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  1. Hello!

    I’m Tulpa, your friendly thoughtform imaginary friend. I’ve drifted around different roleplay boards for a long while now, and I was hoping to find a nice place to settle down and build a forum family with. The last site I was on got a bit too…dramatic and in the exodus that followed, I decided not to follow the crowd to Part Two of the horror story, so I sought my fortune elsewhere.

    I love paranormal or supernatural plots, Horror, Legends, and collaborating with creative folk.
    I love sarcastic people, Adventure Time, Game of Thrones, Voice Acting, Poetry, and Radio

    I just wanted to make nice with the locals and thank you for such a nice and warm forum. I look forward to roleplaying with everyone in the near future.

    Any general queries?
  2. Just a heads up...
    Using words like 'literate' and such isn't exactly the best way to show your experience level.
    I understand the sentiment completely, but it sounds a bit pretentious, don't you think?

    Alright, now that's out of the way, welcome to Iwaku and I hope to roleplay with you someday!
  3. Not at all. Literate, as In...I can read and write.

    I'd hope for everyone to have the same level of expertise.
  4. Welcome Tulpa! :)

    We're happy to have you!
  5. Thank you Azure Night!

    To further answer Koene. Where I was from, 'literate' had a deeper meaning than 'egotistical elitist asshole'.

    Literacy is the ability to read and write. Often I've found that some people write without really reading...posting without fully understanding the post above them, or seeing one thing to respond to in the entire prose or answer and ignoring the rest. Likewise there are those who read and then don't write....as in don't put in the time or effort into a response worthy of their talent.

    :P It's a roundabout way of saying I want roleplayers who try.
  6. Plenty. Not sure I want to break out the big guns and make my own rp just yet. I don't want to seem too big for my britches or anything. Maybe join one or two stories and get to know people a bit before I wheel out some sort of idea train.

    But I can say it relies heavily on modern supernatual, paranormal, and perhaps some Sci Fi, Horror, and Steampunk.

    I have quite a few ideas knockin around upstairs. I'd love to see everyone's interpretation of them!

    But...like I said... I don't want to lead too strong.
  7. Lead too strong? Haha, I think I can relate with you on that.

    I'm very picky on my role plays and it when it comes to my own plots, I tend to be a control freak. Thus, why I've never made my own group rp yet.

    I hope you can jump in pretty soon and get the hang of everything around here. I'd like to see what ideas you have in mind. ^^
  8. (Argh, stupid forums...)

    Same here, but there are those who can be put off by the word.
    Really, I was just trying to protect you from the admins' wrath - they try to keep this a happy, newbie-friendly zone.
    Sorry if I've horribly ruined the mood :3

    And sorry for not keeping up with the pace of this conversation >.<