One hell of a butler

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  1. "What a waste of money that was," Richard muttered into his elegantly trimmed beard while looking into the flames. No matter how quiet he always tried to be while complaining, Serena managed to hear him every single time and she didn’t hesitate to take it as the opportunity to remind her husband why he shouldn't be such a brat . Closing the book slowly and looking up at Richard, Serena's eyes were cold and her smile threatening.

    "Why am I not surprised that you say that? He was the best butler my family has ever had. He deserved a proper funeral," she began and then sighed while lightly shaking her head as if this conversation was already a loss of time. "But how can I hope for you to understand such a thing when you didn't even have enough money to afford a proper staffing." Richard's eyes gained the look of suppressed anger and helplessness - one nil to Serena today and it was just past three in the afternoon. She didn't like her husbandbut more than that she didn't like the fact that she was forced to marry him. Him, who had nothing but holes in his shoes and few pennies in his pockets, when he was introduced to her. Serena, the lady of Bayton, could have married anyone she wanted. Being the daughter of one of the richest aristocrats in the country gave her the privilege. However her father, by whom she still felt immensely wronged, had to be so loyal to his friend when it came to her marriage. He saved my life, darling and this was what he asked for when he was dying and I couldn’t save him. Yes, she remembered those words clearly. Though, why was she meant to be part of that paying back system? It wasn't her fault that her father got almost killed.

    Now, here she was sitting in the lightly colored, ball room with the flames licking the walls of a fireplace, warming her feet. Here she was, with the man she could never to love and she would never give heir. Her father might have promised his friend her hand but giving Richard an offspring wasn't part of the deal. That was also the reason why Serena refused to share the same bedroom with Richard. She wouldn’t let the man any closer to her then to the distance of an extended arm. It was pain in the butt for her to dance with him during their wedding. He was almost fifty years old and Serena was nearly twenty-three. Thinking of the past that was now stained by the presence of her husband, made Serena even more obstinate. Though, it was rather peculiar that these memories appeared mostly when she grounded her husband; as if she was justifying her behavior. Looking away from Richard towards the fire Serena wondered how many years she would have to bear Richard's presence till she would become a widow. It wasrather morbid thought considering that the two of them have returned only few hours ago from the funeral of her dear butler. However, the truth was that Serena treated Richard as if he was an inferior servant that didn't deserve any better treatment. The humor of the whole relationship was that in the fact Serena never regarded her servants as she did Richard.

    "I hope that at least the butler you have found will be worth the money, he'll be paid," Serena added evenly before opening her book and resuming reading. Richard knew who they were expecting. He hoped that what has been told him about this man was true because this butler was probably the only chance to gain the upper hand in this household. Richard was the man who was meant to be the one who Serena would fear not the other way round as it was since their wedding day. Taking out the pocket watch which was the only thing left for him by his father. It was nearly the time when this new member of the household would arrive to introduce himself to Serena. Tiny, mysterious smile appeared on Richard's face. It was a subtle, hardly noticeable twitch of his facial muscles but it was there. To conceal this unusual occurrence, Richard turned his headback to the flames wishing for the time to pass quickly.

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  2. John mandrake got out of the carriage driving him to his destination, started calmly but swiftly making his way up the path to the front door, smartening his bow tie and smoothing down his black tail coat jacket and taking off his hat to pick a piece of nonexistent lint of it, only to skilfully flip it back onto his head.</SPAN>

    Looking around while walking down the path a frown marred his normally expression free face, the front garden needed quite the tender love and care it seemed to have been deprived of. Slightly overgrown trees and bushes, twigs extending out of there place, plants growing out of the designated area making what could be a beautiful and colourful peace of art a mess, he even thought he saw a weed at one point and shuddered at the thought, yes this garden would be one of the first things he was going to work on.</SPAN>

    Reaching into his coat pocket and taking out his pocket watch he glanced at the time a smirk glanced his face, he was going to be right on time not a second early or a second late, he would be there right when they asked him to be, walking up to the door he knocked on the elaborately designed door knocker, it was in the shape of a lion head with the Bayton family crest engraved into it, letting the loud hallow sound echo twice announcing his arrival and waited.</SPAN>

    One minute and thirteen seconds later had grated John’s mood a bit, it seemed the servants here weren’t fast or effective as they should be, that would have to be looked into, following the servant boy through the house as he led me to my new employers I looked left and right taking in the house I would be responsible for and all its features.</SPAN>

    There were suites of armour old and disgustingly dusty, he shook his head, whoever was before him mustn’t have been that capable, though one butler for the whole house even if there were savants would be difficult, there were a large amount of paintings on the walls some he recognised as famous some were obviously portraits of the generations gone by.</SPAN>

    It wasn’t too long before they reached the heart of the manner, a living room of some sort, the servant boy bid me fair well and left, smartening myself up again I walked in right on time, reaching the middle of the room I did an elaborate bow and fell to one knee and spoke voice crystal clear a slight English accent on the tongue. “It is my great pleasure to meet you lord and lady Bayton, I will be your new butler I hope to live up to your expectations.” Looking up I gave a charming smile showing of my white shiny teeth knowing that no mater there expectations I would be better.</SPAN>
  3. Serena was sitting in her chair, calm yet curious to see their new employee. She certainly didn't know who Richard found and where he found that person. All that he told her was that the new butler's name was John Mandrake. It was a tasteless name that certainly belonged to a commoner. It didn't tell her much either and Serena got irritated from time to time when Richard used it as a weapon. Well, not exactly as a weapon but he had a secret nonetheless. Serena didn't like it when people had secrets. It made her feel less powerful and when it was Richard who hid something away from her, Serena would bite her tongue off with furiousness and helplessness that she had to experience. Though, all that should end today when the new butler would arrive. It would be anytime now as Serena quickly glanced at the clock that was situated on the fireplace ledge. It was a piece that her father made and Serena treasured it dearly. On the left, it had initials of her mother’s maiden name and on the right, there father's initials engraved. The clock signified the union of the two most powerful families in the country. She always felt proud to be part of Bayton’s genealogy when she looked at it.

    Richard, who was sitting in front of her, just stared at the flames as usual. He wasn't that fond of reading books as women were. The entertainment for him would be outside, probably shooting arrows or riding a horse. Serena didn't forbid it, she wouldn't dare...he hoped. The reason why he spent the time here in the living room with his wife was that he wanted to see John once before Serena would dig her claws into his flesh and would try to manipulate him. He also wanted to see her expression when John would present himself. Maybe he wouldn't be such an easy prey. After all, what John has told him was the reason why he was hired. Richard secretly wished that Serena would struggle while trying to dominate that man. Though, in fact she didn't dominate her servants, neither she bossed around the old man Hubert who was the last butler. She was only superior towards him. His wife was such a confusing woman. One moment she would be all sweet and nice then, as if a switch of flicked, she would be all sarcastic and poisonous. Nearly letting out a sigh, Richard caught himself before doing so. For the love of God, he was even afraid to sigh in his wife's presence in case she would take it the wrong way round. Feeling the dull tension behind his eyes, Richard discerned the first symptoms of a headache.

    When the memorial clock struck three in the afternoon, Serena saw a movement from the corner of her eye. At first, her heart skipped a beat. She didn't hear anyone coming. It seemed that once again she got absorbed by the book and completely forgot about her surroundings. She heard the newcomer, a man, speaking while she was closing her book and leisurely averting her gaze from the cover, looking at John Mandrake. Her light green eyes were inquisitive and she didn't bother to hide that she was studying the man kneeling in the middle of the room. He sure was more than Serena has expected. From his kneeling position, lady Bayton saw that his body structure was lean yet well-built. He had the charm and handsome face not to mention the smile. Slowly even Serena's face got brightened by a subtle yet reserved smile. "Stand up Mandrake and tell me where did you get your experience and why do you think that I should include you among my servants. Unfortunately, my husband hasn't told me much about you. He treasured your identity as if it was some endangered species," she said and momentarily looked at Richard curtly as if he was being childish for keep that information away from her. Once again, she found a way how to get back at her husband for something he has done that was against her liking. Richard tried to maintain his composure even though he gripped the armrest too tightly that his knuckles turned slightly white. Serena noticed that at the last second and for a blink of an eye, her eyes flashed with satisfaction before they resumed the previous state.