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  1. Um ok so I guess I should start off by saying hello but since I dont want to say hello because it sounds to much like jello to me im going to say greetings I am your humble Opheliac. I guess that my into is out of the way I guess it would be a good time to say alittle about me so how about this.

    I am a male. ok so some might fight that logic but I really am I truly am its just i dont act like one at all or well i should say i dont act like how everyone thinks a male should act since im not that overly macho tough guy.

    I am 20 in years but only about 7 in my mind but hey why grow up if you dont have to.

    um i think i am rather nice...well if you dont piss me off im nice.

    i dont like public bathrooms i could go on for years about this but i wont i will leave it at that.

    What else would you like to know Oh i got it since this is a roleplaying site why dont i tell you about what i like to do oh that sounds brilliant.

    While i may be male that doesnt mean i can play one at all because for me playing a male is sooo much harder than playing a woman. It might have something to do with the fact that since i dont have many male friends i dont really have different male figures so my idea of a male figure is basicly myself and that usually involves someone while i think would be fun in a roleplay wouldnt be fun at all to play so i play female because it is so much easier to play it because i have many female friends all of whom are different and give me a much bigger range to use.

    i really love all types of roleplays and if one finds my attention for me because i loose it allot then i shall reward it with a bagel and most likely a OC.

    I really love getting to know the people that im roleplaying with because for some reason its allot easier for me to come up with crap to say when i know who im talking to. yes i know i wouldnt be talking to you but the OC your playing but well it does make it easier for me.

    I have no idea what else i should put here right now but i will leave you with the words i have pondered many a nights

    "a nose in need deserves puffs indeed."
  2. So you give bagels for grabbing your attention in RPs? Mmm..Bagels!
    As for what you've pondered.. Of course a nose needs Puffs, they're a pretty soft tissue!

    Welcome to Iwaku, Opheliac! It is good to have you with us.

    If you need anything, please just look for an Admin, staff member, or one of us members. We'll make sure you're taken care of.

    See you around!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! I need to fight the urge to call you Ophelia... that's such a sad story D:
    She did not need to go crazy. STUPID MEN!
  4. actually Opheliac means "one who has delved into madness" and is because of Ophelia

    and i dont like puffs most of them are like oily feeling i love the ones with vicks on them and have been known to sniff them ^_^
  5. I feel your pain on the gender issue... I rarely play female.
    And puffs tissues always rip coming out of the box :(