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  1. Sydney Jones came all the way from the big city New York to a small town in Texas. She moved in with her grandmother after she was diagnosed with cancer, but little did she know she would meet someone there. Meet a boy there who meant more to her than she ever thought.. When sparks fly between the two, will her sickness get in between them or will they fight through it?

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Sydney Jones
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Grade: Senior
    Birthday: December 12
    Personality: Sydney is a super sweet, shy girl who barely ever talks to anyone unless she is use to them. She tends to stick to herself and and few friends that she has let into her life, but she doesn't talk except a few words every few days. She can be sarcastic and cocky when she does talk to people, she loses her temper easily sometimes, and she isn't afraid to be completely honestly with people although she always tries to be nice about it. Sydney never let's people see her pain anyone usually isolates herself from others so that they can't know her pain and she won't slip and let anyone in.
  2. Name: Aiden Hollister

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Grade: College Freshman

    Birthday: August 4th

    Personality: Aiden is confident, outgoing, and the life of any crowd. He's smart, and a guy who can't stand it when someone he cares for is sad or down. Being alone is not his favorite thing, and so he often seeks out company, as he feeds off the energy of his friends and family. Aiden is an eternal optimist, and a guy who will do most anything for someone who needs his help.

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  3. Awesome! That sounds good! Any questions or ideas about the plot?
  4. I don't believe so. I say let's jump into this thing haha. Do you mind starting?
  5. Nope! I'll start it up and post the link here!
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