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  1. This is a project that I started on dA, and I..it's kind of important to me. Partly as a form of therapy for myself, partly to help others. If you could all help, that would be nice, but I understand why you might be hesitant. Anyway, here goes.

    Sometimes, we make mistakes. As humans, that's a thing we do. All the time, every day. Sometimes they're big, sometimes they're small. Inevitably, during the course of our lives, we make mistakes that cost us more than we would ever have paid. And they teach us lessons. Now, I am a spiritual, philosophical person. I like to believe that we are here for a reason, and that we seek out that reason. But I also know we aren't perfect. And sometimes, we make unbelievably, unquestionably bad calls, and nobody, including ourselves understands them. And we focus a lot on the bad things. What we did wrong. Why we're stupid for having done that thing we did.

    I want to look at the moments of your life you felt good. Proud. Successful. Happy. I want to tell those stories, and have them remembered, and shared. It's somewhat selfish of me, my own way of writing down whatever occurred to me, much like a journal, and asking people to allow me to do the same, I suppose. Asking that people bare their mistakes, though I promise anonymity will be kept safe. I want, once a day, to share a story that might uplift people just a little. And to remember the good things in a tumultuous life. That is my only goal.

    I hope that someone, somewhere, will read this, and pass it along. All things going as planned, I'll likely post the first entry in an hour or two, and continue on my own, until such time as people join in. Blessed be to you all, and I hope that whatever hardships you struggle with, whatever mistakes you've made, you have hope for a better future. And that you can say, at the end of the road, that you put your whole heart into someone, or at least something, for there is no greater feeling than being wholeheartedly in love with something/one.
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  2. K sorry I'm bad with reading whimsical talk

    In simple, Laymans terms, what are you looking for in replies to this?
  3. Essentially, I'm looking for any form of writing passing along lessons learned, happy memories, and stories of mistakes we made in life that we recovered from. Stories of success and the like. To show people that things might suck sometimes, but life's still good and worth it and the like. I have a group where people can post it themselves instead of sending it to me on dA, but unfortunately I couldn't post in the advertising thread when it was made. So I didn't put the link up. ><;;.