Once upon a Time: New Saviors

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    Aidan Oliver Mills


    ||Disney Counterpart||
    Prince Aidan of the Enchanted Forest (MIA)


    The Evil Queen

    Seemingly intimidating at first, you'd soon be surprised to learn that Aiden couldn't hurt a fly. Incredibly strong willed and a bit hot headed, Aiden is rather easy to frustrate and is often irritated at himself for becoming so overwhelmed with his emotions. His sarcasm along with his impatience often causes others to dislike him, however Aiden seems unfazed by this. He's rather oblivious to a numerous amount of things, which can make him a bit insensitive when it comes to other's feelings. Over protective and quick witted, when Aiden isn't making snarky remarks he's taking things too literal or accidentally allowing things to fly right over his head. He isn't one that intentionally seeks out danger, nor does he like to be around people who do.. He'd much rather be cocooned in a blanket reading some science fiction book. However, Aiden doesn't seem to care if he hurts a feeling or two, as he rarely cares for anyone outside of his inner circle. His rough exterior makes him rather unapproachable, and his habit to call out other people's bullshit has earned him quite the number of enemies. Aiden isn't one to beat around the bush, and he expects others to be the same with him. However, despite all of this, Aiden isn't a fan of conflict nor does he wish to physically hurt anyone or anything.

    Aidan was born in the Enchanted Forest.. And for a while, he lived as peacefully as an infant raised in the Evil Queen's castle could live. Well, at least Aidan likes to imagine. See, he was a bit too young to remember anything from the Enchanted Forest. Aidan was sent to the real world two years after being born.. And nine months after the "savior" was born. From the moment he was born, Aidan was bound to be the Evil Queen's little soldier. After the two had arrived in the real world, they had been taken into foster care.The woman in Aidan's head told him that he was special... That he was bound to do great things. She said to always stick by the "savior". To never let her out of her sight. And Aidan hadn't. They had been placed into the same foster family.. A drunken man with abusive tendencies and a wife who was always too high to notice. The voice said to make sure the man didn't hurt the savior, she told Aidan that he couldn't let anyone hurt the savior. And so Aidan protected her. However, the two had been separated not long after and Aidan could no longer protect her. Aidan was sent back into the system and he lost the savior. The voice had disappeared as well, and when Aidan began to ask others where it had gone, he was disregarded. Aidan was placed on several medications, to the point where he could barely think for himself. It wasn't until recently that the voice came back stronger than ever.. Aidan was finally on his own, he thought he was done with this whole savior thing.. But he was given a new mission. He had to save the town of Storybrooke.. Even if that meant killing the very person he tried so long to protect.


    Feeling Helpless
    Being Told What to Do
    Sunny/Bright Weather


    Can play most instruments beautifully.
    Aidan is an excellent liar and manipulator, though these are traits he's not proud of.
    Although Aidan could be considered physically strong, he prefers to avoid conflict.

    Aidan has a deathly fear of the ocean which originated from a drowning incident he had as a child.
    Even when Aidan is not to blame, he tends to punish himself for his failures.
    Whilst some say Aidan is too hard on himself, the male believes that he's just one big screw up.

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    "All you really need is faith, trust, and a bit of pixie dust."


    "I've told so many people this, but names are not important."
    Alexandria MacKenzie Lancaster

    "My friends call me Alex."

    Alternate persona:
    "What kind of question is that?"
    Princess Alexandria of Neverland

    "Close to being legal!"

    "Oh they're lovely."
    Adoptive Parents: Julia Lancaster and James Lancaster
    Birth Parents: Wendy and Peter Pan

    "I hope people think I'm nice."

    Whimsical || Carefree || Caring || Ambivert || Adventurous || Daring || Charming || Childlike || Protective || Stubborn

    Alexandria takes mostly after her father than she does her mother, unlike her brothers who take more after their mother. She is a very whimsical and carefree girl, loving to pull pranks on others or just goof around when she can. She doesnt let many things bog her down and if she bumps into rude people or others that have more of a negative outlook, she believes that they just need some cheering up. This leads people to believe that she is a good for nothing airhead that can't do anything right, but she's actually quite smart. She's not Einstein smart, but smart enough to pass her classes and make sure she's one of the top students. Like her mother, she's very caring and willing to help those that need help, putting a band aid on their injury, maybe listening to them if they need to get something off their chest, you name it. While her father was more of an extrovert and her mother seemed to be an extrovert as well, Alexandria took on some ambivert qualities, meaning that she can be both an introvert and an extrovert and there will be moments that you will see her mingling with others, having a blast and then moments when she wants to be by herself. Sometimes she holes herself up in her room, reading a good book and other times she's out and about doing who knows what that girl does. Like her father, she is very adventerous and even after having moved to London, her father never lost his will to fly and with some of the pixie dust that he had (yes tink came with them) he was able to teach her how to fly as well. (something that comes in handy).

    There will be times you wont be able to find Alexandria unless you know her favorite spots or the types of adventures she likes to go on...or you can fly. Also like her father, she is daring; ready to take risks and not fearing the consequences, charming; sometimes she uses her charms to get what she wants and childlike. She's goofy to a fault and sometimes she gets a bit too worked up about certain things; things that seem meaningless to others but are important to her. Though she comes off as childlike and not afraid of anything, Alexandria is actually quite protective of herself, shielding her heart from those that may want to break it. She know that it may not be possible but if by chance she wants to avoid heartbreak and be able to find the one that she's meant to be with, without kissing a bunch of toads, she wants the love that her parents have. And she is really to put up wall after wall to keep her and her heart safe until she finds that love. This also makes her rather stubborn though, and it doesnt help that both of her parents were extremely stubborn as well. She's as stubborn as a mule and if she is against something or there is something she doesnt like, Alexandria isnt willing to put up a fight.

    Brief bio:
    "Well I have a nice family."

    Alexandria was born to the parents of Peter and Wendy darling, basically the rulers of Neverland, which would make her the Princess. She doesn't remember much in all honest, after all she was only nine months when her parents sent her away to the real world in order to protect her. She was the "savior", the one who would lift the curse that the Evil Queen had casted over the Enchanted forest. Now had they been living in Neverland, that wouldn't have been the problem but the thing was that they were living in the Enchanted forest at the time and that she was to be the savior. So away they sent her through the magical closet and she ended up in the real world.

    Until she was about six, Alexandria lived in a foster home with a man who was very cruel and a wife who just didn't care. She faintly remembers a male just a few years older than her but other than that her memory is hazy. When she turned seven, a very loving family had adopted her. Now she spends most of her time swimming, reading books and hanging out with her friends, unaware of the fact that she is to save the characters of Fairy Tales.

    "I really enjoy reading."

    Playing the piano and violin || Reading || Adventure || Swimming || Stars || Greek Mythology || Fairy tales || Rain


    Bullies || Drunks || Feeling lonely || Not being able to help || Spicy Food || Sushi || Sitting still for too long

    "I'm good at a few things."

    Swimming || Reading || Greek Mythology || Constellations || Fairy Tales || Piano and Violin


    Public speaking || Sarcasm (she doesnt really understand) || Street Smarts || Flowers (loves them but she's allergic) || Dancing

    "I think I'm good."

    She's an excellent swimmer
    She loves to read and write
    She has a jagged scar on the inside of her right wrist from when she cut herself on a piece of glass
    Gets lonelier than she likes to let others know

    She knows how to wield a few weapons
    She is the youngest of three
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  6. Wait.. how old are you making Alex?

    And what color do you think better fits Aidan?
    or This
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  7. I was going to make her a junior second semester, so seventeen!

    And I like the middle color
  8. I think I'll make Aidan a year older again. ^^

    Middle color it is!
  9. Okay that sounds great!
  10. I'm so excited about this!!
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  11. As am I!! \>u</ As of right now, I'm discarding anything unrelated to this roleplay. Do you have a specific cs you want me to follow?
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  12. Uhm lets see

    Alternate persona (Disney)
    Brief bio

    Feel free to add another anything if you want
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  13. So, at what age was Alex sent to the real world with Aidan?
  14. hmm let's make her about nine months?
  15. And Aidan about 2? Alright! ^^
  16. Yeay, that sounds good.
  17. ☆Alexandria MacKenzie Lancaster☆


    Walking down the streets with some friends, a young female, senior in high school, ran a hand through her hair and stifled a small yawn. They weren't in school today but they were just hanging out, doing a bit shopping, and of course doing what any typical white girl would do; stopping by Starbucks. Alexandria of course ordered what she usually got; a vanilla steamer, and now she was back to walking down the streets with her best friends.

    As far as she knew, life was pretty good. At a young age, Alexandria had been living in a foster home up until the age of seven when a loving family had taken her in. Hazel eyes flickered down to the scar on her wrist, a scar she had gained when she was younger. Apparently when she was about five, the foster father was drinking his beer, the mother was too high and well Alexandria had knocked over a very expensive glass lamp and gotten a pretty bad cut. Imagine the anger of the foster father though. No he didn't really care that she was injured, he was more upset about the lamp. Of course being young, Alexandria remembers very little, but one thing she doesn't remember is ever receiving a beating. Maybe he never gave her one or maybe she blocked that memory out.

    Lost in her own thoughts, she nearly missed her friend tugging on her sleeve, pointing out a male who was sitting on a nearby bench and commenting how good looking he was. The young female couldnt help but give a little eye roll. "Genevive, you think that every male that gives off that bad boy look is a attractive."Alexandria commented, rolling her eyes once more when her friend told her that she finds no boy attractive. "That's not true, just not a lot of boy strike my fancy." She had stated with a small wave as if this was a topic she didnt wish to discuss. The small group of females continued to walk down the streets, the wind blowing through the hair and welcoming the coolness compared to the slightly hot autumn air.

    Senior year, that was too weird to think about in her opinion. Running a hand through her hair, she let out a small sigh. She would have to start thinking about colleges to apply to, financial aid and everything else, but little did she know that, that wouldn't actually happen. At least not right away.
  18. Aidan Mills
    'Just shut up. I've got it.' Aidan snapped, rubbing his temples as he continued to argue with the woman. He hadn't understood why she decided to come back now of all times.. When Aidan was just barely getting his life together. 'You told me she'd be here.. So, I'm here.' Aidan reassured, and shifted uncomfortably in his seat on the park bench. He continued to scan the faces of those who walked past him, looking for the familiar red head. The blond was getting a bit restless, as he'd been there since the plaza had opened.. How hard was it to spot an excitable, fiery haired female?

    Aidan looked down at the cement ground.. He thought back to the childhood he shared with the girl. She had always been quite the energetic one.. Not something their foster parents took a liking to. This made his mission of protecting her significantly more difficult, however he had still managed to be able to place the attention on himself. The beatings were nothing compared of what the woman was able to do to him.. He shuddered at the thought as she spoke up again, 'I have faith in you, Aidan.. Find the savior, bring her to Storybrooke.. And destroy her.'

    That was all she had been talking about for the past few weeks.. Honestly, it was quite tiring and a bit irritating. And he was starting to feel a bit crazy again.. After all this time of getting "help" and being told that what he was experiencing wasn't normal, Aidan started to feel like he was losing it. And now she was telling him that he had to kill this girl.. It gave Aidan a headache just thinking about it.. Was he really going insane? Was he really willing to kill the girl he had vowed so long ago that he'd protect?

    What bothered Aidan was that the answer came so simply to him.. He knew that he'd kill her and he knew that he had to. It was his job. The princess of Neverland. The idea had been overly ridiculous, and if Aidan hadn't known any better, he probably wouldn't have believed it. Then again, he didn't really enjoy the idea of being the son of the so called evil queen or the murderer of the savior..'There, look! She's walking up.' Aidan's eyes shifted up, and sure enough, there she was.

    It only took a second for Aidan to reach the savior, and the group of smaller females she was with. "Alex?" Aidan questioned, in a pleading voice. "Alex, you have to listen to me.. I need your help." Aidan scanned the other girls standing beside the savior. "You need to come with me."

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  19. ☆Alexandria MacKenzie Lancaster☆


    A light laugh left her lips as Alexandria listened to the crazy antics coming from her friends. They sprouted off nonsense sometimes, did crazy things, went on stupid adventures and she loved every minute of her. She would never understand how she herself had come for such a knack of adventure, but the best possible thing to do was blame her biological parents. Blame them in a good way. She was glad she had an adventurous spirit, rather than a boring one that didn’t do anything, just sat in a room and did boring things. Though there were times she did that. As they continued to walk, she recalled a time she had overheard someone call her a mystery, she was neither easy to explain nor was she easy to understand.

    To this day she could never figure out if that person meant it as a good thing or a bad, though she leans more towards the negative side of it. Taking another sip, she turned her hazel eyes back to her friends before her, though a young male had stopped them. “What?” She questioned when he called out to her in a pleading voice. A feeling of panic arose in her body and she wondered where he learned her name, then again she could have heard her friends say it. ‘Who is this?” Her friend Genevive questioned, obviously trying to make the moves on him. Honestly, she loved that her friend, but sometimes she was such a slut that she couldn’t stand her…these were one of the times. “I’m sorry, but do I know you?” She asked, ignoring his the last part of her having to come with him.


    How could so go with someone that she didn’t know? How could she leave without telling her parents where she was going for that matter? Alexandria didn’t know what it was, but there was something about this guy that just screamed danger. Banking up a bit, Alexandria gave the male a rather civil but hostile smile, glancing around and making sure that there were other people watching just in case. "I think you may be mistaking me for someone else. I have no idea who you are, nor do I just leave with strangers." She explained.

    Alexandria was thankful that she was out and about with a group of friends rather than alone, and her best friend Genevive was not wrong, he was a good looking male, if it weren't for the fact that he randomly came up to her and was like hey I need you to come with me. Sky high on the creep factor part.

    Giving the male another small little smile, she told him, "I hope you find whoever it is you're looking for." Motioning that they should go, she and her friends turned on their heal, but of course not before her friend slipped the male her number. If she could force her friends to walk any faster, she would have,b ut for now Alexandria just tried to ease back into the conversation and swore to just check with her parents that they didnt know any male that was probably a few years older than her.

  20. Aidan Mills
    Okay, new plan.. So the damsel in distress bit didn't seem to be working out. Aidan could hardly believe that this was the pestering, gullible girl he had known so long ago. Aidan felt a slight pain in his chest and her knew the woman was the at fault. It didn't take a genius to see that both the savior and the bitch were panicking. Aidan glanced at the girl standing next to the savior, and he grimaced. Was she okay? Aidan ignored her, and looked back at the red head. He was losing her.. She continued to back away, and Aidan looked irritably at the girl who was still trying to talk to him.

    Walking past the girl, Aidan's facial features softened and he looked gently at the younger girl. "Listen, I know how crazy this sounds. Trust me, I'm having a hard time processing it myself," Aidan offered a small smile to the female. "Just hear me out," Aidan suggested. "Your name is Alexandria. You're.. 17 years old. You were staying with a foster family before you were adopted." Aidan's mind wandered as realized how.. stalker-ish this whole thing seemed."Are you trying to scare her? Are you an idiot?" She sort of had a point.. This whole thing made Aidan feel a bit.. weird.

    Aidan ignored her, and looked down at the savior's wrist, spotting the scar that had reminded him that despite his best efforts, he wasn't able to protect her. He had a similar scar of his own.. One that was inflicted upon him, the same night the savior had obtained hers. Aidan remembered his time at the Trent household very clearly, probably a lot more than he had wanted to. He had remembered how frequently the savior had seemed to upset their foster parents, and how often he had to convince them that it was his fault.

    When the two had finally been caught, the woman in his head had disappeared. After Aidan brought up these concerns with several adults, he was diagnosed with auditory scitzophrenia. However, even when he was drugged out the voice had managed to come back. "Do you remember.. Do you remember the boy that had lived with you at that time?" Aidan questioned, trying his best to look nostalgic. "I'm not sure if you remember me.. But I need your help," Aidan concluded, ignoring the awkward girl as he continued to talk to the savior.

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