One last banning...

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  1. So, 8 years ago I followed an advert on the Silent Hill Fan Forum, and wound up here.

    A quarter of my life has been spent on Iwaku. Most of you will know me as the Drama Mod. Others will remember the roleplays I've GMed. Still more may remember the Iwaku Mythos, and how it reached such epic and dizzying heights.

    And a few of you may even remember that I was the Admin before Diana swept us all up in her spell.

    I won't blather on about all the times I've seen and things I've achieved. I'll save that for when I'm drunk and (more) egotistical. This site has endured a lot, and the number who were there with me at the beginning is now but a handful.

    What I really want to say is this...

    Iwaku is an amazing place. It is life-changing. It has been with me through the worst and best times of my existence, from the dark years following my brother's death, to the elated years in which I met Tegan and began an online romance that has now become a real marriage and an ongoing adventure. The emotions I have felt, from blackest to blissful, have all found their reflection on the pages of this website.

    To all of you who are new, or in the first months of membership, know that there are golden years to be found here if you want them. And, like the Iwaku Mythos, there are fantastic stories that can be conceived and completed with your fellow writers.

    And to all of you who have witnessed my scuffles with trolls and problem-members, know that there are some people who do not deserve this site like you do. Iwaku is a proud creation, and not all are worthy. I will always believe that.

    But in all of this, there was always one troll who never got his comeuppance. And that was me. I have been cruel, bullying, insolent and corrupt in many of my deeds; and I have done it all with a conviction (maybe even a charm) that has allowed me to escape the consequences. But now it's time to face the music. If I remain on staff much longer, I'll become a rage-ball and start advocating genocide.

    So it's time for me to chill out and work on my novels. I am the final member whose privileges I must revoke.

    I'll still be around for the occasional roleplay and Cbox discussion (assuming I can tell what the fuck you're all talking about). But I'm taking my control freak neurosis on the road.

    Thank you, Iwaku. Thank you for helping me find outstanding friends. Thank you for helping me craft amazing stories. Thank you for helping me find the love of my life. And thank you for turning this quiet, reclusive, angry child into a married man of joy and confidence.

    It's time to go back to being a normal member.

    I wish all of you the best of times here.
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  2. Who the shit is Asmodeus?
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  3. YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD. ;___;
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  4. Godspeed.
  5. It seems to the be end of an Era.

    There is only one thing proper to do to play Asmo out.


    You are our Marilyn Monroe.

    You had big boobs and had boys trying to marry you all the time.

    You also had sex with the president and may have ties to the Mob.

    I have a pin up poster of you trying to hold up your dress while standing over a vent.

    And you changed the face of our country forever.

    Thanks for making Iwaku what it is.
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  6. I think it's actually some sort of venereal disease, if I'm remembering correctly.
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  7. Goodnight, sweet prince... Good night and....



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  8. Thank you for everything, Asmo.
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  9. ....:D

    *Pushes Asmodesu down the stairs for one last huzzah.*
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  10. Goodbye Asmo! We will miss you
  11. God bless you, Asmo. I wish you all the best!
  12. Keep me in mind for the website for your books... I mean I wish you luck with your pursuits.
  13. Wishing you the best in wherever life takes you, Asmo. I'm sure Iwaku wouldn't have ended up the same without you (as much as I don't want to stroke that gigantic ego of yours any more) and the people who could see through your trolling really enjoyed having you around; me included.
  14. We'll miss you, you vindictive son of a bitch.
  15. Have fun, dude.

    From a loud mouth smartass, I will say that the rest of us who find your angry banter funny; we will miss you.
    Good luck on your novels.
  16. I never really knew you. Based off of what I've seen here, I'm kind of glad I didn't. At the same time, I've had one hell of a time reading through this thread. And I've discovered a few things. One is that this site was shaped and guided by an egotistical asshole. Another is that the very person who was in charge of keeping the trolls in line was a troll himself. Finally, I have discovered the that the meaning of life is- *Stops mid-sentence, suddenly struck by lightening and then flattened by Asmodeus as he rolls down the stairs*
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  17. Ill always remember that your rp was the first one I ever joined (Fateguard) on this site. There has been some rough times but I wish ya luck in whatever you do. Takes alot to realize you need to step away from something you love after all so I respect that.
  18. God Luck with all your endeavors Asmo :)
  19. Goodbye my friend. Even though I never met you, I wish you the best.
    Good luck out there.