Once a Cheater, always a Cheater.

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  1. Sunny woke up with her head spinning, and her mouth dry.
    She felt sick to her stomach, and looked at her phone with one eye,
    as the light felt like fire to her head.
    It was already one in the afternoon, and her boyfriend hadn't even text her?

    She sighed and sat up in bed slowly.
    Sunny was still hung over from last night, and she knew she needed a hot shower,
    a cup of ice water, an aspirin, and some tums.
    So, she slowly got up, took her shower, and got her "sick kit".

    Once she'd climbed back in bed and was feeling a bit better, she clicked on her TV
    to watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy that she'd missed last night.
    Sunny grabbed her phone and sent a message to her boyfriend.

    "Hey babe... You haven't text me yet today, so I thought I'd text you.. I miss you.
    I'm majorly hung over. Come visit me!"

    She smiled and sent it.

  2. Shawn was a bit distraught that morning, completely out of it as he heard a buzzing from under his pillow, where the phone lay. He was in bed with a woman, a bit older than he was, and took the phone out to read it while she laid resting still, naked next to him. Crap, I forgot. He shook his head, feeling a bit on the stupid side. Shawn was a player, and usually good at it. But that night, he'd been so restless that he had woken up later than the norm by far. He was quick to type a reply, using a corny remark to try to make up for his lack of attention.

    "I've been waiting for you to light up my morning," He wrote with a struggle not to laugh. Her name was Sunny, after all. Thus it would probably make sense to use such a cheesy line, albeit a bit pathetic. He continued his text, adding, "I'll be ready and over in thirty." Hitting send, he let himself get out of the bed without the woman waking, showering quickly in her home and heading out after changing into some clean clothes. He took exactly thirty minutes before he made it to Sunny's house, slightly disheveled but looking fairly clean. At the exact mark, he rang the bell, calling out a greeting to show he was there.
  3. Sunny heard Shawn ring the bell and call out.
    Exactly thirty minutes.
    She smiled and opened her window.

    "Come inside!" She called out, and sat back down on her bed.
    Shawn had been her boyfriend for ten months, and they were really good together.
    She loved him with everything, and he'd always been sweet to her.

    Whenever she saw him, her heart called out and went crazy in her chest.
    She blushed when she looked in the mirror and saw that her hair was fucked up.
    Sighing, she quickly brushed it, and put it in a bun, then slipped on some lipgloss and deodorant.

    She sat back down and waited.
  4. Shawn couldn't help himself when he had to struggle not to laugh again, this time from just how bad her hair had turned out- so he'd gotten there before she'd finished getting ready? That wasn't too surprising, and yet it was in a way to him. Sunny was usually more energetic than he was, although he guessed it was because she was younger, even if only by a few years. Accepting the permission to enter without her coming to the door, he let himself in and looked around. He was getting used to the surroundings after ten months of dating, but sometimes had to keep his head straight since there were other girls he was used to as well.

    Heading up to her room, already knowing the directions of the house well, he knocked once before opening the door and made his way towards the bed to sit down as well. Once sitting, he let himself fall back, still slightly sleepy. "That was a nice way to wake up. Thanks for it."
  5. Sunny smiled at him and nodded, then gave him a small kiss.
    "Sure, of course."
    She giggled happily.

    "I was gonna see if you wanted some breakfast. I can make you some."
    She snuggled close to him.
  6. He didn't blush or anything of the sort, but reacted to her snuggling by wrapping an arm around her. "Oh? You're not breakfast then?" He smiled in a devilish manner, kissing her in response. "I'm pretty sure that was starting breakfast."
  7. Sunny blushed deeply.
    "Y-You're teasing!"
    She giggled though and pulled her shirt off.
    "I guess I could be breakfast..."
  8. He smirked lightly in response to her answer. He had been only teasing, though part of him meant the words easily that came through his mouth. He looked upon her with a mix of lust and curiosity, before moving some hair away from her neck to kiss it gently. "Will I be enough for you, though?" He asked coyly. He wasn't sure what sustenance she'd need, but he knew what he was craving likely wasn't all that would fill her appetite.
  9. Sunny giggled and leaned back to show more of her neck.
    "Of course you are.. You're everything. I love you."
    She got up and got into her bed.

    "You're all I need and want."
    She smiled at him- never suspecting anything.
  10. In a way, her pure nature bothered him. It almost made him feel bad for cheating on her, as he did on the many girls in the past and present. However, it made it easier for him. And this way, he could wait- because though she'd accept his advances, he was certain to himself she wasn't ready for such a step. It was too soon for someone so young, in his mind.

    He shook his head, sighing to himself mildly. "Love fills the heart, not the stomach. You're just trying to make me feel better."
  11. Sunny's smile vanished.
    "No, I mean it.."
    She sighed and shrugged.

    Pulling her shirt back on, she got out of bed and brushed her hair.
    "Well, what do you really want for breakfast then?" She asked.
  12. He smiled faintly. Somehow, violating her was just not something he thought he could do. When her shirt was back on, he hugged her to himself, letting her scent waft into his nose for a brief moment before kissing her forehead and letting go. "What were you planning on having? I can cook for a change of pace."
  13. Sunny smiled.
    "I don't usually eat anything."
    She shrugged.

    "I have to stay skinny for ballet. So I'll cook you some bacon and eggs, okay?"
    She got on tip toes to kiss his nose, and then went down the hall, and down the stairs.

    Her phone was on her bed, and it went off, letting her know she had a text.
    It said it was from someone named Kevin.

    She didn't hear it, though, because she was downstairs.
  14. Shawn, being a med school student, was very frustrated by her next sentence. As he was about to storm down to give her a scolding for not eating enough, the phone going off caught his attention. Reading the name concerned him a bit, but at the same time, it would be foolish of him to actually get jealous. After all, he was already a player. It would be hypocritical- though he found it hard to think that a girl who seemed so pure could possibly cheat on him anyway.

    Heading down to the kitchen, he held the phone out to her. "First of all, I owe you a scolding again. Second of all, you have a message from some guy named Kevin. Someone you know?" He leaned his head on his shoulder, adding his lecture. "If you don't eat enough, you're more likely to gain weight than if you do eat. You can diet if you want, but at least eat some vegetables. Not eating breakfast is bad for the body because it is what boosts your metabolism to make you burn calories, and if you don't get enough of those to begin with, the body will eat its own muscles because it goes into starvation mode. So at least eat a banana or something okay? I won't make you eat a feast for each meal, but eating breakfast is vital to your health. And your health is important, right?"

    He smiled a bit, putting a hand on her head to force it to tilt back slightly, so that he could kiss her forehead despite being behind her. "Don't push yourself too hard."
  15. Sunny smiled up at him- she had bags under her eyes and her skin seemed a bit too pale.
    "I'll eat something, okay? Since when do you care anyway?" She asked, laughing quietly.

    She typed an answer back on her phone and smiled up at him.
    "Kevin is my best friend." She replied simply, and finished putting his breakfast on his plate.
    She herself grabbed a yogurt from the fridge and a water.

    "Is this fine?" She asked, holding it up for him to see.
  16. He rubbed her shoulder a bit when she took out the yogurt. "Better than your original nothing. And I've always cared." His retort was hard to fathom in a way, but at the same time it made sense. "And you should care a lot about your health too." He gave a meager smile, kissing her forehead again.

    "Ah...I think you've mentioned him then, but the name escaped me somehow...Since you like him, he's a good guy, I'm sure. It's nice of him to check in on you for breakfast. Just like it is that you send me those cute texts every morning."
  17. Sunny smiled.
    "You seem a bit distant lately."
    She turned her phone off.

    "Is everything okay?"
  18. Crap, she noticed? He had to come up with an excuse, but managed to think of one quite easily. "A big test has been coming up. Your texts really cheer me on, you know that?" That part was true. He found it strangely easier to study when she texted him each morning, by looking back at them. "It may be why I've been a bit...rowdy though." He mused. He knew he'd come onto her a couple times in the past few times they'd seen each other, then stopped himself. The test, after all, was true, and related to genetics and details about pregnancy. Somehow, the talk of pregnancy pushed his testosterone up tenfold.
  19. Sunny smiled.
    "Well, how come we don't.. you know.. Have sex?"
    She asked, pouting at him.
  20. His face nearly turned scarlet. "That's not something you should take lightly." I really am an idiot. I should've seen this coming. "Listen, there's more to it than just loving someone. I won't say 'wait until after marriage', but..." He tried to avoid finishing his sentence, because he couldn't even remember where he'd been going. "The timing should be right. It should be special, right? As special as you are. And that's the hard part."