Once Upon a Time: A Story Rewritten

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  1. For the curse was set, and your happy ever after would never come....
    Black Jack walked with Pride, his silk pants fell just past his ankles, landing slightly above his brown buckled shoes. His black silk cape dragged 2 feet behind him. Black Jack smiled as he passed the small crowds, all who held terrified expression and whispered to one another. He looked from one individual to another as he moved, finally stopping as he arrived at the end of the dirt road. Twisting his upper body so he could look slightly behind him, Black Jack's voice was colder then ice, and sharper then daggers.

    "I can hear you peasants....I suggest you all hold your tongue, before Illness strikes you all." said Black Jack, his voice rough and crackling. A man stepped forward, he wore small rags sewed together, his skin dirty and a odor radiated from him. His black eyes stared from the ground then to Black Jack, then he turned and looked to a young beautiful women who was also dressed in rags and covered in flit.

    "You can't do this to us....we aren't animals!" shouted the man, his bare feet taking another step towards Black Jack. Black Jack smiled, exposing pure black teeth that looked to sharper then any blade, and that's when he rose his hand, a blaze of fire in gulping the row of houses behind the peasant. Blood curling screams erupted from the black flames, the crowds turned their eyes from Black Jack to the fires, then bowed before him, all expect for the man and the girl he looked to. The man glared with such angry that Black Jack could feel it from 15 feet away, Black Jack rose his hand once more, only to lower it as the man spoke again, red waves of magic twirling around him.

    "We know what you intend to do Black Jack!" Shouted the man over the sound emitted from the magic, Black Jack turned, then walked slowly towards the man as the magic surrounded him, a small smile sitting across his pale gray lips.

    "And what is that...?" asked Black Jack as he got closer to the man, almost close enough to touch the surling magic.

    "Your curse will be broken! Just as the Evil Queen's curse was! Heroes will rise against you! We have made sure of it! For there are those who will remember their past, and with all magic, there is a price, and we will give our lives!" The man paused for a moment, the magic coming to a halt, exposing a elf with silk clothing, and squeaky clean skin.

    "Julia! Now!" shouted the elf, a blue and red mist shooting towards Black Jack from the elf and peasant women,

    "Haha," started Black Jack as the mix of blue and red mist collided with a Black mist that appeared invisible until touched, the collision lasted for only a moment, the magic vanishing upon impact. "You are too late, for when the clock strikes midnight, the spell will b-"

    Ding! Ding! ringed the bell tower, proving the time to be midnight. Black Mist seeped from the ground, covering all that it touched, men and women screamed, others ran, only to run into mist that meet them in another street, for the mist was in gulping the world.

    "For you do not understand my power elf! My curse is far more then that evil queen's, for it will enclose the world, all worlds, and send them to where I desire, to where I rule." Spoke Black Jack, his voice menacing and spin chilling.

    "Oh, but we do, for our magic was not to destroy you, it was a mere distraction." spoke the elf, his red magic pouring into the black mist, while the peasant women's blue magic poured into the black mist around her. The black Mist kept its peace, slowly enclosing the worlds, blurring everyone's vision, and sending them all to a place where a happy ever after was far more difficult to achieve.

    Three years later, Desky Island thrived, planting food upon farms that surrounded it. The farms gave more then enough food for its population of 2,500 people, not including the shipments of food that the mayor's bought from the mainland of California. Law rained across Desky Island, keeping large traces of peace among its people. Bitterness, Kindness, Curliness, Evil, Good, Happiness, Depression and insanity covered Desky Island from one end of it to the other, keeping a hold of its storybook captives, for Desky Island had all they would need. Soon would they discover that not all was as perfect or enperfect as it seemed, for some would arrive to their happy endings, and others would fall to their graves. The wind blew cold with its 63 F weather, the sky was clear and shining its bright sun, exposing the rainfall of the autumn leafs. Dark red, yellow, Orange and brown leafs spread across the forests floor, covering its wet and mushy dirt ground. Storybrook was business as normal, its citizens buzzing around with their daily lives, while all to oddly Talltail Meadows sat quite, barely a single soul among the streets. Black Cat's Night Club sat quietly in the sun, its black bricks and black tiled roof a beacon, awaiting for the darkness to return. Desk Town sat in a fire blaze of business, shops selling Candy, People jumping from one store to the next for late Halloween costume's for the incoming night, while all the matter the boarders of the worlds were cracking, and soon, very soon, man would meet magic.

    Jack moved from one desk to the other, pointing and smiling as he shot his orders towards his employees, commanding that the yearly Halloween Fest to be greater then the one before. His pale white skin almost shimmered in the artificial light, his black eyes moving faster then the speed of light as they darted between his forty-five employees. Will Regina sit ideally as Desk Town overthrows Storybrooke with its festivals and events, or will she rise to stand against them on this wicked night? For tonight is the beginning of the change that will soon arrive at Desky Island.

    For the price was the worlds.....and with every price comes a tragedy and sometimes a gift, for good and evil would break the curse....

    @Laurioshock@Klutzy Ninja Kitty
    @Sav The Zombitch

    (I hope this is good for the beginning, I started to get writers block .-. I have plenty of things in store for everyone though!)​
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  2. Rooms, never ending rooms and corridors. A castle of sorts. Old and dusty. It almost looked as if it was in disuse. Belle would have thought so if it wasn't for the flickering candles throughout the grand hallway, lighting the place dimly. Just enough to make out what was ahead of her.

    Glancing up around herself she could see what would be window frames, though the curtains closed. Reaching out a delicate hand she tugged at the dusty and heavy fabric to try and let in some light--nothing happened. The curtains were nailed shut, leaving the place in constant darkness. How strange. A castle left to darkness.
    Moving on down the hall slowly, lifting the cloth of her dress up a little, to aid her walking. Her elegant, extravigant long dress from the light shone golden.

    Upahead was a door, from which behind she could hear a sqweaking sound, more gentle candle light shone between the crack of the door and the frame. Someone was in there. Maybe they could tell her where she was. How she had gotten there.

    With a hesitant hand she reached out to touch the doorknob and push the door open, trying to be as quiet as possible moving around in her extravigant dress. From this close she could hear noises from within louder now, there was definitely a pressence inside.

    Though before she could even touch the doorknob did a force sent her backwards, the door before her slamming shut which in turn blew out the lights of the hallway. Leaving her in complete darkness. Alone.

    "Ah ah ah, Dearie." Said a voice from within the darkness causing Belle to scream out.

    That was when the dream sharded and shattered ending with the voice still echoing inside her head.


    Shooting up in bed, Belle rubbed her eyes. What a curious dream. She had been having the same dream now for...well--as long as she could remember. It was always the same, the same hallway, the same lighting, the same voice. Such a strange thing it was. It never changed, and without fail came to her every night in slumber.
    Dreams always feel real when your in them, but Belle had always been curious as to why this dream had seemed more real than the various others she had? Nevermind, she had grown used to them now. Expecting it each time she went to sleep.

    Belle French turned her head and glanced at the clock beside her bed. 6:30am. Time to get up. Removing herself from the bed she stretched her muscles with a small yawn before making the bed she had just vacated.

    Going about her regular daily routine she had a shower, got herself dressed and ready for the day.
    Belle lived in and ran the StoryBrooke library. She had been doing so for as long as she could remember. It was her pride and joy and something she looked forward to doing every day.

    Her living quaters were upstairs above the library itself, accessed by a stair case behind the front desk of the library. It was a small cosey place, and had everything she needed.
    By the time Belle was ready for the day it was 7:30am. Which brought about her morning trip to Granny's to pick up coffee and some breakfast before she would open the library.

    Leaving her apartment she locked the door and decended the stairs into the empty library to which she exited, locking the door back up behind her.
    Placing the keys in her pocket she pushed off towards Grannys diner. Since it was a chilling morning in Storybrooke Belle had on a blue coat and a blue wollen hat to keep her warm. Pushing her hands into her pockets she continued the short trip to Granny's wondering what this morning would bring for her.
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  3. A small sigh passed Mirabelle's lips, her breath visible due to the bitter cold, as she walked along the almost empty sidewalks. She'd been facing a severe case of writer's block; and she held hopes a nice, relaxing walk through town would help soothe that. Her sharp eyes scanned the dark and dreary land around her; the place known as Desk Town. Unlike many of the citizens who called this place home, Mirabelle loved this time of the year. There was something about the cold, and the dark, that just... Seemed... So familiar..

    'Rest easy, little Draco.. You'll be freed, soon... After all, don't you remember what our mother used to sing to us?

    ~The cold will set you free, and soon you'll surely see
    Nobodies' gonna comfort you like snow
    When the time is right, the ice will soothe your cries
    And the wind, will sweep away your sou-'

    Mira shuddered visibly, gasping slightly for breath. She pulled her jacket tighter around herself, face flushing. That voice.. It was hers. Who was Draco, anyways? And that song... Why was it so familiar..?


    Meanwhile, in Talltail Meadows, Seth was busy working away at Pride Rock Tavern; a local bar. It was that dreadful time of year again, and he was left in charge of putting up the Halloween decor. Lucky him... Though, admittedly, Halloween was the holiday that bothered him the least. After all... He did so enjoy the excuse for being able to go around scaring people. And, of course, the fact he could do so without being criminally charged or considered a possible danger. So, with that in mind, he reluctantly finished up setting up all the decorations. He glanced around at the interior of his workplace; evidently proud of his work. In truth? The place looked no spookier than before. However.. This was due to the fact that, rather than putting up silly normal decorations, the clever and witty scar-face had set a variety of unexpected booby traps. Heh, heh... Everbody best Be Prepared.


    ((*Is working on intros for my other characters as we speak.*))
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  4. Lady spun around in the office chair behind the counter with the old timey cash register, that nearly weighted 20 pounds, feeling bored with nothing to do. Soft rock poured out the speaker that was connected to the roof of the small shop, as the loud sounds of Korean pop music came out of Lady's headphones and she rested in the soft chair with her light blue eyes closed. The two Plexiglass doors stayed closed as always, so the chilly air of autumn doesn't get any of the dogs sick. After all, most of the pets are dogs, so the sign 'Exotic Animals Pet Shoppe' is a total lie. Lady opened one eye, as her insticts that one of dogs was hungry went off. She stopped spinning and stood up, nearly falling to her side. She gripped the counter with her right hand and held her forehead with her left, rubbing it and cursing under her breath.

    Lady looked up at the pet cages, seeing a dalmatian pup on its hind legs and panting with it's tongue out. She sighed and got herself together and walked through the maze of cages, past the turtle section and in the back. She looked and found a large blue door that was labeled 'Storage'. She pulled out a key and unlocked it and saw a plethora of dog food and bowls and mats. She pulled up a very large bag of dog food. Lady placed the bag down for a second, as her back felt like it was gonna break if she picked it back up. Lady thought about something to help her pick it up.
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  5. Flynn smiled at the older woman in front of him as she handed him some money. "Thank you so much, dear." She told him with a relieved smile. "I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been able to fix that heater!" Flynn nodded at her as he tucked the money into his pocket, next to the lovely necklace he'd found. "Anytime, ma'am." He said as he started away. Once he was out of sight he pulled the necklace from his pocket and looked it over. He'd probably get a decent price for it from the pawn shop in town.

    He headed that way, humming quietly to himself as he walked. For some reason, he kept thinking about blonds versus brunettes. Personally he preferred brunettes, but he had this vague memory of a pretty blond he'd met once, though he couldn't remember her face or her name. He felt those thoughts dissipate as he stepped into the local pawn shop and glanced around with a small smile.

    The pawn shop was full of random knickknacks, from books and paintings to old silverware and broken watches. stepping in here was always sort of an adventure, because Flynn found something new every time. He made his way up to the counter, dodging a stack of ancient newspapers, and slapped the bell. The ding rang through the crowded shop, and Flynn waited for the owner to arrive.
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  6. 'For when the clock strikes midnight....' ringed the voice inside Thomas's head, he always had this faint memory of a man staring at him, his black eyes pricing his very soul, and his teeth sharp and frightening. Thomas shook his head, and looked to the wavering ocean, its crystal clear water a beauty unlike any other. He was too arrive to Desky Island in a mere 2 and half hours, not including the 5 hours his already been on bored. His thoughts however couldn't leave the faint memory of the pale man that haunts his dreams, for every night its the same thing, a man in silk standing among a dirt street, a mincing grin across his gray lips, and a lack of emotions in his black eyes. Thomas again shook his head and stood, his red silk pants dropping past his ankles. Oddly he loved the touch of silk, and preferred it over the modern day clothing. Smiling Thomas stood from his fold out chair, his leather boats clicking loudly against the hard wood deck as he walked towards the farriers captain. It took Thomas only a short 5 minutes to travel from the deck to the captain, the small of wine and alcohol guiding him. Thomas came to a quite halt as he saw the captain tipsy, and falling onto the wheel he steered the ship with, taking another step forward Thomas entered the captains room, his voice soft and bitter.

    "Are you alright? You seem to be a bit....well to be honest you seem to be drunk." stated Thomas, his hands stuck in his pockets. The captain wore a red cap while his dark brown dreadlocks fell down to his lower back, the looked fitted with the man's tan skin and dark eyes. The captain threw his head back and gulped another large sallow from the wine battle in his hand, drinking the pink substance like water. Thomas's frowned and took a step back from the man,

    "Are you gonna be able to deck the ship safely? I can small the amount of alcohol from here..." asked Thomas as he covered his nose and mouth with his hand, his red silk sleeves sliding down to his elbows.

    "Of course! I'm captain Joel! The best ship captain that this ocean have ever seen." shouted Captain Joel as he fell forward, the ship taking a hard left turn, almost knocking Thomas from his feet. Managing to grab onto the doorway frame, Thomas glared at Captain Joel, and slowly made his way back towards his seat.

    "Heee~ Heee~" laughed Lock as he ran, snatching trinkets from women's perishes that hung behind them as they ate at Red Hearts Dinner. He ran quicker then ever before, his pockets full of cash and metal, his devil costume gave little disguise for his stealing. It wasn't odd that he was wearing his red horns and red devil suit, even for the day being Halloween. Luck smiled as he neared the corner, his spin chilling grin growing even wider as he arrived next to Sal and Bear. The young girl smiled, and bowed forward almost dropping her witches hat, while Bear sat silent with his selection costume. It wasn't strange for any of these three children to wear their costumes on a daily basic, for oddly they loved them no less then Halloween.

    "Heee, he-" started Sal, her laugh almost hallow and monotone.

    "Did you get something? Anything?" asked Sal as she took a step closer towards Lock, her fingers extended and her hands pressed together at her palms. Her black Gloves covered her pale complexion. Lock looked to Sal and shoved his hands into his pockets, reveling hands full of cash, and 4 cell phones, and multiple trinkets. Sal jumped with excitement, and clapped her hands, only to turn and signal the two boys to follow her. Bear spead up his walk, only to slow down as he walked in step next to Sal,

    "Where are we going?" Asked Bear, his voice rough and boyish.

    "Somewhere that we can sell those.....items. Theirs only one person I know who'll take stolen property." spoke Sal as they leaft mainstreet, onto a forested road towards Storybrooke.

    "and its a long way their boys, so its time to move." spoke Sal as she took off running, her black boats stomping into puddles. Bear and Lock followed, their speed almost matching hers.

    The children arrived at Storybrooke a mere 4 hours later, the time was unknown and everything seemed to sit frozen in time In Storybrooke, grinning the children ran to Mr Gold's pawn shop, only to pour through the doors to see the shop crowded, and a man standing at the desk awaiting Mr Gold's arrival. Sal poked the man's side as she arrived next to him, a creepy grin sitting across her lips.

    "...What are you trying to sell?" asked Sal to the man.

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  7. Adam Aguillard, EMT of Desk Town, held the red-faced man against him, his joined fists slamming into the gasping figure's stomach. Adam had been eating his lunch "burrito" when he had recieved the beep of a man having a heart attack. They arrived at the scene. When Roger had put the HA victim on a gurney, this other man at the restaurant began choking. And now, Adam was here, adrenaline pumping as much as his hands did-- desperate to get that peice of steak out of the patron's throat. "How big was it?" he growled, as the woman quickly said, "I told him to cut it. He always has big bites. Golfball sized?"

    Adam rolled his eyes, adding more force-- when all was lost, Adam almost gave up, for surely, the man had run out of air... however, that was not the case. The piece flew out of his mouth, making Adam cringe a little. But the man was safe.

    He knew he wasn't going to eat his "burrito" any time soon... Especially as soon as another buzz came.

    "Mate," said Roger, "Come on, we gotta go."

    However, as his brother said that, Adam was hit with an odd little spike of memory:

    Pounding, pounding. RUN. RUN.

    "Beauty is found within..."

    A flash of light.


    Adam came out of it, smiling awkwardly, "Yeah? Oi, let's go."
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  8. Mary smiled as Belle entered the dinner, signalling for the young girl to come sit at the table with her, she neatly placed her hands together in front of her, the cold touch of the surface of the table almost causing her to pull back.

  9. Kat walked with pride, his chin held high and his pale skin shimmering in the sunlight as he walked. He manged to see a small sign hang above Desk Town's Animal shelter, smiling he pulled the curved gold door nob, he took a swift step inside ringing the bell at the top of the door as he entered. Looking from one side of the buidling to the other, Kat could see their was more then enough dogs in the shelter for the picking, slowly walking past each cage, his eyes meet with the dogs, some wimpering and backing up, and others bursting with a explosion of barks, ramming the cages that blocked them from him. He gussed the curse didn't fool all beings, now did it? He was still truly a cat at heart.

    @I Saved Private Ryan
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  10. Lady looked behind her as she heard the bell above the fornt door ring, and the lot of dogs started to either whimper or bark like there was some sort of enemy there. She walked through the cages and turned a corner, coming face to face with someone suddenly. She yelled and jumped back, bumping into a cage. "Holy sh- hi! H-hi Mr. Chester. What're- how are you doing?" Lady stuttered a bit, holding onto her head because of the reoccurring migraine she had and pushed her fake orage hair back a little.
  11. Kat grinned wider then a child on Christmas when Lady came face to face with him, and shouted as she jumped back, bumping into a cage. Kat pulled his hands from his black dress pants, exposing a small black metal pocket watch in his palm, clicking a small button on the side the cover flipped open, showing that its hands were stuck on midnight, as if a curse was keeping time from moving. Scratching his cheek, Kat replaced the watch into his pocket, and looked to Lady as she begun to speak.

    "Holy sh- hi! H-hi Mr. Chester. What're- how are you doing?"

    "I was just in town for some business when a thought popped into my head," started Kat, his purple dress shoes clicking against the tile as he walked to a nearby cage, the small black pit bull crowding from within it.

    "I would love to have a cat, do you guys have any in this shelter?" asked Kat, his emotionless eyes moving from the pit bull to Lady, a small smile across his lips. His body was relaxed and looked fairly built, he would appear attractive if it wasn't for his sociopathic eyes, and spin chilling smile.

    @I Saved Private Ryan
  12. Lady watched as the creepy man walked up to a pit bull and it growling at him. After him asking about a cat, she thought about it for a minute. "Well," she looked away at how he was always smiling at her, she would've mistaken him as a rapist if he wasn't her neighbor. "The cats are mixed up with the dogs and they're in...the front." Lady said as politely as possible, without screaming at him to stop smiling.
  13. Upon entering Grannys diner Belle shrugged off her coat and hung it up onto the small coat rack. Feeling the warm air of Grannys flood over her, welcoming. Tugging her wollen hat from her head she also hung it up onto the rack with her coat.

    Running a delicate hand through her hair Belle clutched her bag in her free hand as she now turned her attention to the bustling diner. Morning rush, where everyone got thier breakfast and coffee to start thier day.

    Noticing her friend Mary, Belle perked up, a smile tugging onto her pink lips as she waved over to her. Then gestured for her to wait just a moment as she went to the counter to order her coffee and bagel.

    "Morning Granny, can I get a tea and a creamcheese bagel please."

    Belle smiled at the women as she nodded to her and got to work on her order. Leaving her money on the counter for her items she then with one foot in front of the other she made it over to Mary and plopped herself down into the booth seat opposite her.

    "Good morning!"

    Belle had always had a good feeling about people, a sense of people. Seeing the good or the bad in them. Mary had always felt like a good person. Belle was very comfortable around her, seeing a good friend in her.

    "Cold out today--OH thank you granny, looks delicious as always."

    Belle began to speak with Mary, only to be interupted when her order came over. Picking up her tea she took a sip, sighing as the liquid warmed her. It was the perfect start to the day, a good breakfast that would set her up for a long day running the library.
  14. "Here's the deal. Kid passed out over by the College. He was in Professor Bold's class," Roger said, his blue eyes a somber color. "Professor Bold? Isn't that the guy who teaches kids... Alchemy?" Adam rolled his eyes, seeing as he didn't believe in magic--

    "No, no. The study of Alchemy through the ages, or something like that. Anyway. Come on, we gotta go." Adam nodded, turning on the lights-- they had a kid to save.


    When they arrived, the student was on his back, eyes shut, skin flushed. It had been a hot day-- so the case pointed to dehydration.

    Adam broke through the crowd of people, his intent on speaking with Mr. Bold, "Sir, when did you last see this student well? And why were you all outside? Or was he late to your class?"

  15. (I will be off for the day, my Illness is keeping my mind filled with writers block. I'll be on here and there to post, and diffidently be on in the morning of tomorrow.)
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  16. "Well," started Lady as she looked away, he guessed his smile was something she didn't like to see, most people found his smile quite unnerving. "The cats are mixed up with the dogs and they're in...the front." spoke Lady, her tone polite.

    "Ah!" shouted Kat as he spun around, pointing at the front of the store.

    "There?" Asked Kat, his head turned to look at Lady, the same smile still sitting across his lips. Looking to where he was pointing and back to Lady, he threw his hand upwards, as if dismissing someone.

    "Don't answer that, I already know the answer." spoke Kat as he slowly walked, his eyes scanning the cages for a suitable cat. His eyes looked through 6 kittens and 5 grown adults before stopping, and staying a small polydactyl kitten, its fur black as the night and its eyes as blue as the sea. Kat grinned and lowered his head to the cage, and extended his fingers through the cage's opening, the kitten tilted its head, then mowed, taking a step towards his thick meaty fingers. Meowing once more, the small kitten tapped his index finger with its paw, then stood on its back legs, almost in sync with Kat's head.

    "Dear employee, I must have this kitten, how much is he?" called out Kat to Lady.

    @I Saved Private Ryan
  17. Mary sat patiently as Bell gestured for her to wait, then made her way over to the counter to order her normal morning food. Mary's mind was dancing with a uneasy feeling, as if something was about to change, as if everything was about to change. Turning her attention to the paper in front of her, she smiled as she reread the list of books she needed, she was hoping Belle would have the books at the library, and be able to deliver them. Wit Belle leaving her money on the counter, she made her way to Mary and sat in a booth seat opposite of her.

    "Good morning!" spoke Belle, Mary smiled and returned the nice gesture,

    "Good morning Belle." said Marry with the same smile she always had.

    "Cold out today--OH thank you granny, looks delicious as always." Belle begun to speak with marry before the arrival of her food, but only stopping to greet granny. Picking her tea up, Belle took a sip, sighing. Marry smiled, her perfect white teeth almost glimmering in the light, her green eyes moved to Belle and her soft sweet voice finally leaving her pink lips.

    "So, I was wondering if you had the fairtail book called Once Upon a Time, I would love to read it to my class." asked Marry.
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  18. The emergency team arrived shortly after Tony calling for them, pushing through the crowed a man dressed in a ambulance uniform stopped as he arrived to Tony.

    "Sir, when did you last see this student well? and why were you all outside? Or was he late to your class?" Asked the man, Tony's thick pink lips were in a frown and his eyes on Tyler, the unconscious student. Shaking his head, Tony looked to the man, his voice soft and bitter,

    "To answer all your questions, he was not late. He arrived early and stayed until midway of my class, he rushed out as if he was in a hurry. After my class finished and my students left, they all came rushing back telling me that Tyler was unconscious in front of the building, so I called 911."
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  19. Putting her mug back down Belle turned her attention fully to Mary who asked her about a book. Belle was very fond of books, reading was her passion. Her love for the library was unquestionable, so when someone inquired about somethinh specific Belle always tried to deliver.
    The speicific book Mary asked about though Belle knew of very well. She had found it a long time ago, tucked away in an old box with some other books now out in the library. It was a childrens story book, entertaining and quite interesting.

    "I do have a copy actually. It's never been loaned out before--not that I can remember."

    Belle took a few bites of her bagel and another sip of tea before continuing on. Belle had spent many a morning here at Grannys with Mary and a few other resisdents of StoryBrooke. It was a popular place to get coffee and breakfast, for everyone. A social hub, so to speak.

    "If you want I can go fetch the book and bring it to the school for you in an hour or so? I can open up the library a little later."

    Belle had always been a morning person, very happy and easy going, yet these last few days something had felt different, on edge so to speak. Her dreams of a strange castle and that haunting voice were getting more frequent. Maybe it was just her, maybe she wasn't resting enough. It just felt like she was...missing something?

    "I'm sure the kids will love it."
  20. Mary folded her hands together as Belle put her mug down, then turned her attention to her.

    "I do have a copy actually. It's never been loaned out before--not that I can remember." spoke Belle, Marry gave her heart warming smile, while Belle took a few bits from her bagel and another sip of her tea before continuing on.

    "If you want I can go fetch the book and bring it to the school for you in an hour or so? I can open up the library a little later." Marry held her hands together, excitement almost bursting from her. She was smiling as always and her outfit was as of normal, a blue button blouse and a white shirt.

    "I'm sure the kids will love it." spoke Belle. Marry held out a small 10x10 sheet of paper, a list of five or so book tittles written onto it, smiling she spoke with her soft and kind voice,

    "If your sure its no trouble to bring it by, would you mind grabbing these too, and taking them with you? The once upon a time book is for Henry, he seems to think we used to live somewhere else, that we used to live by a city named Boston. For as long as I can remember though, we always lived here. Anyhow, I just wanna read it to the class to see if it helps."
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