One For All and All For One.

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  1. Plot
    Long ago, Dragon Shifters roamed the Earth peacefully, enjoying their lives as much as any other person, maybe even more. Generations upon generations were created and ended only for the next to show up. Life couldn't seem to be any better for the Dragon Shifters. Until it took a turn for the worst. Creatures as magnificent, magical, and mystical as them were bound to be noticed. And, it turned out, not for any of the right reasons. Some thought of the Dragon Shifters as enemies, threats, and sought out to end them before they got a chance to do any damage. And so the Hunters were born.

    For years, Dragon Shifters and Hunters would battle, going head to head with one another. With the Dragon Shifters trying to protect themselves and the Hunters trying to end them, peace wasn't a thing that could be obtained so easily any more. Soon a reputation was built. An unadulterated hatred, it would seem, between the two. Before anyone knew it, children were being born into a world where the other was their enemy and nothing more.

    All battles are coming to an end, though, for there is a force much stronger than them that is lurking in the shadows, scheming for the worst. It seems to be waiting, planning out every single detail before it pounces, like a predator with its prey. A feeling of immense dread that would make anyone uneasy weighs down on the Dragon Shifters' and Hunters' shoulders. To fight and protect what they call home and everything in it, they must put aside their differences and join forces as they attend an academy that was specifically designed for them to hone and strengthen their powers and learn how to work together to make the deadliest combos. But, when all you've ever known and felt is hatred for the other, can you truly work together? Will you help mend the gap to save your beloved home?

    Only time will tell.
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  2. Poloure Academy
    "Welcome, welcome! This is Poloure Academy, designed for Dragon Shifters and Hunters, as they're called, only," a brunette woman who seemed to be in her mid-thirties greeted you as you entered the Office, beaming brightly. "Seeing that you are here, you must be one of the two. Either way, it's nice to meet you! I am Mrs. Villa, the one who handles all of the paperwork here." Mrs. Villa, as you just learned, only beamed brighter, a wide smile on her face as her hazel eyes glowed. "Later on, you'll meet the Headmistress, who will be in the Induction Ceremony, which you must attend. I'm rambling, aren't I?" She questioned with a nervous laugh before clapping her hands, a gesture to refocus her attention, and your own, you assume. "Back to the topic! I'm sure you're here to pick up all of the paperwork and such, correct? Well, they're all here and waiting for you! But first, I'll need you to fill out this form. Just a few questions that need to be answered, no big deal. Once that's done, I'll give you your things and you can be off!" She finished her little explanation as she passed you a clipboard with a form full of blank spaces that needed to be filled. Taking it, along with the colorful pen she slided to you, you gave her a small smile before going to sit in one of the many empty chairs that decorated the Office and begin to fill out the form.
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  3. Form
    [Realistic Picture/Realistic Artwork or Anime]
    Age: [15-18]
    Species: [Dragon Shifter or Human/Hunter?]

    Appearance: [Expand on your picture. Height, Weight, Clothing Style, etc. Also, add Dragon Appearance (and a picture, if possible), if you shift.]
    Personality: [A good balance between negative and positive.]

    Powers: [If Dragon Shifter]
    Other?:[Theme Song, Health Issues, Habits, Secrets, Friends, etc.]

    •You must wear your uniform at all times.
    •No fighting between classes, in classes, in lunch, or anywhere else.
    •Opposite genders must stay in their own dorms.
    •Everyone must be in their dorms at 10 o'clock. Lights out at 11 o'clock.
    •Vandalism is intolerable.
    •We expect you to be on time to all of your classes.
    •Extreme PDA is unpermitted.
    •Alcohol, drugs, or anything of the sort is not allowed.
    •Remember that you're all fighting for the same cause.

    1) Homeroom
    2) Math
    2) English
    3) Science
    4) History
    5) Free Period
    6A) Fortify (A class that only Dragon Shifters have. They will strengthen their powers.)
    6B) Hone (A class that only Humans/Hunters have. They will improve their weaponry and combat skills.)
    7) Co-Op (A class for both species. They will learn how to collaborate with one another.)

    (Gold and red for Dragon Shifters. Blue and silver for Hunters/Humans. All uniforms have a patch with a Dahlia flower on it, which is the crest of the school.)

    Male - A white, collared, button-down shirt accompanied with black slacks. Also, a tie that is striped with one's rightful colors. Choice of shoes are up to the wearer, but they must be black. A vest, blazer, or robe can also be worn. It would be outlined (or, for the robe, the inside would be such color) in either blue or red, depending on your species.

    Female - A white, collared, button-down shirt accompanied with a black skirt that stops a few inches above the knee. Also, a bowtie that is striped with one's rightful colors. Choice of shoes are up to the wearer, but they must be black. A vest, blazer, or robe can also be worn. It would be outlined (or, for the robe, the inside would be such color) in either blue or red, depending on your species. One can also choose to wear knee-high socks, tights, or leggings, if they desire.
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  4. School Roster
    [Name • Age • Gender • Species]
    Brandon O. Swope • Sixteen • Male • Dragon Shifter
    Elizabeth Tepes • Sixteen • Female • Dragon Shifter
    Akina Kaida • Seventeen • Female • Dragon Shifter
    Eimile M. Ailin • Sixteen • Female • Dragon Shifter
    Lucas Lambert • Seventeen • Male • Human/Hunter
    Delia Powell • Seventeen • Female • Dragon Shifter
    Nozomi Yamamato • Fifteen • Female • Human/Hunter
    Ri-Yu Yun • Eighteen • Female • Human/Hunter
    Evan Gallahad • Eighteen • Male • Human/Hunter
    Jin Huang • Fifteen • Male • Dragon Shifter
    Lyon Adam • Eighteen • Male • Human/Hunter
    Katrina Anderson • Seventeen • Female • Human/Hunter
    Amber Thomson • Sixteen • Female • Human/Hunter
    Aaiona Virtanen • Fifteen • Female • Dragon Shifter
    Shaoqing Chen • Sixteen • Male • Dragon Shifter

    [Dragon Shifters : Humans/Hunters
    10 : 7

    Males : Females
    7 : 10]


    Dorm 1:
    - Brandon Swope
    - Lucas Lambert

    Dorm 2:
    - Shaoqing Chen
    - Evan Gallahad

    Dorm 3:
    - Jin Huang
    - Lyon Adam

    Dorm 4:
    -Sebastian Hartwell


    Dorm 1:
    - Akina Kaida
    - Delia Powell

    Dorm 2:
    - Elizabeth Tepes
    - Katrina Anderson

    Dorm 3:
    - Eimile Ailin
    - Nozomi Yamamato

    Dorm 4:
    - Ri-Yu Yun
    - Aaiona Virtanen

    Dorm 5:
    - Amber Thomson
    - Danica Schmidt

    [Friends, Crushes, Significant Others, Etc.]

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  6. [​IMG]
    Brandon O. Swope
    "It's nice to meet you..."

    "People say that sixteen is the best age."

    "D-Do I look like a girl?!"

    Dragon Shifter
    "It's the only cool thing about me."

    Greek • American • Italian • Britain
    "I have a British accent, though."

    "You can say that I...swing both ways."

    Brandon is quite a small individual. He's shorter than most guys his age, standing at a height of 5'6". People say that there is still hope for him, but he doesn't think that he'll grow any taller. He has a slender frame and little to no muscles. He's basically an awkward noodle that weights 119 pounds, light as a feather to some people. The young male has dark brown hair and an unusual color for his eyes. They are different shades of purple and a blue ring surrounds his pupil. They seem to change shades with his mood.

    As a Dragon, his skin is a light, pale blue. On the outskirts, like a mane of sorts, he has the same light blue mixed with a bit of green and a bit of pink. He has two horns that jut from the top of his head and curve at the end. Brandon's eyes change to a turquoise color. He's quite large and his wingspan is quite large as well. When he walks, he leaves ice footprints in his wake.
    "I don't like talking about my height..."

    Timid | Polite | Stubborn | Easily Flustered | Intelligent | Quiet | Patient | Emotional | Sensitive
    "I'm not all that interesting..."

    +Stuffed Animals
    +Movie Adaptions of Books
    +Cold Places

    "I am an Ice Dragon, after all..."

    -Too Much Heat
    -His Stutter
    -Waking Up

    "I always get so flustered around my crushes..."

    ○ Surviving in Cold Places
    ○ Creating Ice
    ○ Controlling His Powers
    ○ Strategizing
    ○ Controlling His Shifts

    "I'm pretty good at being a Dragon."

    x Fire
    x Stealth
    x Lying
    x Romance
    x His Emotions

    "I suck at romance..."

    ♦ Creating Ice
    ♦ Immune to the Cold
    ♦ Cooling Down Others

    "I'm so cool...Because I'm an Ice Dragon, get it? Ahaha...ha."

    "Er...does my claws count?"

    Ella A. Manson | 55 years old | Grandmother | Alive
    "It's just my Grandma and me."

    "Crush? I don't like crushes..."

    "I can't even handle a crush!"

    • Sometimes people call him Queen Elsa or Elsa.
    • He stutters and blushes a lot around someone he likes.
    • He has the worst temper.
    • He's never had his first kiss.

    "I think that's it."
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    • [​IMG]

      "My name is Elizabeth Tepes."

      "I turned sixteen rather recently. I have a pretty long life ahead of me."

      "I am clearly female."

      "Dragon Shifter."

      "Hmmm... I never really figured that one out. The Tepes family migrates a lot. If I remember... Transylvania, Rome, somewhere there."

      "Say... wha- wha- wha- WHAT?"

    • The young maiden Elizabeth stood at a slender 1.73 metres as she walked by. As she grins, a particular pair of fangs can be seen on her mouth. She carried an umbrella, even indoors, to veil her pale, sensitive complexion from the merciless rays of the sun. Her D-cups bounced a little as she bent down to look at what a friendly rival of hers was viewing.

      "You do realise that you can't just base a single opponent off their species, now don't you? We're all different, much like you humans. Although, I am curious about what you are viewing- hmmm... I look so much better than that..."

      The name of this Dragon Shifter Race, as classified here, is officially known as the Count Dracula according to our database. Humans have given these grand, demon-like Dragons many other names, whether they be in the form of human or dragon. These names are commonly seen and antagonised in human works and media throughout the world, the most noteworthy being - vampire. This is also where the term 'Vampire Hunter', a specific type of Hunter which specialises in the slaying of this species as well as closely-related species, comes from
      There is no known noteworthy difference between males and females of this species. Their bodies are mostly black in hue. At their juvenile years, they can go up to 13 metres in length and have a wingspan that boasts more than twice that size.
      Its diet is mostly unidentified varieties of meat, and most notably, blood and life force. In other words, carnivorous.
      This Race is highly dange

      "Oh, the pages are mildly burnt. Let's continue from that sentence."

      Subspecies of this Dragon Race include the Count Dracula Lilith, which tend to have more attractive human forms, but more grotesque and intimidating dragon forms. They have certain traits that the Count Dracula Prime, the 'main species', lacks, such as the ability to alter their

      "D -Don't you have better things to read?" With a feeling of embarassment and a face of red, she closes the book. "Ummmm... sorry..."
    • Elizabeth seems to be a gentle one who cares a lot about her peers. This beautiful damsel is benevolent like an angel, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it.

      Of course.

      That is what you want to believe.

      Elizabeth isn't an angel, to say. She is a demonic entity of sorts and no matter how much of a saint she is, she will always have an inner demon. Her inner carnal traits show when she does not get her supply of life energy, which gradually rises to madness. It usually starts off with her being a little moody or angry, often acting... weird and different. It only escalates from there to a very berserk and uncivil state. This is her bad side, her other side.

      She is fond of many things to say, mostly cute things like stuffed animals and youths. She likes some sweet desserts from time to time, maybe a parfait or a macaron. It eases her very well. While it is more of a racial trait, she likes the taste and smell of fine, fresh blood, especially that of a virgin.

      She dislikes pointless feuds, and of course, is not very fond of the harsh rays of sunlight, preferring the shade.

      She has a very strong will and it is very difficult to halt her. While on the stubborn side, she knows that there is always a time to eventually give up.

      Elizabeth has flaws like anyone else. She is minorly ditzy, but never admits it. She has a few physical weaknesses too, like the metal silver, and garlic, which she avoids like a plague. as she feels a burning pain when touching them directly. Her sensitivity to these allows her to sniff them out just so that she can avoid then. She also weakens under sunlight.
    • Powers:
      She possesses various abilities. Her basic ones are above-human capabilities and senses, which makes her more aware of her surroundings. Her defenses are also strong enough to possess bulletproof capabilities, although bullets might still afflict minor damage. Daggers can deal damage regularly, and weapons made from silver or garlic do damage pretty well.

      As a Dragon Shifter, she can conjure her draconic traits - her wings, tail and even horns - from her body with in her human form. Her wings can be folded into a cloak, akin to that of vampires. Her wings are more durable than the rest of her body, even immune to silver and sunlight. Garlic... only slightly.

      She can suck the blood of other beings, preferably virgins, to regain strength. She cannot vampirize others or perform mind control due to her young age. Her main dragon breath is essentially similiar in concept. It is known as Nosferatu, the signature move of the Count Draculas. Basically, a breath of darkness and shadows is conjured from the mouth of the Dragon Shifter, and when it hits a target, a deal of life energy is drained from it, replenishing the user's health. It also causes physical damage, like most other dragon breaths.

      While she does have regenerative abilities, she can only regenerate while draining life energy from someone via her attacks.

      For now, she can command bats, and that is the only animal she can command. Apart from transforming into a dragon, she can also take the form of a small bat, and can adjust the size of this form. The bigger the bat form, the more it will resemble her dragon form. While exclusive to her bat form, she can fire sonic waves as a form of defense mechanism and echolocation in the dark.

      She can activate an ability known as 'Stealth Count', where any reflections belonging to her become invisible.

      Some abilities are exclusive to her dragon form, not counting the obvious physiological traits like grand claws, fangs, and such. By stabbing her tail into the ground, she can radiate what she calls 'Necron pulse', which is basically necromancy, summoning weak skeletal minions to attack and distract opponents.

      As a Tepes, she wields a halberd, the grand weapon of the ancient Impaler.
    • Family:
      "I am the daughter of Vlad Tepes XIII, the oldest son of the thirteenth generation of the Tepes family. The youngest of seven spawn, I believe. I think I have a cousin attending this school too... Lilith Bathory I think?"

      "Wha- wha-"

      "Too far! Too far! I'm not saying anything else!"
    • "That was it! I refuse to say anything else!"

      Elizabeth rarely directly says she is what humans call a 'vampire'. In fact, she is not exactly fond of this term as she feels that it antagonises them.

      The Tepes family has a reputation of being intimidating, brutal dragons, however, this reputation is meant to shoo people away so that they can have some peace, in the same way other Dragons have to fight for such protection. Even though they are 'vampires' or should I use the proper term Count Draculas, they are just like any other Dragon Shifter Race - fighting for survival and all that. The only exception is that they seem eager to fight and destroy when provoked by Hunters, and have been recorded to pursue fleeing Hunters to suck their life force, unlike Dragon Shifters who simply fight to protect their kind and would let the matter off if the Hunters fleed. This is due to their natural diet.

      Older Count Draculas, maybe a century or more, can 'vampirize' humans, gradually turning them into Count Draculas. Indeed, an ability that turns a human into a Dragon Shifter, albeit specific Dragon Shifter Race. Most records indicate the Hunter being slain by their own peers or even killing themselves for becoming the monster they have hunted for so long.

      Elizabeth prefers sleeping naked, due to the nature of her kind. The only clothing her kind truly did wear were their cloak-like wings, which easily fold into improvised clothes. Count Draculas only actually wear clothes during formal events or rule-based reasons.
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  7. Totally going to be a dragon shifter omg

    I'm on mobile but I'll post when I get home!
  8. I'll get a CS in later today. Is it possible for me to reserve the Darkness element?
  9. I have a hunch that this is the wrong RP. I know how it feels to juggle a lot.
  10. If one receives a Bucket of Rainbows, they are accepted. c:
  11. aah no it is the right rp, it just seemed like we all had elements like i know kitsune's character had ice powers and stuff
  12. Well, consider Darkness to be reserved, Yuuki~

    But, just letting everyone know, your dragon doesn't have to have elemental powers.
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  13. [Realistic Picture/Realistic Artwork or Anime]
    Akina Kaida (translates to 'Moon Dragon')
    Age [13-18]:
    Dragon Shifter

    Akina is very small for her age. She weighs 135 pounds, and is 5 ft 4. She prefers white, long dresses over her school uniform.
    Dragon Appearance:
    Instead of scales, Akina has soft downy fur. Her wings are that of dove wings, she has no horns, and she has long tufted ears on her head.

    Akina is very sweet but shy. She never raised her voice above a soft tone or volume. She gets nervous very easily and very often gets confused and forgets people's names. She is sometimes too trusting of others. She finds its impossible to hold a grudge, always fogiving and forgetting whatever mistakes happened to cross her. She enjoys being by herelf but always encourages company. Akina wants to make sure the environment around her is happy, so she does her best to make others around her smile and laugh, but she is not a class clown. She can be silly and enjoys listening to stories. Her knowledge sometimes gets the best of her and makes her unable to take a joke sometimes. Her quiet nature makes her a target for many of the bullies at the Academy. Sometimes Akina will hide away for hours on end to just be by herself.
    -Quiet places
    -The cold
    -the moon
    -Soft blankets
    -Bright places
    -Loud noise
    -Bright places
    -Talking with strangers

    -Regenative Healing Factor
    -Breath Powers
    -Numerical Percision
    None that she remembers
    Akina has insomnia and often spends her nights as a dragon or reading books. Head trauma as a child may cause blindness and deafness on the left side.
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  14. [​IMG]
    Name: Eimile Mhic Ailin
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Dragon Shifter
    Nationality: Irish-American
    Sexuality: Straight

    Appearance: Height: 5'7" Athletic Body Type Clothing style is usually jeans, green t-shirt, and a brown hoddie. Weight: 150
    Dragon Shift:
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Intelligent but may not always show it at times when in conversation or her spelling if she has to spell anything. She is creative and nature loving. She does however have a temper at times that can be hard to clam back down which is when she needs her space. She can be talkative but isn't the most social person you will meet. She's also not the sort to open up when she first meets people especially hunters.
    Likes: Nature, animals, reading, drawing, comics, stuff animals/toy animals not the other one.
    Dislikes: Spelling, hurting innocents, people who hunt creatures only for fur or in her case scales.
    Strengths: Hand to hand, sword fighting, fist fights if you count claws. Looking for new angles.
    Weaknesses: Range, large crowds,

    Powers: Earth/nature
    Weapons: sword
    Family:Declán Ó Ailin (Father) Caitlín Mhic Ailin (Mother)
    Crush?: Open/Wants
    Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: Open/Wants


    Name: Lucas Lambert

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human/Hunter

    Nationality: French

    Sexuality: Straight

    Appearance: Height:6'0" Weight: 170 Clothing Style: Jeans his jacket in the picture, when needs a t-shirt usually black. Athletic Body Type
    Personality: Intelligent most say. He's not the talkative sort and often seems to keep to himself. He makes up for it though when he does talk it can usually be when he's trying to help or give ideas. He's caring, and kind, clam. He's not a fan of dragon shifters but if getting along will get the job done he's willing to put up with them.
    Likes: Reading, writing, meditation, sparing.
    Dislikes: Jokes, the spot light.
    Strengths: Sword fighting range he would consider himself slightly above average.
    Weaknesses: Hand to hand combat without a blade, starting conversation

    Powers: None
    Weapons: Sword, bow and arrows, knifes
    Family: Lisa Lambert (Mother) Edgar Lambert (Father)
    Crush?: Open/wants
    Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: open/wants

    ((Let me know if I need to change something))
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  15. @Raven If you don't mind, may you add some color to it? Other than that, it looks pretty good!
  16. Oh okay sure.
  17. do I need to fix something or am I just not accepted? ;u;
  18. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! For your CS, the only thing is the 'Personality' section. I'm assuming you plan on filling it out, yes?
  19. Yup! since I have a lot of rp's going on with varying personailities im trying to make each one unique, but im filling it out now!
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