One Billion dollars

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  1. What is the most extreme thing you would do for a billion tax free, no strings attached dollars? (or equal increment of money in your country)

    First off, I am one of those people who not only believes money buys happiness, but would also solve 90% of my current problems.

    Here is a list of things I would gladly do for a billion dollars.

    1) Hack-saw-amputate any one of my limbs (Arms-legs, below elbow or knee) with numbing agent so I wouldn't pass out from the pain, but no actual painkillers. And a doctor near by to assist with IV fluids (plasma or blood from blood loss so I wouldn't die) and patch me up directly after.

    2) Never speak to my family again. Judge if you will, I am sure our lives and relationships are different

    3) Become totally addicted to any of the following drugs for a year: Heroin, meth, pcp, crack, any one type of pharmaceutical. However, after a year I would have the option to quit.

    4) Prostitute myself out for a year, up to three times a day with different partners each time. No stds.

    5) Get anything tattooed to my forehead. Obscene pictures, a racist slang word, picture of Justin Beiber, anything.

    6) Spend three years in a federal prison in solitary confinement, on lockdown for 23 hours a day.

    7) Spend one year in federal prison, in general population, side by side with the dregs of society.

    8) Become sterile. Not impotent, just unable to have kids.

    9) Butcher and eat my cat. The same cat I spent 1500$ on when she got ran over by a car.

    10) Eat human meat.

    What say you Iwaku? Is money important enough to sacrifice your morals for? Be honest.

    Also, you'll notice that giving up Iwaku is no where on that list. Yeah, it's like that.

  2. Wow... Umm...

    Okay, you know... now I'm aggravated with myself! Haha! I just spent a good time thinking on what I would do for that money and I can't think of one thing. The only thing that keeps going through my mind is that I'd only just donate all of it except for maybe 1 or 2 million of it.

    But back to the list... yeah. Just failed this writing exercise. Can't think of a single darn thing I'd do for that money, hahahaha!
  3. I might cut of one of my legs below the human meat...become sterile...and that's about it.
  4. For a billion dollars, mmmm thats really hard to think of what I would do, cause i am uber picky in general. Wont even cut my hair for a million, sorry my brain relies on NOT freezing. I dont think i could do anything for that sort of money... well actually no. I'd prolly be more than happy to snipe a few people in the head if it came down to it. Only if i got to pick like five of them! Well so much for me being miss america and saying that i wouldn't ever do anything for that amount of money. Ah hell lmao
  5. I'd give it away.
  6. For one billion dollars, the list is shorter to say what I wouldn't do and that list only consists of two things: eating human babies and wearing white after Labor Day.
  7. I am nowhere near as resolute as you people are. I do not know if I would be able to do any sort of the horrible stuff you have mentioned in this thread, seeing as I think of myself as a bit faint of heart. However, I probably would sit through an emotionally scarring movie for one billion dollars, or suffer through a series of extremely gory sights or torture. I think I might be able to do those, but I am not quite sure. I was never one to test my resolve against such terrible things and I do not really want to cause anybody else direct harm, so there is not much left for me to do.