Once Every Seven Years... (Vampire/Murder RP)

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  1. Once Every Seven Years...

    It is around late summer or maybe early fall in this plot. A car is driven up to the side of a road. The surrounding area is mostly woodlands with some hints of life. Tactfully placed on one of the trees is a no trespassing sign, probably belonging to some locale hunters. Of course, to the young woman driving the car, it doesn't really matter because of the fact that it is now stalling. She refused to have the old piece of metal looked at before she traveled through the countryside. Unknown to her a creature is watching her through the bushes.....


    In the morning, the police discover the car left behind but there is no sign of struggle, other than a red blood stained hand appearing on the passenger side of the car. This is the seventh time something like this has happened in this month alone and according to locals something similar happens every seven years...

    Welcome to the Town of Conover, Wisconsin. It is a small town located less than 100 miles from the border of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This area is very rural, so much so that bears and moose are common site. A perfect place for anyone wanting to get away from the world would love to be.


    This is exactly what has drawn a clan of vampires to this area. However, they have nothing to do with all these kidnappings. Whatever the cause of these kidnappings are, it greatly disturbs the clan for it could be just a matter of time before rouge slayers have an excuse to attack their hideouts.


    It has been decided that they must investigate the reasons behind these attack and further more put a stop to them. The only clues for them to work with is the fact that every seven years, seven humans always go missing. If this keeps up, not only will the clan be discovered but the source for blood will also disappear.

    Who is responsible? Who is friend and foe? What roles will humans have in this plot?

    Let's find out.
  2. Shilia & Amadeus Collab | Ceremonial Pit | Evening


    Interactions: Zealot Hostiles, Amadeus @KatSea & Pyphreos

    "Alright dear, stay behind me. Things could get ugly,” Amadeus said. Shilia was almost thrown off by his compliance, but she definitely couldn’t find it within herself to complain. "I am not chosen for nothing." Just as he sent a wink her way, the group of Zealots locked sights on them and Shilia’s pulse spiked.

    Oh dear, oh dear--

    Two charged after them with their daggers drawn. A male Amalgy was the first to meet Amadeus head on.

    Oh, what are you gonna do, stab me? Ha!” he exclaimed, his heart hammering unpleasantly against his ribs. His hands jerked involuntarily, sending the remaining water within the chalice towards the Zealot. “Shit!” he exclaimed, his brain igniting in pain and utter guilt as he watched his fellow Amalgy screech in pain, clawing at his face as he fell into the water, his final words mere gurgles of agony. “C-Christ.” Sickness built in his throat, his entire body freezing in shock.

    In the midst of his paralysis, Shilia gripped his shoulder with the most reassurance she could muster in that brief moment of reprieve before a second Zealot descended. This one was an Arbomite woman, half of her face and the underside of her jaw blistered and pruned.

    However, just as Shilia attempted to splash her with the water within her chalice as well, the woman swiped it aside and jammed her fingers around Shilia’s throat, attempting to strangle her to the ground.

    I just killed a man, now a woman too… Amadeus thought to himself, tears scorching his eyes as his instincts bubbled within him. Anger flared briefly behind his eyes, the sight of another woman he felt companionship for being harmed. At least this time he could do something about it. He swiftly threw his arms around the woman, attempting to pry her away from Shilia. He dug his nails deeply into her skin, his teeth grit and tears freely splashing against his cheeks as he threw the woman down to the water. I should be the one dead now, I wasn’t expecting the sacrifice to be me killing others...they should have jammed that dagger straight through my skull...As the thoughts died down, he glanced to Shilia, not bothering to brush his hands against his face. “Y-you alright there?

    After Shilia rolled aside, freed of the Zealot’s grasp and coughing lightly under her breath, she froze upon noticing the wet trails on Amadeus’s cheeks. She had no idea how she knew they were not results of the rain, but she did. A ball of guilt smacked through her chest and reduced her diaphragm to a flattened heap. She had never seen the Amalgy like this, though they had only met hours ago. “I’m fine. I just...Oh goodness...Amadeus, I’m so sorr…” Her voice trailed off as her eyes widened in horror.

    The gleam of a blade.

    Behind Amadeus. Dropping down for the center of his skull.

    Fear racing through her veins, Shilia grabbed hold of Amadeus and pulled him forward, her knees pressing into his stomach as she fell back with the momentum. “Trust me,” she rushed out.

    She’s going to kill me isn’t she? She probably won’t mean it, but she will. Oh well. Geronimo into hell, baby, he thought silently as a small gasp escaped his lips, his eyes widened in fear and near amusement, terror and shock sending the smallest amount of humor into his sudden fall. Here we go murderer!Sure! Why the fuck not?” He exclaimed, eyes glimmering with half-hearted optimism. The edge of the dagger narrowly missed his head as Shilia chuckled and pulled them into a back roll. She ended up on top of the man and sat up to quickly swing her arm through a pool of rain, sending a thin wave in the Zealot’s direction. The woman hissed and recoiled from the agony racing up her torso.

    Your optimism is as charming as ever,” she said before taking advantage of the distraction to take out her own blood-letting dagger and brandishing it in a backwards grip. Pyphreos hadn’t promoted her to his Right Hand without prerequisites, and learning some self-defense was definitely one of them.

    Has anyone told you you are enchanting when you hold that knife so close?” He waggled his eyebrows, surprised as a sniffle escaped him. He shook his head quickly, his eyes still widened from the near miss of his skull. “I’ve gotta admit, I wasn’t thinking you were going to save my life like that. So, uh...thanks.” Blushing, he turned his head and brushed his hands against his face. “L-let’s go save that priest of yours. M-my guess he’s gonna need you soon.


    No. Actually,” Shilia grinned down at Amadeus, “You’re certainly the first to tell me, Ami.” Something akin to bemusement twinkled in her eyes. “And you’re very much welcome, but I don’t think our friend is quite done with us…

    The Zealot in question staggered to her feet once more. A massive chunk of her robes were burned and sizzling, exposing an expanse of bubbling blue flesh. It was a miracle in itself that she retained consciousness through the pain, but Shilia quickly tossed it up to adrenaline.

    Do we have to kill her?” Amadeus croaked, swallowing down his own hesitance, his eyes glued to the chalice as he ran it through the water. His clothes stuck pleasantly against his skin as sweat trickled down his forehead. “I-I dont think I could stomach another kill…

    Shilia’s guilt made a comeback. Of course, she should’ve known better than to drag the man into this; from the very moment she had laid eyes on him in the market, she should’ve spotted the obvious fact. He was a citizen. A normal citizen living a normal life. Until she dragged him into...into this chaotic mess.

    Her mouth hardened into a thin line and she nodded. “Then could you please look away for a few seconds?” She finally rolled off the man, giving him the liberty of movement. The Zealot woman stood with her dagger held up shakily and swaying on her feet; she was barely conscious, but she was wringing her last droplets of will into this moment. Shilia’s throat clenched at the sight.

    Please, you don’t have to do this. Just allow us to pass and--

    The Zealot dashed forward and slashed wildly.

    Wild--that proved to be her downfall. Breath trapped inside her chest, Shilia honed in on the blade and pivoted aside on one foot, watching as the Zealot stumbled past. She twisted the Arbomite’s arm behind her back and squeezed, forcing her gnarled fingers to drop the dagger. Again, Shilia sucked in a breath and gulped back the nausea burning in her gut as she kicked the woman’s legs from underneath her and tossed her over here hip, slamming her into the water.

    Shilia immediately backed away with a hand trembling over her mouth. She hated doing this, especially to a fellow Zealot that she was certain she shared several classes with, but she had no choice. “M-may Idneus smile on your heart,” she whispered under her breath.

    Amadeus’s eyes eventually flickered back to his friend, glazed with emptiness and illness. “Y-your priest. N-now. B-before it’s too late. We have to get out of here. Now.” That seemed to help in snapping Shilia back to reality. Jaw clenching, she nodded before helping Amadeus onto his feet.

    R-right. My apologies.” Looking ahead, she was beyond relieved to see that the Zealots who were attempting to drag him away had crumbled from the acidic shower and only Pyphreos stood at bottom of the steps. He barely had enough energy left in him to stand and yet, as his gaze locked with hers, Shilia was filled with renewed determination to save him. She raced forward to support his weight on her, draping his arm over her shoulder. “M-Master Pyphreos! We must go! Can you walk?

    To Shilia’s horror and growing concern, he couldn’t utter a reply. All that escaped the Master Priest was a groan and gurgle of surrender. Eyes burning, Shilia swallowed shallowly before tightening her hold on him and limping back over to Amadeus. I won’t let you die, Pyphreos…

    Ami! Second floor! There’s a private chamber, we need to go there!

    Heh, haven’t heard that nickname from a kind voice in a while, he thought bitterly to himself and nodded, going to the opposite end of Pyphreos and assisting Shilia with his weight “I can carry him if needed, let’s quicken our pace.” Horror spread through him as he realized the water was rising to his calves “Quickly now.

  3. (Oh yeah Warren could follow them to them to the house! He can also see that the picture of Damon is torn? Although they should at least get enough time to save Damon from the chip- because he runs into Violet and gets “distracted” so at least something good comes out of it I guess?)(as we would need to continued the story of Damon having to pick between staying at the camp and leaving)


    He looks as confused and sad as I was, this was awkward. He admits that he wouldn’t mess with me and he was sorry. He says something about how he doesn’t know what he would do without me and I have an urge to hug him.

    "Please don't be made with me. I don't think I could live with myself if...if we couldn't each other's safe place anymore.” He says, and I frown. I don’t know what I would do either. I needed him as friend as well.

    “I feel the same.” I say,” I can’t stay mad at you Damon you’re all I have.”

    “Let’s just forget it happened alright. Lets just forget it.” I say to him. I give in and give him a hug. I didn't want anything bad happening to him and just wanted things to stay the way they were. I still didn't understand why he would kiss me though but it was best to just move on and forget it ever happened.
  4. Eve: This is getting ridiculous. Scar, you've clearly gone nuts, taking this weakling on as your student. She will never be a hunter.
  5. Akita stops and then turns to him. "You know it's your fault this happened. It could have been avoided using proper procedure. Is my partner involved in this too?"
  6. Character Name: Yasmin Leviathan
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Vampire
    Age: 190
    Occupation/School/Grade: Young vampire


    General Appearance:
    Strengths: As a vampire she is stronger and faster than humans, and generally harder to kill, she also can temporarily weaken humans as she in trying to convert herself into a psychic vampire, and can there for absorb some of they're energy, though she still needs blood to survive,

    She is easier than some other vampires her age to kill because she uses blood and energy to survive, fire, light, and a gunshot to the head, like most young vampires, will kill her, and she will be temporarily weakened if she doesn't absorb any energy, as well as blood, though unlike the with the blood, it wont kill her if she cant get it anymore, and like Amy she has to feed about every two days


    Current Goal/Purpose: To serve her clan at all costs, and to become a psychic vampire
    Talents: To defend herself she can temporarily weaken humans by absorbing they're energy if they are close enough,
    Inabilities: Generally isn't cunning enough to take on a human easily do to her age, and she does have to feed every couple of days
    Fears: Vampires in general, and most of her clan,
    Personality: quiet, and timid, but loyal to her clan
    Secret: none


    General History: She was turned by accident, as the vampire that turned her had just intended to make a meal out of her but was interrupted before they had a chance to draw enough blood to kill her, and she was brought into the clan as a newborn to keep her from making a mess of their new territory. Needless to say, she has spent her entire "life" undead and human in this area.
  7. I think this could use an older vampire... I'll have one up tomorrow probably...
  8. Okay, sounds like a plan.