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  1. Greetings there, fancy reader. The name's West (atleast on this site), but you can call me just about anything that has Stupid in it. Stupidhead works the best for me. I've been roleplaying for a good six years now, jumping about to forum roleplays to video games, just anything that you can plaster a "RP" sign on it, I could have been there.

    I tend to roleplay with quite the bit of figures, from the Illuminati to lollypops, if I see it and I fancy it, I tend to stick around for a good while- atleast until I have to make post ontop of my own posts: that just looks like I'm forever alone, and it kind of ends up as a guilt trip, and none wants that.

    At the spare time when I'm not gone for 8 hours at the Gymnasium (Not sure what the word is in English, maybe that's it?) I roleplay, play games, homework, just about what comes to mind. (M)aybe other stuff at special occassions, like going outside, but I like the indoors more, warmer, comfy and sleeping works A-okay in a house.

    Now then, to conclude- I am just an average roleplayer, but the gender? Already mentioned somewhere in here.

    Thanks, random guy/gal, for reading this generic 'Hello' Thread, and who knows- we might meet each other in a group roleplay, or a one-on-one. You never know.

    (Yeah... this is kind of the ending to this one.)
  2. Well hello there ^ ^ nice to meet you ! Welcome to Iwaku and enjoy your stay ~
  3. Hey West! Hope you enjoy Iwaku and you find something between Illuminati and Lollipops to enjoy :P

    If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me!
  4. Two people have responded to this. I'm already feeling special.

  5. Welcome, from another newbie! Enjoy your stay here!
  6. Hi, fellow newcomer! Hope to see you around the forum. :bananaman:
  7. Salutations, West! :D Welcome to the community!