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  1. Hello World!
    Clown princess here once more with an idea that might strike someone's fancy! (Which I hope it does)

    But sorry to all my fellas I only want this to be a FxF (but if you like playing female characters hop aboard I don't discriminate!)

    If you are interested in the idea and you play female characters pm me if you want to discuss and roleplay the idea!

    ~Goodbye for now! <3

    Can't think of a title but it's a CopxCop plot
    •Modern Fantasy

    Muse A was a cop that played by the rules, everything was by the book with her and she never broke rules and listened to her superiors. Muse B was the cop that never listened to anyone but herself, always was a lone wolf, and couldn't stand the idea of having a partner. They were both the best in their squad and when a string of unknown disappearances occurs their captain teams them together to solve the issue, of course them being two different people causes arguments every second for stupid reasons. Then when they make a break through in the case it isn't pleasant, something that you hear in stories of see in movies is actually coming true in their city and they need to prevent it from getting out or letting anyone find out about what's been going on under the eyes of the people. There will be trials and tribulations on the way to keeping their city safe (mainly between them) but something may or may not blossom while they're trying to save the world....just kidding, while their trying to save their asses.

    •I wouldn't mind playing Muse B but I would love to play Muse A, the choice is up to my partner.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.