Once Upon a Time or Harry Potter, two plot ideas.

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  1. Once Upon A Time
    Note: The storyline line of OUAT is not going to be the same. Perhaps it's an alternate universe, but everything stays the same.

    There is a new threat in Storybrooke, and that is Maleficent. A sorceress so evil, she makes Regina look like an apprentice. She has some unfinished business with Rumple after he ripped away the thing she truly cared for, her beasty. He killed the child she watched for when she was growing up, the one thing she absolutely loved. Yes, even if she cursed her to an everlasting slumber, Maleficent was still the one to get her back.

    No villain has a happy ending, and Rumple takes that from her. Maleficent's heart turned to harbor absolute hatred, and she wishes him to be dead. He knows how powerful she was.

    That woman Emma saves is not Robin's dear wife. No, Maleficent disguised herself as a plan to destroy the Evil Queen at the right moment. Once seeing Emma, Maleficent knows right away that she is a savior and willingly goes with Emma. A trick that no one saw through and will come to realize that there is a bigger problem in Storybrooke now.

    I will want you to play as Rumple, as I play as Maleficent. It can bloom into a twisted romance between them somehow.

    If you wish to play your own character, we can easily mold her into Storybrooke and add to the plot. Maybe she can be Aurora. Plot twist, Rumple never killed her. We can iron out details in PM. :)


    Harry Potter - Marauders Era
    What happened during the years before the Golden Trio?

    There was James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. The four band of misfits that caused trouble, and had a knack for picking on poor Severus. Severus loved Lily, but gets his heart broken when James takes her away from him. He would always love her.

    These years start the tale of Harry Potter, and there was no one to tell the story. Sirius never spoke of the past to Harry because it pained him so to tell. He cared for someone deeply, but she died trying to protect her friend from the Dark Lord. Though, that was after they graduated.

    We will tell the tale of the Marauders. I would love for you to play as Sirius. I can play as anyone of your choice. I have ideas if you pick Severus, or Remus.

    At the end of the role play, my character will die, but that's when we get closer to Lily's death.

    PM me if interested! :)
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  2. Still looking. :)
  3. Oh my Gods! Please! Please pick me for the Harry Potter one! :DD
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  4. I love how we can have multiple role plays going on at once! It would be an honor. :)
  5. Would love a chance to play Rumple if you still need him. I almost never play characters from shows, books, comics, etc but i think the character of Rumple would be a fun challenge.
  6. Yes, please!

    That would be absolutely perfect. :)
  7. Very cool....feel free to PM if you want or i can send you a message tomorrow....going to be heading to bed shortly as i have to go to work tomorrow.