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  1. [​IMG]
    Tabitha "Tabi" Mullen / Experiment 13

    Seventeen | British | Human - Corpse

    * When Tabitha was born, she immediately went under urgent care and within an hour, she was declared dead. Unable to determine the cause of death, the doctors asked to experiment with the corpse. Heartbroken and devastated from the tragic news, they agreed.

    * The doctors ran several invasive tests on the baby's corpse and dissected her for an autopsy. Keeping her body persevered in a cold environment, the doctors called in a specialist. The expert was intrigued by the baby's suspicious death and injected her corpse with a serum that they created.

    * To everyone's amazement, Tabitha awoke and began to cry. All her vital signs were those of a corpse, but she was very much alive. Considering her condition, the doctors decided to keep her in storage for research. It wasn't until Tabitha developed much older that she was able to escape. She appears to be a normal human, except for on the inside and from a medical standard.

    * Tabitha develops regularly, but she doesn't get sick. Nor can she be killed in the same manner as the living. She spent her entire existence in the storage area of the hospital where she was born, but studied the information she found there. Tabitha is exceedingly intelligent and just wants someone to be her friend.

    - She is constantly cold, has no heartbeat, pulse or blood circulation.
    - Tabitha can read, write and speak several languages.
    - She was renamed Experiment 13 by the hospital.
    - Tabitha just wants someone to be her friend, to show her kindness and compassion.
    - Her family believes that she is buried beneath the ground, locked in a casket and decaying. ​
  2. [​IMG]

    Rachel Saber

    Unknown | French | Contract Demon |True Form - Dove

    Rachel is the demon of a young man who would like to be apart of the royal court of Queen Victoria. It was an easy contract with a wealthy, yet very intelligent man named Duke Winston Cavendish. He was the Duke of London, living on the outskirts of the city itself. Beautiful as she is, she is consider to be his assistant during her time with him. Not much is known about her, since she doesn't have many memories she'd like to share, but all that needs to be known is that he will soon give her his soul once he achieves his goal.

    She tends to be cold towards her partner, yet very kind and tender to anyone else.
    Tends to dislike other demons like herself as well as Grim Reapers.
    Loves dogs, hates cats.
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  5. Thick, freezing cold, rain drops assaulted her fragile body as she continued down the unknown road. The black dress that she wore, complete with several layers of lace, was soaked entirely. Her headband was weighed down, falling free from her hair and dropped to the ground. She didn't bother picking it up. She kept her eyes focused on the road, walking forward steadily.

    Shelter had to be available somewhere, she just hoped. Finally, after three hours of wandering aimlessly, she came across a large mansion. Slowly approaching the gate with a hesitant hand reaching out, she screamed for anyone. Her voice carried in the winds, despite the thunder echoing in the sky above.

    * * *

    Inside the mansion, the young Lord of Phantomhive growled in anger. "Who is screaming?" He called for Sebastian, the ever loyal servant sworn to his side. Within minutes, the sharply dressed butler appeared, hands carrying a tea pot and silverware.

    "Something wrong, my'Lord?" His voice, smooth and accented perfectly.

    Ciel frowned, "Go see who is at the gate!"

    Sebastian nodded, obeying his master without a second thought.
  6. Rachel

    Duke Cavendish was down in the basement of the family mansion, rummaging through several boxes that stacked upon each other. Now why were they down here, just before coming here, Rachel was serving him some tea when suddenly he jumped out of his chair. Shaking her head as she watched from afar, Rachel wondered if he'll ever find what he's looking for without her help.

    "My lord, would you rather me look for this item that you suddenly became interested in..?" She asked, placing her hands in front of her, ready to start if he said yes.

    Looking up from the boxes, Winston chuckled softly in embarrassment as one hand rubbed the back of his head as he did so. "Sorry, Rachel. I tend to forgot that you're much fast that myself. Hehe. Please find a paper written about the Phantomhive family." He said before moving out of her way.

    "As you wish, my lord.." She replied before searching through every box in a matter of seconds and finding the paper he mentioned. Pulling it out, she walked over to him and placed it in his hand. "Tell me, my lord, what is so important about the Phantomhive family?" Without even saying a word, Winston had a smirk on his lips.



    Working out in the garden in this freezing rain, Finnian was putting some last minute flowers around the front gate. Getting up from his crouching position, he picked up the umbrella that was hovering over him as he worked. "Whew! All done! I hope young master likes what I've done." Wiping the raindrop mixed sweat from his forehead, he looked down at his work in triumph, until he heard someone yelling.

    Panicking a little bit, Finnian started running towards the gate opening to see who was yelling. 'Oh no... Young master is going to be very upset!' He thought, just before tripping and falling face forward into the mud in front of the gate. Groaning a little from the small pain he felt, he looked up from ground to see a young woman soaked from the cold rain. Getting up quickly, he pressed his finger to his lips to telling her to quiet it down.

    "You must be freezing.." He said with a sad tone in his voice, before opening up the gate and placing his now removed jacket over her. "Please follow me.." He ushered her in and locked the gate behind her, pulling her underneath the umbrella with him. "Let's get you inside, I'll explain to Mr. Sebastian.. I hope he won't be mad.." He said partially to himself.
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  8. Provided shelter from the rain by a blond male's umbrella, the drenched female huddled closely to him. Together, he guided them inside the mansion and immediately after their arrival, a plum-haired woman appeared wearing a maid's uniform. "Oh?" The mysterious woman gasped, clapping her hands together eagerly. "Who is this lovely girl?"

    She leaned close, invading the younger girl's personal space. Uncomfortable with her intrusion, the unnamed stranger reached for her savior's hand and tightened her grip. "She seems to like you, Finny."

    So the boy's name was Finny? A weird title for someone. Then again, her own wasn't much better. Her name isn't exactly the most favorable. Experiment 13. That's not even a real name, but a code to be identified.

    Suddenly, the room fell into silence as someone arrived at the hallway's entrance. A figure concealed in the darkness, only crimson eyes were visible from the distance. Sensing the presence of extreme power, the essence of those outside the world of normalcy, the woman beside Finnian began to shake. She didn't want to be forced to gaze into the eyes of someone so disturbing.

    However, when they introduced themselves, their appearance was not as she had been expecting. A suit of fine quality, a smile at his lips and a perfect posture did not comply with the demonic aura he produced. His voice, smooth like silk, glided across the silence. "Well, what do we have here?" He gestured to Finnian and the girl. "A visitor?"
  9. Rachel

    It was night by the time, Rachel had finished packing up their clothes into suitcases. It was a minimal task for her to do, but Winston had decided that he wanted to leave that very night. What surprised people about their partnership was the fact that Winston was only a young boy of thirteen and his assistance was a beautiful young French woman, who took care of him. Without a family, they thought it was strange that she would stay with such a unhinged child.

    "My lord, the carriage is waiting for you. Please make your way outside, so that we may leave." She said as she closed both suitcases and held one in either hand, walking down the mansion stairs and out to the front where the carriage was waiting. Not far behind her, Winston took a seat inside and waited for her to get in as well. Once preparations were all done, she joined the young master for the ride to the Phantomhive estate. Little did she know, they will be in for a surprise.



    Upon walking inside the mansion, Finnian closed the umbrella and wiped his feet outside, not wanting to track in mud since the floors were cleaned recently. Not too long after entering, he noticed Mey-Rin holding the young womans' hands until she pulled them away to hang on to him. Embarrassed, he blushed a bit before speaking. "It's not that, she's just scared, Mey-Rin." Placing his hand on top of hers, he smiled at her. "Don't worry Mey-Rin is nice, she can help you out of your clothes and into some new ones."

    As soon as he said that, Finnian stood as still as a statue when he felt
    Sebastian's' presence near. You could hear him swallowing hard when the well dressed man came down from the stairs towards them, wondering who this strange girl was. "Sebastian.. I can explain.. She was soaking wet and dirty and cold, that I couldn't leave her out there to get a cold.." He was rushing his words and he sounded as if he was a little on edge as he spoke. "I'll take full responsibility if something happens..." He finished while hiding behind the girl with both hands on her shoulders as if she could block anything that Sebastian may say with that scary smile upon his lips.
  10. Sebastian said nothing for the moment, allowing himself the opportunity to survey the girl with curious eyes. She didn't wither beneath his gaze, an impressive feat. Instead, the young maiden returned a glare as his eyes continue to linger. Mey-Rin caught the faintest shade of crimson beneath her amber eyes.

    To everyone's surprise, Sebastian welcomed the girl to stay. A few conditions applied, of course. He instructed Mey-Rin to get the girl cleaned and into fresh clothing. "She needs to be presentable for the Lord. Also, assign her a name to be called if she doesn't give you her own." Sebastian glanced back to the silent girl, a smirk playing at his lips. "She'll be the guest of Phantomhive till our Lord decides otherwise."

    The girl wasn't mortal, that he knew without a doubt. However, she isn't a demon like himself either. Intrigued by her mysterious aura which surrounded her entirely, Sebastian planned on discovering the truth later. For now, he needed to tend his Lord's needs. Which includes keeping the mansion under control.

    Sebastian walked off, leaving the servants to themselves. He checked in on Ciel, briefly explaining the situation while his Lord collapse back into a peaceful slumber. The night carried on without chaos. Mey-Rin bathed the girl, whom she named Tabitha (Experiment 13 didn't object to the name) and had her dressed into a similar uniform.

    The only different being that Tabitha's uniform was pure white, lace included. "Finny!" Mey-Rin called, brushing through Tabitha's damp hair with a brush. "Can she sleep in your chambers tonight?"
  11. Finnian couldn't believe how lucky he was to not get his head chewed off by Sebastian, yet he was even happier for the girl. Walking as Mey-Rin took her away, Finnian waved bye to her with a smile upon his face, thinking that she was going to be a nice addition to the mansion. While waiting for her to get done with the bath, he made his way down to the kitchen to see what Baldroy was up to. He wasn't the best of cooks, but some times he could make something they were able to keep down. Finnian couldn't contain his excitement about the girl, so he told Baldroy the whole story.

    "Really?" Said the rough older guy with a cigarette hanging from his lips. "Maybe the young master will give her a job." He took a seat at the table where they sat. Finnian thought about what kind of job the young master would given, when he heard Mey-Rin call out to him from a room. Getting up, he made his way over to them to see her dressed in a uniform while Mey-Rin brushed her hair.

    Finnian blushed at the question and stuttered as he answered. "W-w-w.. W-why can't she.. She stay with y-you, Mey-Rin..?" He didn't understand why she was asking him that, she was girl after all and didn't need to be staying the same room with a man like himself. Though he wouldn't do anything her, he thought she should stay with Mey-Rin. The blush upon his face got brighter and brighter as he thought about it.​
  12. "Don't be silly, Finny." Mey-Rin giggled, assisting Tabitha from the chair. "My bed is too small for Tabitha to share mine." She gestured to the tiny bed in her chambers. "You are equal to her in height and both of you are quite thin, you'll fit comfortably on the bed." Mey-Rin was accurate in her theory. Tabitha and Finny are nearly identical in height, she's slightly taller. However, they seem to weigh exactly the same. For them to share a bed, it wouldn't be difficult

    Mey-Rin motioned her hand to the blond, guiding Tabitha to him. "Now, go get some rest. We have guests arriving tomorrow morning I believe." She recalled, having overheard Sebastian and Ciel talking earlier. "I believe our Lord is going to assign Tabitha to be another maid for the estate, so she needs her beauty sleep!" Not that Tabitha truly needed to sleep at all, but no one knew that.

    Tabitha was silent, only speaking when Finny and herself were closed off in the hallway. Mey-Rin having shut her door and gone to bed. "I don't need to sleep," she confessed. "I don't get exhausted." Tabitha began walking in the direction where Mey-Rin had told her to go, not waiting for Finny. "I don't wish to upset anyone, so I'm going to obey Mey's orders."

    Never the best with names, Tabitha had chosen Mey to be the kindly maid's nickname. Something easy and short to remember.
  13. By the time Finnian could say anything, Mey had already thrown them out of her room and shut the door in his face. The expression on his face was of confusion. If anything, he would sleep on the floor so that she could sleep on the bed. Watching as she made her way towards his room, he quickly ran up in front of her as he listened to her say that she didn't sleep. "Don't be silly, every young woman she get her beauty sleep. Especially someone as cute as you." He said without thinking. Opening the door to his chambers, he allowed her to entire first, following in after her.

    His room didn't have too much. A bed in the corner, a few books and a desk with a couple of items sprawled on top of it. "Please take the bed, I'll sleep on the floor." He walked over to the bed, pulling off a pillow and blanket before laying down on the cool surface.
  14. "Cute?"

    The world troubled Tabitha greatly. She has been described in various ways, but never in a positive manner. When she saw Finny move himself to the floor with a pillow in hand, she immediately latched onto his wrist. "No." She wouldn't allow him to surrender his bed. Especially since she doesn't require sleep. "I won't let you sleep on the floor when I can offer you the bed."

    Tabitha lifted him, quite easily, by the wrist and steadied him on his feet. "Sleep," she commanded, her eyes narrowing slightly. "I'll be fine." Tabitha isn't familiar with kindness, as it's a foreign practice to her, but she knows what's right and wrong. Guiding him to the bed, pushing gently on his shoulders, Tabitha stood above him as he fell gracefully to the mattress. "I insist."

    The young maiden walked to the window, placing a hand on the glass. The rain was thickening, clouds darkening and storm growing violent. Ever so slightly, she could feel the winds shake the glass.
  15. Being sat on the bed by Tabitha, Finny grabbed her arm as well and pulled her onto the bed next to him. "If I have to sleep on the bed, then so do you. You have to sleep, a woman does need sleep." He said as he blushed a little, trying to get over the fact that he'd be laying the bed with a woman. Placing the pillow back onto the bed, he laid her down on the side near the wall and covered her with on blanket. He laid down next to her, with his back to her, pulling a blanket over himself.

    "If you need anything during the night, please don't be afraid to ask me. I'll do whatever I can." He said, finally saying good night before closing his eyes to sleep.
  16. Throughout the night, Tabitha watched the storm raging outside the vibrating window. She was seated in the bed, having to lean over Finnian slightly in order to view the window perfectly. When the first rays of sunlight came through the glass, shining brightly on Finnian's sleeping face, she glanced down at him curiously. For someone that she found to be annoying, he was rather adorable. At least, while asleep. His blond hair, so soft and sprawled across the pillows, had fallen partly into his eyes.

    Gently, and with only the tips of her fingers, Tabitha slid the bangs away from his eyes. She felt the faint brush of their skin touching, to which she immediately pulled away. Physical contact is not something she's comfortable with. Not after years of being experimented on by strangers and men she's come to view as monsters. Tabitha rose from the bed when she overheard footsteps approaching.

    Before the unknown visitor even had the chance to knock, she opened the door. There stood Sebastian, freshly dressed and handed her a small pair of sliver plates with food and a thermos of tea. "Please wake up Finnian and meet us in the main room."

    Tabitha frowned, eyes narrowing as Sebastian slowly turned. "You're a demon."

    Sebastian smirked, his lips curling upwards in amusement. "Ah, and you're an animated corpse, my'dear."

    The parted ways peacefully, though Tabitha found his attitude to be rather annoying. She would have found the idea of a demon playing the role of a butler hilarious, if she had a sense of humor. She closed the door, quietly setting the plates on the table and walked to Finnian's side. Shaking him by the shoulders gently, she tried to wake him. When he wouldn't respond, she tried another approach. She recalled how doctors would often 'awaken' their non-responsive patients with oral stimulation. So, reasoning this situation to be the same, she did as she remembered.

    To her surprise, his lips were warm and rather soft. Her own cold and chapped. She carefully blew air in between his parted lips, waiting for him to wake.
  17. Rachel
    It had been a long night for Rachel and Winston. The young lord had rested his eyes while his head laid upon her lap, during the ride to the Phantomhive estate. Running her fingers through his hair, Rachel continued to look outside, wondering what people lived inside of the mansion that was only a few hundred yards away from them now. Deciding it was time, Rachel woke up Winston. The boy sat up from his comfortable position, rubbing his eyes gently as Rachel fixed him up to look presentable for his hosts.

    "My lord, please remember that you mustn't anger anyone within the home. Especially our main host, Earl Ciel Phantomhive." She explained knowing the type of person he was. Winston enjoyed getting interesting information for those he has an interest in. Nodding his head, he agreed that he wouldn't do anything to upset anyone.


    Finny had such a good sleep, but his body just wasn't ready to get up at all when he felt someone trying to wake him up. Thinking that it was all over, whatever happened next, surprised Finny into shock. There was cold upon his lips, although it felt a little rough it was still soft. Softly his eyes fluttered open, trying to focus on what doing this.

    When his vision finally cleared up, they widened to see that Tabitha was kissing him in his sleep. Grabbing her shoulders, tightly yet gentle like, Finny pulled her away and looked at her. "Tabitha, what are you doing?!" He asked with his whole face turning beet red.
  18. Tabitha shrugged, pulling herself away from him and stood by the window. "I was trying to wake you up. We've been called to breakfast." She didn't seem phased in the slightest. Excusing herself to the bathroom, Tabitha changed into the clean clothing which had been set folded beside the door. Apparently Sebastian picked it out. Tabitha changed quickly, straightening out the faint wrinkles at the bottom of her dress. A pure white maid's uniform, fairly long for her height and the sleeves draped slightly over both hands. She tied her hair into a ponytail, which sat high a top her head.

    "We should get going," Tabitha suggested, emerging from the small bathroom when completely finished.

    * * *

    Sebastian was occupied with getting the entire mansion in order for the guest's arrival. The food was prepared, by his own hand, and sat along a lovely decorated table. Mey-Rin hurried to finish cleaning the mansion, dusting away at every speck of dust she found. Up in his chambers, the young Lord was carefully getting himself dressed for the day. Usually he'd call on Sebastian, but didn't feel that was necessary for today.

    "Sebastian!" He called, struggling with the tie around his neck.

    Before he readied himself to shout again, his loyal butler was there. Kneeling down in front of the young Lord with a pleasant smile. "Yes, my'lord?"

    "Finish this," Ciel commanded, pointing angrily to his messily arranged tie.
  19. Arriving at the gate of the mansion, they made their way up to the entrance of the home. Rachel knew that this visit was an important one and didn't need any kind of information as to why. Now that he was all fixed up, Winston didn't waste a moment when the carriage stopped to get out. Shaking her head, Rachel laughed to herself quietly before getting out herself. Immediately as she stepped out, she knew that someone within the house was not human, but like herself.

    Her eyes narrowed to the entrance of the home, knowing that soon she'd be meeting someone she wasn't going to be happy with. "Rachel, aren't you excited to meet the household of Phantomhive?" Winston asked with a curious look upon his face after seeing her expression. Flashing him a sweet smile, she nodded and replied. "Of course, my lord. As long as you're excited so am I."

    Going back to the carriage, she pulled out the luggage with her back towards anyone who could come out.


    Finny couldn't believe that that was her way of waking someone up. Clearing his throat, he sat up in the bed as she left to the bathroom to change her clothes. As she changed, Finny took the opportunity to eat his breakfast.

    Seeing her come out, he went over to her and stopped her for a moment. "Tabitha, you can't do that. That's the kind of thing you do with someone you're intimate with.. Not casually." He explained before smiling at her. "I'm sure you'll have someone like that since you're very pretty." Finny was the type to say things without thinking a lot, but everything he said he meant. Grabbing her hand, he pulled her along to the front of the mansion to greet their guests.
  20. Tabitha frowned, not caring to heed Finnian's words. She had only been repeating what she's seen done with others, including herself once before. Allowing Finnian to guide her way, Tabitha followed from behind. Along the way, they ran into Mey-Rin. She greeted them happily, clapping her hands together loudly. "The Master and Sebastian are already in the main room. We have to help the guests bring their belongings in, though." Mey-Rin explained, motioning to Tabitha with a concerned smile. "You don't have to if you're unable to lift the items, Tabitha."

    The younger female huffed, crossing her arms stubbornly. "I'll be fine." Despite her appearance, Tabitha isn't weak. She's not hindered by the limitations of a living human body. So lifting and carrying heavy objects are not a problem. She followed Mey-Rin and Finnian outside, walking towards the gate where she saw the silhouettes of two individuals approaching.

    * * *

    "So," Ciel watched his servants from the large window, arms held behind his back. "What do you know about this new girl?" He asked of Sebastian, regarding the newest addition to his mansion. Ciel isn't fond of taking in refugees, but he trusts Sebastian's decisions. If his loyal butler felt no danger in the situation, then Ciel would allow her to stay for a while. Perhaps longer, if she fit into place.

    Sebastian smirked, appearing behind his master with a cuppa fresh tea. "She's harmless, sir." Not entirely the truth, but Sebastian didn't want to say anything further. He knows her condition is not normal, but she's not dangerous to Ciel. Not so long as he's protected by himself. Sebastian is a demon. Tabitha is a mere creature of the undead. Should they confront each other, Sebastian would overpower her quite easily.

    "My'lord," Sebastian called, kneeling down obediently. "Our guests are coming to the doors."

    Ciel sighed, straightening out his eye patch and adjusted the hem of his tailored navy-blue jacket. "Very well," he acknowledged. "Let them in."
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