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Hello and welcome to my search thread I am Cirilla *throws snowball*


I am twenty years old and am looking for some mature 1x1 rp partners.

I play both genders equally and am a huge lover of fandoms and Original Plots.

Comics, anime, movies, tv series I ship many.

I am a semi literate rper normally and don't accept any little than four well written lines. I should also state I love all my rp partners so much and in occasion I will reply slow due to replying in order to my partners.

Fandoms List:

Bleach <3 <3
Sengoku Basara
Darker Than Black
Innocent Venus
Samurai Champloo

Life On Mars
Agents Of Shield
Legend Of Korra
Avatar the last air bender

Far Cry
Witcher 3 <3 <3 <3
Kingdom Hearts
Devil May Cry
Jak and Daxter Series
Tomb Raider
Resident Evil
Final Fantasy
The Darkness

The Avengers
Alien vs Predator
X-Men First Class
Disney movies

Original Plots:

Dragon x Human
Demon x Demon Hunter
Human X Alien
Native American Indian Princess X Native American Indian Prince *
Shapeshifter General x Blacksmith (I have a story in mind for this one XP)
Cyborg X Human
Transgender x Bi Sexual
God X Human

Basic Plot:

Last of his kind an alien Xno crash lands on a unknown world where he encounters a human. Many species and people believe the Xno are very close to humans they believe they are descended from them. So when the Xno finds a human alive on earth he is a bit lost with what to do. Unknowningly this human is a captive on a special planet for collected goods. There are many rare species on this planet and he needs to figure out with this human what is going on and how to escape, also to figure out who is behind it?.

RP Pic Ideas:






So that is my mini version of my list thus far <3
Pm me or comment below and let me know. Also feel free to suggest new Ideas to me.

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I'm fine with anything and everything. I make no discrimination.
I'm interested in... all of these. Especially Dragon x Human, Demon x Demon Hunter, God x Human, and Human X Alien. I play females if you're interested, as well.
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