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  1. ...there was an authoress who got into a conversation with her boyfriend about the worst cliches ever to appear in books or on screen. The two of us agreed to a challenge: See who could write the worst story.

    Main Idea: Cliches and overall terribleness.

    Prompt: Write a paragraph or so containing the most overused and tired cliches in your dialogue and plot while trying to keep everything formatted as if it were the most amazing thing you'd ever written.

    1. Use your best grammar. When I say worst story, it's not about grammar and spelling.
    2. Put some effort into it. Give it a general idea, some plot, and characters. They don't have to be good, but don't act like you know they're not.

    As stated above, the point of this is to try and maintain your dignity while writing something filled with things that irritate you to no end when you come across them in day to day life.

    "It's not you, it's me"
    Dying-man-can't-finish-his-dying-message-before-dying cliche.
    "You slept with my sister/brother!"
    etc, etc, etc.

    I think you get the point.
    If you'd like to, post the finished product here, I'd love to see it!
    I know I'll be sharing a link to my own and my boyfriend's stories here once we finish...
    So, ready? Set? Go!!!
  2. He was the strong silent type, with a heart of gold but a taste for vengeance. After losing his wife and child, Mark Manly only did what any ex-cop with his partners blood on his hands and a family to bury could; find those responsible and make them pay.

    He burst into the backwater laundromat, the front to a high stakes poker games. Despite the hail of bullets which roared all around him, Mark shot down the three punks waiting for him at the front. Why were they waiting you may ask? But a few minutes before he'd had a high speed chase which ended in twisted metal and a villain with the stench of regret on his breath as Mark stood over him.

    "You think you could just get away?" Mark furiously barked at the bloodied man who'd been thrown from his vehicle. He pulled his gun and stamped his foot onto the mans broken leg, "Answer me!" He barked again.

    The villainous looking man, pale skin, thin lips and dull brown eyes sneered up at him like a snake, "You know the place, the secret house! They'll know! They'll know your coming you two bit cop! You should have just left it all alone..." He wheezed and coughed, "...but you just had to keep digging." With that the man cocked his head to the side with a death rattle. Mark scoffed and rushed back to his '74 Mustang and squealed his tires in frustration. Ex-cop, asshole.

    His engine screamed down the blacktop back toward Los Vegas, but only its outskirts; only where the scum of the city that was to shitty and to stupid to rise up in crime like hierarchy of the city. These were the kind of people who'd talk if you squeezed hard enough. He knew where to look, oh yeah, he knew where to look...

    Back to the laundromat entrance, three dead thugs and smoking holes littering their corpses. That was just a small dose of what I'm gonna do to the bastards who killed my family and my partner. A commotion erupted from the back of the facility and mark rushed toward the back and kicked the door in. He took four shots, each one met their target; but only left one of the slugs alive. Mark knew who he was, an immigrant nobody who thought he'd come over and join the mob, but be stuck as a bagman for the rest of his pathetic criminal career: Tony Capineto.

    "Fuck! Mark!? What 'da fuck!?" Tony screamed, gripping his leg where'd he'd been shot. He was a skinny guy, short curly black hair and the common brown eyes of his Italian lineage. Even the stereotype accent Mark had grown weary of hearing after busting so many crews within the mobs ranks. "Listen man! I don't know nothin'!" He squealed, pulling himself away from Mark.

    "You're gonna tell me what I wanna know!" He growled, stepping over the fresh corpses and crouching down next to Tony, "Maybe I'll put a good word in with the DA."

    "You're not a fuckin' pig no more! Why 'ya gotta bust up my crew like this!? Why 'ya--..." Tony was interrupted by Mark as he put a few bullets in the roof.

    "I'm asking the questions here! Now who ordered the hit on my partner, on my god damned family!?"

    Tony recoiled in fear, "I swear! If I knew..."

    Mark pressed the hot barrel of his magnum onto the back of Tony's hand which had been gripping the gunshot wound, "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! It was Corneo! Please! Just don't kill me!" Tony had gone from squealing to sobbing like a little child.

    "That's what I like to hear To--..." Mark was cut short as a hail of bullets tore the front of the building apart. Whomever it was, they plugged Tony in a hurry and left the wall between Mark and the new gunmen a thin strip of drywall and splintered wood, barely enough for Mark to have leaped out of the line of fire. In a flash he regained his footing and dove through the torn up wall, planting a few bullets in the vehicles frame before it sped off.
    "I know where you are now you bastards!" Mark howled into the dark of the city.

    It wasn't more than an hour later Mark arrived at the very doorstep of the Don's casino, "The Lucky 14 Deluxe" armed to the teeth; but a few moments before Mark paid a visit to a gun runner he'd let off the hook long ago who owed him a favor. That favor consisted of ammunition, explosives and an assault rifle. Mark already had the determination, but now it had gone to a lust for vengeance. In a blaze he kicked open the front door and precisely dropped eight guards in the nearly empty casino. Moving forward he encountered resistance, but nothing was going to stand in his way. Not until he got to the elevator and a premature ding as its doors began to open; Mark recognized him, it was the Russian, aka Brick Fist. Jon squeezed his trigger only to find he'd spent his magazine and didn't have time for a reload as the massive Russian bolted toward him.

    Cliffhanger! Find out in next weeks episode of, "Renegade Ex-Cop!"
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