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  1. "Shit how could I be late again!" Kat ran into the little cafe that she worked at. Kat wasn't a huge paycheck but she loved singing in front of the people just lounging around. "Look I'm sorry Nick but I overslept and couldn't catch a taxi" she ran in breathing in and out raggedly and walked up tiredly to her blonde haired boss. "Look Katrina I don't want to fire you cause you've been keeping this place alive but don't come in late again" he sighed rubbing his eyes tiredly "Now go an get ready your act is on"

    She loved her job, there was nothing to it. Getting paid to do what she loved to do the most was just amazing. Grabbing the acoustic guitar that she used at work Kat pulled herself together and walked out into the small stage they had set up. She sat on the stool and tapped the mic making sure to get everyone's attention a small smile on her face. "Hi everyone...I'm here to play for you all" she said hearing everyone's applause and breathed in before she started strumming the famous blondie's Call Me on her acoustic guitar.

    Her voice started out softly keeping the song slow paced instead of jumpy and excited like the original song was. Making sure to strum on the guitar and sing she closed her eyes so that she could focus on the song and playing it.
    'Call me...On the line you can call me any any time"
  2. Lemmie walked into the cafe to get his usual coffee, Irish, then took a seat at a table near the stage. "What wanna-be do they have this time that cant sing?" He asked himself. He looked at the newspaper, Friday, August 10th. He usually came in on Thursdays but Wednesday, his lead singer left his band for family. He heard a familiar song start to play, slow, the way they would play it if he had it his way. he turned to see a small, beautiful girl holding a full size guitar. "Maybe she could play it at tempo if she had a proper size guitar." He joked.

    Then he started to listen to her singing. It was better than his other lead singer. He turned and gave her his full attention. He lipped ever single word in time with her to see how good her time was. Spot-on! He hadnt heard anyone this good in a long time. He waited for her to finish then he waited for her to come out of the back room that was the access to the stage.
  3. She only played about three more songs, Fake It by Seether, D is For Dangerous by Arctic Monkeys, and Ave Mary A by P!nk. "Okay everyone my time is up...I had fun with you all" she smiled waving at everyone as she got up from the stool taking the huge guitar with her and placed it on the stand once she was in the back. Honestly Kat figured that she could stay up there all day, but they had other acts to go up and sing. Now there was the other part of the job, Kat slipped on her little black waitress dress and pulled her knee high tights back up with her anke high combat boots. She was a singer at the cafe, and a waitress.

    Walking up to a table that had a couple that seemed to be ignoring each other. "Hi I'm your waitress today how could I help you today..." It was silence and she sighed hating when people just looked at each other and then looked at her like she wasn't even there. "Okay I'll come back with your order" she smiled and sighed silently before she walked over to the table that Lammie was sitting at and put her smile on her face. "Is there anything else that we could get you or are you ready for your check?" Kat fixed her unicorn beanie on her head and waited for what he had to say next.
  4. "Ya, there is" He slipped her his studio's business card and looked up at her. He smiled, "You have a great voice, you know that dont you?" he asked leaning on the table.

    "You also play guitar like you were born to play it." He stood up. "Let me introduce my self. My name is Lemmie. And well I'd introduce myself as the bassist of some band, but..... My band just had a falling out since our lead singer left" He motioned for her to step aside. "See ya, Nick" And with a wave to Nick he left.
  5. Kat just looked at the card and then looked at the door where the man Lemmie walked out of. Why would she even think about this, well because this was her dream but she didn't want the fame assuming this band was famous. "Get back to work...I don't care how acknowledged you were, take care of these orders" Nick just turned in his heels and she breathed out getting back to work.

    It hadn't mattered how excited she was because she would never take this risk because she was afraid of too big crowds. Yes there was a crowd here but it was small and these people were barely listening anyways. She thought about it over the whole day and occasionally messed people's orders up or tripped over her own feet thinking about the offer.
    "Okay I'm done for the day Nick!" She shouted wrapping her scarf around her neck as she walked out of the door deciding to walk by the studio, just to see it nothing more.
  6. Lemmie went to the studio after the cafe, where he also had his house so those late nights he wouldnt have far to go. He was listen to some old Metallica records when he saw her walk by. He gave a wave, so that she might come in if she wanted to. He started to clean up when she walked by in the off chance she might just be walking around to check out the building.
  7. This was a bad choice and she figured that it was a bad choice as soon as he saw her a waved. Of course being polite she waved back to him and headed in to where she had seen him. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to bother I just wanted to come in and see" Kat said with small smile pushing some strands of red hair that had fallen in front of her eye. "I actually came to turn you much as I would love to sing with your band, I just have major stage fright wth larger crowds and the coffee shop and I can't sing when I'm nervous" Kat bit her lower lip as she explained to him why she couldn't join.

    She sighed softly and pulled out the business card that he had handed her and handed it to him. Kat didn't even want to remember that she had been given this opportunity so that she could hate herself later for not jumping on the idea. "I hope that you're successful in you journey though, to find yourself another singer...thank you for the opportunity though...I appreciate it" she smiled nodding her head as she turned on her heels and made it out of the studio before she turned back and made her decision.
  8. Lemmie looked dumb-founded. He didn't know what to do. He looked down at the card then back at the door. He rushed to the door but she was out of sight. He slowly walked back and sat down in his chair. "Damn" He said loudly. He thought about it for awhile, but eventually went back to his albums. "She might come back..." He said putting on his headphones.
  9. In all truth, she couldn't leave, Kat found herself sitting on the bench right outside the studio sighing pretty loudly. Anyone that was in her position could easily say yes but she was horrible under pressure. The only way that she could sing at the coffee shop was because the crowd was small and no one listened to her. But she wanted this opportunity more than anything, who wouldn't want the chance to be the lead singer of a band. Kat stood from the seat on the bench and funded her beanie in her head before she started to take small steps away from studio making her decision. She couldn't so this because she didn't want anyone to rely on her and she failed them, so it was easier to just walk away.
  10. The next day Lemmie was found at the cafe again thinking maybe he could find her again. But he wasnt sure.
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