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  1. Muriel Murphy
    Muriel was up a little bit earlier than usual because her father wanted to be sure that she made it to work on time. She would usually be walking the beach this time of morning but her father was waiting for her downstairs in his work van, which was embarrassing for her to be caught dead in. Muriel placed on the appropriate uniform and walked down the stairs and outside, getting in the passenger seat of the van, strapping on her seatbelt and folding her arms over her chest. Her father, Tristan, just simply looked at her with a smile. "This is going to be the best thing for you." He said and ended those words with a smile as he backed out of the driveway and headed towards the aquarium.
    Once there, she saw Luke and immediately unstrapped herself and fled out of the van before it even came to a stop, forcing her father to slam on brakes. She gave Luke a big hug, giggling happily as he raised a brow. "Well, hello there." He said as Muriel broke the hug with a smile. "Hey. You ready to work?" She asked him. Luke shrugged his shoulders then eyed Mr. Tristan, offering him a wave but he just looked at him and scoffed. "He still thinks we go together, huh?" Luke asked with a raised brow while looking at Muriel, who was nodding her head. "But he'll be alright." She said while walking into the aquarium with Luke and seeing a new dark haired male, wearing their exact same uniform. "Surprise I haven't seen Sebby." She looked up at Luke then stared right in front of her, seeing the red headed devil before her eyes.
    "Hello there, Sebby." Sebby walked over towards Muriel and Luke then introduced them to the new recruit, Erickson. Muriel and Luke looked at each other with raised eyebrows then looked at Erickson and offered him a hello then walked past him. "So, what are you thinking?" Luke asked Muriel as she looked back at Erickson then up at Luke. "I mean, he's cute but he'll never go for a girl like me." She sighed at the end of those spoken words then went off to work her station. It was only a whole hour until they opened and it was an extremely beautiful day outside - No clouds in the sky. Today, was going to be magical. She could feel it.
    Harvey Gold & Molly Dorsey
    It was a usual morning for him. He was always in his shop early, checking inventory of his collectibles and new items. He walked over to his office in the back and made sure everything matched up. And considering that he was the only one working at his shop right now, of course everything should be in line. Harvey went to the front and stared out of his window pane then flipped the sign from closed to open. It didn't really take long for someone to enter after that transaction and it was someone he really didn't want to see, the mayor, Molly Dorsey.
    "Ah, what do I own this pleasure, Madam Mayor?" He asked towards her while walking behind the counter and placing his hands upon the glass. "Stop talking." She insisted of him as her heels clicked softly against the rugged floor, her outfit today was all black and her hair was straightened, cascading down to her mid back while her lips were stained with pink lip gloss. "I am here for a favor." Her lips pursued in a smirk as Harvey raised a brow. "What is the favor?" She walked closer the counter now and rested herself against it. "I need for you to go down to the bakery and get some delicious treats from that little precious Scarlet and bring them to the town meeting tonight. Think you can handle that?" She spoke softly but firm.
    Harvey nodded his head then looked up at her. "Sure. I can do that for you." He said as Molly smiled. "Good. I'll see you tonight then." With those words said, she turned around and scurried out of the pawn shop and immediately called over towards the bakery. "Yes, may I speak to Scarlet, please?" Once Scarlet got on the phone, Molly would give her order of various breads, already cut up and cookies. "I'll send Harvey, Mr. Gold to you, to come and pick them up. Okay? Alright. Bye now." She hung up the phone and continued her trek towards her office.
    Harvey felt like as if he had made a deal with the devil and boy was he paying the ultimate price. He couldn't persuade Molly as easily as he could someone else but one day, he was really going to get her just like she got him. He could bet on it with anyone and Harvey always wins his bets.
  2. Charlotte Grimm
    The day had started out quite relaxing for Charlotte. Her occupation required her to get up every morning at the crack of dawn, make a mouthwatering breakfast, finish a book or two, and then bury herself in her work a little later in the day-- depending on what needed to be done. It was almost the life, but then again it really wasn't. As of late, her sculptures and paintings just weren't selling like they used to, which was really affecting how much Charlie could spend and whatnot. The woman in question sighed woefully, her feet carrying her out of her little art studio and into her bedroom so she could put on something a bit more decent. It was time for her to go out into the world (something rarely decided on her behalf) and buy a few sets of supplies to brighten up her work. "Hopefully, Mr. Gold has exactly what I need..." she mumbled, throwing on a pair of grey sweats, a loose lavender t-shirt, and her favorite pair of white sneakers. There was no use in dressing fancy if she was just going to dirty her clothes later on. Speaking of dirty clothes, Charlie had a crap ton of dirty laundry to get to as well when she returned. Sigh.

    She shook the thoughts of chores out of her mind and hurriedly exited her apartment. She needed to simply focus on the task at hand... Any other thoughts and she would resort to burying her sorrows in a cup of hot chocolate at the diner. With a quick lock of the door Charlie was off, strolling down the sidewalk with her bag across her shoulder and a hopeful smile across her lips. She desperately needed these new supplies at this point.
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  3. Scarlett Rider
    Today was quite a busy day for the bakery, she had orders and calls, and much stuff in need of delivery. In addition, many wirkers were out that day, so she was the only one, in addition to te chef. "Thank you, come again!" Scarlett had told the person she had just given 3 batches of cookies to. At this rate, their storage of ingredients would be nearly depleted. That meant a trip to the grocery store. She smiled as she finished with another customer. Red was about to go into the kitchen to get new batches of... Well,
    everything. However, the phone rang. She ran to go get it, and answered: "This is The Bakery, what may I help you with? Oh, of course Ms.Dorsey! They'll be ready by the time he comes over. Yes, have a nice day, goodbye!" she had written down the order, and taped it with the rest in the kitchen. "Yeah, another order!"

    Aurelian Locke
    The young man had been walking through the town leisurely with nothing to do. His job gave him plenty of time to be on his own and think. He could get bored quite easily, and needed some company. He set foot towards the aquarium, where he knew a red-headed girl.

    Peter Colchester
    The young adult was taking a walk around the park. He had nothing to do during the day, the stars were only out at night. But since he had nothing to do, he had taken his airplane that was controlled by a remote control, and started playing with it immaturely. He was running through the park following the toy that was moving at top speed. Oh, how fun it is to act like a kid again!
  4. Muriel Murphy
    She leaned against the door with her arms propped upon the door handle. It was a matter of minutes before they opened and people were already flooding the entrance ways. She jumped slightly when the new recruit, Erickson sneaked up behind her. "Please, don't do that." She insisted of him, while he was chuckling. "Sorry about that." His eyes looked at the sea of people before the doors then back at Muriel. "Wow. This aquarium must be a big deal here." Muriel turned towards him with a smile. "Why yes. Yes it is. Now, you should really go to your station because I am fixing to unlock the doors now." She said while turning heel and walking towards the doors, unlocking them and immediately moving out of the way. Her eyes looked at a blonde headed boy making his way to the doors as she smirked and knew exactly who it was. "Well, well, well. Why are you not at work, Aurelian or you still haven't found a place that you fit into yet?" She asked him, almost insulting him, while folding her arms over her chest, raising a slight delicate brow up at him.
    Harvey Gold
    Harvey was placing on his jacket and such as he flipped the sign over to say that he'll back in twenty minutes. The bakery was just right up the street from him so it wasn't really nothing to him so he decided to walk. As he locked up his shop, he turned heel to walk but bump into a female, who was obviously looked like she was wearing dirty clothing. "Ah, well, if it isn't Charlotte." He reached his hand out and tugged at her clothing a little bit. "Not the fanciest wear I've seen you in. Are you looking for someone or anything in particular, my dear?" He asked with a raised brow while checking his wristwatch. "Actually, mind walking with me to the bakery, I have to get something for Madam Mayor." He spoke towards her then looked at his wristwatch again. "Just wait here. It won't take me long." Harvey spoke those words and rushed off to the bakery, which was nothing but five buildings down from him.
    Upon entering, the delicious aroma tickled his nose. He snapped out of his daze and walked up to the counter, calling for Scarlet to come forth. "I am here to pick up the treats." Harvey smiled at her then waited for her to hand him the treats. "Charge it to my account, yes? And will you be attending the community meeting tonight?" He asked her before picking up the covered trays of bread and cookies.
    Molly Dorsey
    She continued her usual trek as she received a phone call from her adviser. "Yes, Johnny?" She inquired and heard him speak about not coming to the community meeting tonight. She was furious but she let him explain why. He had a doctor's appointment because he felt sick and wanted to make sure that he was going to be alright for the next big event coming up, which was the town's annual ball. "Johnny..." She sang sweetly then her tone quickly changed. "If you're not at the meeting tonight, I'm give you a check up myself." Molly hung the phone up in his face then eyed some young boy in the park, playing with what seemed to be a toy airplane.
    She stared at him for a brief moment before walking over there and stopping him dead in his tracks. "Having fun, aren't we?" She asked him with a raised brow. "You really shouldn't run around like that, kid. You wouldn't want to fall and hurt yourself or someone else, now would you?" Another question she asked as she placed her hand upon her hips. "Do you know who I am?" And that would end her flurry of questions for now until he answered every single one of them with the best of his ability.
  5. Charlotte Grimm
    The young blonde had resorted to searching in her bag for her wallet after the little debate of hot chocolate continued in her head. Then, something or someone bumped right into her... "Ah, well, if it isn't Charlotte." At the sound of her voice Charlotte looked up at the male, her smile growing just a tad. Just the man I needed. "Hello there Harvey," she nodded, but then a look of bewilderment crossed her features as the pawn man's fingers pulled at her ragged clothes. "Oh, you know... Gotta be ready for anything that may spill on me," she laughed a bit at her own joke and then perked up at his question, "Actually, now that you--" But she was unable to finish her sentence. It seemed her acquaintance was running a bit late on his errand. She understood being late all too well.

    "I don't mind--" And again she was unable to finish. Mr. Gold was in to much of a rush and he was already rushing down to the bakery a few stores down. Charlotte couldn't help but let out a hearty laugh. She had never seen the pawn man run so fast in her life; it was indeed quite comical. With a sigh, the young blonde returned her wallet into it's home inside her bag and waited patiently outside Mr. Gold's little store.
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  6. Scarlett Rider
    When Harvey had arrived, there wasn't as much customers, so it was quieter. "Hello Mr.Gold! Here's your order." she had put the cookies in a brilliant red box, and the bread was put into white paper bags. "Of course, I'll put it on your tab. Here you go," she gave him the box and paper bags, from which a delicious aroma appeared, "I hope you'll like it, and I might be going to the meeting... Not sure. Anyways, have a nice day!" she waved at him goodbye as he left, and turned to her other customers.

    Aurelian Locke
    The teenager smirked as he leaned against the wall of the aquarium. "I'll have you know Murphy, that I am a highly regarded food critic in the world of critiques." Aurelian responded. "While, you, work in an aquarium with soon to be sushi. Which, in the end, will be eaten by me to see if it's actually good." He crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow in return. "Good enough explanation, sweetheart?"

    Peter Colchester
    Peter blinked at the older woman as she kept questions on coming.
    "I won't hurt anyone."
    "Yeah, you're an old grumpy lady."
    The young man had answered all her questions all at once, in hope to piss her off. He knew she was the mayor, but she had an attitude he didn't like. And if he didn't like someone, he loved to piss them off. He then turned around and walked away as he kept on playing with the toy airplane.
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  8. RJ Dellenova

    "Darling, the clock will simply not sell at such an outrageous price." Slate blue eyes dragged themselves away from the marble counter top to meet the old woman's gaze. A brow was raised and he looked over at her with slight confusion written on his face. "Auntie. Just because some people are passing it by, as if it's mere trash. The history behind the beautiful piece is worth more then you put it out for. It's like selling away a young person who has already mastered their personality. But do as you want, it's your business. I only work here" A hearty chuckle met the air around the shoppe and the woman's expression morphed to one of bewilderment and deep thought. "Oh dear. You are a strange man to bargain with Richard" She clicked her tongue at him disapprovingly, making the all to familiar 'tsk' noise that any child would come to know sooner or later. Though RJ wasn't a child, he was a grown man and he was simply confused by the ideas that his aunt brought to the table.

    His eyes bore into the window, watching the people that passed by the store. Most people didn't need the small little trinkets that could be found on the shelves of this old place. After all Harvey Gold, did seem to take all the business when people decided to look for odds and ends. Letting out a deep sigh, his eyes scanned the trail of dust on the floor before meeting the woman's gaze. "Down it by another ten dollars..we need all the business we can get Auntie" She simply shook her head, brows knitting together before rolling her eyes and heading to the back to get a new price tag for the product.

    Evanna Everstone

    Evanna settled into the support of the almost barren oak tree, her bright eyes scanning the book that lay haphazardly over her lap. One of her feet dangled from the branch she sat in, while the other curled around it as if holding on for dear life. Head propped against the bark, she hummed a simple enough tune, brows furrowing at the annoying plot twist the story had just taken on. Did this author know anything about being the opposite of cliche. Scowling, she chucked the book to the ground beneath her, it had ruined her calm mood and so it deserved to be dirtied. Jumping down from the tree, her overly loose shirt fell slightly off her shoulder though she landed with stride. Picking up the book, she grabbed her satchel and threw it into the pits it belonged in before hoisting it onto her shoulder and heading around the tree towards the small path that cut through the park.

    Curiosity being piqued by the stern older woman, was that the mayor? Her eyes leveled with the distributor of such quick yet rude words and she couldn't help but let out one of the smallest of chuckles. Her laughter piercing the air around her and causing her to snap her lips shut once more and simply watch from the shadows. She knew that it was almost inevitable now. She would have to interact with people that seemed entirely unlikely friends.
  9. Muriel Murphy
    Muriel looked at Aurelian and just rolled her eyes. She should've expected a response like that from him. "No need to get sassy, Mister." She spoke then turned heel and walked away from him. "Would you like a tour to see the soon to be sushi?" She asked him while standing at the door. When she turned around, she bumped into Erickson and smiled while stammering on what to say. "It's fine, Muriel. It was my fault." Muriel looked at Erickson and smiled while tucking a few fallen strands of her red hair behind her ear, waiting for Aurelian to follow her inside.
    Harvey Gold
    Harvey thanked Scarlet again before heading out of the bakery and going back to his shop, seeing Charlotte still sitting out there. He was more than sure that she would've went on home or something but she did not. A sly smirk started to spread across his lips as he pulled out his key and opened his shop. "Charlotte please flip that sign over while I go sit these treats in the back." Harvey asked of her while pointing at the sign as he went to the back. After sitting the treats down, it seemed like his demeanor had changed when he came back out and stood behind the counter. "So, what could I do for you, my dear?" His voice sang a little bit as he knew that he could make an offer she couldn't refuse.
    Molly Dorsey
    The last answer the boy gave made her a bit upset but she did nothing to him but towered over him while straightening out his clothing. Molly nodded towards the boy and offered him a good day then eyed a girl, hiding in the shadows. She walked over there towards her and raised a brow. "Enjoy the little show?" She asked while walking off, her heels clicking against the pavement. She didn't really care for these people children but she cared more importantly about the community of the people. Molly mind was more or so on the council meeting tonight than anything else.
  10. Charlotte Grimm
    The young blonde was so close to calling it day; deciding that hot chocolate just sounded too good right now, but Gold came and spoiled her plans. Oh, darn. She actually needed these supplies though so it was probably no likely she would've left for some measly warm beverage. "Charlotte please flip that sign over while I go sit these treats in the back." Charlie gave her acquaintance a warm smile, nodding a bit as she followed him inside, "You got it Harvs." Her finger grasped the sign quickly and flipped it so the outside world knew that Mr. Gold's shop was once again up and running. When she turned her body to speak with Mr. Gold she realized that he wasn't there. Right, he went to the back. Charlie chuckled to herself, taking a gander at all the knick knacks and trinkets that littered the glass cases about. Just as she was to touch a rather endearing looking music box, Gold's voice ran out clear and business-like through the shop.

    Charlie drew back her hand and stepped all the way up to the main counter. "My artwork just isn't selling like it should so I thought I would come down and see if you carried any exotic paints or oils. I'm pretty desperate right now..." she shrugged at her life issues, placing her bag on the counter and her folded hands a top the bag. She knew Harvey would have something for her, he just had to!
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