One Kingdom's Insanity...

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  1. The Kingdom of Modgnik is an illustrious kingdom filled with all kinds.

    The Queen, a figurehead with little to no true political power rules from her castle with her son, the Prince. The Queen is tries to keep her son out of trouble but is clearly insane, beheading anything she dislikes, especially squirrels. The true political leader is the Prime Minister who abuses her power for creating harems and spoiling them rotten. The High Priestess prays to the Goddess of Sexual Discord and Romance but alas has fallen for the dear Prince! Once the Queen found out she immediately ordered the heads of her son and the High Priestess, the Colonel taking it upon himself to fulfill this duty!

    How will it all play out? Probably in a very strange and obscure fashion!

    So my childrens: PLOT AWAY~ (Also we need to decide if this will be jump in or if you'd like to create sheets?)
  2. hmmm... i think this would be better as a jump in. but count me as interested. i'm a sucker for romance. ><
  3. Oh~ sounds fun, I think it would be a good idea to make sheets though, nothing big just something to cover the basics.
  4. Well i already made a character bio lol!
  5. I'm fine with character sheets. It would give us an estimate to who's playing.
  6. i agree with Kat! Bring out the Sheets, baby! >:D
  7. Okay Miss Phoenix! Would you like to repost over here? I think we'll use your character sheet! :D /lazygm
  8. (Can do, dude! Can do! >:D........i tweaked it a bit, though hahaha! :D)

    Name: High Priestess Constance Aioantare

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Job/Role: High Priestess of The Great Temple of Xaioa

    General Appearance: She is very beautiful, of course. She has long, straight, black hair and light green eyes. She is always dressed in her High Priestess robes, but every now and then, when she is alone (or when she is meeting the Prince), she wears a small, thin, white dress. This is against religious law, of course, but she still wears it anyway for fear of one of the other Priestesses in the Temple to find out if she had wore her robes.

    Personality: Constance is quiet and a good-natured person. She has a beautiful voice----especially when she sings, and likes to sit by the pond at night when no one else is awake to sing and dream of a life without Modgnik and the pressures of the world. Although she knows it will never happen, she dreams of getting out of the Temple and exploring the world. Of course, she loves her job as High Priestess, but it is not what she really wants to do. There are so many things Constance dreams of doing, but, she never speaks of it to anyone but the Prince. She can be worrisome and spiteful at times, but, overall, she is very calm. She feels often overwhelmed and stressed out beacause she is always trying to live up to everyone's expectations. She fears of ever having to hurt anyone, but.......if the time ever comes where she needs to defend herself.........she will.

    Other Things: As a High Priestess, all she is expected to do is lead the citizenry in religious festivals, educate the new coming Priestesses in the Religion of Xaioantheism, read and recite of the Ancient Scrolls to the whole of the Temple, sing in lead the Holy Songs, and perform the necessary Holy Rituals and Rites. Constance is the youngest woman in the history of Modgnik to serve as High Priestess. Her trysts with the Prince are more meaningful than what people think. She doesn't know whether he truly loves her or not (she really hopes he does), but Constance doesn't care. Whether it be love or just a silly child's game, at least she is enjoying herself for the first time in years. Only the children, the very few helper men, and the High Priestess are allowed outside of temple grounds. So, every now and then, the citizens of Modgnik can see Constance in the streets being carried in her palanquin, but it is deemed unjust to inquire of the High Priestess while she is outside of the Temple.

    high priestess.jpg
  9. ooh! Romance! Fluffster, you should've tooooldd meeeee <3
    x) character sheet soon :D
  10. Fluffy? WHERE!? :D

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    SORRY! I had Mango Drama open too && I was in class! I think I messed up! x3

  12. It's okay Saku-Dear! I keep forgetting about this project but you're more then welcome to join, I think the major roles are cast but if you can think of anything let me know!
  13. Maybe Sakura can be the girl the Queen wanted to marry the Prince off to!!! It'll give the Prince a heartbreaking choice between 2 lovers!!!
  14. Hmmm. if that's okay? :D sure! (;

  15. That's fine with me! I have yet to type up my Queen bio still
  16. Oh and Zy, we lost Grumpy!!! Who's gonna be the Colonel??? D:
  17. Name: Prime Minster Ollivandra Northson

    Gender: Female

    Age: 28

    Job/Role: Prime Minister of Modgnik

    General Appearance: Ollivandra is the sultry business woman. Her dark hair is usually pinned up. If it isn’t, it usually means she’s there for pleasure and not for work. Her eyes are just as dark as her hair, except when her gaze falls onto you, you better watch out – she’s either sizing you up to see what kind of toy you’ll make or how to throw you out of her way, whether that be by boat or plane.

    Personality: Ollivandra is a bit loose in the head. Though she doesn’t appear to be crazy. Her notions are a little…twisted or even peculiar to those outside her party.

    Other Things: Ollivandra started the Harem Love Association in hopes to have men and women from around the world join in her escapades. She believes the goddess herself assigned her this task to bring love into this world, and as Prime Minister, it is her duty to provide for the people – in all ways.

  18. I will be posting my bio as the prince soon ^^
  19. Can my character (the rival in love) be a princess?
  20. Sure thing Saku-kins!