Once I Called You Brother

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    Name: Andrew
    Age: 18
    Bio/Personality: The younger brother. Despite his dark-appearance, he's a very nice and cheerful young man. He and his parents moved out of the city when he was sixteen, his older brother stayed there with his mother.

    He hears stories from people who "escape" the city, about his brother who has become cruel.

    Andrew really likes his brother though, so he decides to head off to the city and have talk to him. Little does he know, his brother will be all but happy to see him.


    He stepped up to the iron gates of the city. He had grown up and lived here until two years ago, when his father moved him and his mother to a small country-side home. He had forgotten how dark the place was. Except, now, the smoke that billowed out of factories seemed to come out in bigger clouds and a darker shade of grey.

    How hard were those people working? To be producing so much smoke, they had to be workin... Well, working as hard as people who left said they did.
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    Name: Kon Stream
    Age: 25
    Personality: A heartless bastard who wants nothing to do with his past connections. He is also perverted and exploits anyone to his own benefit. He wastes no time in taking what he wants.
  3. The gears could be hear grinding and pinching each other with stress. Labour supervisors bellowed out for the gears to be greased and threatened if they didn't that it would be their blood. Eyes were dull, and all life flattened out of them. No glimmer in the air or on the streets. The roads were clear and cleaned daily from all the ash and soot that fell from the dreary grey skies.

    Atop of all this filth and damp soot, sat a king. The dirtier this city got, the more sweat and workers slaved upon; the richer Kon became. He lived in comfort, but still this king of an ash pile was unhappy. He was always quick to snap, quick to jump on the gun he hid in his desk drawer. Some of the things that he made the city folk couldn't even afford. He had ruin farm lands near by stealing another source of income. To replace the food shortage, he started to manufacture compressed high fat and low nutrient foods. Supplement vitamin caps followed, claiming to be best for you.

    He could be seen on a daily basis climbing from his limo, slick and black like the old gates. With his body guards, he climbed along his tall stair case and hardly gripped the rail. It was normal for him to turn around, as if he heard a voice. Looking over the city his eyes would squint at the dark hues. But his body guards would encourage him onward for his own safety. Maybe it was just the mob mocking him he thought.
  4. Andrew walked through the clean streets. He could hear coughing and grumbling coming from here and there.

    He stepped lightly, wondering where he could find his brother at this time. Andrew turned a corner but was quickly pushed aside by a worker trudging back to the factory. He looked sympathetically at the man, but continued walking. He was heading towards the town's center. There had to be something there, like a marker or something, that would help him find his brother's home.
  5. Kon sat at his freshly tidied desk. He neatly pressed his hands under the desk and let one of them slip into a hidden compartment. "Good." He mumbled to himself. His money codes and gun still lay there safe. They were in their proper place yet. He thought this was good, none of his body guards were proven untrustworthy... yet.

    He rose from his leather hide chair and smoothed down his suit as though he had done something to ruffle it. He felt at unease as if though something were to creep up on him today. It wasn't hard. Anyone could see him after a pat down by his guards. Whether he would listen to the person was another story.

    Sweat started to drip to his brow from panic. He tried to restrain his breathing. He stumbled, almost tripped to get back to his desk. He leaned there for support as his hand shook, feeling for the secret compartment. A panic attack was coming about, and his mind started to slip back to his father. Violent mutterings came about until he found the crap that popped open the compartment. He slammed his fist into it this time, ripping everything out that could fit into his palm.

    His gun gleamed in his eyes and he readied it for a hasty shot...

    (Yes i do want Kon to come off bat shit crazy.)
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    Finally, Andrew asked someone. He gave his brother's name and, after giving him a worried glance, the young man told him where he lived. "That man couldn't possibly be your brother," he said as Andrew walked in the direction he had indicated.

    Andrew turned and smiled a little. "He is."

    "Be careful young master," the man said, his voice shaking slightly.

    Before Andrew could say anything, the young man rushed off again. Be careful? Surely Kon wasn't that bad, right? Shurgging, Andrew walked until he came up to his brother's estate. He looked around for a doorbell or a knocker or something else to use to bring attention. Finally, he resorted to standing there until he was noticed, pacing back and forth slowly. "Hey Kon, hi Kon, how are you? How have you been?" he muttered quietly, rehearsing for when he was face-to-face with the other man.
  7. Kon could see the door slowly open, he didn't notice there was a polite knock first. He cocked his gun and a few clicks later, a bullet flew past his brother's head. From all the shaking and madness pumping through the veins in his head, he was a miss. He spun the chamber this time, pausing for only a moment. That face... He thought. It was the only one he bothered to remember. He was worth something, and he was someone. That's right, it's dear brother. He shot again.

    Someone would think from all the missing shots that he was a horrible aim. But the sound of fire made Kon feel manly, strong and safe. It proved to him he wasn't afraid to keep the gun trained on this man. Brother, dear brother. He thought again.

    "Just like father, low life father." He muttered aloud. "I don't miss on purpose, boy." He growled, the sweat soaking through his suit. Kon lowered his gun though. He wondered why to stupid boy had returned. He slicked back his hair from the wetness that stung his forehead. "Why are you here?" He finally spoke.
  8. Andrew jumped as he heard the gun-shots. He felt the wind come from them as they whizzed past. Please don't tell me those shots were intended he thought. Unfortunately, upon hearing his brother's words, he realized that they were intentional. "Kon... Um..." Andrew stumbled for words. What could he possibly say though?

    "I came back because I heard you were making these people work like slaves," he said finally. "It's not right Kon, you know that. They deserve better lives. The least you could do is lighten their work load." Andrew stood straight and his voice was firm. The only thing that indicated his nervousness was his inability to look straight at his brother. "I know that you don't like me much but..." he continued, his voice becoming quieter, "But... Please listen to me."