Once Upon a Time: A Story Rewirtten

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  1. For the curse was set, and your happy ever after would never come....
    Black Jack walked with Pride, his silk pants fell just past his ankles, landing slightly above his brown buckled shoes. His black silk cape dragged 2 feet behind him. Black Jack smiled as he passed the small crowds, all who held terrified expression and whispered to one another. He looked from one individual to another as he moved, finally stopping as he arrived at the end of the dirt road. Twisting his upper body slightly to the left he looked behind him, Black Jack's voice was colder then ice, and sharper then daggers.

    "I can hear you peasants....I suggest you all hold your tongue, before Illness strikes you all." said Black Jack, his voice rough and crackling. A man stepped forward, he wore small rags sewed together, his skin dirty and a odor radiated from him. His black eyes stared from the ground then to Black Jack, then he turned and looked to a young beautiful women who was also dressed in rags and covered in grime.

    "You can't do this to us....we aren't animals!" shouted the man, his bare feet taking another step towards Black Jack. Black Jack smiled, exposing pure black teeth that looked to sharper then any blade, and that's when his hand went upwards, a blaze of fire in gulping the row of houses behind the peasants. Blood curling screams erupted from the black flames, the crowds turned their eyes from Black Jack to the fires, then bowed before him, all expect for the man and the girl he looked to. The man glared with such angry that Black Jack could feel it from 15 feet away, Black Jack rose his hand once more, only to lower it as the man spoke again, red waves of magic twirling around him.

    "We know what you intend to do Black Jack!" Shouted the man over the sound emitted from the magic, Black Jack turned, then walked slowly towards the man as the magic surrounded him, a small smile sitting across his pale gray lips.

    "And what is that...?" asked Black Jack as he got closer to the man, almost close enough to touch the surling red magic.

    "Your curse will be broken! Just as the Evil Queen's curse was! Heroes will rise against you! We have made sure of it! For there are those who will remember their past, and with all magic, there is a price, and we will give our lives!" The man paused for a moment, the magic coming to a halt, exposing a elf with silk clothing, and squeaky clean skin.

    "Julia! Now!" shouted the elf, a blue and red mist of magic shot towards Black Jack from the elf and beautiful peasant women,

    "Haha," started Black Jack as the mix of blue and red mist collided with a Black mist that appeared invisible until touched, the collision lasted for only a moment, the magic vanishing upon impact. "You are too late, for when the clock strikes noon, the spell will b-"

    Ding! Ding! ringed the bell tower, proving the time to be noon. Black Mist seeped from the ground, covering all that it touched, men and women screamed, others ran, only to run into mist that meet them in another street, for the mist was in gulping the world.

    "For you do not understand my power elf! My curse is far more then that evil queen's, for it will enclose the world, all worlds, and send them to where I desire, to where I rule." Spoke Black Jack, his voice menacing and spin chilling.

    "Oh, but we do, for our magic was not to destroy you, it was a mere distraction." spoke the elf, his red magic pouring into the black mist, while the beautiful peasant women's blue magic poured into the black mist. The black Mist kept its peace, slowly enclosing the worlds, blurring everyone's vision, and sending them all to a place where a happy ever after was far more difficult to achieve.

    Three years later, Desky Island thrived, planting food upon farms that surrounded it. The farms gave more then enough food for its population of 2,500 people, not including the shipments of food that the mayor's bought from the mainland of California. Law rained across Desky Island, keeping large traces of peace among its people. Bitterness, Kindness, Curliness, Evil, Good, Happiness, Depression and insanity covered Desky Island from one end of it to the other, keeping a hold of its captives, for Desky Island had all they would need. Soon would they discover that not all was as perfect or enperfect as it seemed, for some would arrive to their happy endings, and others would fall to their graves. The wind blew cold with its 46 fahrenheit weather, the sky was clear and shining its bright sun, exposing the rainfall of the autumn leafs. Dark red, yellow, Orange and brown leafs spread across the forests floor, covering its wet and mushy dirt ground. Storybrook was business as normal, its citizens buzzing around with their daily lives, while all to oddly Talltail Meadows sat quite, barely a single soul among the streets. Black Cat's Night Club sat quietly in the sun, its black bricks and black tiled roof a beacon, awaiting for the darkness to return. Desk Town sat in a fire blaze of business, shops selling Candy, People jumping from one store to the next for late Halloween costume's for the incoming night, while all the matter the boarders of the worlds were cracking, and soon, very soon, man would meet magic.
    Jack moved from one desk to the other, pointing and smiling as he shot his orders towards his employees, commanding that the yearly Halloween Fest to be greater then the one before. His pale white skin almost shimmered in the artificial light, his black eyes moving faster then the speed of light as they darted between his forty-five employees.​
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  2. Robert sat at his desk praying the clock go faster, to bring an end to this boredom known as school. Just two more minutes till the bell rang and he would be at the shooting range with his bow. One more minute, Rob started to put his things away slowly so as not to get caught. Maybe he had a letter at home from Marian, it should be in any-RIIIIIIIINNGGGG!- "See ya teach!" Rob gathered his things and raced for the door with the rest of his class mates. After stopping by his locker to pick his book bag and books, Rob started his leisurely stroll to the shooting range.
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  3. ~Mirabelle(Dragomira)~

    A small sigh passed Mirabelle's lips, her breath visible due to the bitter cold, as she walked along the almost empty sidewalks. She'd been facing a severe case of writer's block; and she held hopes a nice, relaxing walk through town would help soothe that. Her sharp eyes scanned the dark and dreary land around her; the place known as Desk Town. Unlike many of the citizens who called this place home, Mirabelle loved this time of the year. There was something about the cold, and the dark, that just... Seemed... So familiar..

    'Rest easy, little Draco.. You'll be freed, soon... After all, don't you remember what our mother used to sing to us?

    ~The cold will set you free, and soon you'll surely see
    Nobodies' gonna comfort you like snow
    When the time is right, the ice will soothe your cries
    And the wind, will sweep away your sou-'

    Mira shuddered visibly, gasping slightly for breath. She pulled her jacket tighter around herself, face flushing. That voice.. It was hers. Who was Draco, anyways? And that song... Why was it so familiar..?



    Meanwhile, in Talltail Meadows, Seth was busy working away at Pride Rock Tavern; a local bar. It was that dreadful time of year again, and he was left in charge of putting up the Halloween decor. Lucky him... Though, admittedly, Halloween was the holiday that bothered him the least. After all... He did so enjoy the excuse for being able to go around scaring people. And, of course, the fact he could do so without being criminally charged or considered a possible danger. So, with that in mind, he reluctantly finished up setting up all the decorations. He glanced around at the interior of his workplace; evidently proud of his work. In truth? The place looked no spookier than before. However.. This was due to the fact that, rather than putting up silly normal decorations, the clever and witty scar-face had set a variety of unexpected booby traps. Heh, heh... Everybody best be Prepared.


    ~Yasmine(Princess Jasmine)~

    "Please, try to understand. I've never done a thing on my own. I've never had any real friends!" she saw herself exclaim, a tiger at her side grumbling unhappily. With that, the image of herself rolled her eyes. "EXCEPT you, Rajah.." To that, the tiger sighed happily. "I've never been outside the palace walls!"

    "But Jasmine.. You're a princess-!"

    "Then.. Maybe I don't wanna be a princess anymore!"

    With that, Yasmine shot awake, panting rapidly. She glanced around, rapidly; only to find, as usual, there was no tiger OR stout man in her room, and she was not a princess. "Crikey.." she muttered, rubbing her eyes. Suddenly, she registered that her alarm was going off, and her eyes widened. She was running late for work; again. Swiftly, she changed and got ready, throwing on new clothes, stuffing some poptarts in her mouth and rushing out the door. Then, she promptly hopped in her car and sped off towards Desk Town, arriving at the animal shelter/pet store under her humble ownership mere moments later. She rushed in through the backway, dropping her things off in her office with a sigh. Running a hand through her long, black hair, she peered into the main area of the pet store, not surprised to see that her co-workers had yet to arrive. Quietly, she gave another sigh, leaning on her office doorway to catch her breath. Sighing heavily, she threw on a jacket and rounded up a few of the dogs, taking them outside. As per usual, she was pulled along the sidewalk through desk town, the dogs paying no heed to fellow walking civilians and frequently causing Yasmine to collide with them. "Excuse me, sorry-!" she called apologetically as she was dragged along.



    With a deep breath, Addie Parker ran a hand through her wet hair. She'd just gotten out of the shower, and despite the cold weather, was garbed in only a crop top and denim shorts. A grin graced her features as she when about her usual morning jog, humming softly.

    'In the dark of night, nobody hears me scream.
    I cry and beg for comfort, but it seems no one's listening.
    What turned me into this, the monster I am now?
    People never notice, but my silence speaks so loud..'

    "Remember that song, father? The one I sang to you, when you and mother threw me aside?"

    "Listen to me, Adelaide.. It ISN'T what you thin-!"

    "SILENCE! I shall no longer listen to your lies, coward!"


    "How does it feel, father? For the roles to have been switched? For YOU to be the helpless, cowering, and scared one?"


    "TELL ME!"

    "It... It hurts.. Bu-!"

    "So I thought. Hm, hm.. Wi-"

    Suddenly, the memory stopped. A frown fell upon Addie's face at this. When was that..? And who was that? That couldn't have been here.. And, as far as she could recall, she had no father. With a soft sigh, she shook it off, and carried on. Before she knew it, her speed increased, and her normally quick and brief jog turned into her running laps around Storybrooke. Though, this was the darker side of Addie, the one who knew exactly who and what she was. And, what she knew above all else, was what she needed to accomplish; killing her parents. Luckily, for her fellow Storybrooke citizens, Addie typically wasn't in control; rather, her kinder and gentler split personality was: Lana, as she called herself. However, now wasn't the case, and as usual when Addie pushed herself out; she was set on completing her mission. Though, Addie's control fell short when she was crossing the street and tripped; over nothing.. A feat only the ultimate klutz could accomplish. This led to Lana pulling the reigns back in; pushing herself to her feet and scrambling across the road, carelessly with a small squeak of fright, as quickly as possible. As was her luck, she ran straight into someone!

    @Anyone who needs someone to interact with​
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  4. Chester Banks(Cheshire Cat)
    The man of grace, the man of debonair, the man...who forgot to open his shop! Chester had woken up late, again. Last night was a blur of dreams. A wonderful land, of magic and other wonderful things. A purple fat cat, that Chester could relate to. A red queen ruling over people. Chester was seeing things, he had never seen before. What was it? Who was that wondrous cat? He didn't have time to think, as he ran downstairs to open his shop.

    Chester's Outfits Galore, was the best and one of the only clothing stores in Storybrooke, so he made a great living. He was just never on time to open the shop, so people never came till later. Today was an important time, it was Halloween all around. People in Storybrooke would come to Chester for the finest costumes. He loved Halloween, it was a special day. You can be has weird and dark as you want, without people looking at you wrong.

    Chester went to the door to change the sign to open. He looked at the windows, they were as clean as ever. He gave a heavy sigh, today was going to be an amazing day. He looked outside to see Addie bump into someone, he shook his head. "That girl and her chaotic running." He laughed as he walked outside. He walked over to Addie and the other person. "Addie this is not how you meet people you know." Chester smiled as he looked at the both of them.
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  5. ✘Sorin✘
    Sorin always seemed to go into the Pride Rock Tavern and more often than not he just wanted to spend time there. Despite how much he didn't understand Seth and why he seemed to get more than irritated with him, he always found himself back here. His eyes scanned the room as he looked around. Halloween was around the corner and he had already started to put up decorations as his gym but honestly he could care less about it. He just knew he really had no choice. Walking in though he brushed back the red hair and grinned. "Well, Seth" He said. "Why do I get the feeling your Halloween 'decorations' are unorthodox and not normal?" He gave a small chuckle but sat down at the bar. "Normal" He still felt like something was going to happen and it put him on edge. After all, he knew he was a clever trickster of sorts. Shaking his head. @Savvy Savant

    Normally Belle never went over to Desk town to often. When she did it was for the pet shop that was there. She always bought enough to last awhile, after all, she had to keep her pets feed and Flippe was a heavy eater. She gave a small sigh, walking with her eyes scanning a book. Granted she had read it more often than she could keep count, but she still loved it and it was one of her favorite. She brushed her hand through the brown locks of her hair and pushed up her glasses. How could people no like books? They where full of so many wonders! She shifted just in time to see a woman with a few dogs walking and she blinked. "Ah, do you need help?" She asked closing the book. She always been the type to help when she could. After all, it was only right. "I don't mind" She gave a small smile. She knew who she was to a point, after all she shopped at her pet store over any one else's. @Savvy Savant

    Shang looked to the kids as they seemed to be ready to leave the class room. Granted he remembered a time when he was like that. Though he was still rather young, he had become a teacher in order to help out the kids. Giving a small chuckle as he watched them rush out after the bell had run he shook his head. "Wow, I remember when I use to be like that" Despite his attitude of diligence and commitment he still had that youth and so he could not really fault him, no matter how much he wanted to make them understand that they could not always have that mind set. Walking out though he headed to the shooting range. He could shoot a bow and he enjoyed it but he enjoyed Martial Arts better.

    Stepping onto the field he looked to Robert. He had seen him a few times and he could tell he liked shooting. "Enjoying yourself?" He asked grinning. He held his own bow, an old fashion bow. It meant it was harder to pull back and required more strength than say a compound bow, but he enjoyed it. It helped keep his arms in shape. "How long have you been shooting?" He asked calmly.
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  6. *~Elizabeth~*

    'Why am I so cold..? Oh yeah.. The ice and snow always make it cold..'
    She looked down at her pale, frost covered hands.
    'I have to stop that, someone will know about me..'
    The girl looked about the room, It was filled with snow.
    'Stop making it cold Elsa..'
    Her hands clutched together as she closed her eyes.
    'Stop making it cold..'
    The more she wished, the more the ice grew on the walls, reaching the ceiling.
    'Conceal, don't feel. Conceal, don't feel. Conceal, don't fe--'


    Elizabeth let out a groan at the loud blaring of her alarm clock. She sat up, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes and turned off the alarm. Why was she so cold..? Did she have a dream about winter? She usually did. Or something like that with snow in it. She pushed the blankets off her and rubbed her arms with her hands to try and warm up. She walked over to her closet and opened it up. Her closet with filled with a variety of sweaters in different shades of blue since the girl for some reason always found herself cold, no matter what time of year it was. She pulled out blue button down cardigan for herself. Making her way across the bedroom and to her dresser she took out a while long sleeved shirt to wear under it and a pair of dark jeans. Elizabeth got dressed and went to her bathroom, were she brushed her teeth, applied make up, and put her hair in its usual braid that swung over her shoulder. She walked out, setting her paper work and various other things in her satchel, then glances at the clock. She had just enough time to get a snack down by the local bakery. Elizabeth slipped her feet into a pair of back flats and walked out the house, humming to herself.


    "Mother please! I'm 18 now! I just want to see the world for one night! I want to see what those lanterns mean!"
    She pleaded with the woman.
    "Oh, hush up Rapunzel! They don't mean anything and they certainly aren't for you! your an ordinary girl! nothing special."
    The dark haired woman said sourly, then noticed the hurt look on Rapunzel's face.
    "Oh dear, you know what I mean. Of course you're special to me, but not to anyone else."
    She said, taking the young girls chin in her hand.
    Rapunzel sighed and looked out her tower window, then down at the many, many feet of golden locks attached to her head.
    She would go out someday..
    Somehow, she will explore the world and see the lanterns..

    Rachel frowned as she started to wake up to something walking on her face. What the heck..? Opening her eyes, she saw her pet chameleon had gotten out of its tank again. Smart little fella. Rachel smiled and lightly plucked the little guy off her face. "Hey Pascal, what are you doing out of your cage again? I thought I told you to stay put." She said with a chuckle. Getting out of bed, she went to hit little habitat tank in the corner of her room and set him carefully on a branch. Rachel stretched her arms and looked at the clock. It was time to open the art store she had downstairs. She lived in the upstairs loft of her art supplies store. She pulled on a pair of blue pants and a simple purple shirt, both items of clothing had paint stains on them, and headed downstairs. She pulled on an paint smock, again stained with various colors of paints, and headed down the stairs. She smiled as she turned on the lights and walked to the door, unlocking it and switching the sign from 'Sorry, we're closed' to 'Come in, we're open!'. Rachel pulls her long, waist length blonde hair into a pony tail and began walking through the isles, taking things that were in the wrong areas and putting them where they belong.
  7. ~Addie(Adelaide)~

    The blonde blushed heatedly, apologizing profusely to the poor passerby she'd accidentally collided with, obviously extremely embarrassed and guilty about what she'd done. The person she'd 'offended'(as she considered bumping into him in her mind), however, simply waved it off with an "It's fine, no worries," before walking off. She sighed heavily, about to turn heel and scamper off to avoid further embarrassment, only to see Chester now in front of her. The blush deepened, and she gave a sheepish look. "Oh.. You saw that?"

    ~Yasmine(Princess Jasmine)~

    The woman managed to at least steer through the crowds well enough to avoid running into anyone, but she still had troubles keeping the German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Pomeranian, and Doberman in check. So, the woman was admittedly thankful when a familiar face showed up. A shopkeeper can always rely on a frequent customer, she thought idly, offering Belle a flustered and sheepish smile. "It'd.. Certainly be appreciated," she chimed, pulling the dogs to a stop.


    Seth's gaze turned to the side upon hearing an all-too-familiar voice, his usual pokerface upheld quite nicely. In fact, he offered the man a smile(it was forced, but it wasn't like the male would know that... Right?), continuing to go about spiffing the place up. "Oh, Sorin.. You truly know me so well," he mused, bitter sarcasm hidden somewhere in his tone. He'd never liked this customer.. But hey; he didn't like a lot of people. Besides... A customer is a customer. "To answer your question; it's likely because everything I do is unusual."

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  8. When Rob got to the shooting range, he dropped off his school bag and picked up his archery bag from his locker. After firing a few practice shots, Robert heard someone talking to him.

    "Hey there, I've been shooting for as long as I could hold a bow. Man I have to say, your bow is beautiful. Takes a lot of skill and strength to work with it, mind if I give it a shot?" Rob asked with excitement in his eyes. A lot of the people who the shooting range seemed to think that just because of his age Rob wasn't that good. It felt refreshing that an adult treated him seriously about his archery. Rob gave another shot toward the farther back targets and landed a bulls eye.

    "oo de lally!"
  9. (I will be driving the plot forward this upcoming weekend. I will be mostly busy this week.)
  10. Jonathan was deep in thought as he walked down a pretty empty street of Storybrooke. It was a rather nice morning despite the chilly weather but the young man wasn't really paying the cold any mind since he had had the common sense of putting on a jacket before walking out of the door. The soft thudding of his sneakers against the pavement seemed unusually loud due to the lack of other sounds. Well, at least that would have been the case if Jonathan had paid any attention to it. Instead of minding his surrounding, the lad was rolling a name around in his head.


    The name was kind of weird and Jonathan had no idea who it belonged to. He hadn't managed to find anyone by that name from the island and despite the fact that the name felt really familiar, he couldn't figure out who this person was and why he felt so familiar to him even though Jonathan didn't know anything about him. Or her, it was best not to assume anything. For some reason, he had very conflicted feelings towards this unknown person. This Layne felt like someone important and close to him, someone he should remember of all people. However, on the other hand, Jonathan had an underlying desire to smash the guy's face in with a hammer if he ever did end up finding him. The young man pushed his homicidal desires to the back of his head as he pondered who this Layne could be. Perhaps he was Jonathan's relative, family members tend to have those I love you but I want to smother you in your sleep kind of feelings, right? If that was the case, why couldn't he remember anything else besides a name? Maybe-

    Jonathan's train of thought was rudely interrupted when he walked right into a streetlamp. A hollow clang echoed through the air as the lad's head collided with the streetlamp, followed by a thud as he fell right on his ass onto the cold hard concrete. Jonathan's hand flew up to his his forehead to nurture his very serious injury out of instinct and he hissed at the stinging pain. "Shit! That hurt, dammit! Who the hell planted a stupid lamp on my path!?" Jonathan proceeded to kick his heinous attacker after he was done with his angry yelling. The streetlamp made no effort to defend itself against Jonathan's furious words or the kick that followed. The lack of response pissed the young man off but his hatred was directed towards a piece of metal so expecting anything else would have been crazy. Mere objects were the worst ones to get hurt by since there was really no one else to blame than yourself. Embarrassingly enough, this wasn't Jonathan's first time walking into an innocent streetlamp. Walls, glass doors, door frames and trash cans were among his enemies as well. He never learned.
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  11. ✘Sorin✘
    Sorin looked over to him as he spoke. Granted he could tell that it was sarcasm but at the same time, that was normal. The two where odd he detested the male but he always came back. "Well, That is true" when his normal drink came to him he started to sip at it. He partly wonder how unorthodox they really where. The male would not really have them so bad that some one would get hurt right? He himself was still trying to figure out what to do with his own place. He knew he needed to do something, but at the same time, he really didn't feel like it. Though he was two prideful not to do it. That would just be weird wouldn't it. "So any plans for later?" He was just at this point trying to make small talk.

    Belle looked to the woman and gave a small grin. She was always willing to help when needed. She took a few of the leashes so she didn't have as many dogs to worry about. "How did you even mange up till this point?" She asked tilting her head toward her. It always amazed her just how far she would go and could go. Though she was not judging her, in fact she was amazed by it. Most people would have been dragged a lot worse at this point with so many dogs to try and keep in check.

    Shang looked to the male as he spoke to him. He didn't think like that, too look down on some one over their age. He was good and he would admit that. He blinked a few times and then smiled. "Sure" He didn't think a few shots would hurt. His aim was really good and he could tell that he had a love for it. "Why not aim for the far ones even with my bow?" He said shrugging. He knew it took a lot of skill but he had been shooting bows for as long as he could remember. Part of him wanted to see just how skilled he was. After all it still took physical strength to shoot a bow weather people realized that or not.
  12. ___________________________________________________________
    ♣Chester Banks(Cheshire Cat)♣
    Chester, looked at Addie and the person she had bumped into. Luckily the pedestrian, wasn't to upset. Chester turned back to Addie. "Yes, I saw all of it. I was opening up my shop." Chester couldn't help but smile at Addie. She was always off in another world, never paying attention. "So, where you off to now? Tonight is Halloween, when the bumps in the night, come out to play." He said making creepy noises and movement with his hands and feet.
  13. ~Seth(Scar)~

    The only response garnished to the reply he earned was a toothy, mischievous grin. After having given Sorin the drink, Seth simply returned to wiping down the bar top, daydreaming of how he could've put poison in the man in front of him's drink. But, he hadn't; he wished he had, but he hadn't. He wasn't sure why, but there was something about the man sitting there that he just despised with a passion.

    He quirked a brow at the question, glancing up from his cleaning. Though, it was brief, and he quickly returned to his doings. "..No. Why do you ask?" he replied, calmly.

    ~Yasmine(Princess Jasmine)~

    Clearly relieved to have a helping hand, Yasmine offered Belle a smile and small nod of thanks, glad she had a little less eager dogs to worry about. She chuckled softly at Belle's question, simply shrugging and slowly starting to walk with a firm grip on the leashes. "I'm not too sure, actually. I suppose I've just grown used to it," she mused, idly. "I do very much appreciate the help, Belle."


    "Oh.." she replied, simply, clearly flustered and embarrassed. Granted, she was used to doing things like this, considering how much of a klutz she was. She supposed that it was just a part of her nature; she was doomed to be clumsy. But hey; could be worse. She hadn't fallen off a cliff or anything, yet. That was a plus. "Oh, I was just going for my daily jog," she replied, giving a small smile. She only grinned at his movements, rolling her eyes. "Ha, ha."

  14. Rob gently took the strong bow, tho because of his build he had to hold it a bit differently from his own. Aiming a bit higher to compensate for his lack of arm strength and after taking a deep breath he took the shot. It hit the target just above the bull eyes, Rob scoffed and handed back the bow.

    "I'd say that was pretty good for a first shot, thanks for letting me give it a try. Maybe with more time I'll be just as good as I am with my bow. So how long have you been shooting? Seeing that you got a bow like that, this isn't your first time here." Rob a curious look wondering what kind of experience this guy had under his belt.

  15. ✘Sorin✘
    Sorin looked over to the male and thought about why he asked. After all it was clear they both could not stand each other but he kept coming back here. It was strange but he had no idea why he really asked. Was he going to try and get to know him? Perhaps he was just curious? Maybe that was it. He looked to the drink and took a sip. "Just asking that is all" It was true he was just asking, but for some reason he felt like he had another reason.

    Belle had always been a helpful person it just came natural too her. She never really understood the reason people where so mean. She gave a nod though as she began to head off with her holding a few of the dogs. She didn't think she could be around so many dogs, but at the same time she was fine with her horse. He was after all great. "So have you put your decorations up yet?" She asked glancing to her.

    @A Wild Sav

    Shang watch the boy shoot and he had to admit he had a natural gift for archery and that impressed him. "I can tell" He figured he would be good with his own boy if he shot with it a bit more. He blinked a few more times. "I been shooting since I was about four or five" It had been quite some time, his father always wanted him to shoot and he had practiced every single day. "You how long have you been shooting?"

  16. ~Seth(Scar)~

    There was a pause, before Seth absently nodded. "Ahh.. I see," was his only reply. He took a glance around, as though looking to see if there was anyone else around. This was most likely to see if he had any other customers he needed to attend to.. But very well could've been to see if he had opportunity to try to harm Soren. Not that the other man would realize this, though.


    A small, soft sigh of relief passed Yasmine's lips, and she smiled as Belle walked alongside her with a number of the dogs. "Again.. Thank you. I really do appreciate it," she chimed, sincerely. It was nice, not only having help with taking care of the dogs, but having company. Typically, the only companions the woman ever got were the animals in her shop.

    At Belle's question, she simply shook her head. "Nope.. 'Fraid not. Not yet, anyways.. And yourself?" she inquired, glancing at the other female. The thought was cut off, though, when Yasmine heard a man yelling. Her gaze turned to it's source.. A young man, who had appeared to have run into a street lamp.

    The woman came to an abrupt stop after rushing forward a bit, seeming to try to examine the man's forehead. "Oh, God.. Are you alright, Mister..?" she trailed off, unaware of the mystery man's name.

    @Finhawk @Sweet_Temptation
  17. Rob gave a look toward Shang, the man already asked that. But Rob remembered his manners and answered while taking another shoot.

    "I've been shooting for as long as I can remember, so I can tell you exactly when I started. Dad is a big hunter and he prefers to use a bow instead of a gun, said it feels better. I go hunting with him time to time, but his favorite game is foxes and I can't stand to kill one myself. Weird I know." Robert started to rub the back of his neck.