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  1. *~Once Upon a Fairytale~*
    Fairytale started long before any of us were born, or even thought of. Fairytale started in the 30’s by an unknown creator and has grown into being the largest, most dangerous, empire for criminal’s this world has ever seen. Taking the once bright a cheerful characters from children’s books, and making them fit into their own sick nature. Fairytale is home to Princes, Princesses, and the supposed ‘good’ guys that once filled the pages of books, and imaginations of young children. Fairytale has forever changed the way people see Princes like Prince charming, and Princesses like Snow White, because these damsels in distresses, and knights in shining armor have come to take away pieces of history, and prized positions.

    Though a reacting force has come to light, with the potential to take down Fairytale, this force is called Black-Cauldron. They have grown to become strong, the strongest force that can break the walls of Fairytale, and ruin everything they worked for, but Fairytale isn’t going down without a fight. Seeing a government force come to power, Fairytale has worked hard to continue their operations and destroy Black-Cauldron…

    hings still weren’t how Valentina wanted them to be. Her mother was sick in the hospital with stage four cancer, and her father had been buried two months prior to today. She laid silent in her bed looking to the ceiling in thought. She was completely lost in her memories, hopes, fears, and work. Work. The one place she resented most of all, and she wasn’t talking about the Herbal Shop, she was talking about Fairytale. How she despised that place, not the people she worked with, just the place in general. The place that had ripped away her freedom, the place that made her scared to even leave the comfort of her own home. The place that knew all her secrets. She sighed and pushed the blanket down past her waist. The coolness of the autumn rain filled the air and touched her skin, sending shivers down her spine. She dragged herself out of bed and into her attached bathroom. She turned the knobs of her bathtub and let the hot water, of the shower, steam the room. She than undressed and stepped in. The shower always seemed to clear her mind and get her head in the game. Afterwards she grabbed a towel from a nearby rack and wrapped it around her body, and proceeded to get ready.

    After finishing up getting ready, she made her way into her kitchen. Valentina had lived in this house since she began her work with Fairytale, mostly because working with them put enough money in her bank account to buy the entire block out. However, that was not advised because that would draw more attention to her than need be. Pulling open her refrigerator, and pulled out the gallon of orange juice she had bought a week earlier. She poured the vitamin D enriched liquid into a tall glass cup. She then sipped the juice, as she moved to her front door. Opening the oak wood door, she bent down and picked up the newspaper. Valentina wasn’t one to read the paper, but ever since Fairytale started to make the headlines indirectly, she monitored them to keep ahead of what the public knew. Looking up at the sound of a bike bell, she smiled at one of the local teens, who seemed to develop a crush on her. She waved, and went back into her house. She than looked at the front part of the paper. Fairytale hadn’t made news, but they would sooner or later. It had been a month since their last heist, and Valentina knew that their little ‘vacation’ was merely that a vacation, and they soon would be back in action.

    Ever since the organization found out that they were being stalked by a section of the government called Black-Cauldron, everyone was in hiding or acting as if their cover lives were their real ones. Personally she hated it, she hated hiding, though she knew this was what she had to do. Hearing the alarm on her phone blare, she knew it was time to head over to the Herbal shop, though just as she grabbed her black bag and car keys, she heard the sound of her notifications. Looking down at her phone she read a text.

    Vacations over! The Marie-Louise Diadem, Louvre in Paris.
    -Unknown number

    Valentina sighed. “Here we go again.” She said allowed. She than put her bag back on the coat rack, and then grabbed a brown satchel. Along with her bag, she grabbed her bike helmet and made her way to her motorcycle. Straddling the iron horse, she brought the engine to life and made her way out to Big Ben. Most people didn’t know that Fairytale lied under the Thames River. Just as she was about to cross the bridge, she took a right and into a parking lot. Going behind a building, she descended a ramp to a small wall with a scanner. Taking her wrist, with a small invisible inked barcode tattooed on it, she scanned it. The small wall opened up and she rode in, making a sharp right and parked her bike next to some cars. Getting on and putting her helmet on the seat, she made her way to a small steel door. She scanned her wrist again and entered. Upon walking through the door she heard the greeting designed just for her.

    Welcome, Flynn Rider.” The angelic voice sounded throughout the entrance room.

    Valentina than went through another door, which opened up onto the main lab, full of computers, and large hologram of a globe that also was a computer. Walking up to a desk with a crown engraved on the side, she smiled. She slid into the chair and started to research the Marie-Louise Diadem and the Louvre in Paris.
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    t took five minutes and thirteen seconds to run his morning mile, Xander could have ran longer if it wasn’t raining. Opening up his front door, he walked in and shut it behind him. Looking around at his house, he sighed. These past few years were hard on him, considering the late nights, the missions, and the constant weight on his shoulders to catch his wife’s killers. It was exhausting to always work, but that is what his life.

    Finding his way into his bathroom, he started his morning routine of showering, dressing himself, and having breakfast. Taking a seat at his dining room table, he looked out the window. He started to think about his late wife, but at the same time he was tired of doing things for her, he wanted to do things for himself for once. He liked his job at Black-Cauldron, but he needed to find a new muse to continue going on with it. It had been a few years since his wives passing, and well he was perfectly okay now. It hurt, but it was an okay pain, a reminder of where he had been and what he had gone through. Sighing, he ate his breakfast.
    After sticking his dishes in the sink, which he planned on cleaning later, he walked to the door and grabbed his jacket, wallet, and keys. Leaving his house, he walked to his car and got in. Starting the engine, he drove away from the curb and on his way to Black-Cauldron. It would take a few minutes to get to the office, stationed at the 30 St Mary Axe. Which gave Xander some time to think about Fairytale. Who were they? Where were they? He still was unsure of that. No matter how hard they tried, Fairytale covered their tracks way to well. He sighed, every time they got close Fairytale slipped from their grasp. He shook his head and paid attention to the road again.

    Arriving in the parking lot, he parked and took his things inside. Walking through the boring and plain lobby, he pushed a door open that led to another one requiring a key card. Taking out his card, he swipe it and entered the elevator. Pressing the button that read “BC13,” and went up to the tip of the building. The elevator stopped, and Xander swiped his card again to prove that he belonged on that level. Walking into the open office, where the walls were just glass windows. Walking straight down the hallway, and then went into the far right office, he took a seat and looked through the computer files to see if he got any hits on Fairytale. Nothing, he sighed and let his face fall onto the desk.
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  2. [​IMG]
    "Om, Om, Om." The devastatingly handsome man meditating in the middle of the living room, was Frederick Banville, a.k.a. Prince Charming. It was his routine start of the day. It was how he stayed so calm even in the most hostile situations. Hostile was a part of his real job at The Fairytale Agency, it was something that happened all the damn time. After a twenty minute session, he got up and started the second part of his morning routine, hot yoga. He turned the heat up in his house, letting the sweat beads trickle down his face and chest. Hot Yoga was the new big thing in London, you sweat while stretching and in the process, becoming more flexible and lean. That would come in handy with his job. Frederick started to love his cover job of being a DJ more than Fairytale, but who would love to work for someone who's blackmailing them? No one, duh. After finishing his morning routine, he went to take a shower and change.

    After getting dressed, and tie-in his dreads up, Frederick went to his kitchen. He had a light breakfast, just some blueberry pancakes and strawberry flavored protein water. After that light breakfast, he went to his front door. When he walked out, he made sure to lock every single lock...twice, can't ever be too sure...especially in this line of business. Once Frederick got into his car, he started to play one of his mixes...he was really good at DJing, if and when he got out of the Agency, he would consider becoming a full time DJ. It would be fun, and not as dangerous. He got a text from an unknown number, talking about The Marie-Louise Diadem, Louvre in Paris. "Sounds super funnn!" He smirked and gave a sarcastic laugh.

    Once he made it to the secret building, Frederick parked his car and did all the tricks and backflips to get into the highly secured building. When the voice welcomed him under his Code name, he waved to the ghost like voice. Prince Charming, he was definitely no Prince...Charming yes. When he got into the real building, he saw that Flynn was the first to arrive. "Hey, Flynn. Looking as beautiful as ever." He gave her a genuine smile. Before Frederick got into the Prince Charming mode, he took a seat on the couch in the middle of the room. Everyone knew that Frederick had to mentally prepare himself, before he went around Conning People and being a criminal.

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    The feminine looking man was in his Queen size bed, just waking up from a long nap. He had a glorious last night, he was the bell of the ball...literally. Giovanni/Giselle, had attended a high society party. Usually she only goes to parties for business, but this time she went for pleasure. Yeah, you heard right, I said she. Giovanni is a man who dresses in drag, and uses the beautiful name Giselle. At her job at Black-Cauldron, the agency determined to take down Fariytale, her alias is Maleficent, the most devious diva to ever be created...other then Giselle of course. No one knows that she is really a he...except one special person. Getting up and heading to her glorious bathroom...she would return in her glorious magnificence.

    Giovanni was now Giselle, the true her. Looking in her giant full body mirror, she wrapped her real fur shawl around her porcelain soft perfect skin. Smiling at herself, and putting on her blood red lipstick she cropped up her hair and after an hour of primping and prepping she was...still not done. After two more hours, she was finally done. "I am the prettiest there ever was, Darling!" She diva walked down her staircase, swinging open her house door. She got into her beautiful violet colored car and drove to Black-Cauldron.

    Making it to the building, Giselle showed her her key card to get scanned. Once she went through the process, she went into the offices. "Hello my beautiful fans!" She Princess waved to everyone in the building, they were all so use to it, they just waved back to her. She spotted Hook, giving a devilish smirk, Giselle glided over to him. She put her hands on his shoulders, giving him a massage. "How's my favorite pirate doing today?"

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  3. Amari K. Evans


    "No, stop! You get on one side and she'll get on the other."

    Amari shouted out to the small children who were learning to swim for the first time or just splashing around in the water at each other. He hated the morning shift, but he'd gotten use to it after some time. Because he had to get the earlier shifts, it meant that some of the kids weren't as active as they would be in the evening or possibly at night, so that was always a plus. Dealing with screaming and crying? That was the downside to it all, but of course it's something you'd just have to deal with when working as an instructor. He actually thought about instructing adults or teenager's, but quickly put it out of his mind since he probably wouldn't have much patience with them. Sighing, Amari jumped into the water and grabbed one of the children that weren't following the rules then sat them in a chair. He didn't like sitting them out for awhile, but it was something that had to be done if they intended to not listen to him and do what they please. "Alright, you're gonna have to sit it out for a few minutes ok?" he said giving a small nod. The child looked down at his feet then nodded back and Amari gave a small grin before patting him on the back and going back over to the other children while keeping an eye on the sitting duck. After about ten minutes, he left the boy go back into the water after giving him a little chat, which he seemed to take since he didn't act up the rest of Amari's shift.

    The car ride home was a bit stressful, so much traffic and so little time he had to get ready to leave. As soon as his home came into view, Amari quickly got out and went in to take a quick shower and eat something fairly light so that he could just say he ate enough not to have his stomach growling all day long. He huffed lightly and looked around the house for his card for Fairytale. Ah, Fairytale....Amari hated it and he didn't have much of a problem showing his emotions towards it. He was pretty sure that everyone did, so he didn't mention it much. Grabbing the card with a blue and red chain on it, Amari slipped it onto his neck then jogged out of his house and into his vehicle. He thought about the building for a moment then smirked and mentally thanked his grandparents once more. They had paid off the house for about twenty years, maybe more than that. Right now he was more than able to pay for any bills that came with the house, but still he was grateful that he didn't have to worry about anything like that for the time being. The thoughts drifted away from the male's mind as he pull out of his driveway and down to the HQ, somewhere he was not at all new to. Parking his car beside others, Amari came up to the scanner and swiped his card then another time when he reached one inside the building. "Welcome, Prince Adam." the voice said. He smirked and stuffed his hands into his pockets before walking into the main room. Prince Adam, it was certainly something Amari joked at for awhile. He didn't know if it was their intentions or not, but Amari knew why he would be given that codename; because of his temper of course. He hadn't gotten to a point where he turned into a "beast" in a long time, but it could happen if he was pushed too far. He looked into the room and waved at everyone, "Flynn, Charming." he said greeting them kindly with a smile then took a seat at his computer. He looked over at Flynn for awhile and smirked, he had thought about doing the same thing he was doing, but it was going to take more than a few minutes of meditation for Amari to get ready for anything. He admired the fact that someone did it though, one less person going off at something and storming out to who knows where.

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  4. [​IMG]
    Alex handed the scalding coffee to his customer with a smile. He enjoyed working here for the most part, if only for the gossip he was able to hear around town. This last month had been nice, without having to worry about running off. He washed his hands and glanced at the now empty coffee shop. It was getting somewhat late which meant that business was starting to slow up a little. He went to the break room and took a seat while some red head got up to take over the counter. He hadn't really learned any of their names, he never had the need to. Fairy Tail had gotten him this job and he was able to do it well. He ran a hand through his hand and took a sip of some hot chocolate that he had made earlier. He got up and stretched before heading out again, his shift was almost over so he figured he might as well work during it.

    Once his shift was done, he walked out to the parking lot and got in his car and started driving. There wasn't a lot of traffic which was nice, it meant that he didn't have to wait forever to get home. However soon enough, the apartmet building came into view. Fairy Tail had wanted him to get a house of some sort but Alex hadn't wanted one, he had never really had a home before and he didn't feel like starting now. Plus the apartment was loud and fun while a big house just for him would of been too quiet for his liking. He went in and waved to the security gaurd before going up. He didn't know their name and he doubted they knew his but he didn't mind, he just wanted to shower and eat and sleep, as he had taken a night shift the day before and an early shift today. He jumped in the shower and when he came out, he saw that he had a message from an unknown number. Grabbing a apple and some coffee, Alex got dressed and got back in his car.

    He drove up to the building and threw out the eaten apple before putting his wrist under the scanner "Welcome Olaf" the sweet voice said and he grinned and entered. He wasn't sure why his nickname was Olaf, but it was a fun name so he didn't mind. He entered a room where some of the others already were and sat down at a unoccupied computer "Hey Flynn, Charming, Adam. Guess our vacations were cut a little short huh?" He said with a smile and logged on.
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    "Tell Angela that Kelso turned me down, not the other way around. Theres no reason for him to try and get any of my models" Oscar said into his phone and turned back to his computer. He normally didn't come in all that often to the office but he had been pulled in about some sort of meeting. He turned his chair to look out the window. He had a great view of the courtyard outside, and any drama that happened out there. He sipped his tea, for it helped calm him down in times of stress. He had been away from Fairy Tail for only a month and he was worrying about his collegues. He knew he shouldnt, it's not like he really knew any of them. He knew their medical records of course, but not actually them. Oscar stood up and stretched, the meeting was going to start soon. He picked up his newest design and placed it in his bag, planning to add some things to it later.

    Once the meeting was over, Oscar grabbed his stuff and left the building, he didn't really need to be there for the rest of the day. His job was to design and maybe sometimes make some of the clothing but that was it. He was not involved in any of the beauracratity. Fairy Tail had set him up with this job after he refused to go into the medical field as a cover, and he enjoyed it. He spent most of his days drawing and listening to music, which was a nice change of pace. He drove home, getting stuck in a little traffic before arriving at his home. Fairy Tail had given him the money to buy this house, so he didn't really think of it as his but it was nice enough, he paid the bills as they came in and didn't worry about it all that much. Plus the walls were thick so if he had a nightmare he wouldn't wake up any neighbors. As he made himself some food his phone pinged. Seeing it was from a unknown number, Oscar sighed. "Looks like the vacation is over" he said to himself before making some tea into a thermos and grabbing his bag.

    When he arrived at the HQ, he scanned his wrist he heard the voice say "Welcome Mad Hatter" and then entered the building. He walked into the room where everyone seemed to be and leaned against the door frame. "Hey guys, when your done and all the other field agents are here, i need to do some physicals real quick just in case anything changed." He said and walked over to where he normally worked, the medic station. He placed his bag on the desk and put his thermos next to it. He sat in the chair and glanced around. Nothing had changed in the room that he could see, there was still the three beds and all the things he would need if something happened. He took a sip of his tea and leaned back, waiting for everyone else to arrive.

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  5. [​IMG]
    Esperanza Castillo-Desrosiers
    Undercover Ops

    "This neighborhood is just wonderful for bringing up a non able bodied child." Esperanza said as she led the husband and wife through the foyer of the house on 12 Fern Lane. The house was nestled in the middle of a medium sized property with a quaint forest behind it, as well as a few large trees to use as cover, in front of it. In addition to that, the neighborhood that the house was located was mostly populated with retirees and nuclear families. She'd been trying to sell the house for days, but everyone who saw it complained about the surrounding forest and the fact that the house wasn't included in the neighboring school's lines. However, this current family had a deaf kid that they doted on and home tutored.

    Esperanza didn't like to assume on most occasions, but for this time only, she would assume that these people were going to say 'yes'. They loved the architecture, the forest, they even loved when they spotted a moose a few yards away from the backyard fence. And, they loved her. The mother had told her repeatedly that she was so happy that the real estate business had someone like her in it and the father had nodded with his approval. Normally, Esperanza didn't like having her disability highlighted on like that and she most definitely didn't like to be treated differently because of it. But this house had been on the market for quite some time and she needed to get it off her hands. So for the last three weeks, she had played the part of the real estate agent with tourettes who was just so lucky lucky lucky to have made her mark in the field.

    "We'll take it Ms. Castillo!" The wife blurted out suddenly and Esperanza spun on her heel to face them. Clapping her hands together and letting her elbow shake for just a moment before stilling it, Esperanza grinned. "Spectacular!" She squealed. "I'll draw up the papers, papers, papers ers and bring them to you tomorrow. I truly enjoyed doing business with you all." She said, before exiting the house.

    Her drive back home had been spent laughing wildly and whooping in her car at finally being able to get that damn secluded house off of her hands. She didn't spend much time at her house, as she needed to get to her real job, the one that made her want to tear out her hair and cry. Grabbing a bagel from the pantry and covering it with a thick coating of low fat cream cheese, Esperanza exited the house and headed to the Fairytail lair. When she arrived, she scanned her wrists and stuck her tongue out at the disembodied voice that said, "Welcome Genie." She entered a few minutes behind Mad Hatter just in time to hear him mention physicals. With a grimace, Esperanza trudged past her coworkers with a wave and entered the lab. She hated the physicals.

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  6. Our Darling


    "I spy myself a fish," a head popped from the desk far off in a corner, a perch in and of itself; a perfect view of each and everyone of the filed away people, typing away, whiling away—wilting away. The head grinned, donning a smile among smiles, whilst the eyes followed the very steps of a pair of high heels and long legs.

    "Out of water," he finished, finally coming to a stand.

    Another all nighter, evident on the caked red pinching the entire left side of Coriolanus' face. Many had likely complained at his habits and disregard for the couch they'd shoved this far up the building specifically for this purpose. The couch couldn't offer the security with which he needed for a restful sleep; the faint glow of his computer and the obvious discomfort of the keyboard smashed against his face, in this arena of their's, provided the only comfort he could ever seek. However, the red tinging the outside of his irises had only worked to betray him. Cory still required sleep and the droop of his cheeks further suggested that.

    Exhausted? Likely not. And that, he would quietly wait for, until he let his body sink under the pressure, lead and steel tumbling into the likely soft cushions of a bed.

    For now, the Cheshire made do with giving his coworkers his best, most obvious smile, having already scoured his drawers for a nice brush and some paste.

    The previous night still rang clear in his head, the botched delivery and the subsequent loss of a few valuables in the mix. Of course, he wasn't to blame. No one dares blame the cat, otherwise they'd likely get more than just his claws. That didn't mean any of the agents currently working with him hadn't expressed their disgruntled dissatisfaction. And that didn't mean he wouldn't overload each individual earpiece with his own grunt. They hadn't been pleased upon return and a few had to deal with temporary deafness for the remainder of this week. He'd only allowed a small modicum of satisfaction to cross his lips, though the wink was particularly saucy.

    That had earned him a light talking to, which only further disgruntled his lack of agency in these situations. Both he and the government walked on quite even ground when it came to Cory's disregard for anything serious. They had each other in a bind, so to speak; they couldn't rid themselves of an asset such as he and he couldn't leave this small section of London without landing himself in Wicklow Hills. Damp grass and the heat of rot. They didn't expect him to be on his best behavior, but they did expect a modicum of respect. As much as he'd rather have them earn that respect, they at least deserved his gratitude and that, clear as any, was what Cory gave them.

    Respect came last.

    Aside from his minor misdemeanor, Coriolanus didn't much step on eggshells this wonderful morning—and if he did, he'd rather be dancing along them. It would have been how he'd approached the current situation, but the likely six hour cat nap he took left him groggier than usual. That didn't leave much to the imagination, however.

    "I'm unsure one can announce a favorite when no one else contests a position. I can't quite sink a hook into that, now can I?," Cory practically purred, a half-lidded gaze on the two whilst he lean against the wall to his side. His eyes flicked up, catching the caked face of someone more than recognizable. If he had it in him, he'd have rolled his eyes to boot. "Ah, as figured: moderation doesn't suit you. Quite a drag, isn't it? Or am I mistaken?" he rolled out his words, smiling as he did so, into a wide maw that left his blemish outstretched. Self-consciousness be damned this early after sleep. Cory's eyes dragged further down

    "Quoth the Raven," Cory hummed with a light chuckle playing along his words, "'more, more, more!'"

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  7. [​IMG]

    It wasn't a mystery why his sleeping quarters was located in the farthest wing of the dormitories. Nor the fact that his door was the only one in the entire building able to be locked from the outside apart from the custodian closet. The obviously placed precautions were to be expected and Jack didn't exactly mind being separated. Besides his superiors specifically stated that he was not there to form bonds but to further his usefulness to the Black Cauldron. And he was so far following instructions spotlessly. From the moment he entered the building Jack had only interacted with one or two people. The person in charge of the operation and a security guard who kept fidgeting with his hidden weapon holster as he directed him to his room.

    Laying there surrounded by bare walls and crisp white sheets made it seem as if he never left the labs. A flash image of a silver needle had Jack grimacing as he averted his gaze from the harsh artificial lights. A digital clock resting on the bedside table captured his attention. The glowing green numbers informed him that it had been approximately three hours and forty one minutes since he had arrived. In normal circumstances he would be completely comfortable with staying holed up in his room if it weren't for the insistent hunger pangs that clenched his lower abdomen in uncomfortable knots.

    Eating must have been what he'd forgotten to do for the past two days. With a bit of resignation Jack rose from his bed and approached his door. A second of silence passed as he listened for any noises on the other side before exiting into the halls. A habit that he resigned himself to a long time ago. Call it overly suspicious but being cautious comes with his line of profession. Traveling through the very clean cut corridors he wondered if the others were also living there. Although he doubted that they were restricted to twenty four hour surveillance and could possibly be able to have their owns homes if they wished. The prior information that he had been granted was very vague to say the least. The only knowledge he knew about his...co-workers were their age, job description, code names, actual given names, birth dates, physical description, and gender.

    The reason being is just because they don't want him to 'make friends' didn't mean he should be unable to tell the difference between a random civilian and his own team mates. With that thought Jack questioned if they were aware of his presence at all. So far no introductions were made (which he was thoroughly thankful for) nor had he the liberty to meet anyone from the list of individuals he'd been given. Either they were very much conscious of his existence and were avoiding him like the plague or they were completely oblivious. They should know who he was title wise but he was unsure if they would on the physical spectrum. Fifteen minutes of contemplation and wandering later Jack came to a stand still.

    Looking about his surroundings it dawned on him that he was very much lost.

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  8. [​IMG]
    Sean Anthony Fields

    " Sir the bike costs twelve hundred dollars and I already tried bringing the prince down to nine twenty but that's as low as I'll go" Sean eyed the middle aged man who scratched his beard and then looked at the bike and mumbled something under his breath.
    " Come on man what about seven fifty? That's a good deal man". Clearly the man didn't understand that he already tried to reason with him the first time in dropping the price and now he was trying to drop down even further like he would be stupid enough to say yes.
    " Look sir I already told you either you pay nine twenty for the bike or don't get it at all. That's the lowest the bike is going for, no negotiations". His look was stern and he eyed the man who to what it seemed like was looking for some sign of weakness or change in Sean's voice but their wasn't any. The man sighed and broke the eye contact first and then slapped the money on the table while he waited impatiently for Sean to count it and once he was finished he released the bike to the man.

    " Another guy trying to talk his way into a lower price on one of the new bikes" Michael the co owner of the shop appeared from the back with his famous stained work shirt from fixing up the bikes and his cap pressed low that it almost covered his eyes.
    " Yeah they tried all right but still made them pay the price" Sean smirked while drumming his fingers against the counter and watching as some new customers walked on in. He had been working at the bike shop for about six months and it was a decent job...well aside from the real one he had that brought in all the money, the job that he despised more than anything. Fairy Tale. Working for them wasn't something that he woke up one morning and decided to do, it was something that he had to do and nothing more. Sean found no pleasure in working with them but they had helped him and in fair agreement he had agreed to work for them.

    Fairy Tale made sure that he was paid well, that much was certain but Sean didn't go around and by new cars or expensive things. The one thing that the company prized more than anything was their secrecy and that meant no causing a scene or drawing attention to yourselves. You were to go about your day to day lives and cover jobs until needed for an assignment. Sean didn't hate the people working there though, in fact they were pretty decent people and he assumed that they weren't there by choice either. Once his shift was over Sean climbed into his car and then drove to his house. Just seeing it made him sigh seeing as how when he was younger he always said he'd have a good job in order to buy a house, he never thought he'd have to do what he was doing in order to get it.

    As soon as he set foot in the front door his phone went off and when he checked it Sean stared at the screen for a moment before he groaned and then placed his phone on the table. Guess break time is over with. After showering and changing into some more formal clothes Sean grabbed his phone and then slid it into his pants and proceeded back to his car.


    The ride was't that long although Sean wished that it was. He kinda enjoyed working his job at the bike shop and actually hanging about like a guy who had a care in the world because in a way he was starting to believe it and then every time he did Fairy Tale would snap him back into reality with their missions/ assignments. Sean walked into the building which was quiet except for the two men who stood watch in the front engaging in small conversation, no doubt to pass the time. He walked past them and then into the scanner that read the code on his wrist and the computerized voice that read off his code name spoke, " Welcome Hansel". Once the doors opened he stepped inside seeing that he wasn't the first to arrive not that it bothered him, in fact he was kinda glad. " Hello everyone" Sean spoke giving a small smile as his eyes took in everyone before taking his seat and logging on. He ran his hand through his hair and then turned in his seat only to twirl a pen between his fingers not really wanting to start and looking for a distraction.
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  9. small.jpg
    Looking up from the keyboard at the sound of a familiar prince’s voice, Valentina smiled. Charming was well always charming, and she saw him as a friend and ally. “Why thank you, Charming. Not looking too bad yourself.” He admitted, before turning her attention back to the task at hand. Val never liked going into a mission without knowing ever little nook and cranny of the place first. If there was ever an emergency she needed to know how to get out without being spotted. However, Val’s specialty wasn’t in fact knowing the layout of the enemies land, it was being the muscle. She may have been a girl, and small, but she packed a tremendous punch. After years of MMA, Karate, Shooting range competitions, and degree in chemistry, she could kill anyone without breaking a sweat.
    A good ten minutes passed before she heard another walk into the room, it was Prince Adam, and she offered him a wave as she typed away. Though she printed off a few sheets about the target itself. It turned out the crown was a part of a set, but it was the most important part of it. It had been passed around from royal to royal, the first being Empress Marie-Louise, the wife of Napoleon 1. Sighing as she looked through the sheets of papers, she stood from her desk and went to sit on the sofa by the den.
    By now Olaf had entered the office, as well as the Hatter. Giving them both a smile, she spoke softly. “Yay, just what I wanted to come back here with all of this, instead of living my life.” She chuckled. “Just perfect.” She sighed. Listening to Hatter speak of physicals, she didn’t mind them, though she wasn’t in favor of them either. “Fine, Hatter. If you must.” She spoke again.
    As she sat there, she noticed a small shift in the air. She always felt this shift whenever a certain someone came in. Genie. Valentina hadn’t started out with a dislike for Genie, but then Genie became more of a loose cannon then an agent. Val liked to make sure she knew everything about the place before going in, and well Genie liked to do things on a whim. Though then again, she never had to watch out for her. It was a go in and get out on your own terms kind of deal. Besides they never did things the same, she was undercover, Valentina was an Elite Field Agent. She was one of the few that actually retrieved the item.
    Adjusting herself once again, she heard one the only voices that seemed to brighten her day in the hell hole of Fairytale life. Hansel. She still didn’t know anyone’s real names, mostly for precautions in case one was to be caught they couldn’t give real names. The less they knew the better. However, Hansel perked her interest tremendously and well she always wanted to know more, but never seemed to make it past the occasional work conversation. Though for some reason, Hansel made her shy and nervous to speak with him. She felt like a little girl again, trying to get over the obstacle separating her from him. When he said hello to everyone, Valentina only managed to wave.
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    Xander heard the clicking of a certain woman’s high heels, and as soon as the clicking stopped the back rub began. Lifting his head off the desk, he turned it just enough to see Maleficent. “Your favorite pirate would be doing tremendously better if and when we catch this ass wipes.” He said. He had nothing towards Maleficent, in fact he enjoyed her company, a little more than most others. She was a nice woman, and well made an amazing friend. Thinking for a moment about what they could do to find them, Xander figured that they would need tremendous luck. Just as he thought of luck, he came a certain cat who seemed to have more depth to himself then half of London did. Cheshire. “Hello, Cheshire.” He said. He didn’t mind Cheshire, but sometimes the fact he spoke in riddles made Xander a little ticked, but he never really exploded. He understood being different to a point, but at the same time he saw the guy as an asset to the team.
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  10. ella.png

    The stiletto heels were talking to her again; right through the thick glass of the bespoke shoe store. Their soft black suede and red bottoms were so reassuringly expensive. How could anything ever go wrong with shoes like that? The soles were thick and the stitching perfect, the heel just the right balance between femininity and practicality. But she had to wait until her next paycheck and pray no emergency expenditures came up. Because if something else broke, she just might have to declare these stiletto heels an emergency too, required to keep her sane at work. Just knowing they were on her feet would just be so good. She could stand at her computer lab basking in their reflected glory, not that anyone else would notice, but she would know.

    Ella bit her lip before succumbing to her sweet temptation, ignoring all the cries of her credit card and bought the shoes without a second thought. Oh, how she loves shoes! She got a closet full of them from sleek winter boots to heels that spoke of carnivals and nightclubs. Some say her shoe obsession vapid, self absorbed and frivolous. Maybe that's why she's called Cruella, due to her obsession to fashion, especially shoes.
    Wearing her new bought heels and admiring them for a moment, Ella realized that she's running late for work, which means she needs to hack into the system and tamper with her records once again. "Bloody hell. This is the fifth time this month" she muttered to herself before quickly running to work.

    Arriving at the building, Ella looked frantically left and right as she made her way to her lab, not noticing the figure standing in the hallway. Crashing onto him and falling on her rump, she sprained her ankle and snapped angrily "Ow! Bloody cock sucker.. Watch where you're going!"

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  11. Our Darling


    A deep hum lifted the Cheshire's throat and the smile he bore remained simply for Xander. A tinge of something sparked his eyes the moment he slunk around Giselle to prop himself upon Xander's shoulder. His tongue clicked in time, the intonation of clockwork, and his eyes gave a sidelong glance. It would, in that instance, leave a light air of oddity, unhelped by the Cheshire's lack of boundary. The perpetualness of him took hold of the silence and monotone he pervaded. He never truly stopped smiling, even with his fingers snaking over Giselle's hands to weave through the hairs on the back of Xander's head. His eyes took sight of the work placed in front of him.​

    He smiled wider.

    "You realize that the quickest way to find a shadow," he purred, leaning in to rub the side of his head against Xander. His other hand propped in front of them, "is to look down." And then he vanished, a quiet smile and a laugh down a lone corner.

    The smile found his way through the halls, a vague memory for most. His hands wore holes in worn out jean pockets and the slap of rubber along tile could barely reach the ears of those chatting, flush against walls. It wasn't until he'd found a lone hall a few steps down that he finally found something that caught his attention. He found that the lady's attention focused solely on her physical self and the man's—Cheshire could only smile. Unabashed lostness. Regardless, he paid his focus to the girl, appraising her with his smile. Of course, he wouldn't offer a hand. No, the smile was quite enough.

    "It must be a Thursday," he offered, situating himself behind the man—he had a knack for calling him Wolfy, but Cory was quite certain he didn't appreciate it. Not like he himself appreciated it. He shrugged.

    No beat between his words, Cory gave Jack a look. "No strings, darling Wolf?" he smiled with a tilt to his head, "then why the frown? If there aren't any to hold you down."

    He moved to the wall, eyeing the cameras in the back corner of the hallway. He wandered around, feet slapping quiet rhythms behind Cruella. Taking a pause behind her he looked down and then back up, to offer Jack his reassurances. "I wonder," his eyes locked onto Cruella's shoes, "who put those on you?" He took that opportunity to crouch beside her, "the pauper with her cinders or the leper with his hands?"

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  12. Louis K. Westly


    "Holy shit!"

    An excited and amused Louis shouted out as a building exploded before him. He and a few others have been working on different science experiments for a while, trying to see whether they could blow an entire building up with one explosion or not. Today was that day they were gonna put all their work to the test and fortunately, it worked the first time around. Ash and debris floated to the ground and a huge black stain replaced the spot where the old building once was, what better way to start off the day other than an explosion? After making sure it was safe, the crowd cheered and celebrated a bit before departing to go their own ways. Louis loved science, more than any other person he knew, but there was something about explosions and crashes that made his interest in it grow. He took about a two hour trip back home so he could get ready to go to work, "I'm home, Home and Ginger." he said then smirked as he tossed his white coat onto the couch. His cat came meowing and running down the stairs to greet him followed by purring and nuzzling up against his legs. He leaned down a bit to give her a few pets then walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast and such, he wasn't in much of a rush since he did get up quite early and he didn't need to be at his job just yet. His phone had went off a couple of times, but one message in particular caught his eye. It was something from one of his friends who was still trying to mend what had happened a long time ago. Lou never bothered to pay attention to the person, he said he was going to forget about any and every one who disowned him in the past and he meant it. He didn't feel that hungry anymore after the message stayed on his home screen for awhile, so the male got up and disposed of whatever was left. Lou had stopped at the kitchen sink and sighed while running both of his hands through his hair, he did not want to think about past thoughts right now. Besides, today felt like it was going to be a good day...at least he hoped.

    There wasn't much else to do while he waited for it to be time to go, so he fell asleep then woke up to find out he had slept a bit too long. Snapping awake, Lou rushed to grab his keys and bag before heading out of the door and into his car. He didn't know why, but the temper sure did rise in the short amount of time he spent inside his house. He didn't mind it much though, at least it wasn't freezing cold. He was a bit disappointed that he had to get up from his slumber, but not too much simply because he didn't mind getting out and about. As he came up to a stoplight, he dug through a few random items in his glove compartment to find his glasses and slipped them on. Immediate relief came to him after that now that the sun wasn't burning his eyes and blocking most of the vision of the cars and signs ahead of him. The last time he tried to drive with the sun blinding him, he almost rammed his car into another one. He certainly did not want to have a repeat of that, let alone having his vehicle actually succeed in damaging another one. He probably wouldn't have a problem paying the fees, but seriously no matter how rich you were, no one wants to pay for crash damages.

    When the Head Quarters came into full view, Louis parked up on one of the decks and got out of his car humming to himself with a little pep in his step. He started to sing out loud as he exited the elevator to step onto the grey carpets of the interior. " We were victims of the night, the chemical, physical, kryptonite-" he stopped when he almost walked pass Cruella and Cheshire. He took that time to pull her up on her feet. "A backless dress-" he twirled Cruella around with his one arm then picked up whatever she dropped and handed it to her. "....And some beat up sneaks. My discothèque, Juliet teenage dream." he danced around Cheshire and winked before walking off. " Oh, don't you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me. I said, "You're holding back, " she said, "Shut up and dance with me!" This woman is my destiny She said, "Ooh-ooh-hoo, Shut up and dance with me." he sung while going down the hallway. Spotting Giselle, he smiled and walked up to her before singing to her. "Deep in her eyes, I think I see the future. I realize this is my last chance. She took my arm, I don't know how it happened. We took the floor and she saidddd..." he gave her a peck on the cheek before going to his area and placing his bag down. He had first finished off the song then actually talked to everyone, "Hello beautiful people." he said before sitting down in his chair.

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  13. [​IMG]
    Frederick was in a trance of sorts, not paying too much attention to everything and anything surrounding him. Everyone knew that in this state, he wasn't being mean if he ignored you...but he literally closed the world around him. People use to ask him how he did it, he would just tell them, "It's simple, Mind Over Matter...if you believe the world is empty and quiet, it will be." Frederick always has a Legendary Quote somewhere in that beautiful head of his. When he did come back to Earth, he did notice that most of his comrades had walked into the building. He waved at everyone, giving a wink towards Adam. Standing up, he went over the grouping.

    "As long as you don't linger in my lower region to long...like last time, then let's do the physicals, My Good Boy." He smirked at The Mad Hatter, he loved teasing the red head, it was all out of love though. He turned to Adam giving him a smile. "Sooo...Adam, what's been going on with you?" He and Adam had gotten close during their time in the Agency. Hopefully they would find out each others true names soon...and maybe even more about each other. Who would ever think that Prince Charming & Prince Adam would become so close? Frederick didn't think so, but it was fun to discover.

    When Esperanza walked into the room, Frederick could feel the tension coming from Flynn, he gave a shutter, then he smiled at Esperanza. "Hello Espe, looking as devilishly beautiful as ever." He just couldn't turn off that charm, if someone had put a gun to his head, he would still try to charm the pants off of the gun wielding idiot. Frederick is a very observant man, he noticed how Flynn's demeanor turned from cold, to girly and nervous when Hansel came in the room. "Smooth, real smooth Doll." He went back over to Adam, to finish their conversation.

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    Giselle felt an annoyance coming on, she turned to see Cheshire stride over to her and Hook. Cheshire was like an annoying older brother to Giselle, he could be super irritating sometimes, but she still loved him...mostly. He was the only one who knew her secret, even though he did dangle it over her head on occasions, she knew he would never tell anyone unless she wanted him to. "Oh Cheshire, you slay me. Too bad I don't have any catnip for the little guy." She patted him on the head. When he said the word drag, and he tried to play with the word, she huffed. "Be careful now, cats don't actually nine lives...not even you." She gave a dark, yet seductive smirk his way.

    When Hook talked about trying to find the Fairytale Agents, Giselle swatted her shawl in disgust. She hated those lowlifes, good for nothing, criminals. "Well get them in time...in due time, my lovely Pirate." She was about to walk to her desk when she heard a woman screaming her head off down the hall. It only meant one lady was here...Cruella the other diva of the Black-Cauldron. Giselle really liked Cruella, being that they both took nothing from the men in this building, always speaking their mines.

    Before Giselle could greet her fellow diva, Oz came over to her. He sung to her, which made her blush. She batted her eyes at him, when he kissed her on the cheek...she nearly passed out. "My goodness, you sure are Oz...a man of magic and mystery." She took a minute to get herself together before she went towards Cruella. "Cruella my dear! Those shoes!!!! They're to die for." She went over and gave her a big embrace.

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  14. ella.png

    as Ella glared at the man who bumped into her, Cheshire suddenly popped out of nowhere and didn't even dared to help her up. She hated boys without manners. Can't he see that she needed help to get up? Trying to stand, she felt her sprained ankle throb which made her fall once again, not liking the Cheshire now crouching so close to her and admiring her shoes, asking her his mind boggling riddles once again. Sighing and putting a hand on his cheek, she smiled "I have no idea what you're talking about my dear. You do know that I don't like riddles, right?"

    Ella then heard someone singing coming their way and looking up, she cannot help but smile even more as Louis, helped her up and twirled her around as he sings. It was a bit hard to twirl with a sprained ankle, but somewhat she managed. Murmuring a quick thanks to him before he disappeared, a sudden hug was given to her by no other than Maleficent. "Maleficent" she greeted, not even surprised that she noticed her shoes "I know right? These babies are made out of deer skin. Isn't it amazing?" she cooed, shifting all her body weight to her right foot so that her left won't be injured even more. "anyway, I was supposed to change my records on my lab but it seems like it doesn't matter anymore. So.. care to tell me how you're so beautiful in the morning?"

  15. [​IMG]
    Adamira Jenivrae

    Addie shifted slightly in her seat, trying to relieve the intense ache in her lower back. She had never really flown before, and she was really regretting picking coach for her first time. Her muscles had been tense ever since the turbulence the plane had when it and first taken off. She had seen it in movies, but experiencing it in real life was a completely different story. She sighed softly, leaning her head back against the seat and glancing carefully at the man beside her. They had been in close quarters for the past hour, and every time she glanced at him she received this creepy look, making her feel nervous and awkward. She had meant to ask him if he could get a bag for her from above, but she lost her nerve every time they made eye contact. She took another deep and shaky breath, turning her attention to the window, wishing the flight would end soon and she could be free of the awful discomfort.

    Seven hours later Addie struggled of the plane, offering a meek smile to the attendant as she quickly made her way out of the line, trying not to drop any of her bags. She had a suitcase full of equipment, another full of her own belongings, and then her bag full of necessities. She sighed, trying to look for a place she could make a call without being in the way of anybody. She went into a corner, setting her bags down and calling her uncle. He had forced her to promise to call him when the plane landed, being so worried about her going all the was across an ocean. She tried to assure him it was fine, that it was just a promotion, but he didn't care. And she already felt so bad about lying to them, so she figured a call was the least she could do. She sighed after hanging up the phone, looking around and trying to find the exit of the busy airport. She quickly walked out, wanting to get some fresh air and try to catch a cab, or whatever they had in London, to get to where she needed to be. She was already late, though it was hardly her fault. The plane had been delayed, so there was not anything she could do. But she still hated the idea of walking in late and messing things up. She looked down at her phone, going into her messages and looking at the address she was supposed to be at.

    Someone put a hand on her shoulder, causing her to jump. It was an older man who had made a note of how lost she looked. She smiled at him when he offered to call her a ride, and she thanked him profusely before slipping into the car. She showed the location on the phone to her driver, who got her there faster than she had thought he would in the traffic. She thanked and payed the man, waiting for him to leave before walking away from the building like the next set of directions told her to. She walked over the Thames bridge, then across a parking lot and behind a building. She made her way down to the entrance and tried to figure out how to get in, looking at the scanner with a bit of excitement, having never encountered the technology in person before.
  16. zuiv55rs2jwy1h1ga6e6.jpeg

    The blush on Valentina’s face darkened as Charming took notice in her stare at Hansel. Was it really that obvious? She sighed and looked back down to her papers. Scanning the paper again, as she took mental notes of the item itself, a blinking red light on her screen. Looking up, she read the message. “Suspect at Gate” Valentina sighed and clicked on the surveillance camera that was in the scanner. Noticing a girl there trying to figure out the gear, she laughed. “Looks like we got fresh meat!” She called out. “I’ll be back.” She added. Standing up from the desk, she walked out of the office. Going through the welcome tunnel, she came out into the underground parking lot. Going to the gate, she scanned her wrist on the inside scanner, and opened up the gate. Looking at the girl, she smiled. “You must be Rajah. I’m Flynn Rider, but you can call me Flynn. Welcome to Fairytale.” She said with a cheeky grin. She felt a bit sorry for the girl, she didn’t even know the world of hell she was about to enter into. She then motioned the girl to follow after her. "Come on, it's best not to hang out in the open." She noted.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Adamira Jenivrae

    Mira jumps, standing straight up and dropping her bag, then bending to pick it up sheepishly. "Oh, uh... hey. Sorry, i didn't, uh.... okay." She stutters, blushing brightly with a shy wave before fallowing the girl in. "I was, uh, just looking at the tech. Heard about it, but its fresh off the black market, so haven't really seen it in person before." She mumbles, trying to keep up wit her bags. "I, uh... do you have a place i can stash my bags? The plane was delayed and i was already late, so i didn't have time to unpack, or even visit my hotel." She says, glancing at the bags she was tugging along behind me before her attention shifted to the things around the room.

    She offered a shy smile to the people inside, though her eyes were more focused on the computer system they had, identifying its possible strength and how to work it. She snapped her attention back to the women in front of her. "Oh, and its nice to meet you, Flynn." She says, smiling at the women as she readjusted the bag on her shoulder. ​
  18. Sean Feilds

    Sean sighed as he leaned back into the chair and then up at the ceiling. Why did things have to be so complicated that he ended up where he was now? That was the question that kept running through his head over and over again. In all honesty he had a pretty decent life before Fairy Tale came along and he didn't know if their name was just to make things even more obscure or they just had a thing for making everything sound and look better than what it truly was. Mostly all of his partners were there now and he took a notice as to how everyone greeted him but Flynn who gave nothing more than a subtle wave. His eyes lingered on her for a moment but he didn't speak. At least not yet.

    For the most part his relationships with the other workers at Fairy Tale was nice and simple. He didn't hate anyone and vise versa. Sean was able to have casual conversations with the people around him, that for the exception of Flynn who had caught his attention for some time. They however can never actually break off from the simple hello or how ya doing. He wanted more even through he knew it was selfish on his part but still that's how he felt. Nobody knew anything about anyone except for their code names as safety precautions, that is unless you want them to know of course but Fairy Tale didn't recommend it.

    Sean had no problem with Mad Hatters psychical although he was way to lazy at the moment to get up and have them done right away and for the simple fact that the only body change was that he had picked up some more muscle from training and the daily work outs. When Flynn spoke up about someone being fresh meat Sean sighed and then looked on his computer at the camera and watched as Flynn greeted the young woman that would be referred to them as Rajah. Fairy Tale always kept everyone up to date on new arrivals and those who were no longer with the organization. When the two came inside he gave a small smile to the newbie and then he turned his attention to Flynn. " I see you like escorting the new ones here. You should have been the one to escort me in when I first got here" Sean joked.


  19. ~.~Alissarose~.~
    The redhead locked up her beautiful home, and smiled as she headed to her truck. This was her dream house and job and she loved it BC payed well, she had been with the company for four years and she loved working for them. She made it to work more or less on time, because she was the company hacker and tech specialist she pretty much got a free pass. She skipped in through the doors and up to the 13th floor to see how the others were her office was one of the bigger ones and she worked down in the hospital as well when she was needed. She avoided the others because of her awkwardness. She skidded around Hook's office to hers which was next to his and immediately sat down and her computer immediately logging in quickly with her code name and hit another button on the underside of her desk four more screens came up. "Welcome Ursula, do you wish to begin where you left off yesterday?"

    The fem voice asked her, "Yes bring up the files from the last robbery please I have a hunch and my fingers are itching." She said with a smile and pulled down her glasses from atop her head and set to work while biting her bottom lip, streams of code displaying across the screen rapidly as her eyes and mind took everything in that was being displayed in front of her. She began typing away at her keyboard determined to crack the code that they kept leaving whether they realize it or not. ​
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  20. Valentina
    Valentina giggled a bit as the girl stumbled over her words. “It should be fresh of the black market, we just put it on there not that long ago.” She mentioned. Hearing the female talk about her situation regarding the hotel, Valentina nodded. “The company should have you up in a house by the end of the week.” She said, as she pushed open the door to the office. “You can stash your bags in the back room.” She said. “Down that hall…” She pointed across the room. “Last room on the right.” She told her. As she began to walk away from the girl, Rajah mentioned it was nice to meet her. Valentina sighed, turning around with a smile. “Rajah…” She stopped herself from warning the girl. “Make sure to get your tattoo from Hatter. It’s like your pass card, the only way to get in the building. And your desk is over there.” She told her, before turning back around and walking to her seat.

    Valentina felt completely bad for the girl, even without knowing what the girl had gone through to end up here. Though here was worse than anything she had gone through. Constant chance of death, always living a life of secrets, never having real friends at the office…never being able to be yourself. She sighed again, and looked at her screen.

    Just as quick as she looked at her screen, was her attention taken away from the screen. It was Hansel. Looking at him, she didn’t believe that he was actually saying something to her other than “hi.” Was she not even in the office? Nope, she was here. “Um….um.” She fumbled over her words. She laughed and shook her head. Get your head in the game, Valentina. She smiled. “Yeah, I wasn’t a team player back then.” She informed him. Turning her attention back to the screen, her heart was pounding.
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    Xander looked up from his desk when he noticed someone moving on the outline of his desk. It was Ursula. Normally Xander took virtually no notice in other people, but Ursula caught his eye in a different way. However, he would never make a move or try something seeing this was strictly business with his co-workers. Though at times he knew he needed to get back out onto the dating scene, but he couldn’t with a co-worker. It would be like work around the clock.
    Sighing, he went back to his work on his computer. He wasn’t a hacker or anything, but he did know how to piece together past heist and show a pattern. Although this pattern wasn’t even a pattern, it was a code unknown to man or computer. This was impossible. After search a bit through some of the past heist that hit the news, he stood up and walked to his board, which was close to Ursula’s office. He paid no attention to the girl, seeing as he was in his zone. Looking at the board, he wondered who was even apart of this cast of villains. Even with Cheshire, they couldn’t pin point who these people were.

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