On this hand, is a pencil. On the other....

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Captain Nic

Original poster
I am used to being not missed, so here's another art thread so that I have a depository.

As some of you already know, I wield a mechanical pencil as my main weapon. I also take pictures, and am learning how to use Adobe IllustratorTM​.

Let me start with....


Marshal Argyle Taft, for Iwaku World. If you like feathers, feel free to bash the woman in the picture.


Idea for a MOTORCYCLE CHARIOT, which I'm keeping in limbo due to its impractical awesomeness. Note how the Teknikans and the guys over at the lower right are drawn.


Dude with a rifle-mounted axe (in before AXE-MOUNTED RIFLE) yelling AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH!


Captain Nic briefing fellow troops on what they're facing back in their home universe. Again, notice how he's drawn compared to the battle-ready pilot drawn on the board.


I edited this picture in Photoshop.
If this picture made your heart melt, I will eat your soul.


A design for a digital sketchpad. ORIGINAL IDEA DO NOT STEEL

Now, for the bonus:


Paorou's Tieren has a mount! And it will fuck your shit up faster than an orbital laser.
They're so super, Nic. Are you going to put up some of the vector art too? ^^