Once Every Seven Years... (Vampire/Murder RP)

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Once Every Seven Years...

It is around late summer or maybe early fall in this plot. A car is driven up to the side of a road. The surrounding area is mostly woodlands with some hints of life. Tactfully placed on one of the trees is a no trespassing sign, probably belonging to some locale hunters. Of course, to the young woman driving the car, it doesn't really matter because of the fact that it is now stalling. She refused to have the old piece of metal looked at before she traveled through the countryside. Unknown to her a creature is watching her through the bushes.....


In the morning, the police discover the car left behind but there is no sign of struggle, other than a red blood stained hand appearing on the passenger side of the car. This is the seventh time something like this has happened in this month alone and according to locals something similar happens every seven years...

Welcome to the Town of Conover, Wisconsin. It is a small town located less than 100 miles from the border of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This area is very rural, so much so that bears and moose are common site. A perfect place for anyone wanting to get away from the world would love to be.


This is exactly what has drawn a clan of vampires to this area. However, they have nothing to do with all these kidnappings. Whatever the cause of these kidnappings are, it greatly disturbs the clan for it could be just a matter of time before rouge slayers have an excuse to attack their hideouts.


It has been decided that they must investigate the reasons behind these attack and further more put a stop to them. The only clues for them to work with is the fact that every seven years, seven humans always go missing. If this keeps up, not only will the clan be discovered but the source for blood will also disappear.

Who is responsible? Who is friend and foe? What roles will humans have in this plot?

Let's find out.
Re: Once Every Seven Years....

RP Genera: Vampires and all that jazz set in the modern era. In this version of reality the unseen world of monsters and the supernatural are much more common and plausible. There is also minor Horror/Gore involved.

Basic Plot: The players of this game are either going to help or hinder the vampires in their quest to figure out whose responsible for the kidnappings of seven people and why this happens every seven years. Human players have the option of playing as Demon Hunters that work for an International Agency called the Organization, which supplies hunters with concepts like magic and weapons. Vampires are generally similar in style to ones found in popular culture now a days.

GM: Rory.

Number of Posts Requested per week: One to two.

Character Sheets

Character Name:
Species/Race: (Human or Vampire only)


General Appearance:


Current Goal/Purpose:


General History:
Re: Once Every Seven Years....

In! So damn in! Give me a day to get my character up. He's a cheerful little vampire yall'l hate him. Or love him. Or love hating him...
Re: Once Every Seven Years....

Character Name: Peter Kent
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 28
Occupation/School/Grade: Finished graduate school in journalism, now works for a magazine similar to Newsweek that focuses on the common supernatural occurrences in this version of our world.


General Appearance:
Strengths: His main strengths lie in trickery. He know he can't take monsters on so he tries to out wit them. He is in shape but is by no means an athletic sort.
Weaknesses: Human frailties, has no magical powers of any sorts.


Current Goal/Purpose: Figuring out the kidnappings and reporting on them.
Talents: Bullshitter and conning, writing, basic rounded knowledge about the supernatural.
Inabilities: Doesn't go out of his way to speak to people outside of a work setting, a bit of a part time "basement dweller."
Fears: Spiders.
Personality: Peter can be a bit cocky but overall is very dedicated to his work.
Secret: Hates the Cheesecake Factory.


General History: Peter has studied journalism for most of his life, with a side interest in the occult. Since in this reality, the supernatural is more common place, he has landed a job writing stories about cases such as these kidnappings.
Re: Once Every Seven Years....

Character Name: Amarantha, "Amy"
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Vampire
Age: 250
Occupation/School/Grade: Young vampire (less than 500 years of age)


General Appearance:
Strengths: Like most young vampires, Amy possesses super-human strengths; they can jump high in the air, move faster then humans and read minds. She has the ability of illusion to a certain limits and can cause mental confusion to humans only.

Weaknesses: All the vampires are affected from the sunlight and from fire, and since she's a young vampire Amy can be killed in this sense. Blood is the force that drives Amy. If all of her blood is drained, she is as good as dead. It is very hard to drain it out because her body contains enormous amounts of blood and in certain cases the draining procedure may take up to several hours. A shotgun blast to the head can kill her. Contrary to popular beliefs, vampires are not affected by crucifixes, garlic, holy water or a stake through the heart; as a Catholic these symbols don't harm her.


Current Goal/Purpose: Survival at all costs, her belief is to slaughter anyone or anything that opposes the vampire clan's existence.
Talents: Is capable of controlling rats as a form of self defense against slayers from the Organization. She can also summon them on a mass scale.
Inabilities: As a young vampire, she is not as cunning as the other members of the clan and depends more on her "claws" to take a human down vs. mental controls. Also as a young vampire, she needs to feed once every two nights in order to sustain her existence.
Fears: The head of the clan and shot guns.
Personality: Defensive of the clan but overall fearful of the more powerful members and is mistrusting of most vampires outside of her clan.
Secret: None.


General History: She is one of the younger members of the clan, bitten during the War of 1812 while living in Canada. The clan moved from the Superior Wilderness sometime during the 1860s and found their way into this secluded area of the US. She has spent most of her life as the Undead here. The recent attacks are distressing to her, for Amy believes that it is the doing of a rival clan.
Character Name: Yasmin Leviathan
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Vampire
Age: 190
Occupation/School/Grade: Young vampire


General Appearance:

Strengths: As a vampire she is stronger and faster than humans, and generally harder to kill, she also can temporarily weaken humans as she in trying to convert herself into a psychic vampire, and can there for absorb some of they're energy, though she still needs blood to survive,

She is easier than some other vampires her age to kill because she uses blood and energy to survive, fire, light, and a gunshot to the head, like most young vampires, will kill her, and she will be temporarily weakened if she doesn't absorb any energy, as well as blood, though unlike the with the blood, it wont kill her if she cant get it anymore, and like Amy she has to feed about every two days


Current Goal/Purpose: To serve her clan at all costs, and to become a psychic vampire
Talents: To defend herself she can temporarily weaken humans by absorbing they're energy if they are close enough,
Inabilities: Generally isn't cunning enough to take on a human easily do to her age, and she does have to feed every couple of days
Fears: Vampires in general, and most of her clan,
Personality: quiet, and timid, but loyal to her clan
Secret: none


General History: She was turned by accident, as the vampire that turned her had just intended to make a meal out of her but was interrupted before they had a chance to draw enough blood to kill her, and she was brought into the clan as a newborn to keep her from making a mess of their new territory. Needless to say, she has spent her entire "life" undead and human in this area.
I think this could use an older vampire... I'll have one up tomorrow probably...
Okay, sounds like a plan.