One Door at a Time


Pork Buns

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In the universe where nothing makes sense. Every step you take upward, you find yourself descending. As you could say, this world was meant to be just chaos. What makes this place interesting, however, is the Doors. Each dimension is connected by a passage way known as The Doors. Millions of doors make up this world waiting to be unlocked. Even more Crystal Keys lie hidden. Every key, protected by the Spirit Keepers, are hunted down like animals in a hunt to survive. As the legends say, only two are destined to reveal the power behind each key. To this day, none was ever found...

Mana, an elf in her 16's, sat under the clouds so fluffy as she dozed off into her dreams. Her long black hair covered the right side of her face, leaving only one of her coffee eyes visible. The cool breeze swept through her hair. She didn't have a care for the troubles in her dimension. As long as she stay near the Great Tree, she knew nothing would happen to her. Unfortunately, she spoke too soon. A slight crunching sound had reached her ears and she sat up straight, eyes wide open.
Luke stopped short. Oops, caught by a local.

Um... think you worthless Shade, think!

Well, he certainly looked a little similar to her. He was about 6'2", with short, cropped, black hair. He had gray eyes, his iris was faulty since childhood. 18, and living on his own, he of course looked a little disheveled. And he wouldn't even BE here if it weren't for the crazy homeless guy that had given him that shiny key and said, Here sonny, try to open the shop door behind me. I'm sure you'll like what's inside! Then the old guy just laughed creepily and wandered away. If only Luke hadn't been holding back his inner sprite that day, the old man would have gotten it. That's probably WHY the old man had chosen him too: easy prank on a defenseless channeller. But, back to the problem at hand. His inner sprite needed to come out and attack something, but now he had a witness. He grimaced as hid sprite writhed inside him, but he needed her to get away first so she wasn't targeted. So he breathed deeply and looked right at her. He smiled and waved at her.

"Hi there! Do you, um... speak English? Do you even understand what I'm saying?"

Oh dear, his inner sprite needed to come out and it needed to come out NOW.