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  1. Put up one Anime Music Video a day!


    Get on this, Ufotable, when you do the FS/N remake.

    Watching Zero!Berserker at work is like watching art in motion.

    Anime: Fate Zero
    Song: United We Stand, Divided We Fall
    Artist: Two Steps From Hell
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  2. Weird. Hilarious.
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  3. I counter your Konata with my Konata!

    Behold! Konata Trigger!

    Anime: Lucky Star....and Chrono Trigger
    Song: Corridor of Time....kinda
    Artist: ......uhh
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  4. Ohohohoho...

    Gonna play this on hard mode. OLD STUFF ONLY.


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  5. Neon Genesis Evangelion

    One hell of a mind twisting show which delves deep into the human psyche over a large spectrum.
    What it means to feel love, fear, hate and trauma and overcome the truly impassable obstacles which life has to offer in its cruel dish.
    One of my favorite Anime's aside from Ghost in the Shell (Anime, Movies & Manga)

    Edit: And I would like to make anyone aware of AMV Hell and its sequals, 2, 3, The Last One, 0 and Divided by Zero. ...have fun with that.

    Another Edit: And Tegan, that was absolutely brilliant.
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  6. I know it says 'one a day' but fuggit, I'll burn out in three. I'll take a page from the @Kooriryu school of posting. (Still only using old stuff.)


  7. Hmmmm, Kevin Caldwell Evangelion AMV is down. I'll repost later. That's fine, he's got a ton of good shit.


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  8. LOve the song and It kinda Go with it Kinda...... at some points the person messed up.... but its really GOOD!


  9. Anime: Elfen Lied
    Song: Broken Inside
    Artist: Broken Iris
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  10. they say if you've heard one dragonforce song you've heard them all.

    i beg to differ.

    you aint never heard the, by a wizard and a bunny girl before.
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  11. One of my favourite AMVs

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams

  12. because we all knew roger smith is Anime!Batman

    Anime: Big O
    Song: Batman the Animated Series Theme
    Artis:Shirley Walker
  13. One of my favourites of ALL TIMES! <33

    The song is so powerful, the Amv is not to bad either. ^^


  14. Melty Blood Act Cadenza combo video!

    Anime/Game: Melty Blood
    Song: Ever Snow and Genzai no Requiem
    Artist: TERRA and KOTOKO

  15. because i love nanoha and i love ace combat.

    slapping em together is genius,

    mind. blown.

    Anime: Nanoha
    Song: ZERO
    Artist: Keiki Kobayashi
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  16. Anime - Naruto.
    Song- whispers in the dark
    Artist- Skillet
  17. Sadly, I can't find the one Madoka AMV using "Be Prepared" any more, but it was really well done. So, have this instead.

    Anime: Princess Tutu
    Song: "Håll Om Mig" by Nanne Grönvall.

  18. Anime: A Certain Scientific Railgun
    Song: Only My Railgun
    Artist: fripSide

    because mikoto misaka is a mini moe middle school girly electroMagneto and a fucking, grade A, balls poppingly adorable badass.

    watch the show, know the truth

    when i think of badass anime characters, the top five to come to mind:

    Mikasa Ackerman
    Mikoto Misaka
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