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  1. "I haven't even made this first cut yet."

    I'd like to make a thread about a girl who has a wonderfully psychotic mind! ^^ I only have the basic idea at the moment, but it goes like this:

    Your character wakes up in a cold cellar, tied down to a flat table and my character shows up. You've been drugged and have no idea where you are and my character takes the liberty of explaining it to you. Her and her sidekick (a mostly quiet big guy) have chosen your character as their next toy; their next victim. Your only way out is to join them in their ventures.

    I don't expect anything sexual to happen (as my character is only going to be about 12-14), but do expect there to be blood, kidnapping, murder, and a whole bunch of fun things like that. :3 Your character can be however old you want, she has a big burly body guard for her protection, but who knows how long that will last?

    Oh yes, Mittens has a dark side to her mind! >:3

    Let me know if you are interested~ ^^
  2. Blackness. All i see is blackness, "Where am i?..." i think to myself. Then i hear laughter coming from somewhere in the room. I move and notice that i can't " What the... whats going on?..." I open my eyes, feeling groggy and light headed. I notice that I can't focus too well either.

    " what.... What's going on..." i say outloud. Then i see you with a smirk across your face. I blink a few times, and try to look around, seeing nothing but large objects on the sides of the room, evrything dark inside. I start struggling, but it doesn't help much.

    My character: about 13-15, black pinstraight hair with red streaks in it, about 5'3, kind of thin, but built like a athlete

    This good enough to start out with? I really do like your idea for this! If not, that's ok.
  3. Oooh...this reminds me an awful lot of a certain fanfic. :3 I'm very much used to playing the psychotic girl on the safe side of the knife, so it might be interesting to switch it up for once. Count me in~
  4. Awesome~! I'll send you both a link of a couple different threads once I get them up! Thanks for showing interest! :D

    Also, Moogle, what fanfic is this? I'm actually using this idea to inspire some other ideas for my own fanfic later on haha xD
  5. Why, Cupcakes, of course! :3

    EDIT: So, no character sheet, then?
  6. Ooh, this seems verrry interesting c: Would it be okay if my character was psychotic/insane/whatever-you-want-to-call-it as well, despite being a victim?

  7. I can make up a quick on for reference if you'd like, and we've come to a bit of a problem on the thread, I'm sorting it out as we speak, but until the other person deletes the post, hold on for a moment ok Moogle? ^^

    As for everyone else~

    OKAY. So I was originally planning on having this as just a OnexOne in the modern section, but now I realize that quite a few people want in one this. ^^'

    That's okay though! ^^ I'm willing to turn this into a Group Thread if people would like to! ^^ All I need is who's willing to be victims and who are willing to be victims-turned-murders and who is willing to be a part of the Murderer Group! ^^
  8. Oh, if we can choose, I definitely want to be in on the murderer group. |:3
  9. If you are asking if we want to be murdered or help murder then I will make two characters one for you to kill and one to help you kill.
  10. Hmm... to help clarify, I will post a template for a character sheet tomorrow and I will have you follow that! ^^ Sorry for all the confusion, this plot has taken on a larger scale haha ^^
  11. This sounds like it will become awesome!
  12. I hope so! ^^

    Ooohh Mittens, bringing people together by having them coax out their inner murderers~ ^w^ Such a lovely sight~
  13. Considering I am sadistic it really is. *Laughs evilly and sneaks into darkness.*
  14. Okay, so here is the Character template (in spoiler) for you guys to fill out. I've decided that if someone wanted to take over the burly Bodyguard (Leonard) of Sophia's they can, but they don't need to, I'm fine with 2 characters. I've also decided that there will only be about 3 (4 if someone takes over Leonard) original murderers and the rest can either be people forced to partake in their sadistic games or the victims that will eventually die. If your character dies and you would still like to be apart of the thread, all you have to do is post another profile here and it should be all okay! ^^

    Character Template

    Age: (I've decided to make the ages between 16-24)
    Appearance: (Preferably a picture please)
    Occupation: (What your job is, can be an actual job or a full time Student.)
    Status: (What your status is in the Thread, Murderer, Victim Turned-Murderer, or just Victim.)
    History: (A brief paragraph or two about your characters past.)

    Name: Sophia Rogers
    Age: 16
    Personality: Cold, Manipulative
    Appearance: Suigintou.full.1266503.jpg
    Occupation: Student at the local High School
    Status: Lead Murderer
    History: She lived a normal life, nothing really going wrong in it. She was born and grew up with little to no emotion, her parents figured that she was just quiet and brushed it off. It wasn't until she moved to the city that she began to have urges that couldn't be satisfied no matter what she did. She soon found what the urge was calling her to do. She was 15 when she killed her first person, finding it gave her a sense of meaning to the world. When she entered high school she met Leonard at a club. He was a bodyguard there but she soon manipulated him into joining her and they became the first 2 of the Murderers.
  15. Aww, I can't go with a creepy child?
  16. No, sorry ^^' I realized after a bit that I couldn't bring myself to potentially kill or harm children xD You can incorporate a history of killing in your characters background though! ^^
  17. Name: Zack Kori
    Age: 20

    Personality: Extraordinarily cold and stoic. He rarely displays any emotion beyond the occasional tiny smirk or raise of an eyebrow, giving the illusion that he simply doesn't feel. This isn't true; he's just very good at keeping an excellent poker face. Although he does have trouble feeling emotionally attached to anyone.

    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Six-foot-five, with a trim figure covered in lithe muscles. His face is narrow, a little bony, and he has long, lavender hair (its natural color) that reaches his chin and frames his face nicely. His eyes are an icy blue. He tends to dress sparsely, usually wearing a vest or jacket left open with nothing underneath and a loose-fitting pair of jeans or sweats. He also has a tattoo of a blue dragon on his lower abdomen.

    Occupation: Butcher. No, really.
    Status: Murderer
    History: When Zack was very young, certainly far too little to properly remember, his parents were murdered. Little to no evidence had been left, but to this day, Zack believes it was a dragon on the hunt for a meal. The tragedy had a massive effect on his personality; he became quiet and withdrawn, and began to detest the weakness he saw in other humans. He didn't blame whatever had taken his only family away from him. It was stronger, so it survived while his parents were offered as sacrifices. That was the way things were meant to be.

    Only a few days after his loss, he was adopted by a man named Alex Relson, and lived alongside six others that came to be his adopted siblings. They lived a somewhat normal life; Alex encouraged them all to use their skills to their full potential and paid for their educations in full. Then, on his nineteenth birthday, something snapped within Zack. No one was really sure what happened, but that day, he decided he didn't need his family anymore.

    He slaughtered them all.

    Leonard found him wandering the streets, covered in blood, looking for somewhere he could settle down. He took the offer to join them in a heartbeat. He would be the stronger man, and exert his power over the weak.

    That was the way things were meant to be.

    ...Sorry if I rambled on a bit there, haha. That sound good?
  18. ^ Perfect! ^^
  19. Squee! :D Looking forward to this~
  20. Oooh, this looks really interesting! Is it open for me to join still?