One Cut Deeper

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    Sophia sat in her chair-like throne, a hand holding her head up out of boredom. She needed a new toy, and soon.

    "Leonard!" she called out, a large shadow appearing before her, "Find us a new game. I'm getting anxious." she demanded, the 13 year old sighed, shifting herself to look at him with her blood red eyes. "Get us a lively one, I have a new idea I'd like to try." she giggled, an evil smirk appearing on her pale face as she covered her mouth.


    A large man appeared from the shadow, blank eyes staring back at her as he nodded. Disappearing into the shadows of the room once again, Sophia was left to her thoughts, but only manic giggles filled the air.

    Out on the streets of the city, Leonard ambled through the night. He was heading towards a busy place, knowing he'd not stand out too much when there were a lot of people around. He was carrying a bag full of supplies, rope to tie the person up, a drug to sedate them beforehand and if they decide to wake up before he was back at the base, and tape just in case. His blank eyes scanned the streets, trying to find a worthy toy for Sophia as he walked, blinking when he noticed a rowdy group of people. He stopped walking, staring at the group before singling out one person.

    "Yes...that one will should please Sophia.." his low voice sounded, taking a seat on a nearby bench to keep an eye on the next victim. He would follow them until the one was alone, but if he had to kill another or two he wouldn't mind. It would be best if e waited until they were alone though...

    Leonard waited. He followed. Once the person was alone enough for him to make his move, he quickly came up to the back of them, not caring about the screams or attempts of attack the person might do when he placed a large hand on the shoulder, gripping it before plunging the needle into the neck and injecting the drug, waiting a few seconds for it to take effect.

    "You will do fine." he said as he began to tie them up so he could get back to the base.
  2. Ash woke up with the start. She was in a small white empty room and scared out of her mind. She had been hanging out with her sister and there rowdy friends and now she was here. She didn't even know what happened. One minute she was on the street the next she was here. She wiped away tears from her eyes as she turned to the door that was opening.