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  1. I was wondering if people would be interested in doing a roleplay where all the fairy tale characters lived in the real world, lived real lives and completely forgot about their fairy tales lives and had real jobs reflecting from their fairy tale stories.

    If you seen the show Once Upon A Time, it'll be similar to that but not the same. If you haven't seen the show, I would love to have you aboard anyway. :)

    So, below, voice your opinions, concerns, issues and thoughts, please.
  2. color me interested

    since i've not seen Once Upon A Time, but rather like this concept (Neil Gaiman's Sandman and Fables had similar ideas), are we absolutely required to know the Once Upon A Time canon or anything?
  3. I'm interested as well, but have also never seen Once Upon a Time.
  4. I am really interested!!! So basically characters like Ariel, Red Riding Hood, etc. Villains too?

    By the way, I call Red Riding Hood Peter Pan, and Goldilocks :]

    Can we be more than a few characters at once?
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  5. I have in fact seen Once Upon A Time, but regardless if I have or not, I am very interested!
  6. Interested! Havent watched much Once Upon a Time, besides a few episodes....
  7. @Razilin, @F L Y, @Lonewolf888978, @EtherealLights, @Brea
    OMG! So much interest.

    And I do not require that you have seen the canon show Once Upon A Time or know the fairy tales since it will be our own collaborative story.

    I will get to work on an OOC for this and hopefully we can get started soon. :3
  8. Am I too late to join this rp?
  9. @Mimi Hagnim
    You're most certainly is not!

    Please go to OOC thread, which is linked above and post your character there.
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