Once Upon a Hallow's Eve

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    Jimbo was working on yet another contraption, a robot type thing. It was supposed to open cat food cans like a can opener and then put the food into the cat's dish, but, with the week he's been having, it could und up setting the curtains on fire. Again. He was in his usual hoodie and jeans, waiting for his mom to get back rom the store and take him trick-or-treating. Maybe she would let him go by himself this year, or at least with his friends. He had the perfect costume: psycho murderous mechanic. He already had the blue jumpsuit with the tag that said his name was 'Crazy', and he had a big wrench with blood painted on. All he needed now was for his mom to get back and paint some blood splatters on his face. He estimated he had another hour before she got back, and another two before the moon began to rise. As excited as he was to go trick-or-treating, he wanted to finish his new machine just a little bit more.
  2. "Heard Halloween's comin'." He grimaced, Matt hated hearing his father's voice. "Ya shud just go out as yerself, You'd scare them all! Har har har!" That annoying laugh. He couldn't wait until his father finally left. As boring as Halloween probably would be, he might as well take the time to hang out with his friends. To be honest though, he thought it was unnecessary to get a Halloween costume; he had no money, his father gambled it all away. He put on his usual attire, his black hoodie, jeans, and his white sneakers. Of course, he was still paranoid, who knows what psychos could be out there? For safety, he took the knife he stole a long time ago, though he personally never used it, you never know..... A grimace formed on his face, "Halloween, time to see little kids run around in costumes to beg for candy." It almost felt.... degrading. Though, he couldn't say anything about degrading, he caught hell at school for who he hung out with. His friends were an odd bunch....
  3. Okay so maybe he was a little excited for the night. Rhys had spent the day in his costume. Sometimes he enjoyed school, like on days like this where they let you wear your costume to school. Spending eight extra hours as a vampire could never be a bad thing, especially with the kids he got to spook. Ah, Free-Candy-Day. It was a great time of year. Rhys picked at his long jacket for the millionth time, tapping his foot impatiently waiting for the sun to set and his parents to say he could go around the neighborhood. This year he could go alone. He knew the route, and as long as he didn't step foot off the beaten path, he wouldn't get scolded. The earlier he started, the more "good" candy that would still be left to rack up and the bigger pile he would have. Of course, they never let him eat it all, widdling it down to nil before he even had a say, but this year he had a plan. Fill up the whole back, and there was no way he wouldn't have at least half left when the two adults were done deciding which ones were "good for him". He smiled feeling brilliant. It was full-proof!
  4. Kimi was sulking, even as she stood still for her mom. Her mom had only been trying to make her happy but she'd told the older girl that she wanted to be a superhero, or a warrior princess. Her mom had missed the first part of the girls princess request and now the young brunette was sitting still in a fluttery pin tutu. Which, wasn't all that bad, it just wasn't what she'd wanted.

    "There, all done with your hair, now Pumpkin, why don't you put on those shoes?" Her mothers voice had gone soft at the end, as if trying to coax an animal. Kimi's eyes darted over to the pink pair of heals before giving them the best look of skeptism a seven year old was capable of.

    "I can't run in those!" The little brunette turned back to her mother, worry etched over her features. "If I can't then I can't proteg kids!" The seven year stumbled, and mispronounced the word protect. Her mother gave her a shake of the head before glancing at the clock.

    "Then go get a pair or your ballerina slippers." The older blonde paused before she kissed Kimi's forehead. "Behave for your dad, Mommy has to go now." The blonde said before straightening up. The woman called for Kimi's father while said girl fiddles with the layers of sparkly pink tutu. She really did like it, but it just wouldn't do like this. The blue eyed girl was frowning in concentration at the dress when her father came in, a shopping bag hidden behind him.

    "Have fun at the party, sweety." He bent and gave his wife a quick kiss as she headed out the front door.

    "Will do, keep a good eye on our princess!" The woman called back before the front door closed behind her. Kimi looked up from her thinking, father and daughter watched each other in silence as Kimis mom pulled out of the driveway. A moment passed.

    "So," Her dad pulled the bag out from behind his back. "I think your costume needs some modifications, what do you think?" He asked before he opened the bag to look through it. He'd stopped special on his way home to buy these things after he saw what his wife had picked out for their daughter.

    "What does MOD IF CAKE SHUN mean?" Kimi stressed the word out as she tried to say it right. However, her question was soon forgotten as her father pulled out a blue cape from his shopping bag. The cape was followed by an eye mask, tights and gloves in the same color. The seven year old squealed happily and tackled her fathers legs in a hug with a million thank you's springing from her lips. Her daddy always came to her rescue! The man chuckled.

    "Alright, alright Kimi, come on you gotta put them on so we can see what it looks like. You can put the tights on without mommy's help, right?" He asked the girl as he handed over the tights. Why on earth his wife hadn't thought to give the bouncy girl tights for her original costume was beyond him. The girl may be only seven, but the world was full of wierdos! Quickly, the seven year old donned the tights, right in the middle of the living room while her dad turned around.

    "Kay, done!" She chirped happily. her dad turned around then mutely began adding the hero accessories to the girls costume until before him stood.

    "Can it be? But it is! It's SUPER PRINCESSSSSSSSS!!!!!" He called out dramatically as he grabbed a blue sharpie from a nearby drawer and put A giant S and a giant P on the torso of the girls costume. Kimi giggled in delight. Her dad smiled, really, the girl had him wrapped around her little finger. "But wait! There's more!" He teased before he reached into his bad and pulled out a pink and blue pair of sneakers. At his daughters curious look, he clapped the bottoms together and watched as pink and blue lights flashed. His daughters mouth fell open and her eyes widened before another pleased squeal erupted from her lips. He handed them over mutely and the girl pushed them onto her feet as he pulled out a crown that lit up and a while town of glowsticks, the kind that turned into bracelets and necklaces. She'd be the most well lit girl in town. Father and daughter went about the process of decking Super Princes out in glowsticks. Then finally, her father pulled back. "One last thing..." He reached in and pulled out a flashlight. "I know it's not a scepter, but it'll have to do for now." he paused as the seven year old took it, turned it on looked straight in the beam before jumping away from the light, another giggle falling off of her lips.

    "Thank you, daddy! I love you!" Kimi glomped her father where he kneeled on the floor, managing to actually knock him over as she kissed his cheek like mommy did whenever she was happy. After a few grunts and some detangling, they both got to their feet. Kimi started to jump from foot to watch in excitement, also to make her feet light up. "Can we go now? Can we Can we Can we?" She asked, super excited.
  5. Dark was out with a bunch of older kids. One was the lader, 17-year old, with black hair and a scar on his left eyes. his name was drake he looked at her and said "Hey dark are you going to dress up its halloween arnt little kids sappoest to be dressing up" she looked at him with a glare "Nope im sappoest to be eating a birthday cake" she smirked at him. he looks at her shocked and finding this out. she has been her for for a year now so he didnt know much about her. "here birth day money dont spend all in one place" he handed hertwo 50's. "nice thanks" she said with a smile. "maybe Ill buy a costume tonight" they all laughed. "i better going need to dress up as a princess fairy" she said with a smirk and walked away. and as she walked away they all sang happy birth day. she turned to them and flicks them then runs off.

    Dark walks home. today was the day she was going to shock everyone. she was going to dress up. she had this hidden talent that no one knew she had. she could make costumes and outfits. to her it makes her feel like a girl. she walked into her room and pulled out her white gown with a sigh. it tock her a hole year to make it. thats why she was working with the gange. but she still going to work with them they make her feel wanted.

    she put on make up and a long black wig. she then put on the last touch she then she waited waited for everyone to get out of there home and get candy. she looked her self in the mirror and saw a different her. she bet everyone was going to be shocked.

  6. Abigail was following her daddy's heels since he picked her up from after-school daycare. The other kindergartners in her class were all excited about going trick-or-treating with their parents. Abby was looking forward to going with her daddy.
    "You gawtta huwwy!" Abby pouted. She was already dressed in her costume as Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. Her lion companion was wearing a little coat and top hat and would be going as the Mad Hatter.

    She had originally wanted to go as Dorothy, but Nibbleton thought it was too 'cliche' for him to go as the cowardly lion. She didn't know what cliche meant, bit she understood that he didn't want to be a lion for Halloween. She had agreed that this was a better idea. Alice's blue dress was cute and satisfied her standards, after all.

    "Alright, sweety. I just need to change into my costume and we'll be ready to go."

    Abby beamed and ran into the livingroom. She couldn't wait to go out and get candy. It was so much fun! And seeing everyone else's costumes, even if they were sometimes ablittle scary... She fiddled with her hairbow as she waited, but it fell out just as her daddy walked back into the room. She giggled at him: he looked silly with white rabbit ears and a fluffy tail. He was going to be the White Rabbit to match the theme Abby and Nibbleton picked. Her daddy knelt to fix her bow and helped her stand.

    "All ready to go?" He asked. She nodded vigorously and grinned while he pulled out a pocket watch. It was a fake prop, larger than a real one would be, but it still opened and closed. He opened it and pretended to look at the time, then mined being shocked. "Oh my! We're late! We're late, for a very important date!"

    This sent the little girl in a fit of laughter, which made her father smile proudly. He gathered their things, his daughter's candy bag, and held her hand as they stepped out into the neighborhood. The sun was almost completely set by now, casting weird shadows on the street and sidewalks. Abby's hand tightened on her father's and Nibbleton's as she looked around. This time of day was always so spooky to her.
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