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    This is the world of Nohldhiem, an old world, a world of conquest and war. The land is split into various factions, kingdoms, empires, and nations. Nohldhiem is home to many races, some are allies, and some are bitter rivals. For centuries war has been an ever present concern. Peace, true peace has become little more than a fairy tail to these people. Everyone has become complaisant with how life is. Those that made their alliances know but a shred of peace, those that have not know nothing but constant struggle. Life however has a funny way of changing on a whim, and at the moment people least expect it. Ten years ago an event occurred, and every year since the event continues. This event was named the Calling, and it shook Nohldhiem to its senses. The Calling first appeared before a human city. A vast black thunderstorm brood overhead and seemingly out of nowhere. A dense fog spewed forth to cover the city. Black clouds and a torrent of rain blotted out the sun and covered them in darkness. And from the fog came creatures not of this world. Ten years have passed and ten cities have fallen to the Calling, and not just human cities but other races have felt this dread as well. Once the Calling has claimed a city it is forever cast in that dreaded storm. Despite their best efforts no one has ever been able to reclaim these lost cities. The fog that swallows the city is unworldly, and all who enter it are never seen again.

    The Calling is spreading and more frequently. No one kingdom or empire can stop it alone, and slowly the others are realizing this. A peace treaty was signed, called The Concord of Peace. It was an act never before attempted, and has unified races the world over. Though many appose the Concord, and some still who are using the chaos to expand their own borders. Those that agreed to the Concord are pulling their resources and unifying under a single banner. They are facing a unknown terror, a force that no one understands. To combat this the world needs heroes never seen before. The Seekers, a newly formed guild comprised of the best and brightest among all the races. They have been given the authority to do what is needed to combat the Calling. The Seekers however, are newly formed and have little to go on. At this point they are leaderless and stumbling, what they need is leadership.

    You have agreed to be sent to Novgorod to represent your people. You know just as much as everyone else, which is little to nothing. You were selected because you might be of use. Here you may meet old enemies, those that may have once scorned you, all that is history. Now you will call them brother or sister and together you will fight till the end. That is what your peoples' survival asks of you. You will be facing a foe that has never been seen, against a force that seems to be unstoppable. The most brilliant minds in the world are converging in Novgorod in hopes they may find some answers there. Throw away old hatred, steel your heart, and rise as a Seeker.

    Alright, now to simplify things. I wish to conduct a RP revolving around a group of heroes fighting to save the world. Nothing that hasn't been done before I know, but I have a couple ideas to keep everyone entertained. The plot itself will largely be character driven. Honestly I hate pre-planned scenarios and outcomes, that just isn't fun for me. With that being said I don't like dragging people through the dark without a plan. To keep everyone together our characters will be the founding members of a new guild that operates independently from any kingdom. I'm pretty open to any number of races characters choose to play save for a key few. The Ones I listed below are just the major races within the RP.



    Novgorod; the ever growing city of commerce. A city ruled by the Merchants Guild, and home to thousands. Trade ships from the world over travel leagues for a chance to unload their goods at port. Oil, silk, and wine has made this city among the wealthiest and most prosperous in the world. This is the birthplace of wisdom, for within the heart of the city lies the Library of Ages. A Library so vast it is rumored to predate humanity and was the Tabernacle to the God of Wisdom. This may be the last place left in the world where answers could be found about the Calling. It took a great deal of effort to convince the Merchants Guild to house the Seekers in their city. They were courteous enough to set aside a Guild hall for the Seekers. A near condemned, abandoned villa outside the city itself. It will take a great deal of time and money to turn the Guild house around and make it inhabitable again.
    Kolaghan's Empire


    The Khans are a fierce and proud people. Famed across the world for their horsemanship and unstoppable cavalry. For generations the Khans have been the bane of every Lord and King close enough to their borders to be raided. Their raids have become so frequent that it should as well be called a yearly tradition. However, before the Calling the Khans were always contempt to pillaging their southern borders, and never venturing too far from their homeland. Now it would seem their is little left to stand in their way. The Khan of Khans, a self proclaimed Emperor named Kolaghan has amassed an invasion force larger than any of his predecessors have before. This great horde is leaving a bloody path of conquest as it cuts deep into new territories never visited before. To make matters worse, it is rumored Kolaghan's horde is followed by a Thunder Drake.
    Stormbreaker's Army


    An Army of Frisian raiders have landed on the shores of Nohldhiem. These people have long been enemies of our collective kingdoms. Their island of snow and ice lies off our eastern shores, and for as long as anyone could remember the Frisians have sought to carve out a piece of Nohldhiem for themselves. They are a feared race of men, born and raised on a unforgiving island where only the strong can survive. No navy has ever been able to best them at sea, and they continue to remind our eastern lords of that fact. Their King Finn Stormbreaker has successfully landed a host of raiders upon our shore, and already has claimed land he has no right too. Perhaps he sensed our weakness like a wolf on the prowl, or could it be desperation? Could it be the Frisian Isle is plagued by the same Calling as Nohldhiem?
    College of Magi


    Magic is a powerful and dangerous tool if used unwisely. Those gifted with such talents are treated with suspicion and prejudice, and for good reason. Mages have been responsible for some of the worse atrocities committed in Nohldhiem. A wise man once said, with great power comes great responsibility, and as all men are fallible some fall victim to their own ambitions. Not all mages are as such. The Last great war of the Magi caused so much death and destruction, all of Nohldhiem was calling for a purge. Every mage and their bloodline was to be wiped clean from the world. One mage however had used diplomacy and no shortage of wisdom to calm the leaders of the world and to give the mages one last chance. This great man through peaceful means, acquired land from the dwarves high in the mountains. And with the Dwarves help, they built a Tower to house mages. This massive structure is home to thousands. Families from all races across Nohldhiem are required to send their children here when they begin to show signs of magical talents. But the Tower is no prison, here masters teach the young and the foolish to control their powers, and more importantly to show compassion. Children receive a brilliant education as well, and once they earn their Mark of Mastery, some go on to establish themselves in the world. Mages are not meant to be kept secluded away from the world, and the world is slowly learning their worth. The Arch Mage was among the first to sign the Concord of Peace, eager to prove mages are not the monsters they once were.

    Magic and how it works:
    Mages draw their power from mana, which lies within themselves. Casting spells for a mage is the same as swinging a sword for a warrior. Do it long enough and you will exhaust yourself. With that being said a mage can train to increase the latent mana stored within their bodies, like endurance training.

    People wishing to create a mage will need to read through the list below carefully. Your abilities and powers section of your CS needs to contain at least one form of Elemental Magic. Out of the magic listed below choose a maximum of 5 abilities and list them in your CS. Only 2 of your abilities can contain a rank of Master, the other 3 need to be below that. The Ranking system is a way for others to determine how proficient you are in that form of magic and how well you can perform in combat. If none of the abilities listed below interest you, then PM me a list of your own creation and I might just implement them into the RP.

    Skill level for all mages: Novice, Adept, Journeymen, and Master.

    Forms of Magic:

    Elemental (open)

    Before a mage can earn their Mark of Mastery they are required to become a journeyman in at least one of the natural Elements. This is because Elemental Magic is almost entirely physical and is used as a way to defend one's self. The elements are listed below.

    Fire: The ability to create fire at will. Fire is one of the most destructive forms of nature. It's only purpose in this world is to consume all that it touches. Forgetting this fact will get you burned.

    Water: Simple and easy to learn, at least that is how many mages feel. Water is often overlooked as being inferior to the other elements, because of the lack of physical attacks one can perform using water. Although a wise mage can use this element to achieve the impossible.

    Terra: The Power to control the various vegetation found across the world. Some of the worse mages in history have used this element to achieve dastardly goals. For a mage with enough skill can utilize the poison found in many plants to kill an entire town or city using the right methods.

    Earth: The power to control the physical properties of the Earth itself. Who needs catapults when you have a Master Earth Mage.

    Wind: Self explanatory, we've all seen Avatar the last airbender.

    Lighting: A primal form of fire, and purely destructive. Mastering this ability takes years and patience. A mage with a troubled mind can never learn to use this element.

    Ice: A primal form of water magic. Ice can be an invaluable asset if used correctly. It can shield you from attacks, impale your foes, and make gorgeous sculptures.

    Mental Magic (open)

    Mental Magic is the art of transmitting thoughts into other people. This is an extremly powerful form of magic. A temptress talented in Mental Magic can make even the most stalwart Kings to commit genocide.

    Telekinesis: The ability to move object with your mind.

    Projection: The ability to transmit images and feelings to the minds of others.

    Therionology: Ability to command animals. A type of magic that comes naturally to the Elven. (Pro tip, Dragon taming)

    Harmonizing: Ability to mentally connect with both ally or foe. Mind reading that works both ways.

    Arcane Magic (open)

    Summoning: The ability to summon creatures not found in the world of Nohldhiem. Because these creatures are from a different plane of existence they cannot maintain a presence in our world for long.

    Animation: The ability to transmit energy into inanimate objects, such as suits of armor or golems.

    Binding: The ability to transmit energy into weapons or tools, giving them a specific magical power. (Basically Enchantment.)

    Necromancy: A form of magic that many see as a taboo. Necromancers can reanimate corpses and so much more.

    Abjuration: Defensive Magic. This school is focused on protective spells, as well as spells which cancel or interfere with other spells, magical effects or supernatural abilities, such as Break Enchantment, Dimensional Anchor, Dispel Magic or Remove Curse.

    Illusion: Glamer spells alter the target's sensory properties, and can cause invisibility. Pattern spells create insubstantial images which affect the minds of the viewers, and can inflict harm. Phantasm spells create hallucinations which can be harmful. Shadow spells use magical shadows to create things with physical substance. Wizards who specialize in this school are known as Illusionists.

    Divination: Divinity spells are perhaps the most broad and influential spells one can learn. Each spell draws its strength through the casters alignment. Basically an evil mage can not cast a healing spell, and a good mage can not cast a dark spell.

    Orcs of the Wasteland


    Orcs are Perhaps the most dangerous and unpredictable race in Nohldhiem. Ages long ago the Orcs where driven into the wasteland by a combined forced of Humans and Dwarves. There they have scratched out a living on rocks and sand. The Orcs were once a proud and dominant race, and never have they regained their former glory. Every chieftain among them has at one time or another attempted to reclaim portions of their old land by means of war, and each one has failed. Due to the fact they are the most hated and feared race, and no one wishes to call them an ally. Perhaps the most surprising feat in their history happened not a few months ago. An aged and very wise chieftain gathered his tribe and made for the capital city. There he signed the Concord and agreed to peace. Following his example many other chieftains followed suite. This caused a major friction between the orcs. A civil war is brewing in the Wastelands, between the Orcs in favor for the Concord and those who oppose it.


    Elves come in many different shapes and sizes; just as Humans do. All Elves no matter their species hale from the Elven Kingdom in the West. There the Elves have carved out their homeland, and keep it well defended to this day. Rumors speculate Elves are an immortal race, and at one time they may have been but no longer. Reclusive and mysterious the homeland of the Elves has caused much speculation within Nohldhiem, as a rare few other than their own race have actually managed to see the fabled city of Dale. The great forests of their homeland is as mysterious as the Calling, and stretches for hundreds of miles both North and South. Travelers tempting to enter these woods often become lost, some never find their way out. Those that do become lost are encouraged to seek out the Elves and pray they find you before the beasts of woods do. The Elven capitol is said to be housed within the hollowed trunk of a great world tree, and at its very peek the Elven King sets upon his throne. Elves are famed for their magical talents and archery, though thousands have immigrated into the world outside their forest, forgetting old traditions for a more modern life. Because of this the Elves have forged a strong bond with the Humans, and were the first to sign the Concord of Peace.


    The Dwarven clan is a race of miners, warriors, and craftsmen. Their greed and lust for gold is only rivaled by their bonds of companionship once formed. These hearty men call the Southern mountain range their home. Boisterous and ill-mannered they may be, their is no better friend to have than a Dwarf. Earning a Dwarf's friendship is like trying to turn lead into gold, but if you can accomplish it you can expect loyalty like no other. Beyond their snow peeked mountains lie the Wasteland. Generations ago an alliance of Humans and Dwarves expelled the Orcs from their mountains and drove them into the wastes. With the mountains to themselves they were free to carve out mines and cities without competition. The Dwarven hall where their king placed his throne is the largest city in Nohldhiem, at least it was. The Dwarves have yet to sign the Concord of Peace, for their belief that the Calling could not harm them in their submerged cities. Despite that belief the Calling came for them regardless, the great Dwarven capitol is the most recent to fall and with it their King. Leaderless the Dwarven clans are fighting internal power struggles. A new King must be named, and the clans unified before the Concord can be signed.
    The Seekers Guild


    The Seekers are a newly formed guild whose soul purpose is to bring about the end of the Calling by any means necessary. They are a collective of the worlds races, some who were at one time enemies. Thousands of years of aggression and hatred have to be placed aside for the greater good. The Seekers are completely independent, they act on their own accord, and answer to none. Their political pull allows them much freedom and authority to do as they please without fear of retribution. The Seekers may very well be the last chance at survival, the hope of the world rests on their shoulders.

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