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One Kiss

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Teacup, Apr 12, 2015.

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  1. Once upon a time there was a beautiful mansion it was known far and wide for its gardens, parties, and its curse. It was said that the mansion was alive and was heartbroken from its master’s death, who had died only a year before. The mansion was actually the spirit of the dead wife Claire, of its late master. As time when on the mansion let its beautiful gardens over grow with weeds. People stopped coming to the mansion, The inside became dusty and the mansion soon became home for animals.

    But one stormy night a witch took shelter in the mansion. The mansion had told the witch about its master and how it missed him. The witch took pity on the Mansion and promised the mansion for its kindness she would bring it a new master. And the witch kept her promise, and brought not only one but five new masters. These masters she had brought had been cursed by her because of what they did. Their lust, greed, heartlessness, and evil were so potent, so unimaginable, that even their own kind sought to punish them. So save human kind from them the witch lured them to the mansion with a promise that they would achieve untold riches.

    Time stopped for the mansion and soon a forest grew around the mansion, discouraging anyone from entering. The five masters trapped with a curse and each a flower to remind them of their curse. But the witch did allow a way to break the curse. Each master must discover the way of his wrong and fall in love. And when each master falls in love, the mansion’s spirit will also be free. However

    The Gardens are still over grown with weeds. The beautiful fountains have dried up. The forest that surrounds the mansion is still thick with tree’s. Its 2015 and the mansion is still sent in the timeless state it has been in since the 1803 Electronics don’t work, and the five masters wait for their chance to break their curse. With hopes that once free they can take their revenge.

    Sound like you kind of thing? Come join me at:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.