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One Direction fans - this way please. :)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Chat Noir, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Hey there Directioners! I have been looking around this site, but there isn't anywhere to talk about the best band in the UK at the moment - and probably the world - One Direction!

    Whether you think Harry's hair is gorgeous, or Liam looks like Justin Bieber, or even if Zayn's eyes make you melt (they do!), then here is the place for you!
  2. Well if you feel the need to create a group base on music and stuff like that then help yourself! I am sure people here in Iwaku would love to talk about their favorite bands and such :3
  3. I absolutely love One Direction - as you can see from my avatar :)
  4. OH I do see! I don't know about them but I will definitely listen to some of their music as soon as I'm home = w=
  5. definitely listen to the songs:

    One Thing
    Gotta Be You
    What Makes You Beautiful
  6. Will, I hope they are amazing cus if not... -gives you 'the look'-
  7. and you have an amazing taste in bands hehe :)
    I love one direction <3
    i love all of them but Zayn Malik all the way
  8. *morphs into a cheerleader and waves pompoms*

    Give me a Z -"Z!"
    Give me an A - "A!"
    Give me Y - "Y!"
    Give me an N - "N!"

    What does that spell - ZAYN!