven’t received any deaths or ransoms from this guy. The word on the street is that he could have something to do with the injections I take or something bigger.” She paused and hopes Agent Garret was following her because when she was nervous she talked pretty fast. She also wondered if he had been informed about her taking these injections, which he shouldn't been for no one was suppose to know. But the word does get slipped out, from time to time.

    “He could be experiment on these kidnappers and we finally have a lead in a warehouse at the border line. I’m sure this guy maybe up to more than just the standard abandon warehouse and all this could be a trap but what choice so we have?” She sighs in distraught as she stands up not, not able to sit any longer and begins to pace with her hands behind her back. “Tell me something good Agent Garret. Tell me anything at all to enlighten my spirits.” She wasn't cocky but stern and serious as she stopped pacing after a minute and faced him waiting to hear some sort of hope.
  4. He entered Her office to find her sitting there waiting. He watched her stand up noting she was in excellent shape, and a very nice shape too. He reached out and took her hand in a firm handshake. He listened to her introduce herself, even though he knew exactly who she was. He sat in the chair She had indicated, remaining silent but nodding, sensing that her question was rhetorical.
    He watched her, picking up common signs of nervousness or anxiousness. He found that strange, She seemed like such a strong confident woman. "Thank you." He said quietly as he poured himself a glass. She paused for a second,looking at him for ...something. He nodded reassuringly, brushing his thumb and finger over his stubble. he watched her get up and pace around. He felt for her as she requested some sort of hope... He wasn't sure he had any hope to give, He wasn't some action star that knew what to say.

    He got up and looked out the window, then taking a deep breath he started speaking. "Jeremy Kintz, 3:42 pm 4th and Denver. unmarked white van. Gina Mathis, 11: 25 Am, Shopping mall parking lot at Ellis and Broadway. unmarked white van." He kept listing these off for a short while speaking just as quickly as she had. He was listing the missing persons that had been taken, and where and when they were last seen, as well as the vehicle responsible if it was captured by any traffic cams.

    He Stopped as he reached the end of the list, taking a deep breath. "Every fact, or clue is a strand in a net that we cast around this Mad scientist, a weapon in our arsenal against him." He turned around his eyes an intense piercing blue, His Brows furrowed in determination. "Captain Mangano, Knowledge is the collection and retention of facts and lessons. I Remember everything. If knowledge really is power, This 'mad scientist' doesn't stand a chance."
  5. When he approached the window, her eyes darted at him as she watched him curiously. As he began to name off the couple of victims in order and time, place, and the mention of the unmarked white van, stirred her moral up as she nodded quickly as she agreed. Being enthused from his confidence she stared back into his intense blue eyes and was glad he was serious about this case as she was.
    She looked down at her paper work that had the files of the victims and the Mad Scientist. She spoke a bit softly as to reassure their plan once more.

    “I agree Agent Garret. More than you’ll ever know and I’m glad to have you on my team.” She looked up and gave him a welcoming smile then she looked back down to her paperwork. “This case maybe a long one and we may need to do some scouting out but I think you and I can do this.” She regained her own confidence back from his support as she carried on. “Let’s head out and move to this warehouse shall we? A stake out is the first bit. Try to receive as much information as we can before storming in.” She stood up and pushed her chair in and gesture to him. “After you.” With another smile as she walked him out of the office and out the building.
    Once they reached the main floor she took her keys out of her pocket and unlocked an unmarked blue impala. Once in the driver’s seat she unlocked his door and gesture him to come on in. “Alright Agent Garret. Any questions before we head out?”
  6. He smiled back at her and nodded encouragingly as she turned back to her paper work. "right the more Info we have the better." he said agreeing with her, Running his hand through his hair smoothing it back. "a stake out? OK" he nodded again "makes sense." He was hiding his nervousness he was studying a form of martial arts but he wasn't very confident with it yet. But a stake out should be relatively safe...right?

    He walked out of the door, and stepped off to one side waiting for her to exit, he fell into step behind her. He followed her outside briefly admiring how she moved her body with power and confidence, as well as the body she was moving. He walked around to the other side of the car. He waited until she had unlocked his door then slid in gracefully. He buckled his seat belt and smoothed his suit, taking out sunglasses and putting them on. "no not that i can think of...." Then as they pulled out of the lot he added quietly. "oh, should I have a gun?"
  7. She couldn't help but grin from his question as she put her own shades on and checked him out in his suit. He looked handsome enough to ballroom dance in, to sweep a woman off her feet with just a look, and his politeness almost made her want to kiss him. Shaken her head from the unprofessional thoughts she couldn't help but to think, My my, you gotta love a man in suit I tell ya. Licking her full pink lips, she brought her eyes back upon his as she raised a question thin brow at him, as her voice was more playful than what it was back in the office. "Don't worry Rabbit, I'll protect you. Besides,"With a cute purse lip of her pet name for him, she patted his leg as she started the car up and put it in gear and leaned over him slightly to look behind, she took a moment to look over her shades as her silvery orbs sparkled with excitement as she continued. "What fun would that be if you didn't have one?" Her neck and wrists has a faint scent of black cherry's, orchids, and white peaches that gave off this forbidding delicious aroma.She had light makeup on her eye lips of soft browns to dark on the sides that brought out the silver in mysterious eyes.

    Breaking eye contact from him, wondering what he had thought of her she nodding to the glove box. She watched herself back out and shifted gear and drove off. "If your not comfortable with a gun theirs also a taser in their as well. I wasn't sure how you went about your 'gifts' when your at work. I'm not planning to do anything shooting today." Her eyes were focused on the road as she drove down S Miami ave.. "Now about this napper we're dealing with. We could be dealing with a Global drug trade here that would involve a lot of money. Could be the reason to risk napping these innocents. Hang on"

    Her words cut short as her car begun to sing through the speakers of Bonnie Tyler, ' I need a hero' She coughed slightly from the embarrassment as she quickly pushed the button on the steering wheel to answer the call, as it came though the speakers in her car. "What is it?" Silvana snapped as she made a sharp turn down an alley. A young woman spoke up at first in shock from the reaction and stutter and hesitant to even answer, "C-c-c-captain. It's Officer Carry Wilson here. Reporting on the victims backgrounds. May I proceed?" Sighing as her heart relaxed a little as her eyes shifted to Agent Garret, she nodded to him to listen. "Yes. Proceed." With a background sigh the officer seemed more confident when she reported. " We found an invitation for both victims to 'Join the Fun on Drake's Yact" . They both, at different times, had to be their." Captain Silvana Mangano was quite for a moment as the information ran through her mind as she slowed the car down in front of the warehouse behind Drake's Bar. Her heart had picked up a few beats as her eyes scanned around through her tinted windows as her mind raced with thoughts. " Captain? Are you still their? What are my next orders?" She came to a conclusion and put the car in park. "You did well Carry. See if we can get those video cams from the mall on Gina Mathis, at 11: 25 Am. We need a better look at the nappers and anyone who was around her and how she was acting. My Agent here will need them. Understood? I want to see those videos again.Oh, by the way. I want booked tonight a full suite one bedroom with the whole deluxe at the Mandarin Oriental, got it? Captain Mangano Out." She hung up the phone before she could protest or ask questions.

    She looked over to Carson as she unbuckled her seat belt. "Looks like we might need an invitation to get into a party Rabbit. The first napper makes sense, but why would they take the girl at the mall knowing she was shopping for a dress to attending anyways?" She paused as she moved herself in the backseat and unzip a black backpack she had stored. "I see it like this Agent Garret. Drake's Bar is the place. This is where their promoting the drug. The ware house as you can see, is nestle in the back. And there's the yact. It all fits. We go in as a couple, parade about our snobby rich life, and how we want the drug. All we know about it, is what a Dogslide told us. Just another dealer on the street. We need to play smart. " She unbuckled her belt and unzipped her pants and slide them down. She took her boots off and socks. She also unbutton her shirt and slide it off and kept her under clothing on. A black and light purple trim of a nice fitted C cup bra, and matching lace thongs. She took out a black short tight fitting dress and black open toe heels. Her toes were painted black and she looked in the mirror wondering if he was watching her as she tried to unclasp the bra strap. "Tell me now if you're not up for this. I can do this alone. "
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  8. He looked in to her strange silver eyes finding them compelling, hard to look away from. He wasn't sure how he felt about being called rabbit, On the one hand she had giving him an affectionate nickname, on the other it was a small fluffy defenseless creature...
    He had tensed a bit as she patted his leg, now he took a deep breath trying to clear his head. Instead he caught a whiff of her, Sweet, like berries and flowers. it made him wonder what er lips would taste like, Then he shock his head slightly and patted his right forearm. "maybe If your not shooting, I should leave mine in the glove box too." He reached into his right sleeve and pulled out a slim forearm guard with a hold out pistol strapped to the inside of it. He opened the glove compartment and placed it in side. Closing the compartment he nodded at her assessment. "sounds right barring any unknown variables."

    He raised an eyebrow and grinned slightly at her, as her speakers went off. His face returned to a professional one as the lady on the other end started giving information. He listened to the exchange, following her train of thought pretty well. Until she booked the hotel room. He raised one eyebrow, looking at her. "Whats the room for?"

    He looked back as she slid into the back seat. Then turned forward, unbuckling his seat belt. He listened to her talk not realizing she was changing. "Undercover huh? no make up or wardrobe to assist..." He glanced in the mirror and looked away immediately, But his mind was already filled away that image the way it did every thing else. He tugged at his tie, She kept in very good shape.

    he thought about her going in alone. "No way I'm allowing you to go in alone..." In one movement he had whipped off his tie and unbuttoned the top two buttons. Running his had through his hair he parted it to one side so a few loose strand draped across his face. then he grinned and pulled his sun glasses lower on the bridge of his nose. For just a second his eyes slid out of focus. He was in his mind, his memory office. he pulled a book off a shelf, labeled accents and then grabbed tomb with the title Quirks and traits.

    He grinned, and winked but remained facing forward. His rigidity gone he was smooth and cocky now. "I Can't let you have all the fun babe." He said in a voice slightly different then his own, but very natural sounding.
  9. Dress (open)

    She caught the both of them, staring at each other for brief moment in admiration before a light shade of red blushed upon her cheeks as she cocked a smirk as she acknowledge his curiosity of the pet name. She would see how he would portray the name rabbit, as only time would tell. In the corner of her eye she watched him reach for his pistol. Her eyes widen in surprise as her heart skipped a beat as his actions were unexpected. A mischievous grinned quickly slipped upon her lips, as she thought how this Rabbit is more than what meets the eye. She also felt comfortable more around him, knowing that he could handle himself if needed. She felt secure with him and that was a secret key to her heart.

    When she slipped into the back she pulled out a small mirror she had stashed in the backpack with makeup as well. As she got ready as quickly a female could she answered his questions as a sweet unexpected laugh escaped her lips from his comment. “That’s sounds splendid love” Her voice was a little higher now as she role-played in returned. “The suite is for our engagment, dear love. Did you think I would forget that you're going to asked my hand in marrage dear? Hmm?” Smirking at him, she handed him one of her four rings she had always on when not on duty. Today she had them all put away in her backpack as she handed him her birthstone ring. It was an oval shape moonstone ring, with a diamond on each side with a gold band. She put the remainer of her clothes including her bra, in the backpack. Her body is toned and sexy with the little black dress on and she proudly kept herself in shape with a daily workout o feel good about herself and look good, to keep her slight muscular legs, arms, and stomach. Something about her insecurities, about always needed to be stronger than her opponent and she keeping herself in shape; as well as a dark incident that had happened in her past.

    She touched up her makeup and freshen up her brown hues of eye shadow and a dash of black mascara, but now she looked elegant. She took her hair down from the buns and brushed it down, as it felt silky smooth through her fingers. Putting a little style product to frizz away her straight hair, she tied it back up in a low ponytail for a more sophisticated, as she put a light gloss on her lips not too much. Her lips are naturally, a nice pink tint and her skin tone a natural ivory tone that felt just a smooth to the touch as cream. She slowly took her time to climb back up into the front seat as her back is clearly visible .She is young in the face with a soft complexion yet her eyes held an natural seductive allure that divulge her maturity.

    She took a deep breath and wondered how he would act as she closed her shades in her lap and looked up into his eyes warmly. Her dress was fancy with white peals draped on her shoulders, wrists and down the opening of her back and ended on her rear. The dress itself ended right at her thighs. Almost a complete different person, sat right beside him as she glowed with anticipation of what he would say. She needed him to help lead the way as she felt her heart begin to race hoping this plan would work. She couldn’t help but to ask for reassurance from him and hope he wouldn’t take it as a sign of weakness. “You do think this will all work out? Honestly?” Her voice was her own now as she glanced over his attire once more and silently admitted to herself, he was charming and daring. She felt the urge to run her hands through his hair and tug him down on her as she blushed deepened from her thoughts.
  10. He glanced at her, as she fixed her makeup. She doesn't even need that, not that it hurts. He thought. He grinned raising an eyebrow, "Not even engaged yet, and your already giving me orders." He said taking the ring, and tucking it carefully in one of his jacket pockets. He thought of them sharing a suite, sure that it would be all business... and yet the images of her changing, of her shapely body and soft but striking features flashed in his mind.

    He watched her do her hair, kind of wanting to run his fingers through it. it looked so soft and smooth. It was surprising how much difference a little change in hair style could cause. His eyes slid subtly over her body as she moved it gracefully to the front seat. He enjoyed every little curve, every touch of color. His eyes met hers as she folded her shades in her lap. He smiled warmly, she was quite beautiful, not more so then earlier, just a different kind of beautiful.

    She spoke and there was a nervousness, it reminded him that as amazing as she looked and as intimidating she could be she was still a person, she could have doubts too. He moved with out thinking, dropping out of character he took his shade all the way off, and placed a warm strong hand over hers in her lap. "We will make it work, Together." he said himself again. he had to resist pulling her into his arms as she blushed, She can be cute too huh? he thought to him self.

    He Flashed a cocky grin, his blue eyes twinkling with amusement. and got out of the car walking around to her side, and opening her door for her. "Now..." He said extending a steady comforting warm hand, to help her out of the car. "lets get this party started."
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  11. Outside Deck (open)

    Inside (open)

    The sudden look of unanticipated, brighten her silver hues as she watched him take off his sunglasses and reached out to hold her hands. She felt instantly warm vibes from his touch, flood through her body up her arms. Her eyes looked up into his as he spoke as hers never left his and her cheeks than couldn’t hide the evidence of her blushing with happiness, as a wave of relief washed over from his comfort. His reassuring provide her the security she secretly needed as she took in a deep breath and nodded with a loss of words for she thought to herself, I really could use a man like him in my life.

    A light hearten laugh escaped her lips as he flashed her a mischievously grin as she shook her head from the day dreaming and the flutters that her heart was beating and took his hand firmly and stepped out of the car. Her voice is more lively than what it was back in the office as she flashed him an exciting bright smile, “ Indeed. Let’s have some fun shall we?” She flirty winked at him as she handed him the keys and her credit card since she didn’t carry anything.

    As they walked around and approached the front entrance of Drake’s Bar, there are two body guards at the front doors. The place just had renovation from the once shabby boathouse look to a new Mediterranean and Spanish style décor. She always loved and felt inspired by the Tuscan style of a more peaceful setting that’s warm and inviting and more comfort with her culture. She squeezed his hand as her heart raced as she thought to herself that she needed to get her head in the game and that this wasn’t a night out for them. This was business. The two body guards didn’t seem to bother them as they opened the doors for them to let her and Carson walk in casually. She wondered if he took note of that as well, and thought to herself they did look the part of fitting into such a high class restaurant.

    The servers were dressed in white miniskirts/white slacks and tight pressed button up shirts with blue trim on them. There was a lady in her mid 40’s Silvana guessed that stood at a podium, awaiting for customers to greet them. “Hola! Mi name es Maria. Where sit?” Her Spanish accent was thick but Silvana could understand the server clearly and hoped Carson would too. She took a quick glance around as Carson would arrange the seating. She noticed a sleek looking young man dressed in black, working as a bar tender to the far right of the room . A body guard stood on each side of the bar protecting what seemed behind them was doors, that lead through the back of the bar where they parked.

    She knew by experienced that the bar tenders usually, always have the information she would need but, she isn’t in uniform and is working undercover. They needed an invite to the yacht party and announcing their ‘engagement’ she was was the key. Giving everyone drinks and inviting everyone might bring the attention to the dealers later on in the evening if things worked out well.
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  12. Once they were seated, Silvana took in a deep breath she tried to remain calm and not act so uptight like she was an undercover cop looking at every person as a criminal. Her silvery eyes then looked up and locked onto Carson’s so she could remain calm. She crossed her legs and her fingers nervously curled the tips of her silky brown hair as she couldn’t help but smile as he played his role well and admire his persona. The served placed down two glasses of water and said she would return momentarily. With a small nod, Silvana watched her walk away then placed her hands flat on the table and as her eyes scanned again at everyone. Her voice was soft and low as she spoke to Carson, “That bartender over their looks like he’s hiding something underneath the counter.” She watched as a short man dressed in a sleek grey suit walked to the bartender and handed him a credit card. The tender swiped it in an ordinary fashion then took out small box some behind the counter out and placed it on the counter. The tender looked at the receipt and let the man sign his name and the customer took his card back and walked away with a box and a pink flyer. Silvana eyes quickly darted away as her heart leaped, hoping no one saw her snooping. Then she realized sitting at their booth, was two pink flyers.

  13. Carson had to mentally shake his head as they approached the front door, the warmth and pressure of her beside him was distracting and every now and then he caught a hint of the scent he had associated with her... He tried to place it, scrambling through memories ..cherry.. no black cherry. His eyes snapped back to focus as they reached the door He could not let her distract him, He did manage to remember that both guards were right handed and packing small concealed firearms. They entered the restaurant and Time froze for Carson.

    At least that's how it would appear to anyone seeing through his eyes, his mind memories the entire room in less then a second, In fact he spend the rest of that second looking around in his mind, noting every exit and all the cameras, filling all the info in the right place for easy access should this go south.

    "We would like to sit over there somewhere, It has a lovely view but still close to the bar, Its a special night." He turned and looked at Mangano his eyes warm with tenderness, smiling then followed the server to their seats. He was surprised to realize that he hadn't needed to pull up acting or faking emotions information...HE pulled out her chair for her and then seated him self, He figured the had better wait a little while to settle before causing the scene. Holding his menu up and looking at it he asked. "So whats your plan? still a rookie over here."
  14. Silvana Mangano took one of the flyers and slid it over to Carson. Smirking she shook her head as she opened her menu nonchalantly and pretended to look it over. “ It seems our ‘Dog’ wasn’t as clever as I’d hoped. He only knew the information from the flyer. So it seems this may be easier than I thought. Which is good, of course.” A breath of relief escaped her lips as she paused as she read over the red wine and consider ordering the cabernet sauvignon. Hoping he would understand what she meant and by the flyer, that all they had to do was play out the night as they did in her car. She lowered her eyes onto him with a sly look as she now continued now with her acting high voice. “Oh darling, they have so much to choose from. I can’t wait to see what sort of entertainment and fun you have in mind” Silvana made sure she said this loud enough for the bar tender.
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