On this hand, is a pencil. On the other....

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Captain Nic

Original poster
I am used to being not missed, so here's another art thread so that I have a depository.

As some of you already know, I wield a mechanical pencil as my main weapon. I also take pictures, and am learning how to use Adobe IllustratorTM.

Let me start with....


Marshal Argyle Taft, for Iwaku World. If you like feathers, feel free to bash the woman in the picture.


Idea for a MOTORCYCLE CHARIOT, which I'm keeping in limbo due to its impractical awesomeness. Note how the Teknikans and the guys over at the lower right are drawn.


Dude with a rifle-mounted axe (in before AXE-MOUNTED RIFLE) yelling AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH!


Captain Nic briefing fellow troops on what they're facing back in their home universe. Again, notice how he's drawn compared to the battle-ready pilot drawn on the board.


I edited this picture in Photoshop.
If this picture made your heart melt, I will eat your soul.


A design for a digital sketchpad. ORIGINAL IDEA DO NOT STEEL

Now, for the bonus:


Paorou's Tieren has a mount! And it will fuck your shit up faster than an orbital laser.


Original poster
They're so super, Nic. Are you going to put up some of the vector art too? ^^