Once more, unto the breach...

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  1. Greetings and salutations! My screen name does my purpose here complete injustice...and that is to have fun while role playing and making some amazing stories with you guys! I look forward to these adventures!

    I'm a fun loving, easy going, dwarf (except the height issue) like individual who loves a good tale of bravery with a side of mead!

    If you feel like saying hello, feel free to read my profile and figure out what I'm about on a more detailed level! :3

    You're good friend
  2. Apocallama? :drama:

    Hiiii there! Welcome to the community! <3
  3. Your pic right there...is absolutely adorable. o.o
  4. It is a dramallama! 8D But it could also be an Apocallama, I think.
  5. OH, I meant you're actual profile pic. :3 The owlet. XD
  6. Oh! Well, yus. >:3 thank you. I love owls!
  7. Hopefully I shall be accepted here. :) I'm looking forward to many fun roleplays.
  8. Hi there Apocallamamamamamama! Welcome to Iwaku! Dwarf, eh? Fantasy gamer? :D You'll find our Fantasy section moderately active so check it out! If you're looking for something fast there is always the Jump-Ins! May the Muse be with you and hope you have a lovely time here!