One by land, two by sea

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  1. It's the 1770's Boston in the Massachusetts colony hatred for the crown is everywhere in the colonies, mainly in Boston though. Some how you have traveled to this time... why? and how? you are not sure... your memory of getting here is blurred, You need to find a way to go back home... but as the American Revolutionary war comes closer and closer things are getting a little... rough... Think you can handle it?
  2. Me: [​IMG]

    *looks around slowly highly confused* Huh...? Where am I...?
  3. Everyone looked different and even the city itself changed, now you can't really call it a city... it's more like a town. A colonist by the name of Alfred was walking until he accidently bumps into you. "Oh sorry, ma'am" he says to her.
  4. *picks up the book from a small puddle and looks at the man who bumped into me* I-It's fine...
  5. "so you don't know where you are... well I can answer that... Your in Boston in the Massachusetts colony... and just by the looks of you your not from here." the man said to her.
  6. *shakes head* I'm not...the revolution is going on am I correct?
  7. "No unfortunately, but close to it.. My name is Alfred, and you are?"
  8. My name is Scourge...
  9. "nice to meet you" he says with a smile.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.