Once again...

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    It's been too long~ I've missed you all so much! >A<

    But school is over and the work is slowing down, so I have returned to the wonderful world. I almost didn't recognize the place o_____o

    It looks cool~
  2. You're back!!! Wait.. You disappeared? I didn't noticed o.O ...
    Oh well, welcome back :3 Now, go around and learn the new forum!!! Learn it by heart and adore it and pray to it or else you shall be doomed! I don't even know what I'm saying, I just woke up!!! ... ... Have a nice day :D
  3. D: Red, I was gone for, like, months. Profile deleted and everything.

    I am so loved ._.

    XP But yes! I think I've gotten reacquainted with the site. I love it and adore it and hopefully it won't curse me 8D
  4. That explains why I didn't notice x3 I haven't been that active lately xD Just gone in a couple of times a week. Then last week I started to be on often again x)

    By the way, this site curses EVERYONE! Eat one hundred living bugs and it will disappear :3
  5. ...Welp, curses can make life interesting~
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