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  1. Plot

    Two teenagers fall in love both in different clicks. He was the bad boy, she was the ballet girl. No one thought they would last.

    After three years of being in clued to one anothers side ballet girl tells skater boy that she's moving far away and wants her to come with her but he can't leave his home town and begs ballet girl to consider going to the local ballet academy though ballet girl knows that going to the academy far away will make her dream come through. So both go their separate ways.

    Skater boy takes it badly and wallows in pity while ballet girl lives her dream and becomes famous for ballet.

    Ballet girl gets into an accident and returns home and plans on building her own school for little ballerina girls and boys. Skater boy has finally got his life on track and is engaged to another. He is a carpenter/construction worker and is called in for the job as he is the best in town.

    They met and they are both shocked, both still madly in love with one another but he has a fiancé. Ballet girl is determined to get her man back, will she succeed?.

    Real pics
    At least two or more paragraphs more is wanted but we all get writers block.
    No text talk please.

    Please join:)
  2. A rp idea from my account on a different site btw
  3. I could do this.
  4. OK which part would you like to play?
  5. The bad boy is fine with me. Unless you want to play him that is, should I send the picture via PM or here?

    I also have another question. How old would you say they would be? Mid-twenties early thirties? Younger?

    Sorry for all the questions lol I ask alot of them.
  6. Um here is fine :) and mid twenties :)
  7. Alright I'll get it up soon.
  8. Kk take ur time I'm actually suppose to be sleeping lol
  9. Lol. Here you go, hope you don't mind the picture. I put his name and age as well, hope you don't mind.

    Eric Stunner
    Now I am off to bed!
  10. Nope that's perfect :) I'll post the link soon. :)
  11. Hey sorry I haven't posted yet I was busy but if ur still interested I'll make the post today
  12. It's been so long that I lost interest. I'm sorry. It's been almost ten days.
  13. Sorry I was busy its OK thanks anyway lol
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