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    Pm or thread is fine with me

    What I Want From You:

    Reply rapid, once a day, no less than 4x a week
    OOC chat: please tell me if you hate the story, or no longer wish to continue!
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    Decent Grammar; all I ask, is please make it where I can read it once and understand what you are trying to say


    Please give notice if you will not be able to reply after 4 days
    After two weeks of none replying; I will consider the rp is dead
    Be willing to help with the plot; I hate rpers that just have their character react!
    I'm willing to double; so if you have two plots you love, I'm willing to do both with you
    If I repeat plots, it must be the opposite. Such as, if I do Debutante twice, one will be MxM the other will be Mxf
    If we play MxF; I PLAY FEMALE!!
    I play switch!
    NO PURE SUB! I honestly don't mind if your character subs 70% of the time; HOWEVER, you must be willing to be in the other role!

    The rp's are in order of which one's I will serious love you for!

    Debutante (open)


    In a new society, everything is determined on whether you're a dom, or a sub. Your whole life rests on that one part of you, not just what role you have in bed. It determines what you do in life, how you're treated. Sub's typically become maids, kindergarten teachers, secretaries - no matter the gender - while the doms do the more 'dominant' jobs by nature. It's a sexually open society as well, where it wouldn't be uncommon to see a dom doing their sub on the street. Unnerving, yes, but not uncommon.

    In a new society such as that one, with rough doms all over the place, it would be hard to spot a werewolf. Or a pack of werewolves. Or multiple packs of werewolves. In the city of Axis, there are eleven packs, to be exact, each with their own territory. The supernatural side of Axis has been able to stay hidden for centuries, for millennium but with the weird turn civilization has taken it's been easier than ever.

    To keep the peace between packs, every year they hold a Debutante Ball. Each alpha shows off the strength of their pack, and of their family, by presenting their heir and children in line to be the next alpha. Or present their heirs in a way to unite pack's or settle wars before it spills onto the street.

    MC is the heir the the Betnanbwa, and is a sub. Which is almost unheard of. However, they are not your normal sub, while they are sub in the sheets, they are dom in every other aspect of their life. They meet with YC; a dom in every sense of the word. These packs very much still believe in true mates, and YC can smell mine from a mile away. His true mate. How does he handle a true mate, that wants nothing to do with him, let alone actually submit?

    Dollhouse (open)

    You need to be willing to help plan this rp; while I have an idea of where I want to go with this, I'm not completely sure. WILLING TO TAKE IDEA'S TO IMPROVE!

    It's called the Dollhouse. A long deserted Asylum at the edge of the city, long gone unused. The city hasn't done anything for it, and leaves it alone. And why it's called the Dollhouse? No one knows where the nickname came from. Perhaps the rumors that one of the most fabled serial killers, the Dollmaker, was locked up there for a time. But one things is for certain, is that it's not deserted.

    YC and MC have gone out a couple of times, and have quickly fallen in love. One night, while they're out taking a walk, they're ambushed and abducted. When MC comes to, he awakes to find himself in a cell, a large cement one. It's cut in two by a row of bars, YC on the other side. There are three doors, one set in the bars that separate them, one that leads presumably into the corridor on his side, and another on YC. YC is arguing - no, pleading with someone on the other side of that door. It turns out, YC had momentarily been released from the Dollhouse to lure another male to be captured, in return for his freedom. But it didn't seem that their captors had kept up their end of the bargain.

    While MC feels betrayed, their training begins. It's brainwashing, for what, MC isn't sure at first. He can't remember much after the sessions, and YC isn't much help either. YC and MC are kept in their separate cells for most of the day, until night when the door between them is unlocked. MC however, still is hurt over the betrayal. But when YC begins to succumb to the brainwashing first, will their past problems be forgotten?

    YC and MC are being trained to be mindless fucktoys against their will, to be obedient, living dolls. So, will their minds succumb to the pressure or will they be able to escape? That is, will they want to?

    The Boy's Present (open)

    Vampire's came out and into the opening. They wouldn't hide anymore, it helped that had made a blood like subsidence that they could drink to stay alive without hurting human's. The north and the south split again. The north accepting vampire's, letting them live in peace. The south at war with anything none human. Some vampires still lived the old way, and with "restaurants" coming available, rich vampires do not need to feed on the fake blood.

    The south learned of these "restaurants" and the "human fights" found a disease that could kill the vampires. Slowly and painfully. It didn't take long for the vampires to learn this, so they stopped feeding on human's almost all together. However, the vampires have their own government, and the higher you go, the more unhappy they are that they only could have fake blood. Soon, human marketing became a thing. Vampires could own human's as a food source.

    You play two characters. The "sons" of a Governor. One character just turned 100, and the other is between 100-120. The governor bought MC as their human food source. However, what happens when two territorial people get one person? Too feed on, to play with. Do they fight? Do they try to get her to fall in love with them, and push the other away? Let the games begin!

    Sleeping With the Enemy! (open)

    Our characters hate each other. They both grew up in a small town, and ever since YC spilled paint on MC in the first grade, they have been enemies ever since. Each of them going there separate ways in high school, one popular, the other not. Then as they graduated they left. On to college, but what they don't know, is that they are going to the same college. Worse, they are sharing a dorm room! Our characters don't know that yet, as they have seemed to not run into each other AT ALL on the first day. They party their first night away, and their memories are nothing but a drunken haze. As our characters wake up, three things are clear. They notice they are completely naked, they definitely had sex last night, and finally they are sharing a bed with each other. When they get up, yelling at each other they realize the worse news possible; they live together too, and they cannot change dorm rooms or go anywhere else. LET THE AWKWARDNESS BEGIN!

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  2. I'd like to do the Dollhouse one.
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