Once Upon The Early Rain

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  3. Okay, this thread is now open for chatting. We have our seven players and the rest of the character sheets will be added shortly.

    I have a very awesome plot figured out this, guys, and I intend to deliver it quickly so the roleplay doesn't drag on for months and lose its oomph. Most of you will start in isolated narratives with me (and maybe Tegan) playing background characters. But you'll soon come together for the finale.

    As mentioned in PMs, you will each have your strengths and must respect one another's archetypes, so that we're all driving the correct parts of the narrative. If anyone thinks they will drop out, it'd be great if you could suggest a fitting exit for your character, so that your presence here had a purpose.

    IC coming up!
  4. Just waiting for Grumpy to respond to my hostile screaming harrassments, then I can write the IC.
  5. Grumpy NotaIrish? He's been missing for a while, if that's who you're referring to. I'm on his Floor 13 RP, and it's been sitting on hold for a long while now.
  6. He's gone and got himself all overcommitted and shit. Just like the Scots.

    Tartan-wearing haggis-chomper needs to decide who his friends are. >:[
  7. I'm a quarter of a Scottish person. I blame myself...
  8. *leaves Grumpy nameless*

    Okay, the IC is open. Post whatever intros you like and then I'll start joining you up. If anyone's confused about the foreshadowing/plot notes I've mentioned in the intro, drop me a PM.

    I've made some vague hints about the society of Rapture (private bodyguards, organised street gangs, Shepherds ensuring that business carries on as usual). But I by no means have a full picture. So please help me develop this post-apocalyptic setting with your own ideas. As long as it's Noirish and Biblical, it'll be cool.

    Longest post... Ever.

    Thank god for Chicago, played that shit whenever I felt like I couldn't get the language right.

    *falls over*
  10. *prepares to post once and then disappear*

    I call it the 'Ampoule Effect'.
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  11. I will be posting tomorrow...

    20's gab is really getting me. I just have to reread my post to edit the correct terminology into it. And there ya go!
  12. Don't feel you have to be completely authentic. Yes, there are strong 20s/30s influences here, but the city is still 21st Century.

    Tegan's character is bringing elements of hiphop and 70s blaxploitation. Grumpy has got the 90s poetic assassin thing going on. Zen strikes me as more of a 80s-style femme fatale. So we're clearly bringing different elements together here. Just find a voice that's comfortable and unforced and go with it.

  13. He ignores all my gently worded questions.

    Maybe I should yell more.