Once a Upon a Nightmare...

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    Chapter 1...
    The world of Land of Dreams soon become the Land of Nightmares….it was distorting from its true form making it disturbing and twisted, some of the houses have become no longer there but in hovering in the air or sucked into nothing as if a black hole have took it and ripped the place apart. The sky that was once blue was now turning to a dark purple and black color...even bits of red was forcing itself into the mixed colors though only little of blue was still trying to show that there were still sanity life in this world.

    It was morning but not the same. The feel of insanity was starting to show in the world after while from its months of transformation. Sadly its only a beginning and not much of the Land of Dreams have changed yet --luckily-- though the weak minded have changed some time and not even human becoming more something that doesn't need to be in this world. Species that is not heard from here…..for example; the Cheshire Cat, with it's long memorial sneaky grin, and purple shades of its fur that show only when it want it's new found prey to see trickery feline of the Wonderland, though sadly it's no more of soft play but more of a ripping flesh and blood love when one is unlucky for it's bad guess of Cheshire's rhymes. It's body destroyed by this world and now no more then a walking ol' machinery in the woods or more seen about.

    The Big Bad Wolf, that is shown in many stories...but never the same wolf something different like the Three Little ....Pigs, he can huff and puff in each house but why would a lovely wolf do that? Pretty big guy and taller then door some might say....so whats better then just break it down with his large paws and open the door with lovely hello? There are other tales of other animals here but why not just see for yourself, no?


    Oh what's this, the little Red Riding Hood is crying, why? Oh the poor girl has lost her poor ol' granny in a little bloody accident, ya. Poor girl indeed, oh well, someone need to a cheer up, no. What's better then asking the lovely Cheshire and the Gold Spinner! Of course from their little talk of tricks and plans of to do in this new found world of theirs, and right on time to. The little Scarelett have decided to come pass the woods from Grandmother's to go back to the Central Village where the rest of the 'good little' civilization is, while the Trickster and Contract Dealer awaits for as they speak and...Oh looks like Checkers have a little riddle for Requiem but it also seems that the he is not going to fall in the Checkers's plan like he did to his. So both was equal with rights to their lives though afterwords the began to make a new game, meet Little Red and give her a little cheer up.

    Sadly looks like the Little Red doesn't like Gold Spinner's company and words, how ungrateful....hm? What's this? Requiem decide to bring her along with them as well. Ah! Perfect the Scarelett looks like she might agree on the invite, goodie. It was a nice day to have a little walk for the three. But it looks like that Big Bad Wolf decides to show himself, so the walk looks like it's going to be a delay on their lovely walk.
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  2. She have awoken from her slumber and tears, she couldn't cry anymore that she did before it was all gone nothing left to cry for. She sat there in the broken torn down house of her Granny's hoping maybe there well be a why to bring her back but she knew that couldn't happened. She held her legs near her chest and wrapped them in tight hug as her head continued to be hidden behind them while she was deep in her sad and upsetting thoughts. The young girl heard the chirps of the creature birds fly across the house of her died loved one, they didn't even sound like birds anymore but more of a dying crow or something.

    Scarlett began to the wipe the dried tears from her face with the napkin that was in her picnic basket, it was a light red with white diamond designed on it from front and back, it had the smell of cookies and other good s that she was suppose to give to her but it was faint .....so very faint. It had been almost a year now since her Granny had died and all she can do it keep coming back until she didn't want to leave this house.

    She didn't want to have the feeling that the wolf was following her so she just decided to stay where it was safe and nothing else, though its not like it was in the other plains she had over heard from neighbors a couple of months. Maybe she could go there but it probably have changed just as this place have. She shook her hood covered head, looked up at the sky --there were no ceiling-- for a while before she stood up with a small wobble and began to walk out the house finally. Grabbing her basket. Little Red was soon welcomed with the stained dirt under her 1800's small heels covered feet and cries of her neighbors. As she continued she seen some was walking out like she was trying to make the day seem just as any other day...normal, it use to make her feel good seeing that there was still life here but after the accident she stopped believing and just lived it how it was now.

    Thinking..who should she see today or feel like seeing...
  3. Just another day in the Land of Nightmares.

    Fiber optic lenses focused in, and out on the sun, shrouded in grey clouds, that this odd, distorted creature gazed into. It hurt no more than smashing its much too large for its feminine body's mechanical hand with a brick. That would be none. The metal cat huffed, and it's voice rang with the oddest, mechanical tone. A tone that most here in this world wouldnt be used to. would have never heard before. Why? Because she was the only 'high tech' machine in this world. A walking anomaly. A creature so bizarre that it was truly worthy of its last name. A long, mechanical tail swayed idlely as a slim back lays perfect against the thick branch of a dead tree. It was a wonder that the tree itself held up the massive weight that this creature had gained thanks to its odd, robotic limbs. Its fingers twitched, metal digits causing the now familiar, yet shrill sound of screeching metal on metal to shriek through the lands with an echo. An echo that had made the creature uneasy in the beginning, a sound that now made it feel at ease. It was a sound that assured it that it's fingers werent so rusted that they would be unusable. It was a good sound.

    Triangular, metal ears sat perked, and erect upon a crown of oddly silken, lilac hair. Hair to long that it hung down behind the creature in waving, purple tresses almost reaching the exact length of its tail. But that would be too much to work with, and it would surely cut its hair once it reached that length. Another, scratchy huffed slipped from the fleshy lips of this creature, its audio much too distorted to be considered human, but recognizable enough to be female. The Cyborg feline was growing bored, and no one had come to visit it in a long time. It hadnt had the thrill of grinning its signature, Cheshire grin in awhile. Hadnt had the pleasure of tossing out riddles to those who passed, hoping that they answered it wrong so that it's entertainment could begin.

    This creature was known as Checkers Bizarre; The Cheshire Cat of Wonderland. A close friend of The Hatter, and Trickster to The Red Queen. Unfortunately things have changed since those days, and this cat was growing bored of the same old routine. It rolled off to the left of the branch, and fell to the ground with a dull, but heavy thud, feet landing on the ground, weight of its mechanical limbs causing the cat to sink into the damp soil beneath it. It began to laugh, an odd, robotic laugh that would remind of of screeching gears that were jammed, and wouldnt move. A scraping of metal on metal, a shrill laugh that would send shivers through most of this land's inhabitants. Most. It stretched long, bulking,mechanical arms up over its head, robotic ears twitching with odd mechanical sounds it it listened to its surroundings. Its limbs then dropped to its sides, long, clawed digits dragging in the dirt as the feline walked through this wasteland.

    It could no longer hover, that was entirely out of the question, those disappearing, and reappearing were still a maintained skill in this form. The cat proceeded through the Dead Forest like a ghost, glowing, fiber optic eyes searing like two red lasers through the darkness, tearing through the shadows as she faded from one spot only to appear in another. The inhabitant of this Nightmarish Land often looked upon the Dead Forest, and saw this extraordinary sight. Often referring to the cat as a Mechanical Reaper as it faded through the forest, red eyes gleaming menacingly as it's lips curled, and distorted until it's fanged teeth were showing in the twisted, Cheshire smile this creature was famous for.

    It would search for some poor soul to play with this day as boredom wasnt sitting well in its clockwork mind. It would rip apart, and disembody. It would maim, and tear. It would kill until its lust for blood was fulfilled. The metal cat grew anxious, its robotic hands twisting in their sockets with a disgusting, grating noise. Soon....creatures of this Nightmarish land...

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  4. The Djinn walked through the dead forest. It was peaceful, all things considered. Of course, it lacked a certain charm he'd come to enjoy living amongst the civilized folk. Primarily that being the company of others. Others who would gladly trade their soul for a little bit of magick, just the same as he had. They all had something they wanted, something he could so easily give them, if he wanted to. It was rare to find anyone who could make a proper contract anymore. Even those foolish enough to take his container rarely thought to word things carefully, as if they expected their rudeness to be rewarded. Barbaric fools. At first he just tried burying the vessel, but found he could only stray so far from it before he hit a wall. Since then he doesn't let it leave his possession.

    The wind carried a slight chill, causing the legendary figure to shiver slightly before he manufactured a heavy coat onto himself. From the distance he heard the telltale sound of metal scraping and heavy thudding. Chesh... He mused silently to himself. He'd run into the mechanised cat-girl a few times before. She was nearly as insane as The Hatter, and a fair bit more foul tempered in his opinion. Still she was company, and company he was dearly lacking. So he made his way in the direction of the mechanoid.

    As he neared, he found that he could see the cat and smiled slightly. He spotted a nearby tree above her and blinked, teleporting himself to the location. He flipped himself upside down, hanging from the branch, by all intensive purposes defying gravity as he stood upside down from the branch. "Hello Chesh, been a while hasn't it?" He asked, grinned widely, half-mimicking the trickster's own smile.
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  5. Its Cheshire grin never faded as its optics directed themselves up at the Spinner, lenses focusing on him, and zooming in, and out upon his features. The cat let out a grating laugh, its ears rotating back, and forth on pivots. The grating laughter soon ceased as The Spinner spoke, its Cheshire Grin being placed back on its oddly fleshy lips. The cat gazed at the man standing on the branch, breaking the normal world's laws of physics. Physics which did not apply here in The Land of Nightmares. So his appearance was not all too surprising. It had run into Rumple a few times here in this forest, and each time, Rumple had amused the robotic feline enough that riddles, and entertainment were not needed, but it never expected this to last very long. Soon it would grow bored. Soon its lust for blood would trump its fondness of this man's company. Raising its massive arms, the cat extended the mecha limbs out toward the man, its red optics slipping closed just a bit as it looked down its nose at the man. "What is a man like yourself doing out in these parts? You tread on thin ice, Rumple. Be car-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar..." A glitch in its speech audio. Nothing out of the ordinary. Retracting one of its arms, the feline rammed its massive, metal hand into the circuit board at the back of its head,"Areful. You never know who you might run into..." it voice, as per usual was robotic, scratchy, a hissing, white noise causing static interference in it's speech. It didnt pay much mind to his obvious statements. Didnt pay much mind to his ramblings of obvious time that had passed since his last visit. The metal cat was already growing bored. Dangerously bored. "Tell me, Rumple. In a room sit three great men. A king, a priest, and a rich man with his gold. Between then stands a sellsword, a little man of common birth, and no great mind. Each of the great ones bids-s-s-s-s-s-s-s..." It rams its massive hand into the circuit board in the back of its head once more,"Bids him to slay the other two. "Do it." Say the king,"For I am your lawful ruler." "Do it" says the priest,"For I command you in the name of God." "Do it" Say the rich man,"And all this gold shall be yours." So tell me....Rumple. Who lives, and who diesssssss....." A riddle with multiple answers. Vaguely it wonders how this man will answer its riddle. It wonders if it will like this man's answer....if this man will live to fight another day. The cat drops both of its massive hands toward the ground. Each landing with a dull thud. Gleaming, red optics gaze expectantly at the man awaiting his answer.
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  6. He was accustomed to the mechanical ticks of the cat girl, so her glitches didn't bother him. "You know, you really should go visit Gepetto, I'm sure he could fix that for you, assuming you could resist killing him that is. Anyway Chesh, you know that's not how the game is played. If you want me to play your game, you have to enter into a contract, otherwise things are ever so boring." He said, flipping himself over the branch, sitting on it comfortably. "But you know, perhaps we can forgo your contract as there really isn't anything you can offer me, is there?" He asked smiling more passively. "Alright Chesh, the Answer is all of them. He kills the priest and the king for the money, but the guards rush the mercenary who uses the rich man as a shield. In the course of events, all of them die." He told the cat. It wasn't the answer he figured the cat expected. In truth he hadn't put much thought into the riddle and just said the first thing that popped into his mind. "The kingdom crumbles with the deaths of it's leaders, and the people are beset upon by barbarians who slaughter them all. So that's the answer. Everyone dies."
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  7. Always speaking of contracts, this one. The creature looked at the man for a bit longer, ears mechanically twitching as he answered the riddle. His answer was nothing like the other answers it had received for this riddle, and that alone has saved The Spinner this day. The cat's Cheshire grin seemed to grow, it's lips reaching clear back to the corners of it's optics. Clearly it was satisfied as its hands remained lodged in the damp soil it was standing upon. The metal cat's tail flicked idlely behind it, light ticks being heard as metal clipped metal. "Clever...." was all this robotic animal could say, its demonic, red optics searing into the eyes of the man on the limb. Again, it had grown bored already. Rumple had not been very entertaining these last couple of visits. It wondered if he were testing it's boundaries, seeing how far he could push it before it acted out. A game of Cat, and Mouse without the chase. No, this game involved patience, trickery, contracts, and riddles. A hissing giggle slipped from the cat's lips, its grin still in tact as it leaped up into the tree, landing on the same branch upon which Rumple was standing on. Despite its weight, it leapt in a very nimble, catlike manner, though its landing shook the entirety of the tree itself. The one known as Checkers peered over the edge of this branch, optics falling upon the golden man once more. "I grow bored, Rumple. Let us-s-s-s-s-s-s..." with each hissing pronunciation of the letter S, the cat's head twitched just a bit. It reached up, and fiddled with the board behind its head for a third time this day, its tail twitching with boredom,"Find something to do..."
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  8. Walking across the woods from her Granny's...glancing behind her now and then when she felt like someone was watching the girl. Paranoia was getting to her and gets worst by each day when she walk through these woods. Since they have gotten thicker since last she was here, the young Red held on to her basket of goodies as she walked faster then normally it felt like the trees was closing in if she stayed there any longer. It was darker on the sides since it was deeper if she went that way.

    But she was going to take the short cut she was going to take the small dirt road, the correct way from here, her red little hood over her head that covered on top of her blond hair that gave a cute little curl around her face when she moved. Taking a deep breathe she stopped at her tracks when she began to her voices. 'Great..' She mumbled to herself when she looked around trying to figure out where it was coming from soon she even heard little tics and machinery. She continued to listen a bit more but it wasn't long until who was talking was finished. She must have enter close to the end of the conversation.

    Once more she waited before walking again her dress slightly patted by her basket as she bumped into it with her legs.

    Her mind was really pissing her off at the moment she she continued to hear sounds around and she could see the opening of the woods and turned her head just a bit. She seen something glowing red, at first she didn't know what it was until it hit her. Cheshire and Rumple. Seeing those to together was pretty hard and the worst thing to be around. She heard of the two like she heard of the rest of the people too, but those two are one of the ones what her Granny wanted her to stay away from. Them and their tricks and such that she heard of kind of make her feel sorry from the ones that played their little games or contract.
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  9. The Djinn just smiled back, the marks along his body starting to glow a bright silver light "You read my mind my dear Chesh, but what did you have in mind?" He asked, watching her intently. It wasn't that he trusted her, so much as he knew that so long as his container wasn't destroyed, he'd be pretty difficult to kill, and seeing as the container was inside him unless he was asleep, he figured he was pretty safe. "I mean, after all, there isn't a whole lot to do around here, is there?" He pointed out.
  10. It frowned when he spoke, the creature letting out a mechanized sigh that sounded more like steam being released than a human function. Its red eyes gazed upon the man, scanning the marking that illuminated upon his skin with a near analytical glance. Some things in this Land of Nightmares was just so bizarre, Heh, that word always made its lips curl into that ever distinct grin, face distorting so that the cat no longer resembled even a human girl. More a monster in nightmares. A creature who lurked in the night. The thing under your bed,hiding in your closet, lurking in the shadows. She was what went bump in the night. The cat tilted its head, the movement smooth, more so than the rest of her which jerked, and screeched with machinery. Nothing to do, nothing to do, nothing to do. Of course there wasnt anything to do, the damned queen had made sure of that. Made sure that anyone allied with the Sleeping Maiden were as miserable as possible. The ones she truly should be worried about are those who havent allied themselves with anyone. The ones who could be bought for the right price. The ones who, given the right circumstances, could be brought to the side of good rather than the side of evil. "You make a very good point, Rumple. Perhaps we should just go fetch some Maid-d-d-d-d-d-d-d" another rap to the back of its skull,"Den's firstborn child." the cat mused entirely too amused by the idea. It was then that it felt another presence near them, and its ears rotated on their pivots, red lasers beaming from their centers like a radar. "Or maybe we could play the role of The Big Bad Wolf..." it hissed, body turning towards Red's direction.
  11. "Why, what big ears you have" The Contracter remarked playfully, dropping out of the tree, disappearing, and reappearing on the ground, mid-stride. "Hello there Red." He asked, glowing quite brightly. The more magick he used, the more brightly he glowed. "I don't think we've ever been properly introduced." This was true. He'd never actually met the Hooded one. He'd heard of nearly everybody of importance though, and quite a few of non-importance. It was useful to have in his trade. The more you knew about your target, the more likely you could get them to sign a contract. He approached quickly, flitting through the trees in blinks, glowing slightly brighter with every stop. He couldn't travel as far as the Cat, but he could still cover distance quickly. He stopped within a couple of inches of her, smiling widely. "What is it you most desire?" He asked, knowingly.

    He knew she wanted her Grandmother back, and if she signed away her soul, he could do it. Recreate the body and put some life into it anyway. It might even have some of it's old memories if they were there still, although he doubted it. She wouldn't be Granny anymore, but a zombie like shell. If there were memories, she might be able to be coaxed back to life, but that would take years, and another contract from someone willing to make the exchange. One Contract per Soul was the ruling. Each soul made him stronger, made his power greater. If he collected enough, he might even be able to break his bonds himself. He expected he could, but so few made the trade in return for their souls, and he had little use for money as he could simply spin gold for himself. It was always various favours, including the firstborn child every once in a while. He usually offered the kid up in exchange for another contract. He'd only collected about seventeen souls in his contracts, and his power had more than tripled since he began.

    "Come, join us! Chesh and I were just trying to find something to do! Isn't that right Chesh?" He called back to her.
  12. The young Red looked at the Gold Spinner and the Cheshire Cat when she heard on of them coming and toke good step back when the Gold Spinner walked up to her. She was so close out of these damn woods...a sigh came from her when he spoke when he spoke of a contract and was ready to say no, but then her eye widen as he spoke of her desire. She tighten her grip as she listened. She knew what she wanted back and she knew that he knew as well, that would be only reason he would ask her. Now she really wanted to say yes..but that would good come of it if she did bring her back to life. Would she be the same? No and she knew that her Granny wouldn't be but the thought of having her back made her stomach turn of slight hope that maybe it wold work and she would be the same.

    Her head was down as she thought of this process until she heard and seen the Cheshire coming over as well with it's red glowing eyes. At first she thought it was Wolf until she heard the machinery and automatically knew it wasn't. He then speak of joining them. "Joining you? As in madness? Or a little normal stroll in these woods?" She finally spoke with a small hiss and hand on her hip but nothing to threatening just questioning with her guard up. Red then shook her head on the offer of the Spinner she was not going to fall into his little power he have. Here hood fell back on her golden blond hair and darken her face as she spoke her answer. "My Desire will not help me if I have to see her suffer like the rest of us." She was not going to let happened to her dear ol' Granny not today or any other day.
  13. "It is not wise to try and cause mischief in my forest, Spinner." λύκος jumped out of a nearby tree, making the ground slightly tremor as he landed. The rather large werewolf towered over her, his teeth snarled at the Djinn. "Unless you want to deal with me, I'd advise you just walk away." He then turned his attention to Red, kneeling down to her so he didn't have to strain his neck by looking down. "Are you harmed, milady?" he said with a smile. "Have they done anything?"
  14. "Come now wolfy, we were just talking, don't get your fur in a twist." Requiem remarked, laughing lightly. "Besides, you should know as well as I do that Red here doesn't want anything to do with Wolves." He smirked, disappearing and reappearing up above in a tree. "Have it your way though. Oh, and Red, if you ever find something you want, be sure to look me up, I'm not that hard to find." He told her, dropping a blank rolled up scroll to the ground beside her. "If you ever have need of me, just sign your name, I'll be more than happy to make a deal."

    Smiling still, he turned and blinked his way over to the Cat. "So, about finding something to do..." He began with a smile at the mechanised girl. It made him kind of sad really, if she wasn't so much machine, she'd really be quite attractive. Perhaps she'd want to change that. He was sure there'd be something she could offer him in return for a bit of Djinni Magick. "How about we go see your friends for tea?" He asked, referring to the Hatter, The Hare, and The Drunken Doormouse. He doubted they'd be there, they hardly were anymore. The change had effected them all quite differently. Some became more of what they were, others entirely different. In the case of the tea party, well, it was good times and bad times. Still, didn't hurt to check in, much.
  15. Meanwhile, across the land, a woman--or maybe really a man--sat sullenly on a cold, hard metal chair wrought from iron within his--or is it her--confines within Maleficent's castle. For weeks, the former Fairy Gaymother had been detained and isolated from all others within the Land-of-Dreams-now-turned-Nightmare. The Tenebrous Queen was a mystic force unrivaled and unmatched by even entire armies of humans, creatures, and magical beings mobilized against her. Day by day, her power grew ever stronger while the number of inhabitants who were not complacent with the changing world and willing to fight dwindled to a few. Although the Fairy Gaymother was reluctant to admit it, she knew that Maleficent's power would soon equate her to a goddess: omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. Eventually, no one would be left to even think for even an iota of a moment about rebellion, lest they die on the spot.

    The Fairy Gaymother, idly lounging upon the iron chair, gazed into a gazing crystal ball. This room was, like Maleficent's throne room, equipped with a large glassy sphere in the center of the room, weeds of obsidian leaves supporting the orb as an nest would an egg. It effervesced with a haze emanating from the sphere, its very center a vision of the world outside. The images which flashed through the center were unclear and fuzzy, almost as if the Gaymother were dreaming a very long, vivid dream. Within, she saw the faces of those few who remained within the Land of Dreams and named them instantly, though their faces were very blurred, "Well, wouldn't you know it, it's Little Red, Rich-ass, the Cheshire Cunt and the hot Big. Bad. Wolf. Oh, how I have missed you, hon. Awoo," she howled, admiring the strong, sturdy figure of the canine-like humanoid. The Gaymother gave a longing sigh, muttering to herself, "At least you children have social interaction. All I have is this chair and a raven at the window at all times. And all it does is whine. Isn't that right, Reinhardt?" Outside of the open window perched upon a flagstaff mounted onto a outer castle wall squawked a male harpy--a half-human and half-bird figure with the body of a man, barring the dark-feathered wings and talons where hands and feet should be. Male harpies were rarely found as the female harpies generally destroyed their mates during mating and nesting season. The man-harpy guarded the Gaymother's room from the outdoors and was dressed with naught but a leather loincloth and a leather harness about his chest and shoulders to holster a spear upon his back when the weapon was not needed. "You're like all the other boys out there, Reinhardt. Good looking," grinned the Gaymother as she admired the musculature of the man-harpy, "But not smart. Isn't that right, Reinhardt?" The man-harpy cawed again in reply. The Gaymother huffed a frustrated sigh. She was in dire need of a man to socialize with. Or even a woman, for that matter. She had missed socializing, but moreover she missed socializing with attractive men with all the loincloths and harnesses removed and replaced with bedsheets.

    The Gaymother rose from her seat and paced the room, awaiting instructions to locate the princesses in exchange for a portion of magic. Queen Maleficent was true to her word, returning the Gaymother's power bit by bit; however it was only a little. It was hardly enough to clearly gaze into the crystal ball, much less spread her wings and fight out of the castle. Isolation was making the Gaymother restless and bored and pacing did nothing to relieve this restlessness.
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  16. Read more at 'Science has not yet taught us if madness iso-Edgr Allen Poe (And I so did quote)

    "there was a time I was the beautifuls queen of them all. Oh wait thats not my begging. how did mine goooooooo. I oh I oh Off to work I go" she laughed as she sang to herself walking around the woods not caring for the world. "run run run away, to a kingdome far away, near far across the land...HAHAHHAHA there is no land HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" she laughed darkly. before she had blond hair now its black form madness her dress change too into a blakc and red dress. on top she was waering a cloak of black. its nothing like Red ridding hoods but hay its a hood. "Red Red RED" she yelled at the sky she didnt know why but she though of Red alot like someone wants her to find her or meet her somewhere. but who? "Will you still love me when Im no longer young and Beautiful, I know you will I know you will" she sings again as her feet was taking her to where ever they wanted them to talk her. "where will I go no one knows HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Alice truly has lost her mind. she may as well be the mad hater. "Hater oh Hater My love Hater come back to me please" she say hugging a tree that was infrount of her. "The sun goes dim and the sky turns black, and I loved him and he didnt love me back." shye sang and let the Tree go and distorys it. "NOT NICE TO MEET YOU HAHAHAHAHAH" she said to the tree that fell. then she ran away to whereever. she soon found her self with the others and Red "RED RED RED" she yelled and jumped up happly. "Huggs" she said holding out her arms.
  17. Red looked over to the voice that appeared in forest, and began to show itself, it was a tall male at first until she gotten a better look at the creature it was one of the Wolves, and spoke to the Spinner. When he landed it almost made her fall but she caught herself before he came up toward her and looked up at him as he easily towered her from his height and breed. He gave her a startle when he asked if she was ok after the snarled looked at the Gold Spinner he then knelled down.

    His fur was dirt brown so it was pretty hard to tell between real dirt and his fur –well in her view of it anyways—Red made a shaky breathe before she spoke calming down seeing he was going to hurt her. “N-no, not at all Wolf.” She answers really both questions. Well the last was question she wasn’t really sure herself since he came right on time before they could try anything. Hearing him speak once more from the Spinner made he glance at him then blink when he disappeared then reappeared into the trees, at first she couldn’t find him with her eyes until he spoke from above.

    “Which would be never….” She mumbled as the scrolled fell near her boots and she picked it up then glanced over to him before back at the blank scroll, and stuffed it in the picnic basket. Speaking of which when he spoke to the Cheshire cat she didn’t say much really will at all when she was around? Oh well it was best that way and a lot safer.

    A sigh came out of her throat as she had so many things from her mind then went to the Wolf…maybe she should interact to it-him a bit more, maybe that is, the thought went around a bit then decided to speak to him with a thank you but bit her bottom lip when she heard a voice. Too familiar for her comfort, yes Alice was a lovely girl, but sometimes she had to be away from her when she still wanted her sanity still when world was just turning and she mostly hang out with the Wonderland characters of course but not Little Red didn’t really like that side of this world.

    As she felt Alice come closer she glanced around maybe she could go hide somewhere, but nope Alice was already there near her and with open arms. “O-ooh …A-Alice, hey what are you doing on this side- I mean near the forest anyway?” She asked hesitate to give her a hug or not but went ahead and gave her one. Alice was a sweet girl but sometime Red have to think about it at times.
  18. λύκος looked down at Red, noticing that she was shaking before. "Do not fear me. I am your ally," he said with a light smile. "However, he is not." His teeth were bared, the teeth held within sharp His fur bristled and his voice grew into a feral, more intimidating one as he cast a death glare at the mischievous Djinn. "You will leave this place, or I will rip you limb from limb and dine on your flesh."
  19. Puss in Boots scraped at the rabbit hole, his massive paws making quick work of the obstacle as he neared the terrified rabbit. His orange fur was filthy and matted, a sign of his long and savage day. For a bit of time each month, without fail, he lost touch with his charming, heroic self and turned into a feral, vicious monster. Fortunately, his body didn't turn any more atrocious than the one he was given after the beginning of the end. It was bad enough being a giant, orange werecat without any more complications. He already had to get new clothes to fit his large body.

    The rabbit squealed in fright as Puss' head forced it's way down the hole, his massive jaws snapping just inches from the cotton-tailed animal. The once-hero's blood boiled, he could smeel the rabbit's warm flesh. If he could only get just a bit closer......
  20. She looked at the wolf after his last words to the Gold Spinner when he left she wasn't so sure about ally but she decided to give it a shot and gave a small nod. "...I hope." She spoke but it was more to her self then anything. She still had Alice beside her...well near her anyway. Scarlett began to glance at the Wolf once more when she heard threat toward him and she didn't like it, well didn't like around her anyway spoke. "Please do it else where...." She said then was getting ready to add something but stopped when she heard a large thump near by and even scratching. It sound like someone or something was trying to get something. A shiver down her spin then turned to the exit. "I'm leaving this damned woods." Scarlett began to leave taking Alice if she came with her that is but if not then oh well. She didn't care if she came with her or not or Wolf also.
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