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I got my ring and my candle today! I feel like I've been waiting for it forever...
My dog let me sleep in until 7am today 😂
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I hope nobody minds but I'm going to approach this thread a completely different way than most others because I find great joy in writing out details. Plus, I'm also kind of chatty-cathey to be honest-- there are times where it's hard to get me to shut up (oh I do sincerely apologize to those that wish my yap would get stitched shut).

Working out in the oil/gas field I've learned to appreciate things differently then most. My line of work is incredibly rigorous and often-times stressful to all hell. Naturally the patch constantly looks for ways to piss you off or even in worse scenarios to kill you. I've lost really close friends and family to the patch, it's one of those lines of work that separates the weak from the strong-- in mind and body. One apprehends a habitual mindset consisting of "I could die today". With this, we learn to find joy in the small things such as a lady bug landing on my filthy hands out in the middle of nowhere, working on an oilfield location two hours from the nearest town on all sides.

True story too-- the day started out as rough as it gets when my company pickup had tools that I use all the time missing from the toolboxes. As anticipated my boss upon learning of the missing tools proceeded to lay into me right there in the yard. It was only 5:30 AM and we where still sitting at the shop when this all took place. I felt like the worlds biggest pile of trash. After it was said and done he went and got new tools for me which then set us on schedule to head out to work. Once we arrive on location I proceeded to get my guys lined out on what they needed to do. Things started looking up until my greenhorn (a new guy) decided that he didn't have to listen to me. I became furious and went off to do the work myself. Standing there observing the job still in my pissed off daze I happened to notice a lady bug land on my filthy hands. It made my whole day better like a stroke of good luck.

Now as for today, it started out pretty crummy when I woke up late, this nearly induced a missing appointment but somehow I managed to still make it on time. My anger attempted to bargain to apprehend my soul and it took every fiber of my being to hold it back. My dog however was my turning point for the day. I loves him sooooo much, he's my good boy and so we played fetch and then went for a looooong walk. I'm always joyed when my dog and I go on our adventures.

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I'm on a diet and just discovered the chicken flavor maize puffs that were the highlight of my childhood fit perfectly into my snack`calorie budget, and are available at my local supermarket. :D
Birthday month is almost over and I'm not completely broke!
Someone dumped this baby boy on the side of a busy road where the GM of my store lives. Today, he became the newest member of the family.
A friend was talking nicely about me with another friend over coffee out of nowhere. The other friend told me about it, and I'm just so grateful <3
Unemployment has really been good to me. Going to miss it a lot after next month.
Working towards moving out of this ghettoville apartment in a few months, and still job hunting. Have had semi better luck with writing, and now decorating posters because always looking for new hobbies. Getting rid of a problematic relationship and parents and I are still doing lots better than we did in recent years.
My baby girl started her first job today! I didn't cry like I thought I would when I dropped her off, but it was close.
Realized that sometimes you have to just step out on faith and go for what you want. The road may be bumpy, but that doesn't mean it's not better!
I got my new laptop :D
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Scored new conditioner and shampoo at a 50% discount! :D
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ooh! What kind?
Mostly just a bunch of Andrelon, but also a shower gel for sensitive skin that the bf likes that's normally a tad pricey, so two for the price of one was one heck of a steal!
Tonight was my last close at work for a while.

Thank. Freaking. God.