Once More into the Storm IC

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  1. Act I

    The Right to Rule


    It has been three months since the Dwarven capital fell to the Calling, and still the Dwarven power struggle continues. Each Dwarf lord vies for control and stewardship of the throne. Yet none have yet to claim the title. The Dwarf city of Akmoria stands as the newly founded capital. Here a tragic incident left blood in the streets. Two noble houses, both competing for stewardship clashed in the streets leaving several injured. Tensions are high in the city, as the leaderless populace of Akmoria or left to fend for themselves, and as those who could lead are gnashing at each other like dogs over a bone. Lawless criminals run amuck without punishment sewing discord throughout the city. Trade is all but nonexistent since the city gates have been closed cutting off Akmoria from the outside world. A large band of Orcs have somehow managed to infiltrate the great forges of the city, wrestling control from the Dwarves. Without their forges there is little work left in the city. Thousands have been left unemployed and in poverty, leaving them to seek less honorable employment. The Nobles have their own forces, yet none will spare them to retake the forges, due to a fear of leaving themselves unprotected in a midst of a power struggle. One Dwarf named Kiran, a mistress to a powerful house has sought aid in the form of the Seekers. Our heroes are here on her behalf, at the very least to hear out her intentions. No doubt she seeks outside aid to further her own goals, possibly using the Seekers to back her claim as stewardship. And what of it? The Dwarves must be made to enter the fold. With the Dwarven kingdoms under the thumb of the Concord there is limitless possibilities to what could be achieved. The city is on the brink of the abyss, one step and it all comes crumbling down.

  2. [fieldbow=Janos, orange, solid]

    No sooner did he agree to sign his life over to the Seekers did they send him halfway across Nohldhiem to treat with the Dwarves. His orders were simple, meet with Kiran and hear her ploy to unify the city. Apparently he wouldn't be alone in this mission either, a group of Seekers were to accompany him throughout his stay in Akmoria. Their primary goal was to bring stability to the city, and he would certainly try and do just that. The Seekers wound't commit themselves to a cause without first seeing if the prize was worth the work. Surprisingly they allowed him to journey alone, mostly due to the fact they had him by the balls. The Seekers were his last hope to ridding himself of the artifact that was slowly killing him. And if he had to do their dirty work for them to achieve that goal, then so be it. Since his absence, Nohldhiem had fallen on hard times. The Calling was nothing new to him, he had seen it himself some years ago, except now the rate at which its occurring is increasing. Even the Dwarves have fallen victim to it. Janos allowed himself a moment respite. Ahead of him lay the last great Dwarven city of Akmoria. Well, the entrance to it at least. Akmoria was built within a chasm in the earth several miles below his feet. The Dwarves and their ingenuity allowed them to live this way, explosive powder created tunnels, and coal burning trains transported them to and from the surface. The road leading to the base of the mountain was wide and well traveled. Each passing hour Janos witnessed more and more people traveling away from the city. Caravans, wagons, and traders of all kinds were being turned away from the city. His commander had warned him internal power struggles had effected the city. Trade and commerce had been shut down completely, closing the city off from the outside world.

    Whatever was brewing in the city, it surely wasn't good. When the entrance of the city came into view Janos was awed. A small city itself had been built outside the great stone gates that opened the way to Akmoria. A trading station for travelers that frequented the Dwarven city. Here people could rest at inns, buy a whore, or even set up shop before making the journey to the city. Janos bypassed the inns and brothels and made straight for the entrance to the Dwarven city. There were no walls, no forts built outside the city. The mountain of stone itself served as the cities wall, that and the battlements carved into the mountain side above the stone doors. Standing outside the city was a retinue of Dwarves, most of them were armed to the teeth with pikes. Above them, atop the battlements Janos could see Dwarves armed with crossbows, and ballistas all along the battlements. When Janos drew closer the Dwarves lowered their pikes at him. "I'm a Seeker, I was given leave to enter the city." The Dwarves never moved nor flinched, only kept their pikes trained on him. Janos waited a moment before speaking again, "I siad I'm a Seeker, and I demand you step aside!" Again the Dwarves stood their ground. Janos thought a moment about using his powers to simply teleport into the city, although if he did not see where he was going he could end up jumping into the stone itself. "By Shorr's beard, let the man through!" A voice called out from atop the battlements. With that the Dwarves raised their pikes and stood aside. Several minutes later the stone doors began to ever so slowly swing open.

    Awaiting himself inside was a well dressed Dwarf. His beard was neatly kept, his black hair pulled in a knot behind his head, and in his arms was a list of sorts that he tirelessly scribbled in. "You are the last to arrive my friend, the others are waiting for you inside the keep," The man spoke without once raising his head from his scribbling. When Janos entered through the doors and stepped into the keep, it was like entering another world. The mountain was near hollow from years of mining, and made into a dome shape. The Keep was well ventilated, scones of oil provided ample light, and several pillars held up the massive ceiling. To his right and left were tunnels, stairs, and barracks built for the guardsmen who worked defending their city. The dwarf motioned for him to follow and so he did. As they walked the spacious domed room gave way to a series of tunnels and flights of stairs. "We're nearing the train station, you'll find the others there waiting." For a short legged man, the Dwarf sure as hell walked face enough, Janos had to almost jog to keep up with him. "Have they been waiting long?" He asked. "Not at all, the one before you just arrived as well. You can board the train whenever you wish, although I have to say you and your fellows had best keep your heads about you. Akmoria is a dangerous place now without our King, may the stone keep him."
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