Once Upon A Curse

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  1. Gone. The crocodile had slipped right out from under his fingers, and had fled the town, going in search of his son. This meant his revenge would have to wait for only God knows how long, and he couldn’t afford to be stuck in this town for that long. There was no option of leaving without magic, seeing as if he steps over the town line, all of his memories will leave him in a flash. He just couldn’t do that, so now he was in search of a way to get back to Neverland using magic. He only knew of a few who possessed the magic he would need; Cora, Regina, the Mad Hatter, the Crocodile, and the Giants.

    Cora and Regina had disappeared after he had reunited them, claiming they had important business to take care of, leaving Killian behind. The Crocodile had left town, as before mentioned. Giants were nowhere to be found, and were no longer in possession of any more magical beans. That left the Mad Hatter and his hat, the one that could transport him back to his home. So now the captain was in search of the man, in search of this magical hat that could take him home.

    The town was rather interesting for the pirate, everything so new and confusing. He’d never seen technology before, and was rather interested in learning more but he was more interested in getting home. Limping down the street of Storybrooke, Captain Hook was still feeling the effects of getting hit by a car, an odd contraception that awed him. He was looking for the Mad Hatter, or Jefferson as he went by. He would make Jefferson use his magical hat to take him back home, one way or another. After all, Captain Hook was a pirate and he would find any way to make someone help him, whether it be a good or bad way.

    Pushing his good hand through his hair, Hook had asked several people already where he might find Jefferson, and trying to keep away from Emma, he was making his way to the man’s home. He didn’t want Emma to catch onto what he was going for, especially if he would have to use force, he knew that the Sheriff would try and stop him. He couldn’t afford that, not when he was so close to getting back home. Then again, he wondered what she would think if she knew he was trying to go home, to leave Storybrooke and probably never return. Would she be sad that he was going?

    A gentle smirk slid across his lips, as he thought about how Emma would react. He believed she would be sad, especially how fond she was becoming of him. Chuckling deeply to himself, Hook held his ribs as he continued down the road. He was just around the corner from the man’s house, and now he needed to find a way to make sure Jefferson would actually help him.
  2. Jefferson walked quietly down the hall of his mansion sized house, trying to not make a noise. He was also exaggerating his every movement, knowing fully well that his young daughter was watching him from further down the hall. It was a day off of school for her and he just couldn't deny her a thing. Especially if it was something as silly and simple as playing hide and go seek. So he had covered his eyes and turned his back on her, shouting out random numbers as she had taken off to hide in the house. He figured the game would be easy but seeing how badly his daughter was at hiding made him chuckle softly under his breath. It had also lead to his current ridiculous behavior in the privacy of his own home.

    Because it wasn't every day that he crept down his hallways pretending to look for a giggling girl as if she were a needle in a hay stack. Suddenly he stopped in front of a door, pressing his ear close to listen to the sounds coming from the other side. She had left the television on in her room, a very clever move on her part. Well it would have been clever if she wasn't such a poor hider. Jefferson didn't let on that he knew that though, instead he just looked around quickly as if checking for anyone watching him, and then grabbed the door knob. Slowly he turned the knob, leaning into the wood of the door and moving it open. He popped his head into the room, knowing fully well that his daughter was taking full advantage of his back being turned to run down the stairs and to the front door. She knew the rules, no going outside during the game. It was cheating. But they both knew that she did it anyway.

    So in record time he had her bedroom door closed and was taking off down the hall after. He reached the stairs just in time to see her look back up at him from the doorway but was gone just as soon as her eyes went wide and small gasp escaped her lips. The door slammed shut behind her and he had to stop just to laugh at what he had just seen. "Grace!" He called out, knowing she was already half way around the house or climbing up the tree house he had built for her. "That's cheating!"

    He gave her a moment to get where she wanted to be, since he figured she'd be easy to find, and then headed down his staircase slowly. It was in these moments that he liked to reflect on all that had happened to him in his life. Losing Grace was like losing his wife, unimaginable and yet it had happened. The pain he had gone through...It had made him do horrible things. Things he still didn't want to think about. Like drugging Emma, he thought with a grimace. It had been in poor taste but needed in the moment. He was just glad that now he had his daughter. But he was still lonely, always craving more. Hard not to in this strange world, especially with a kid.

    Jefferson's hand closed around the knob of his front door, easing it open. "Grace! You know cheating isn't allowed!"
  3. “I can assure you I am no Grace, and I prefer not to call it cheating.” A smirk slid across his lips as he looked over at Jefferson, having no need to knock on the front door as he had watched the little girl run from the home and around the corner. He could only assume it was Jefferson’s daughter and the man would be following close behind. His assumptions had been right as he now looked over at him, grinning as he gently fingered the tip of his hook. Having seen the girl come out of the house and around the corner, he now had his advantage over the man, and a way to get him to do just as he wanted.

    Pushing off from the pillar he had been leaning against, Hook moved to stand in front of the other man, fingers still playing with the silver hook. The grin on his lips was wicked as he knew just how to make this man do as he pleased, “Now Jefferson, I have a deal to make with you. And I can assure you, you won’t want to turn this one down. Not if you value your beautiful daughter’s life.” Captain Hook was indeed a cruel and cunning man, having no need to worry of others or their feelings when he needed something done.

    He needed to get back to his land, and he wasn’t going to let Jefferson prevent him from getting there. He was going to force him into helping him, and he didn’t care what or who he threatened in the process. Of course, Hook wasn’t one to harm children, but he always had spots open on his ship. And a girl like her could certainly do well for cleaning it.
  4. Jefferson instantly went rigid, taking an automatic step back into his house. He hated to admit that he was coward, but when random threats were sprung on him it was kind of hard not to show it. His heart rate picked up as he glanced around the yard, gaze searching for the small child that belonged to him. The sickening plunge it took when he didn't see her caused ice to spread through out his body, a cold kind of fear. "Where did you take Grace, exactly?" The amount of strength it took him to keep his voice strong and steady seemed almost impossible to him.

    A deal? He thought frantically in his mind. The only thing that anyone in this town wanted him for was his hat, and it had been destroyed months ago. Not to mention it had only caused him trouble, and the loss of his Grace. That was an experience he would never have again, not if he could help it. The sight of a dirty blonde head was enough to allow Jefferson to breathe normally again, and for a small smirk to spread across his face slowly. "I'll assume you don't know. In fact," He said as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, looking back at the man before him with a new found confidence at knowing his daughter was fine. "I bet you think I'm stupid enough to fall for a bluff from a man who looks like he's been hit by a train." A soft chuckle escaped from him as he rolled his eyes, unimpressed. "Try coming back when you actually have something of value to say."

    Then he paused, a hidden fear still lacing through him for his daughter. But he knew a threat he could make that all residents of Storybrooke tremble in some sort of way. "And if you try threatening my Grace again...I'll be sure to let the sheriff know that a man with a hook stopped by. I'm sure having only one hand is a very rare thing." His smirk grew into a slightly off and insane looking smile, a sign that he was very pleased with himself.
  5. Chuckling darkly at the man’s words, Hook simply shook his head as he smirked over at him, “You take me for a fool? I won’t do anything to your precious daughter, not yet anyway.” He looked back over his shoulder before looking back at Jefferson and stepping forward, “I can only assure you though, decline my deal and the next time I see her, she won’t be in this town any longer. And knowing that you can’t leave this town, there won’t be many places for you to hide.”

    Playing with the hook attached to his left arm again, the man grinned wickedly as he searched his face, “I’m going to let you keep your daughter, so that each day that you deny me what I want, you’ll have to see her face and know soon enough you won’t be seeing it.” When Jefferson mentioned that he would be telling the sheriff about his visit, Killian smirked as he looked down at his hook, “I take it you’re speaking of Miss Swan. Telling her wouldn’t benefit you. I’m sure she’d come after me, but getting away from her is quite easy.”

    Looking over as he saw the little girl once again, Killian smirked widely as he watched her for a few minutes before looking back at Jefferson, “Now, you can accept the deal or in a few days, I can guarantee you will never see your daughter again. She might be great use on my ship, and even more when she gets older,” his lips formed that famous smirk as he looked over at Jefferson.
  6. Once again Jefferson took a step back, losing his footing for a moment by how fast he jerked back. His hand gripped the door as he struggled to keep upright, a little hard once his nerves had been frayed at the scare of losing his daughter. "There are always places to hide, Mister...." He used his free hand to gesture in the air wildly, showing he didn't know the strange man's name nor did he care. "Whatever your name is."

    His eyes landed on his daughter again as she made her way back to the house, probably curious as to why he father wasn't playing any more. "I can assure you, my friend," My friend was said in more of a 'please get out of my house' way then friendly. "That Miss Swan does her job very well." To a degree, anyway. For once he wished that his daughter could read his expression, could tell that what he was doing right now was not something he wanted her to walk in to. But, of course, she couldn't. "Now please get off my property."

    And then the man said the worst thing possible. Jefferson hated to think about his daughter growing up and being 'put to use' with any man. The very idea drove him mad, madder than when he use to be the Mad Hatter. The hand on the door clenched tightly, digging into the wood, but he was polite enough to not punch the man in the face. "It's kind of hard to accept a deal from a man who's so rude. Especially when I don't even know what the deal entails." His glare could have melted ice, at least that was how he felt in that moment.
  7. Chuckling as he watched the man lose his footing, Killian shook his head before lifting his hook as he shook it gently, “I prefer Captain over mister,” he said as he continued to look over at the other man. Letting his hook fall back down by his side, he sighed heavily as he rolled his eyes, not caring to offer his name over to Jefferson. He wouldn’t need it in order to do what Hook intended of him. Moving his other hand over his ribs, the man hide his grimace and continued to grin at the other.

    Noticing something out of the corner of his eye, Killian looked over to see the young girl coming their way, obviously curious as to the stranger at her doorstep and as to probably why her father was acting the way he was. Smirking as he looked back at Jefferson, the man shrugged, “I’m sure Miss Swan does a lovely job, but I can promise you she won’t be able to stop me.” Lifting his hand, he rubbed at his chin as he looked down for a moment and then back up at Jefferson, lightly smirking once again.

    “Ah, I may be rude but I’m quite sick of getting denied what I want. And that would be a way to get home,” he spoke as he looked at Jefferson, letting him know exactly what he wanted from him. He needed a way back home and quick, and he needed this man to do it. If not, things wouldn’t end well for him or his daughter. “Now, you will be assisting me with that, or when I do make it back, I’ll be taking your sweet daughter with me.”
  8. Jefferson tapped his foot impatiently when the man didn't leave at once. "Okay, Captain." He muttered under his breath, eyes only on his daughter. It was as if he was willing her to stay rooted to the spot with only his gaze. And for a moment Grace's footsteps faltered as she took in the look on her fathers face. Come on, Grace, don't be a fool. But just as quickly as she had stopped she was once again on her way back to the house, a small and shy smile on her face.

    "A way home?" Jefferson said, mulling over what this person was getting at. But he felt so rushed, not wanting to discuss such matters in front of his daughter. She had made him promise to never take on another world jumping job, knowing that that was the reason why they had lost each other the first time. "Well you need to catch up with the times, Captain, because I don't have a way back to our world." His gaze slowly slid back over the man, bored and uncaring. A mask to cover up the current worry flowing through him as his daughter grow closer to them.

    "Papa?" Grace asked as she stopped just behind the strange man, eyes glued to him. Her gaze only flickered over to Jefferson briefly, finding herself up able to stop staring. Her interest was especially sparked when she noticed the shiny hook in place of one of his hands. "The game hasn't ended yet, has it?"
  9. Chuckling as he shook his head, Killian was getting rather annoyed with the man continuing to deny him what he sought. He didn’t care if the man had a way or not anymore, but he knew he had had a way to get back to those lands. He was simply going to implore that the man find a way to get back to their land, or else something he didn’t want would happen. Running his hand through his hair, Hook smirked as he looked at the man, watching him watch his daughter, “Then I suppose you find a way, or else my ship will have a new member.”

    Looking over at Grace as she came up behind him, the man smiled as he peered down at her, watching as her eyes flicked between her father and the silver hook at the end of his left arm, “My apologies, dear, I must have interrupted it. Please continue,” he spoke as a smirk fell onto his lips, his gaze going back to Jefferson. He was going to let the conversation end here, at least for now until he could get the man by himself where he could make him do what he wanted. One way or another, Jefferson was going to help him, and Hook was going to get back home.

    Turning his back on Jefferson, the man smiled down at Grace before leaving the two behind him. He would return to his ship for now, and then catch up to the man on a later date. He was going to collect a bit more information in the process, making so that the other had no option other than to help him.
  10. "Come along, Grace." Jefferson said, eyeing the man for a moment. He didn't think he was daring enough to try and hurt his daughter in the open, not that there was anyone really around. Then he looked down at his daughter, frowning instantly when he noticed that she didn't want to go inside. He gestured for her to duck inside the house with his free hand, relaxing the hand that still held onto the door. "Grace, listen to your father now." The smile on his face was forced and it was an obvious fact.

    "Am I in trouble?" Grace asked, head jerking up as she tore her gaze away from the hook and to her angry father.

    "If you don't get in the house, you might be." The words were gritted out through his teeth as he once more tried to wave her into the house. "Play time is over and lunch is soon to begin."

    Without another word the little blonde girl ran into the house, not wanting to anger her father further. But she paused for a moment once she was behind him and knew he couldn't see her. Her eyes landed on the hook man again and she blushed, biting down on her lower lip to hold back a giggle. And in a moment of childish glee she took off running once more and not stopping this time, her giggles could be heard even once she was out of site. "Children..." Jefferson said, tight lipped when his attention returned to the stranger as he watched him leave.
  11. (( Sorry, had a bit of a block on what to do with him. ))

    Smirking to himself as he left father and daughter behind him, Killian started back down the streets of Storybrooke, heading towards where he had left his ship at the docks. He would need to keep out of sight of Emma or her dear parents, seeing as they would assume he was up to no good and meddle in his business. Rolling his eyes, he kept his arm wrapped around his ribs as he walked, knowing that it would be a while till they fully healed. Hopefully it wouldn’t stop him in his quest to getting home.

    Hearing the grumble in his stomach, Hook looked around himself as he knew he needed to stop and get something to eat. Seeing Granny’s, the man rolled his eyes as he made his way over there, he still had gold in his pockets and thus could pay for something that way, or at least hopefully could. Walking into the restaurant, he chose a spot in the corner, away from everyone’s eyes as he continued to hold his torso.
  12. (I believe I am Emma. xD And no worries. I was gonna' have Jefferson make a time to meet but another time...)

    Emma put down the phone in the sheriff's station with a deep sigh. "Seriously...That man." She had just gotten off the phone with the Mad Hatter from Henry's book, Jefferson to her, and found her first day of relaxation over as soon as it started. Regina and her insane mother had booked it for some bonding time and Mr. Gold was long gone looking for his son. Her...parents, the thought still made her feel confused, were together and blissful and Henry wanted to spend every moment of his free time with her. That is exactly what she was supposed to be doing today, instead of looking for a one handed flirt.

    Hook was...just as confusing as the situation with her newly found parents. But she thought she was in the clear with him when Gold left Storybrooke in search of his son. She had figured that Hook would take after him, always seeming to crave revenge more than anything. So this phone call was a little surprising, especially since she had lunch plans with Henry. Today being a day from school and all.

    "Are you ready?" Henry asked as he stood in the doorway of the building. They shared a look and he let out a sigh of his own, looking down at the ground for a moment. "Something came up." It wasn't a question but Emma nodded anyway. "Can it wait until after lunch?"

    "It's a threat on Jefferson's daughter." She shrugged, as she held the door open for him. "Honestly I'm not sure if it's a serious thing but..." The whole time they were talking she had been avoiding eye contact with him, not wanting him to use his sad eyes on her. But in that moment she made the mistake of looking over at him, just for a moment. "Fine. Lunch first. Then I can go save children's lives." Smiling wryly she crossed the street, headed for Granny's diner.

    Emma followed Henry into the quaint diner and let out a bitter laugh at the man she saw hiding in the corner. "Or I can just handle the problem now." The words came out in a soft mutter as she headed over to Hook's table, calling for Henry to order for her. She slid into the seat across from him, smirking. "I hear you've lowered your standards to killing little girls. Losing your touch, Hook?"
  13. (( Ah. Haha. My bad. ))

    Having been looking down at the menu on his table, Hook looked up as he heard the familiar voice, his famous smirk sliding onto his lips as he looked across the table at Emma, “Hello Miss Swan, such a pleasure seeing you again so soon.” He chuckled as he kept his eyes on her face, smirking as he shifted in his seat, rubbing his hand along his chin. Shaking his head as he took into account what Emma had asked him, he smirked as he placed his hand and hook on the table, “I never threatened her life, my dear. I simply let it be known that there’s an opening on my ship for a lovely little girl,” he said this with a chuckle and a wink.

    “Why? Are you jealous, Miss Swan, because I didn’t offer it to you?” Killian questioned as he looked over at the blonde, famous smirk still on his lips. “Truth be told, I’d much rather have you aboard my ship,” another chuckle and another wink followed his words as the man sat across from the sheriff. He knew she was going to question him about why he was over at Jefferson’s house, and why he was threatening the man about his daughter. Though, Hook was not going to bother giving her any information, it was no business of hers’ and he was going to keep it from her as long as he could. He knew she would try and stop him, get in the way of letting him finish what he wanted and needed to do.
  14. Emma quirked up an eyebrow at the little girl part, her eyes searching Hook's face. She was always good at telling when someone was lying, but it was different with him. He was just to good at it. She would never admit this to anyone but most of the time she just went on faith how to deal with Hook, never knowing for sure what the out come would be. Her eyes rolled slowly and she leaned back into the seat of the little booth, choosing to ignore his comments. "I think it's considered a threat if you tell said girl's father that you're going to take her abroad your ship for...many reasons." She shook her head, not comfortable saying aloud what Jefferson had said Hook wanted to do with his daughter. Or had insinuated what he had wanted to do with his daughter.

    "Look," She said, placing her elbows on the table top and leaning in towards him slightly with a frown on her face. "Jefferson just wants you to stay away from his kid. Why would you even try to threaten him in the first place? Do you need money or something?" Doubtful, the word whispered across her thoughts since she was fully aware that Hook wasn't interested in money. "Or does he know something you don't? Like where Gold went?" It was a shot in the dark but she had to start somewhere. Especially since Jefferson hadn't told her why Hook was interested in him, though she could sense that he was leaving something very important out.
  15. Studying her face as he looked over at the woman, the man rubbed his chin with his hand, soft smirk present on his lips. Jefferson had obviously told her some things, but he wondered just how much the man had let be known. His unasked question was soon answered when Emma questioned him about why he had been at the man’s house, threatening him to obviously benefit the hooked man. Killian chuckled softly as he leaned back in his chair, letting his hand and hook fall into his lap as he looked over at the sheriff, smirking as he mulled over just what he was going to tell her. Finally sighing heavily, the man placed his arms back on the table as he leaned across it, smirk evident on his lips as he looked into Emma’s eyes.

    “Miss Swan, I’d much rather discuss us,” his words were obviously meant to sound seductive, and he smirked again as he winked at the woman. He wasn’t going to give anything to Emma about why he had been at the Mad Hatter’s house. He needed their conversation to be simply between them, or so far the deal between them. He didn’t really bother that Jefferson had called Emma, she wasn’t an obstacle to Killian and he would soon be rid of her with a few more words. “Are you still trying to deny the fact that you want me?”
  16. Emma's face wnt blank for a moment, completely caught off guard. No matter how much she dealt with Hook and his antics she could never prepare herself for them. And honestly it was always a bit hard to not respond to his advances. Lately, with Gold and Regina and her mother, she had been so distracted. Men, mainly Hook, were athe last thing on her mind. But for a moment she found herself considering Hook's words, wondering if they were true.

    "I think we both know that I've had enough problems with men to be wary of them." She said with a shrug, leaning back in her seat to regain her usual confidence that he had once again knocked down. "You even said so yourself back at the Giant's land. And you, Hook, are by far the worst of them all." Her bitter smile stayed on her face as she tried to make eye contact with him, but falling short. She didn't want to take the chance that he'd see the truth in her eyes, the truth that she indeed wanted him.
  17. That sly smirk stayed on his lips as he listened to Emma explain herself, which he found rather amusing seeing as she hadn’t necessarily answered her question. She simply stated an obvious fact that she hadn’t done so well in the past and now needed to be more observant in the future. She hadn’t said yes or no to wanting him, and Killian let the thought mull around in his head for a few moments before chuckling softly, “Aye, my dear. You should be very wary of me,” he spoke in a seductive, husky voice, making it obvious that he was trying to get under Emma’s skin.

    “Though being wary doesn’t cancel out wanting someone,” he spoke as he watched her face, noticing how she continued to break eye contact with him. She was hiding something, something that she didn’t want him to know. Perhaps she did fancy him, and was simply trying to deny herself what she was feeling. The smirk played across his lips again as he figured that must be the reason. “Dear Emma, I think you do fancy me.” He laughed as he spoke the words, still leaning towards the woman as he raised a brow curiously, seductively as he wondered how she was going to answer him this time.
  18. Emma shook her head at Hook's wary comment, finding it to be unnerving. Like most of what he said. He was tricky and made it obvious that he just wanted to piss her off, especially with how he kept smirking at her. As if her questions were a joke to him. He does come from another world, she thought with an eyeroll to herself. "Warning has been heard, Captain."

    Hook's last few words put Emma on edge, having never been a fan of men calling her out on her weaknesses. "Even if I did 'fancy," She held her hands up, wiggling her fingers around and making fun of his use of the word. "you, I doubt I'd show it when I'm getting calls about how you're threatening fathers and their daughters." Finally she found herself able to look Hook in the eyes, challengingly almost. "Not exactly a big turn on, my friend." Absent mindedly she muttered something under her breath about how she could think of better things then what he did.
  19. As her words set in, the man finally leaned back in his chair with a soft chuckle, fingers moving to the tip of his hook as he looked over at the woman. She was certainly a bit of entertainment for him, and he always found their banter quite amusing. Hook wouldn’t deny that he found Emma attractive, but for anything further than that no one would get a straight answer from him, especially when he was trying to extract revenge on a man that had killed his dear beloved. He wasn’t necessarily looking for love, seeing as his heart was still torn and battered from his last. But to banter with an attractive female was always in his best interest, and Hook would make time in his day for that.

    “Aye, but what if it was a ploy to get you to come to me?” His eyes flashed dangerously as he smirked, wondering just how Emma would take that question. It was entirely untrue, seeing as how Hook had threatened Jefferson’s daughter in order for him to accept his deal rather quickly. The man didn’t have time to waste in this world, he needed to get back to Neverland, and start his search to figure out a different way to kill the crocodile. Regina and Cora were supposed to assist him in it, but they had left almost as soon as they had been reunited.
  20. Emma let out a short, bitter laugh at Hook's words. "Yeah, that's believable." She frowned, giving him her 'I'm dead serious and you better not think I'm an idiot' face. "Look, what Jefferson said is a little fishy but...then again he's a parent protecting his kid." Her eyes traveled over to her own kid who sat at the counter, talking animatedly with her close friend Red's grandmother. Or as she had to now get to know her as, Granny from Red Riding-hood. Emma had hated fairy tales as a child, since she didn't really have parents to tell them to her, so being in a town full of them was still a little hard to fully grasp. She'd had 28 years of being normal, she could barely accept that Mary and David were her parents. Mainly because they looked so young.

    "I can understand where his fear would come from." Once more her gaze was on Hook. "You aren't exactly a Girl Scout selling cookies." Like he'll understand that reference, her mind threw back at her. "Just keep away from Jefferson and I'll leave you be. Not like you can do much harm with Gold being gone." It was meant as a jab but she wasn't really trying at the moment to bicker with Hook. Not since she'd practically told him that she had some kind of interest in him.