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  1. As the sun came up on the quiet town of Piney Green, Oregon for a Monday Michael DeLorenzo sat at the kitchen table finishing his bagel with creme cheese and coffee. His father Sheriff Robert DeLorenzo sat across from him, and periodically asking him questions about his trip. The same basic questions he had been asking since last night. His mother Helen was finishing up her coffee and talking with her secretary at the Junior High School about scheduling the year end review interviews for that day and the rest of the week.

    His father ate a bite of his scrambled eggs and asked, "Did you remember your credit card?"

    Michael exhaled and replied, "Yes and it's only supposed to be used in case of emergencies, or the Zombie Apocalypse."

    Robert looked up and glared as he said, "Listen Micheal Steven. If you aren't careful you could end up staying here all summer. Your mother and I are still leery of you and your friends taking off for California. I'm not sure your car is gonna make it."

    Helen chimed in, "You'll be fine honey. Use your best judgement we trust you." When Helen said "we" she looked at Robert.

    Michael smiled at his mother and said, "Thanks mom."

    Robert shook his head and said, "Once again dad is the bad guy."

    Michael stood up as he was now done and said, "That's it. I'm waiting for my friends outside." He gave his mom a peck on the cheek and a quick one armed hug and said, "Bye mom I love you." Robert couldn't even look up at his son as he was still seething. Michael said, "Well see ya dad. I love you." He patted him on the shoulder and walked outside carrying his luggage.

    Michael sat on the porch-swing waiting for his friends as he looked at his 2009 Camry.

    Robert walked outside and stood next to the swing and asked, "Mind if I sit with you?"

    Michael replied, "Only if you promise no more questions."

    Robert chuckled and said, "Deal." Robert sat down and said, "Look Mike. I'm sorry you're my son and I worry about you. I know you're an adult and you're a smart good young man, but I'm your father and I will always worry about you." He shook his head and said, "When you get back from this trip you're gonna be home less than a week and then you're moving across country. That's a big change and not to mention..." Robert bowed his head said, "I've only told this to your mom, so please don't say anything to anyone." Michael looked at his father who said, "I'm retiring. I'll be putting in the paperwork this morning. My last day will be the day after you leave for Ohio. There's a lot of changes going on in our family and it's a little hard for me to take." Robert looked at Michael and said, "Just gimme some leeway for now okay, and above all have fun this summer. You've earned it. I love you son."

    Michael put his arms around Robert and they embraced as Michael said, "I love you too dad."

    When they broke their embrace Robert said, "I got one more surprise for you. Well actually it's from your older brother Eric. He wanted to be here to give it to you in person but he has mini-camps right now." Robert pulled out the garage door opener and pressed the button The door slowly yawned open as Robert handed Michael his keys and said, "Go take a look."

    Michael walked over to the garage and saw sitting there a brand new Mustang. Michael was speechless as his mouth hung open. He could hear the front door open as Helen walked out. Michael looked at his two smiling parents Robert tossed him the keys and said, "It's all yours. Eric heard about your trip and was impressed that you stayed on course with it all these years. He felt you should be rewarded for it and wanted you to go in style. He'll call you tonight. We'll have your old car disposed of while you're gone."

    Michael let out a "YES!" that echoed throughout the neighborhood. Just then Robert's radio went off and he walked away out of ear shot. Helen walked up to Michael and said, "I gotta get going. Text me when you all stop for the night. I love you honey."

    Micheal replied as he and his mom embraced, "Love you mom." Helen left and Robert walked over to Michael and said, "I gotta go too. Dewey and his boys are already making trouble for some of the campers by the other side of the lake."

    Michael nodded and replied, "Okay dad. I love you" The two embraced one more time and Robert said, "I love you too. You all be safe boy, because if you all get killed out there I'm gonna be really mad."

    Michael replied, "Well we can't have that."

    Robert chuckled as they broke their embrace and said, "Close the garage door. Your mom has already locked up the house."

    Michael nodded as Robert sprinted towards his Sheriff's Cruiser. Hitting the lights and sirens Robert was gone like a shot down the suburban streets.

    Michael got in his new Mustang and turned the key. The car roared to life and then began to purr like a kitten. Michael pulled out of the garage and then closed the door. He then went over to his porch and loaded up his luggage. Once it was loaded he waited for the rest of his friends to show up. Michael couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces when they saw what they were riding in.

  2. The hot summer sun beat down on Claire as she walked through the dull suburban neighborhood. She took a final drag from her cigarette, then casually flicked it into the middle of the road. She was sure that Michael's parents wouldn't appreciate seeing her smoke.

    She shifted the black dufflebag strap digging into her shoulder as she rounded the final bend in the maze of grass lawns and white houses.

    The dufflebag was carrying everything she needed for the trip, alcohol, weapons and extra clothing. Her guitar bag was strapped on her back, and the rest of her smaller items were carried on her person.

    She shielded her eyes, and gazed into the distance. She chuckled to herself, the black sports car gleaming.

    Claire approached her smug friend, no doubt content with himself, and ready to show off their new ride to the rest of the world.

    "God damn dude." She said examining the car from the side. "What'd you do, rob Scrooge McDuck?"
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  3. Tessa rolled her eyes as her mom went on and on about how she could be using her summer for so many better things to farther her life goal.

    "Okay and maybe that's true mom. But the fact is. I'm not going to see my three best friends for who knows how long. And well is rather have one last crazy adventure then have them tagging along to dance competitions like last summer." She replied looking back at her mother.

    The only thing Tessa love as much as her parents were her three best friends. Sure they seemed like an odd pairing, but in their little group, she felt right at home. She didn't have to act a certain way or play stupid mind games. Shoot, Tessa was know to cancel dates just to be able to hang out with her friends. Or go to some event they wanted, even if it wasn't her kinda thing. And these were the same friends that would go to a dance compentions to support her. Or make her know it wasn't the end of the work of an audition didn't go well. And well at the end of this summer they would all split up. That little fact scared her mor then life it's self.

    "Earth to Tessa." Her mother said as she snapped her fingers at her. "Your father is waiting at the door for you." She huffed as she followed her to the door.

    "Take this and use it wisely. You know your limit." Her father said as he gave her a credit card.

    Slipping the card into her purse, Tessa grabbed the bright floral print quilted duffle bag up. "I love you daddy. But it off with her head." She laughed giving her dad his que to make sure her mother didn't follow her. Giving them bout a hug and kiss goodbye.

    Smiling as she saw Michael and Claire. "Ello loves." She called in her best British accent as she crossed the yard to his. A bitter sweet moment for her.

    Not liking that this may be one of the last times she did. Tessa didn't really know a life without Michael. His family was like her own. Hers the same to him.
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  4. Harrison eagerly sat up from his bed, stretched and disabled the ringing alarm. He swung his legs into a pair of Wookie slippers, and grabbed a bright yellow shirt of a mafia inspired dinosaur, complete with fedora and tommy gun, and a dark red beanie.

    Harrison looked and double checked the items he had assorted against the wall. Everything he would need from survive to thrive.

    He grabbed two of the bags and transported them downstairs, to be greeted by his mother and little sister. "Just moving my things down." Harrison offhandedly said, in reply to their questioning faces.

    "Do you need some help?" His mother said softly.

    "No thanks, I'm fine." Harrison said with a chuckle.

    "Are you sure, it wouldn't be any trouble."

    "Mom, I'm fine. I'm not even going yet, just moving my stuff." He said, trying to comfort her.

    Harrison put the bags down, then ran back upstairs. He toiled when he looked at the five bags he had yet to move. Perhaps I should pack lighter he thought momentarily. He shrugged the thought off and grabbed another two.

    He struggled getting the seventh bag to the ground floor, but managed on his own. Harrison's father entered the room, the car keys in his hand.

    "Are we all packed and ready to go?" He said straight forward.

    Harrison turned to his father startled. "Oh, umm, yeah. I got everything." He adjusted his glasses.

    "Good. Whites...roll out." He pointed to the door, as Harrison laughed.

    "Right." Harrison turned to face his mother and sister. "Bye mom, and Lilly, be nice while I'm gone."

    He moved though the door, with most of his bags, as his mother called after him. "Have fun. And be safe!"

    "Don't worry, I will."

    Harrison entered the car stockpiled with the over abundance of items. His father turned it on, and they drove toward Michael's home.

    "So what do you need with all that crap." Harrrison's father asked. "Aren't you going on a road trip? Not a trek through the Cambodian Jungle."

    "I'm just trying to be prepared." He said.

    "Yeah, yeah. Wierdo."

    They arrived at Michael's, and Harrison got out of the car and began unloading his stuff.

    Apparently everyone had already arrived, and he felt embarrassed, in hopes that he hadn't been keeping them waiting

    "Hey guys!" Harrison called, as his father drove away leaving Harrison and the seven bags behind. He looked down to all the items that were sitting on the pavement. "Uhh, could I maybe have a little help." His face turned from concern to amazement when he saw Convertible sitting in front of him. "Mike, is that your's? Niiiice." He dragged his bags over to the back of the car, then dropped them to greet his friends.
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  5. Michael got out of the car and just looked at it. He never thought that Eric would be able to top this past Spring Break. That was when his parents paid for Michael’s air fare to go and see Eric in L-A to get a taste of what college life for a few days. He stayed at the Frat House that Eric belonged to, got a sample of what it was like in college, and the President of the Fraternity put in a good word with the President of the Fraternity in Ohio so Michael could a get bid with no problem. However the real reason Michael was in L-A was because Eric had gotten two front row seats for Bruce Springsteen as an early Birthday gift for Michael. As much as he loved that concert this was way above and beyond a concert.

    Michael heard the familiar voice of Claire coming up the street. He had to laugh when she asked how he got the car. Michael said as he opened up the trunk and put her luggage in, “Nah not that simple. Let’s just leave it at this we have to leave quickly and if anyone asks my name is George, yours is Rhonda, Tessa is Babette, and Harrison is Rocky the snake.” Michael looked around as though they were being watched and put his hands on Claire’s shoulders and said in an almost whisper, “The less you know the better” After he finished loading Michael said, “Truth is, according to my dad, Eric was really impressed with how I stayed on course and worked to make this trip happen. He felt I, or we I should say, needed to go down in style.” He shook his head and said, “Eric really outdid himself, and since you’re here first you get shotgun. I know you’re gonna wanna light up and that’s fine we’re used to it. Just don’t do it if the top is up that’s all I ask.”

    Just then Tessa chimed in with an English accent that made Michael smile. He always liked when she pulled that accent for some reason, and then it hit Michael like a punch to the gut. This was one of the very last times he would see Tessa as the girl next door. He had known her since the first day he could remember anything. There was the “oh ick it’s a girl/it’s a boy phase” when they were in pre-school, but over the years things changed. Family vacations, holidays together, Super Bowl parties, cookouts all that stuff and Michael and Tessa became very close friends. Tessa’s family was basically Michael’s second family. At this moment though he understood what his father was going through this morning. No more seeing her practice dance routines in the back yard or the two of them sneaking out at night to go to the movies just for a bit of a thrill. Though he was still smiling Michael felt like a part of him was dying, and he was beginning to realize something. He still had the smile and reached for her luggage and with an English accent and said, “’Hey let me get that for you love.”

    After he put Tessa’s luggage in the trunk Harrison arrived with several suitcases. Michael just looked for a moment at him and then at the two ladies with him and said, “I thought he was helping me pack up and move later this summer. Not the other way around” Michael heard the request of help and said as he walked over and grabbed some of Harrison’s luggage, “Hold on. I got you on this.” Harrison was definitely odd, but as Michael learned never judge a book by its cover. Harrison was one of the coolest guys Michael ever knew. Not to mention he was as much of a comic book junkie as Michael was. There were those in the school who would bully Harrison for maybe a day or two, but that was until they found out how tight Michael and he were then it all stopped. As they carried the luggage up to the car Michael said, “You realize the baggage fees you’d be paying if we flew? It’s more than the GNP of some small islands, and yes it is my car courtesy of the new Tight End of the Houston Texans # 86 Eric DeLorenzo. “

    It took some shifting in the trunk but everything fit, and Michael closed the trunk. He looked everyone and smiled. He said, “To be honest I didn’t think this would happen. I was expecting something to come along and just screw it all up. I have never been so happy to be wrong. Thank you all for sharing in this with me. In terms of the car everyone is gonna drive at least twice, and I already said Claire has the front seat until we hit the state line in about three hours. Then we’ll figure out a system or something. Other than that.” Michael nodded and said, “Let’s do this.

    Michael started to get in the car when his phone rang. He saw it was his mom and Michael answered, “Yeah mom.

    Helen said, “Two things did you remember your traveler’s checks, and two check the glove compartment. Your gift from Catherine is in there.”

    Michael asked, “Yeah of course I got my checks.” it was at that moment Michael realized they were still in the house and a pained expression crossed his face as he said, “How long have you all had this?”

    Helen replied, “About a month. We’ve moved it from place to place to keep it hidden from you. The impound lot, my parking lot at work, the Elison’s you name it. Talk to you later take care love you.”

    Michael replied, “Love you too mom.” Michael hung up the phone and said, “Everyone in I gotta get one last thing, and not a word of this to my parents. Otherwise the 'I told you so-s' will never end” Michael sprinted into his room grabbing an envelope with his money it. He made his way back outside and after locking up the house Michael got in the car.

    He said, “My sister’s gift is in here.” Michael reached over and opened up the compartment to find a top of the line GPS with a bow on it and two hundred dollars in Gas gift cards. Michael smiled as he said, “Oh good one Catherine. Thank you.” He activated the GPS and said, “She already had it programmed in. Love her." Quickly Michael called his sister and left a voice mail saying thank you.

    Michael started the car and said, “One more rule the driver picks the music, so you know what that means.” Michael set the XM radio station to the all Springsteen channel as they were on their way.
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  6. Claire smirked at Michael's joke. "Don't worry, I'll keep it to a minimum." She winked, and smiled.

    "Ello Loves." Claire turned to the call of the ever light spirited Tessa. Claire smiled and laughed, then embraced Tessa in a engrossing but gentle hug. Tessa always brightened Claires day, and she was happy to see her again. Claire pulled away "Good day to you too."

    Then Harrison arrived, clearly over packed. “I thought he was helping me pack up and move later this summer. Not the other way around” Claire chuckled. "Uhh, could I maybe have a little help?" Harrison asked.

    "Sure." Claire walked over to the large stack of luggage and grabbed two of the bags. "Why do you need all these bags?" Claire asked, then placed them into the trunk.
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  7. "Why, thanks you so much. It was getting so heavy I don't know if I could have carried it a moment longer." She laughed as she hugged Claire back. "Think you can stand me for a whole summer, Claire bear?" She asked with a bright smile.

    Putting them two together was like putting day and night in the same catagory. But Tessa would toss this girl away for the word. Claire had tought her how to throw a mean punch, broke a guys nose and ego because he broke Tessa heart. But best of all, nearly gave her mother a heart attack the first time she brought her home.

    Looking over at Harrison, Tessa couldn't help but laugh.
    "And I was the one that got the talk about over packing." She teased, leaning on the back of the car and the others helped grab his bags. Watching as Michael repacked the back of the car.

    She took her seat in the back next to Harrison.
    "So pretty much what he's saying is, your stuck with me bugging you for the next three hours." She smile blowing a kiss and winking at him. She had a habit of asking fifty questions about a comic book he was reading or a character. But then again they all knew personal space was alway invaded when Tessa was around. Funny fact tho. These were the only people she ever did it to.

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  8. Harrison smiled and blushed at the many comments about his over packing. "Hey, I'm just being prepared." He said, and turned to Claire. "I'm glad you asked. This one-" He pointed to a black backpack. "Are all my daily necessities. These three are blanket, pillow and sleeping mat. This is first aid and emergencies. Clothes and Entertainment are in the back all ready." He finished and looked at his friends smugly.

    "Thanks." He said to Claire and Michael for the help, then sat in the back with Tessa.

    He regarded Tessa with suspicion when she began speaking about bugging him, then covered his face playfully when she blew him a kiss. "Eww, cuties." He laughed then turned to Michael. "Why'd you do this to me?" He then returned to Tessa, and put his arm around her shoulder in a hug/shove.

    "So are we ready to make like Autobots and roll out?"
  9. Watching Claire and Tessa interact taught Michael that people who on the surface could be as different as night and day could find common ground and be friends. In their case though it was more than just friends it was like watching sisters interact with each other. Claire was one of the toughest and strongest willed people Michael had ever known, but Tessa had the gift of being able to bring out another side of Claire. A side that those outside of the group would be stunned to have seen, but Tessa, Michael, and Harrison had seen it time and again but never took it for granted. Claire had a hard life, but Michael was glad that he and Tessa and Harrison could help see that there was some joy in her life.

    Tessa bugging Harrison for three hours that thought made Michael cringe somewhat, because he was starting to have flash backs of his dad threatening to turn the car around if the bugging in the back seat didn't stop. Differences between then and now Michael was not his father, there was no way he was turning around, and seeing the interaction between Harrison and Tessa was better than anything on Cable TV. Not to mention Michael was determined to enjoy every moment he could of the back and forth between them because the reality of his situation felt like a storm cloud rolling in on him and wasn't something he was looking forward to.

    Micheal had to chuckle at Harrison and his preparedness as he slowly shook his head and said, "We can make fun of him all we want, but I gotta admit he's prepared for just about every possibility. From having to sleep in the car right down to the Zombie Apocalypse." He looked back at Harrison and said, "But if we run into a tight situation and we have to barter and trade our way out you are the one has to give up his stuff first. " Michael turned back to face the road and said, "Or maybe we'll go with Plan B instead." He nodded slowly and said, "We turn Claire loose on them and in two minutes they'll be begging us for mercy." Michael turned to Claire and gave her a quick wink.

    Michael popped on his sunglasses and said, "Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed. Ready to move out!" He smiled as he popped the clutch and away they went. Micheal took in every sight and sound as they made their way out of town. Realizing that the next time he made this trip out he might not be so happy.

    Michael said, "Harrison promise me one thing; That your driving has improved. Because true confession the last time I rode with you I didn't fall out of the door by accident. I was kissing the ground because I was so thankful to be alive. You gotta remember my man you can't take your half of the road out of the middle. You're just lucky I was able to convince my dad not to slap you with a ticket. "

    With that Michael cut on the XM radio as Bruce Springsteen's "Hungry Heart" filled the car. Michael said, "I know he's not everyone's cup of tea so I will at least restrain myself and not sing along. For now" The wind in the hair and the feeling of true freedom filled Michael up with a sense of peace and a smile on his face.
  10. When Michael defended Harrison, his smug smile worsened. But when he explained plan A the smug left, and he looked at his pile in consideration of an eighth "tradable junk" bag. "I like plan B better. Claire, go for the eyes."

    As they drove Harrison put his best offended face on and stared at Michael through the rear view mirror. "I'm hurt. But if it makes you feel better, I have actually been practicing. My dad showed me the ropes, although I'm scared to see that strange handle." He pointed to the gear stick in worry.

    Harrison looked to Tessa, as the oddly specific channel was turned on. "I'm surprised they have an all Springsteen channel. At least he's not singing yet." He said, just loud enough for Michael to hear.
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  11. Tessa laughed a little as she pulled her hair up into a messy bun. "Yep, tone deaf singers are like sooo last year." She replied a small smirk playing on her lips. Tessa was the type of girl that could listen to anything. But with being a dancer you have to be able to do that. She was given many different styles to do. Sometimes her music could go from one extream to the next.

    Smiling as she sat back in the seat, one last Big Bang, a bitter sweet trip. She let out a soft sigh as she edited some photos of them from prom on her iPad. She was a lucky girl to have not one but three dates. Smiling as she flipped through the photos.

    Pulling out her phone she smiled over at Harrison. "Come on love, time for a selfie. As we all know, photos showcaes some of my most cherished memories. And now I have a whole apartment to decorate." She said as she moved closer to him to take the photo. Snapping a few of Claire and Michael also.
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  12. Claire smiled at Tessa. "I think I'll manage." She said, with a chuckle.

    As Claire put Harrison's last bag into the car, she crossed her arms as he explained their contents. "I hope you included a subscription to virgin weekly, because your going to make the cover." Claire felt a little bad, after speaking. She usually only hassled people she didn't like, which was everyone but the three around her. She shook it off and hoped Harrison wasn't to badly offended.

    She missed a comment about her beating someone, until Harrison continued it. "I'll...try to keep that in mind." She walked into the front, as everyone entered.

    As they drove away, Claire relished as the wind passed her face and through her short cut hair. She mostly ignored the conversation around her, until Tessa asked for a few photos. Claire scrunched up her nose, opened her mouth and tuck out her tongue making the sign of horns with her hand.
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  13. Michael looked back at Harrison and said, "Hey this trip has only begun, and there are miles to go the singing will come eventually. You all have been warned" Harrison took a lot of ribbing from everyone in the group, but he took it in stride and there were those times he could fire off a zinger that no one saw coming. When someone outside of the group took a shot at Harrison thought that person answered to the other three in the group and rarely did it end well for the other person. It usually ended with Michael holding Claire back and yelling. "He ain't worth expulsion!" It was always a case of family taking care of family and no one messed with anyone in this family, except for their own members. Michael nodded and said, "Look Harrison if you're concerned about driving a standard transmission between the three of us we could probably teach you. It's not that hard and you're a smart guy. I trust you man you'll be fine it's all right."

    When Claire made the crack about tone deaf singers Michael looked back at her in the mirror as though he had eaten a sour olive. He said, "Hey. That was only one time it happened. Granted it was in public, but I hit that wrong note with some serious confidence thank you." Michael was now able to laugh about what happened when he was singing at the talent show, but at that time he wanted to just die. It was Tessa who could empathize with Michael the most because there were a couple of times her dance routines didn't go flawless and she helped him get over it. The group as whole helped Michael deal with the humiliation, and it was something he would never forget.

    One of Tessa's greatest gifts was getting Claire to show her fun side. Claire for all her hostility and anger towards other people no one in this group loved the people in this group more than her. She more than once showed her heart for everyone in this group to see. Last year Michael's father was shot in the line of duty, and it didn't look good at all for the first three days. Tessa and Michael were unable to lean on each other because of the pure raw pain they were feeling, but Claire had more than enough emotional strength to help them through. Everyone brought something to the table in this group. Tessa was clearly the personality and brought a sense of play. Harrison was the courage of the group. Courage in the sense that he wasn't afraid to live life on his terms and didn't conform to other points of view. Claire was the strength and the heart beat of this group. She gave this group it's sense of life and not being just another group of friends, but she gave it a sense of family. What Michael brought he wasn't sure, but he knew that being with these three made him feel like he was home. Watching her make faces for Tessa even made Michael laugh not just chuckle, but full on laugh. He said, "Ahh yes and when you make it in the world these will be the pictures that we will make sure the media gets a hold of."

    Tessa snapped a few of Micheal who obliged as much as he could while driving.

    After about fours of driving they finally left the state of Oregon and made it into California. Michael stopped the car at a resort village called, "Brighton Resort." It was a resort with all the modern conveniences and it was one of the nicer places they would be staying at. It was situated in a small touristy town, but the views around them with the mountains and some of the other luxuries was worth it. Michael's aunt was a travel agent who got them a sweetheart of a deal here and most of the other places they would be staying at.

    He said, "We are in bungalow #5 for the next three days. This is our chance to really cut loose and not worry about any of this getting back to our family." Michael looked at all three of them and said, "We are free and clear to do what we want. Let's live it up."

    Michael looked at Tessa and said, "You have got to get a shot of all four of us together." With that Michael got out of the car and began to stretch his legs.
  14. Harrison groaned and stretched to the side as he exited the car. "Free to do whatever we want?" Harrison thought for a moment on everything he ever wanted to do, but was unable. "Well I'm gonna take candy from a stranger. Anyone else?"

    Harrison put his stuff down, and stood straight backed for the picture. Although Harrison was comfortable around these three, he was actually a very shy and awkward in formal situations, and although a friendly picture may seem informal enough, he found it hard not to concentrate on not looking like a fool.

    "So who's coming with me to find lucky number five?" Harrison asked after the picture. He picked up his bags again, and turned to face the group.
  15. "Me, me ,me." Tessa laughed as she jumped around like a excited little kid. The girl was a ball of energy. And they all knew having her sit still for that long was never a good thing.

    Grabbing her bag she smiled over at Michael.
    "I have my camera in the bag. We can find a safe place and set the timer. And as for your comment about selling photos to the media. I'll beat you to it. Why would I want to hide some amazing people in my life? But I can still drive you all crazy through text, calls, email, snail mail, social media..." She replied as she grabbed one of Harrison's to help him out.

    They all knew her statement was true. She was the type of person that would send a card just because it made her think of them. Her life was pretty much documented through pictures on Instagram and status updates on Facebook. She's would be willing to bet all of the moments she shared, had one of these crazy kids with her. And yet here she was about to start a new chapter in her life and not a single one would be with her in person. That single thought scared the hell out of her. But she wasn't about to let that mess up this trip.

  16. Claire pulled a cigarette out of her pocket, and lit it as soon as the car had stopped. Claire had taken a nap for last hour of driving, and she stretched her eyelids as she inhaled the smoke.

    Claire stared at the resort, then turned to the car and grabbed her bag and strapped her guitar to her back, then grabbed one of Harrison's bag as well.

    "So who's coming with me to find lucky number five?" Harrison asked. "I'm ready to find my fifth hookup." She dragged her cigarette again. "Wonder how many hot guys were dragged here by their families?" Even though she was here to spend time with her friends for possibly the last time, Claire found that truth hard to swallow. They were all she ever knew, and whatever happened after scared her more than she was willing to admit. She denied that truth and was ready to live her last days as best she could, without that prospect overshadowing it.

    Claire turned to Michael. "Remind me to check the rules of this place." She laughed and dragged again. "I'm going to make sure we break all of them."
  17. Michael loved the fact that everyone was willing to help Harrison with his bags. For the joking that he took for over packing Michael had a feeling that before the end of this trip they would all need about every item that Harrison had brought with him. Harrison being the type of guy he was wouldn't say "I told you so" either, but he would have every right to do so. Michael slung his duffle over his shoulder and then grabbed a couple of bags as well and said, "I'm gonna get us checked in." He scanned around quickly and said pointing, "My guess is that Bungalow is the one over there with the #5 on the post out front about 30 yards to our left" Michael shrugged his shoulders and said, "I could be wrong though." Michael smirked as he walked away.

    In less than five minutes Michael had everyone checked in, and made his way to the front porch of the Bungalow carrying a folder with several sheets of paper. He gave everyone an electronic key and said, "Okay everyone let's get settled in." Michael inserted the key in the lock and they heard the door unlatch. He opened the door and it looked like someone's home. There was a foyer, a spacious living room with a plasma TV on the wall, a kitchen with several appliances, a hall bathroom, a bedroom on either side with a bathroom, and a backdoor leading out to a patio with a hot tub. Michael stood there for a moment and said, "Well hello home sweet home. I vote we get settled in..." he looked at his watch and said, "it's almost 3 o'clock now we take it easy and unwind then we go downtown and grab dinner where ever we want and just cut loose."

    He started to walk towards the bedroom on the right but then turned to Harrison and said, "Look we know you've got your social awkwardness, but it's okay you're with us. We got your back, and besides you're not gonna see any of these people again so just be yourself man. You're with family here and we take care of our own." Michael smiled and went into the bedroom. Upon seeing the massive King sized bed he said. "Wow this thing is big enough to hold wrestling matches on!"

    He dropped the luggage and walked back into the living room carrying a sheet of paper. Michael said to Claire, "Hey Claire. You were looking for the rules here." Michael crumpled up the paper and threw it in a nearby trash can and said, "You can look at them at your convenience. Let's just try not to do anything that requires us to beg our families to never go to 'You Tube' ever again."

    Michael looked at Tessa and said, "This beats that cabin our families stayed at two summers ago. I think if I hold my head right I can still get dirt from there to fall out of my hair." He smiled and leaped onto the couch and crossing his legs and putting his hands behind his head said, "I do hereby claim this land for Spain."
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  18. Tessa laughed as she walked in behind Michael, looking around. "Oh god don't remind me. Remember when we had to share that old fold out sofa. It was so gross and lumpy." She said as she let her bag sit on the floor in the hall. Making sure it was out of everyone's way. Walking over to the patio, she called back into the house, excited. "We have a hot tub my loves."
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  19. Harrison walked in, a curious expression as he was treated to the delightful sights of their new home. Well, new temporary place of residence. "Sounds good to me." Harrison said half heartily as he was still exploring the bungalow.

    "Look we know you've got your social awkwardness, but it's okay you're with us. We got your back, and besides you're not gonna see any of these people again so just be yourself man. You're with family here and we take care of our own." Michael said.

    Harrison smiled. "Thanks, but I'm not sure that'll help." He continued looking around. "Don't worry, I won't miss any of the fun, but if you guys start taking clothes off I'm out." He paused and looked to Michael. "I'll just try to avoid other people as much as possible."

    Harrison walked into the bedrooms. "So who's sleeping where? We only have two beds." Harrison was not comfortable sleeping with someone ever. A mixture of awkwardness, restless sleeping and general anxiety not to disturb the other person.
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  20. Claire through the smoke on the ground and stepped on it. She walked into the bungalow and smiled. "Nice place. Why can't we live here for the rest of our lives."

    Michael threw the rule sheet into the garbage can, telling her to read it if she wished, which she did. "Making me fish out of the trash, classy." She unfolded the paper and looked it up and down.

    "Under no circumstances are minors to consume alcohol." She eyed Harrison and Tessa with a smirk.

    Claire let out a laugh. "'Quite time will be enforced by eleven'- what the fuck kind of rule is that?"

    She looked up as Harrison spoke about his uncomfort with the beds. "No worries, I'll take the couch, you take the bed." She looked to it longingly being taken up by Michael.

    "We have a hot tub my loves." Tessa called.

    "Fuck yeah we do." Claire said and walked to the back porch to see it herself.
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