One hell of a journey.

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The universe is a pretty big place, but with every jump in technology more of it becomes open humanoid intelligence. However to the test crew of the Persephone, the new type of space-drive seemed very unimpressive. Science had already pierced through the fabric of space/time. What was so different about this one?

They were soon to find out.

Alright boys and girls welcome to a very odd space fantasy game. The crew of the Persephone don't know it yet, but when they test out the drive on the new ship instead of reaching the far side of the galaxy at a new break neck speed they're going to end up in the afterlife.

No, they're not dead, and that's part of the adventure. They have to travel through various underworlds, heavens, and hells in their ship to try to get back to what they know as home.

Ace pilot and over all dare devil Lu-Lu Quasar looked around. "Oh I can't wait to get this ship out of dock." She then flipped her head around looking for her guide, not realizing she had skipped ahead. "Sorry, just very excited about taking over here. Once we get to the bridge everyone better be ready for the tests."

In very short order they were on the bridge of the Persephone. Slowly the ship left it's home for the last standard year, Lu-Lu muttering about how it might be easy but if there were any problems they might show up at any time. This was the first time the ship was actually going out into space on it's own. They pulled out of the dock, which orbited a small moon and using normal propulsion got out of the weak gravitational pull of the moon.

She was constantly getting updates from the crew, most of whom were mechanics and engineers, and so far everything was running as predicted.

"Hold on to your hats, I'm going to punch it!"

The Persephone hurtled forward and Liti almost lost her breakfast all over the metal floor. She had never had a weak stomach before but for some reason this particular space mission didn't seem right.....It's as if she could feel all over in her bones and in the air around her that something was going to go completely wrong......But no! She may have been just a lowly engineer but she couldn't let her feelings get the best of her. This mission was very important and if she ever wanted to get promoted to Head Engineer she had to do her utmost best. As Captain Quasar shouted orders all around the ship, Liti picked up her equipment and headed towards the Engine Room to start work with her superior, Ajalan Corttier. Hopefully, this time, she'd get recognition for her work for once.
There was a time when Lu-Lu was very small when she asked where angels come from. Her mother came up with a very poetic, but in the end did not make much sense.

Once she asked if nightmares were real and was told they were only shadows of demons that could never do her harm.

Never before had Lu-Lu Quasar seen space twist and distort in the manner it did when the new engine went on line. It was both amazing and terrifying and for the first time since she was a child she found herself wondering if angels and nightmares were real again.

Shaking off the odd mood, Lu-Lu looked at her instruments to make sure they were in the spot she had intended. She frowned and looked at them again. She then hit the monitor lightly with her fist, ignoring the stunned look she got from the few people near her. "This is impossible!"

The impossibility was that all the readings made no sense. It was complete nonsense. "I need a tech now!"

"Captain, it's not the computers," one of the tech on deck told her.

Slowly Lu-Lu stood up and looked at the main display screen. "Impossible," she said shaking her head, but if the computers were not messed up, if the monitor was showing them what was truly outside the ship, impossible would have to be redefined.
"Now, pass me the power drill," Head Engineer Ajalan Corttier said. Liti humbly passed him the tool then sat back to watch Ajalan patch up the pistons in the lower left chamber of the engine. Ajalan worked swiftly yet delicately, barely making a mistake which is something Liti had admired about him all the time. Head Engineer wasn't really an honoring title at all. Especially, since there were so many people on board with even greater authority. There were Commanders and Lieutenants and a whole other mess of brag-worthy titles all over the ship, making Head Engineer and Head Tech sound like dirt. But this didn't phase Liti at all. A lot of people over the years had asked Liti why she wasted her time trying to build up to such a small position, even her parents had wondered why their daughter, as a child, talked of being in such an embarrasing career, as if it was gold. Truth be told, this was gold to Liti. All her life she wanted to become Head Engineer of a large, famous space ship. And, now that she was so close, she wasn't going to give up now. Every night, in the bed chambers, she couldn't get the excitement from out of her head enough to go to sleep.

I'm engineering on the Persephone! And pretty soon, I'll be Head, too!

Of course, she didn't want to snatch Ajalan's position from underneath his feet (she isn't that type of person at all), but he was soon to be 60-years-old. Someone younger eventually was gonna have to take over. And Liti knew just who that person would be........"Liti, are you listening to me?" the Head asked rather impatiently. Liti blinked a few times. She had to stop daydreaming or else she'd never get to her destination. "I'm sorry, Ajalan! You were saying?" she asked. Ajalan sighed and then smiled shaking his head. "I need you to go in the Nitrogen Vault, and set the meter to -250/1. You're the best engineer I've got here. So I don't trust anyone to do it but you," he stated firmly,"You know, Liti, if you wanna be Head Engineer, you're gonna have to---"
"CORTTIER! CORTTIER! You gotta come look! It's amazing, I tell ya! Amazing! Everyone's going to the control room just to see! COME ON!" Apparently, one of the engineers had cut Ajalan off for some kind of emergency, running down the hall with all the others. The Head shook his head, laughing. "Well, looks like Reuben needs me to see something. So, you stay here, and do what I asked, all right?" Liti had payed no attention to the rambling man at all. She had no idea Ajalan knew what she was dreaming about.
"Remember, -250/1 exactly," he said before running down the hall behind the others, leaving Liti all alone in the Engine Room. She slowly got up and picked up a few tools from Ajalan's case, and headed towards the Nitrogen Vaults, Ajalan's words spinning through her head.