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  1. The loud noises of an airport filled the air, sounds of jets taking off and landing in the distance could be heard for miles. The airport's main hub was rather busy, the city itself was heavily populated and made for a busy airport. A soft sigh passed the lips of the young rockstars lips, he had been waiting for a while now but what he was waiting for was worth it; a friend he had not seen in nearly 4 years was coming to watch his band's CD release show at their venue, Jacobi even paid to fly her out here just to see the show, and catch up with his old friend.

    The tastefully tattoo'd male sat against his 70's Datsun 240Z, which clearly was not stock if anyone with knowledge of cars looked at it, his arms crossed as he leaned against the fender flair of the classic import. His blue eyes watched from under his silky black bangs, hoping to catch a glimpse of the blonde haired female he'd spent nearly a week and good amount of money to fly out here. He periodically slid his phone from his blue jeans pocket, glancing to see if she text him to say she was there. She'd know he was waiting for him already.
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  2. 'Guess who just about had a heart attack on her first plane ride! THIS GIRL.' Sam suddenly texted. It wasn't long until she came into sight either. Her long blond hair flew over her shoulders as she was met with the slight wind. She had on a skirt- which wasn't unusual for her, she always dressed up. It was one of her ways of life- she always wanted to show people her dedication to fashion. It was hard to tell if she could see him under the big, dark sunglasses, covering her gorgeous hazel eyes. Though, she seemed to be moving in the right direction. After a moment, she lowered her shades, eyeing the area until she spotted the farmilar car parked not too far away.

    "Hey!" She exclaimed, suddenly rushing over, her bag hitting her sides as she moved into a rapid walk. Finally, she dropped her bag at his feet and reached for a hug- something she wasn't able to do in years. She shut her eyes, hoping to hold back the tears, though it was still extremily hard for her to do. "I swear to god if you mess up my makeup I will kill you." She teased before she leaned back a little, wiping the little tear that had escaped. "I missed you. You're a lot taller than I remember." She added as she smiled. "Congratulations on the CD- and for flying me out. I'm sorry about that- I'm just a little short on money and things are- they are hectic at home." She explained.
  3. Jacobi's pocket buzzed, and he slipped it out, with a button press he was glancing at the message. Well she must have landed. He put it back into his pocket and not only a few moments later the voice he hadn't heard since he moved pierced his ears. He smiled as his old friend approached, and was almost shocked that once she got to him she straight dropped her bags and hugged the tall man. He pulled an arm around her for a moment before letting go. "Hey now, it isn't my fault you're getting emotional." he joked with a smile.

    "Thanks Sam, and don't worry about the flying you out here, I knew you wouldn't wanna miss out on it--and hadn't seen me in years. Whats some money when I finally hit it big, right?" he said to her, as he scooped up her luggage and opened the back of his car up, setting it into the two seater--behind the seats, which acted as the trunk. He shut it with a loud thud and looked at her. "So. Heart attack huh? I'm not a fan of flying myself, in fact it took my manager three days to convince me to agree to our next tour--we're going to England, Germany, Australia, Japan, and then meeting up with our tour bus driver in LA and doing a string of shows across the way to New York...All that flying--I was like 'Nope. Nope. Not happening'...but they talked me into it--I'm still nervous." he said, as he opened the door for her. He was careful to look away--she should've known better then to wear a skirt hanging out with him, he had this car since high school and it was always a bit 'showy' to get in and out of in a skirt...his car just looked way better now, he'd put roughly 20 grand into re-doing the whole car and an engine swap.
  4. Sam carefully slid into the car and pulled on her seatbelt. It was almost amazing how much she had changed over time. She looked more like a woman, that's for sure. Once seated, she looked over with a look of disappointment. "A tour? You're going to be gone for that long again?" She asked. "When are you ever coming home?" She asked as she fumbled with the seams on her skirt.

    Sometime did seem a little off about her. She wasn't as energetic as she had been before and she seemed a bit- pale. Her eyes shifted to his before she leaned back against the seats. "How long are we here together for again?" She breathed, a little uneasy now.
  5. His feet carried him back around the car after closing the car's door once she was in. He slipped down into his own seat and shut the driver side door with a thunk, and starting the car. The engine came to life, but sounded a lot different then it ever did before back when he lived in the same town as Sam...even someone with no car experience would notice the difference between the 60's Import straight-6 and the 90s V-6 sound of the new engine. Jacobi looked at her a moment as the car hummed off from the airport entrance, down a long strip of road lined with cars and taxi.

    She seemed down about him leaving for tour again...It's not like it was the first time it'd happened, before the band really made it and moved, they went on a couple tours on their own dime. He looked where he was driving, shifting up a gear. "I'm only going to be gone 2 weeks. The first week will be spend on the international leg, then the 2nd week on the national part of the tour." he explained to her. Jacobi raised an eyebrow to when she asked about coming home...as in back to their hometown. "You mean home home? I don't know Sam...You know I didn't like it out there that much, I like it here in the city. I barely have to even drive anymore...Half of every store, restaurant, hell even the band's night club venue is all walking distance from my apartment...Have you ever thought of just moving here? I really do miss seeing you around...It'd be nice to be able to hangout more in between tours and studio time..." he said with a bit of a quieter serious tone. He looked over at the girl, she seemed a bit pale...She was usually very vibrant with life, and right now she just wasn't. "...You alright?"
  6. Sam's eyes suddenly watered up as she tearned, breathing in a sharp breath. "I-" she paused then started to let the tears run down her face. "The reason I agreed to come out here is to see you one last time. I don't have money because I spent all I own on treatment. I have cancer." She finally admitted. "It's not going away. This is a wig, I'm bald. They shaved my head. Everything I own is gone- I live worh my mom and dad again. It took everything to come out here today. I feel exhausted. I can't do much anymore. They said it isn't going away either and I don't have much more to try until I'm out of options." She stated through her sobbing.

    "I wanted to come see you before I couldn't do anything anymore. I didn't want you to know, but I don't know if I can keep it a secret to anyone anymore. It's obvious. I'm dying." She admitted.
  7. By this time they was coming up on his apartment, taking the car down an alleyway behind the building to access the underground parking. When she told him this, Jacobi suddenly stopped the car in the middle of the alleyway, looking over at her. "W-what...? Why...Sam."--he paused a moment--"...You should have told me sooner..." Jacobi said. He sighed a bit looking down, then over at her. He reached over and took her hand. "...Please don't cry...I can't stand seeing you cry..." said the young man, a look of severe concern on his face as he gripped her hand with his, looking at her eyes.
  8. "There's nothing to do but wait." Sam replied as she glanced up at him. She breathed in a shaky breath before she finally leaned back to calm herself down. "I'm scared. That's why I want you to come home for a while. I want time with you before I can't have or anymore." She explained before she rubbed her eyes to dispose of the tears. "I know you have a lot to do but can you come home for a couple days sometime?" She asked. "It would mean a lot."" She added before she looked around. "You don't live with your band- do you?"
  9. He sighed and let go of her hand, moving the car again towards the garage. "...I can't Sam." he told her. He couldn't leave for to long, to many things going on in his life. He pulled into the garage, and to an asigned parking spot. He parked the car and looked over at her. "No I live alone...Sam...I can't go back home...Im sorry." he said, looking to the side. "...You...could just move here...With me...I do have an extra room.. You said you're living back with your parents...that can't be fun...what ya' think...?" he said, looking up at Samantha.
  10. "I don't know. It wouldn't be fun for you to come home to somebody you have to take care of, either. I'm sure you would just want to relax. You don't have to feel bad for me." Sam said as she rubbed her hands through her hair, suddenly feeling this was all one big mistake. "Look, if you feel bad stop. We are going to pretend I'm okay and everything is fine. Then at the end of the week, I'll go home like planned and everything will be back to normal- okay?" She asked as she slowly got out of the car, grabbing her luggage as well.
  11. He was about to protest but she was already getting out of the car. Jacobi opened his door and stepped out, looking over the top of the car. "Samatha...Why don't you want to just stay? It's nice here...I don't mind having you here...I'd enjoy having you around. My apartments really big...its really lonely sometimes." said Jacobi, clearly a bit upset...He closed the car door and walked to the back of the import, using his key to open the back hatch and taking most of her bags, only leaving the lightest one for her to carry.

    "Just think about it ok...I know thats a big decision to make...think about it." he said, Jacobi walking over to an elevator and pushing the up arrow button. About 40 seconds passed as it traveled from a high floor down to the basement garage. The doors opened and Jacobi stepped inside, placing his foot in the door to make sure it'd stay open for Samantha. "...Maybe once we get your stuff up here I can treat you to dinner at the club...Its a little loud but usually only cool people hangout there...."
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