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  1. So, I've really wanted to make a DnD RP, however, I don't know how to play DnD -~-"
    In light of this I have chosen to make a game-like RP that places trust in its players. I will trust you not to be over powered. I will trust you to be fair and reasonable. I will trust you to explore. As the GM and 'dungeon master' I will still be at the head of what happens next of course, that will not change. Magic of course, is a must and will be difficult to balance out, but I will trust the players on this. Now, on with the plot!

    I won't spoil much, but here's a taste.

    You all have a reason to be in the New Meed Inn. One of you is a mage who, after witnessing something horrible at your academy, is looking for a way to calm your nerves and possibly flee from this place. One or two of you own a caravan that delivers goods to and from the kingdom, and are resting after your last delivery. The rest of you all have your own reasons, but things take a turn for the worse when your all framed for murder and the only way to assure your innocence is to deliver a very important shipment as well as find out what's causing all the other caravans to disappear.

    That's barely scraping the surface. I have much more in the works. If it wasn't clear, at least two positions need to be filled, the rest of you are completely free for your own backstories.

    So, are you in?
  2. As a fellow DM for any sort of RPG.

    Never trust your players. Ever. At all. At any time.

    Always be prepared to perform a total party kill at all times.

    Also if you've no idea what's in Dungeons and Dragons I highly suggest you check out their books. A torrent site might be your best bet unless you actually plan on making a campaign for your real friends. Maybe that way you can grasp the mechanics of it and learn a thing or two about how roleplaying works in DnD and go from there.

    Also, if you're going to give them pre-made characters: flesh them out before hand. A profession and single event doesn't a good character make. Maybe work with whoever signs up and build your campaign/story around them. You don't want to railroad them, but a gentle nudge in the right direction helps.
  3. Oh it's not premade characters, they only need to have that detail in their backstory. And I've studied DnD, it's just I'm not good with the rules.
  4. @Windsong All very good points to make. As a veteran of D&D, Pathfinder, and Shadowrun, you should know to never put all power into the hands of your players. Not all of them will, but there are types that would seek to go way outside the norm and try to get away with as much as possible, just for the hell of it.

    If this garnered more attention, I could potentially see myself playing a character. I even have resources I could share with other players for character sheets, etc.
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  5. Count me interested. I'm willing to play the mage or a caravan owner, but I'm also totally cool with letting others have those spots if their hearts are set on them. I'm flexible.

    As for the power level and player shenanigans issue, you can clear that up pretty easily by giving some examples of skill levels (how big of a fireball an average mage could feasibly make, how many skills or trades they could have reasonably mastered, etc) and then asking players to list their character skills and abilities in their sheet. Once they're posted, then you as GM can nix crazy things or clarify just what level of cool things they can do with their listed pickpocketing or item enchanting or whatever skills. Give people freedom and benefit of the doubt to start with, then see if you need to rein things in or not. That seems to be the best way to go about it from my experience with these less restrictive kinds of games.
  6. Thank you for your advice. I will use it if this gets enough interest.
  7. I am possibly interested, depending upon how this goes. I am unfamiliar with DnD (always wanted to play though) so I would require some sort of guidance. But label me interested.
  8. I like it. But I'd be in the exact same boat as Oyoa. Familiar with DnD. Just never played it.
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